Monday, December 10, 2018

Final report of 2018

The weekend I dread every year is upon us. In this weekend, you cannot choose to dedicate a few hours, or even half a day. You have to be there every second. Because anyone can do combos at any particular time, and there is no way to know when anyone will stop.

To boot, we don't normally get the full list of names in advance. I had a good chunk of the names 2 days prior so I was able to prepare items, then the first day of the event I got the rest of the names.

Prior to the two days of pain, suffering, and agony, I would warm up a little the evening before to get myself in the mood. 

First I start with a Gloria Estefan flight alongside markedout's adelta. Get some autos from her and her husband. Next up, Brooks and Dunn flight. For country I only really care about the old school names, so they are basically Pokemon names. But when in Rome. So I got single and dual shots.

Finally, Cyndi Lauper. She took all our stuff in her car and signed away, but wouldn't do photo ops.

At the next spot saw a few people but they didn't do much. Adelta spotted a baseball player I never heard of. Again, when in Rome.

Brooks and Dunn

Full list of Day 1 photos

Next day would be a cold and uneventful one. Lots of blow offs such as Lin Manuel Miranda and Little Big Town. Got Lin before but I started Hamilton projects where I wanted to get the 4 creators. I got two of them, namley Andy Blankenbuehler and Alex Lacamoire. They were first time but Pokemon meets. I did get actress Melissa Peterman but even that effort would be a waste as I got an upgrade the next day (no hat). Reba McEntire did combos but since I have a couple of shots I concentrated on autos. Otherwise it was more updates and Pokemons. Phillip Glass did nothing but thankfully I have him.

After the event in the evening there was a happening spot. But the fact that the spot is tough to begin with and it was raining, I chose to direct my efforts to something of much less glory but practically guaranteed to yield results. A spot for actor Corbin Bleu. He came out and was nice as can be. I also got 3 other scrubs and barely valids at the spot. With that I called it a night and got some much needed sleep for the next day.

Full list of Day 2 photos 

The final day of this event would be better. Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town do nothing. Get some Hamilton actors, Kelly Clarkson combo, actress Renée Elise Goldsberry (update), an upgrade with Melissa Peterman (this time no hat), Amanda Seyfried autos (had no need for a shades shot), among other things. Whoopi Goldberg was super nice and took care of everyone. Moved to another door and sadly missed Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum doing photo ops. This door was the most crowded and results were horrid. I did get Thomas Kail to sign my Hamilton stuff (already had the op so he's not fresh) but not much else. Cher came and did nothing for no one except a little girl. Thankfully I have a great shot but autos would have been nice.

Now it's time for the final phase! Got Kelly Clarkson no shades upgrade, Whoopi again, Adam Lambert combo. On the down side Paul Simon did nothing going in and leaving. Going in it was 3 on 1 and he denied. The most painful thing was leaving when one combo hunter broke the rules by going into the building and scoring the Paul Simon shot. Wow he got the best score of the evening.

Side note, the Adam shot is technically an upgrade but I consider it as good as a first time shot because he has a hat and shades in my first photo op. 

Cyndi Lauper came out and did it for all. While this is my third shot with her it is a HUGE upgrade over my previous two. Wayne Shorter was hauled via wheel chair and did send in autos. I missed a very nice upgrade with Amanda Seyfried. That was a little painful though I have two fine shots with her.  

Renée Elise Goldsberry

Melissa Peterman

Kelly Clarkson

Whoopi Goldberg

Adam Lambert

Cyndi Lauper

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Now to showcase some autographs

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Autographs part 2

Autographs part 3