Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The cast of The Americans

Had info on four actors from the TV show The Americans. My main want from there is of course Keri Russell, an "easy" name that I've missed out on time and time again. She's one of the nicest I just always had bad luck getting to her. 

First stop is a train for her and her husband, actor Matthew Rhys. They came out and were nice as can be, doing multi combos for all.

Next I rush to the next spot and it's letting out. Both Noah Emmerich (also in the Truman Show starring Jim Carrey) and Holly Taylor are there but sadly in all the confusion I missed out on Holly. I did get a Noah combo. This unfortunately meant I had to go to the next spot which would not even begin for another 2h.

I wait for entries and Holly blanks me out as security is cock blocking me. I was doing my best not to curse the guy out as he was impeding my public sidewalk. Then I got lucky cause at one point during the event they walk to the restaurant next door. I ask Holly for a selfie and she goes "sure" and security tries to stop me but I go "she said sure" and I bypassed him and got the photo op.

Under normal circumstances I would have called it quits cause the weather was bad and I got photo ops with everyone involved, but I had to pick up my mom at the airport later that evening so it was either kill time trying to get some of my unsigned 8x10s done or kill time some other way. I chose to stay. Then another combo hunter arrives and he curses security out even threatening physical harm if his sidewalk is implemented. He gets Keri to sign but at that point security tells Holly (who I needed) to blank as the combo hunter continues to curse them out. 

This combo hunter leaves and I am later joined by another combo hunter. On exits I get Noah to sign for me but sadly Holly goes in a van. Go to the next spot and Holly blanks on me going in. At this point I couldn't wait till she left as I had to get to the airport.

Keri Russell

Matthew Rhys

Noah Emmerich

Holly Taylor


Monday, March 19, 2018

Some political and music meets

There was a JFK related political event. No one of significance was slated to appear, but I figured I'd roll the dice and attend because you never know who might show up (like for instance a former president). Gotta play to win and sometimes you don't win. In this instance lots did show up randomly but sadly no one worthwhile. But I still did not leave empty handed.

Also, due to the memories of my Kate Upton blunder I always get what's in front of me. And you never know who may run for president or vice president. Even age isn't a factor, just look at Donald Trump and the commie Bernie Sanders.

So I grabbed my stock of political 8x10s and went there to see what would happen.

Photo ops I got include John Lewis, Sherrod Brown, Doug Jones, and JFK's grandson Joe Kennedy III. Got an update with Steny Hoyer. Saw Elizabeth Warren but she did nothing (I only wanted autos).

I saw Marco Rubio and didn't need a photo op. So I got autos from him. As usual I saw Nancy Pelosi again but did not need a photo op. She actually signed and commented that this is a good picture (I see her so much I always keep one Nancy Pelosi 8x10 on me at all times so now I gotta print a new one).

Got combos from two of JFK's children, namely Kathleen and Kerry Kennedy. They signed the JFK announcement for candidacy transcript that I mooched from the event. When I was done combo wise I then mooched some horderves. 

Full list of photo ops


Next up was a train for composer Philip Glass. He also composed music for a lot of movies including the Truman Show and Watchmen. Arrive and his handler is saying they have to go. I beg for the op to no avail as they all walk away. Follow to where he's picking up a cab and he starts signing. Despite the handler saying one per person I get multiples. I then ask again for the photo op and he finally agrees.

Go to the airport for the band Sum 41. Not a huge fan but I figure I'm already out might as well pick that up. In the band are 3 valid members and 2 barely valids. See them and they are all nice as can be, signed and took photo op. I heard at their prime they were nasty and one of the first bands to call out ebay. But now? Wow could not have had a more pleasant time. I actually printed only 2 things cause of the stories I heard. But I feel I could have had more done.

Funny story, I had checked the flight for only the 3 valid members (the singer Deryck who is original and Dave and Jason who are not original but on the first albums released). Didn't check the flight for the barely valids. But when I noticed one of them I got the combo. Then I saw a guy with a beard and wondered if that was the second barely valid. On google images  and the photos I printed none of the shots showed him sporting a beard. So I pulled up his twitter and saw that this was indeed him.

Phillip Glass

Sum 41


Saturday, March 17, 2018

An assortment of NYC meets around Monstermania time

Before diving into the horror that was Monstermania (pun intended), I went to NYC. Thanks to a tip from  my first target was french actor Mathieu Amalric who was the main villain in Quantum of Solace. I thank him for this because it's these type of things that I would be interested in but would easily slip under my radar. Arrive at the spot and park illegally across the street facing the spot. Eventually he arrives and is standing outside the venue smoking. Could not have been nicer signing autographs and taking photo ops. 

Next up I meet up with Venassa the Jesey Shore Stalker and friend then go to a spot where I hope to see Pierce Brosnan. I got him before but I had some nice laserdiscs to get done and wanted to improve my photo op. Sadly, it doesn't seem like he is in town. The venue changed, he was removed off the website, and other combo hunters who were waiting outside said there were no signs of him. In NYC when all else fails, go to the "easy" show spots. That's exactly what I did.

Meet up with Greg and stand outside to wait for Devil's Advocate actress Debra Monk and others. Get her, Mark Blum, Jamie Brewer, and remembering my Kate Upton blunder I get the barely valid Vanessa Aspillaga. Josh McDermitt is not seen so we assume he snuck out. On a separate note Jamie Brewer may be my first ever down's syndrome photo op.

Go to another spot where I hope to see Marton Csokas. Uma Thurman is also there but she doesn't greet fans. They took materials inside for her to sign. Ended up getting this back signed by her and Josh Lucas (who I already have). While waiting Greg told me actress Chloe Sevigny was smoking outside. I needed her! I asked her when she was done smoking and pleaded for the op sadly to no avail. 

I then give up on that spot to head to my main want in NYC. That was a clean shaven upgrade with Ed Harris. Arrive at the spot and I see a cute girl coming out. Again, remembering my Kate Upton blunder I grab that barely valid shot. Turns out she is actress Charlotte Hope. She has been in stuff and is young so I think she has a good chance of becoming more valid. Next up Ed Harris. I talk him into the photo op and get autos. Score! Even though this is technically an upgrade I consider this as good as a first time photo op.

I then upgrade my shot with Rhea Perlman, though she refused to sign. Upgrade my photo op with Amy Madigan and get an auto. Get another Mark Linn-Baker baker combo. Perfect Strangers was one of my favorite shows so it's always cool to see him again and call him cousin Larry. Finally upgrade my F. Murray Abraham photo op (no beard) and get an auto.

While my evening was not a sweeping success it was definitely fruitful. After this went out clubbing with Vanessa, dropped her home, then set my GPS to avoid all tolls and drove to the hotel parking lot in Cherry Hill to get some sleep (see Monstermania report).

Mathieu Amalric

Ed Harris

Full list of photo ops


After Monstermania (see Monstermania report) I head out to NYC to try for actor Robert Sean Leonard who I know best from Dead Poet's Society starring Robin Williams. Before that I try the spot from the night before again in the hopes of seeing Josh McDermitt. This time he comes out and is nice as can be. 

Head to the spot for Robert Sean. It lets out but sadly we never see him. He must have run out so quickly and blended with the audience. Paul Sparks was also in the same show but I already had him. Another show also let out and I got a couple of barely valids plus actor Terrence Mann. I got Terrence Mann before but this shot is another huge upgrade as it's a much better pose and he is clean shaven. So I got that at least. With that we head out the city.

Terrence Mann

Full list of photo ops

After a day's rest I decided last minute to tag with a Master and head into NYC. The main reason for me was a Nick Nolte book signing. While it was a gamble because you had to pay for admission plus the book, I decided it was worth the gamble. First off I remembered how I felt after seeing the likes of Tim Burton and Steve Martin do photo ops at their respective signings, and I decided I would rather fail than go through that again. Second he did photo ops at his LA book signing. And third given his age and mental health this would probably be the only shot I ever get. Since this was last minute I sadly had no items to get done so I was armed with blanks.

This time was a change from normal where I wasn't the one driving. The Master did his thing outside the city and also wanted Nick Nolte. We finally get to the city and the first stop is Sean Bean. He is an "easy" name that eluded me so I needed to make that up. We park illegally literally right next to the rail, so that worked out perfectly. And in all the hours we waited no one bothered the car. Wait for entries but sadly he doesn't come over. I was furious cause the crowd would grow 5X when it was time for exits. Tom Brady and Paul Giamati blank going in and blank leaving. After a long wait Sean Bean finally comes out and it's pandemonium! But in all the chaos I succeed in getting a valid shot!

On to Nick Nolte, drive to the spot as we are joined by Greg. We find legal parking, go inside, and he is still speaking. Buy the book and wait. I had no interest in what he had to say so I didn't attend the speech. Finally it's time for the signing and we manage to score photo ops and extras despite the staff trying to stop us. Sucks he is Santa Bearded but what can you do.

Sean Bean

Santa bearded Nick Nolte


Thursday, March 15, 2018

At Monstermania, you can float too

This Monstermania was a decent one for me. Sadly it wasn't without punches, like Randy Quaid canceling. Also, they had such a monster line up that it proved too much for the hotel to handle. Lots of people got shut out due to fire marshal issues. Many lines were huge! Thankfully I already had most of the names so I only needed a select few names. To boot, I had no plans on paying for autographs. So I managed to get all I needed with minimal hiccups. Based on this, I personally have no issue with Dave and Monstermania. Though in hindsight Sunday would have been a smarter day to attend.

Let us begin. After a day in NYC (report to come) I drive into Cherry Hill, park at the hotel, park, and sleep.

First guest I get is Ally Sheedy. I got her before but I had a chance to split with someone. So I upgraded my shades shot for cheap, which was good. Next was my top want for the show, someone who I've failed on in the past, Kathleen Turner. On the street she signs but doesn't do photo ops. So I've been discouraged from trying for her each chance I get. Therefore getting a photo op in this guaranteed setting was quite the blessing. She looks upset in the ops but I could not care less.

With those two out of the way my only wants left were the It kids. I had the choice between a  group pro op or single table ops. I of course chose the table ops. Not only because I like to avoid pro ops like the plague, but also because I wanted to avoid a group op. What if I get a pro and one of the kids becomes known for something else, and that kid is at the end of my photo op? In that case I would need to get a photo op with that kid all over again. It's the same reason I made sure to get single shots with the Riott Squad. Because if I only got the group shot and they split up and do their own thing whoever is two people away from me will be someone I have to get all over again. So to me, single table ops were wins on most every front. Less money, no pro op, and next to each and every person. The only drawback would be having to stand in line longer. Worth it!

First I knock out 3 of the kids with little to no lines. Jeremy, Chosen, and of course Sophia. Then I have someone hold my spot for the longest line of all (Jaeden) while I stand in line for Wyatt. This is where I experience my most major hiccup at MM. They all went to have lunch and do pro ops and the line got cut with me at the front! Wow that was upsetting! Took over 2 hours of waiting till they all returned, I got my Wyatt shot, then went back to my spot for Jaeden. Good thing too cause they ended up capping the line for the day! Bullet dodged!

Finally get Jaeden then chilled and calmly said hi and chatted with people for the rest of my time there. I waited for my traveling buddy to be done with Pee Wee autographs and went back to NYC for more meets (report to come).

Kathleen Turner

Ally Sheedy

Sophia Lillis

Jaeden Lieberher

Wyatt Oleff

Jeremy Ray Taylor

Chosen Jacobs

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A very rare sports report from me!

Wow hell froze over! A sports meet from yours truly! That rarely ever happens. It's what my second or third ever?

So the US women's hockey team won the gold medal in the 2018 Olympics and were making appearances. I saw that signed photos were going for some good cash so I thought I'd embark on this.

I go and see a long line for them. I mooch my way to near the front of the line. In the room are 9 of the girls. I manage to get combos from all before being kicked out of the area. 

While walking around the premises I get 3 more of them. Then they change up the girls in the signing room so I have to line up again. Once again I mooch to near the front, go in, and start getting more. Unfortunately by this time I'm a marked man and they start kicking me out of the room as they wanted to let in other people. But not before I get 9 more including Captain Meghan Duggan.

I then waited by their bus to get the ones I missed, but as they were all coming I honestly had no idea who to ask a combo from.

Overall this was a success. I heard Hilary Knight was a total bitch in NYC, but I scored her. Also scored both Lamourieux twins which was cool. All in all I got 21 of the 23 girls. Not bad at all. I missed these two: 

Brianna Decker
Maddie Rooney

On to the visuals,

Lamourieux sister #1

Lamourieux sister #2

Hilary Knight

Meghan Duggan

Full list of photo ops

Autographed 11x14

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An assortment of celebrity meets in February

First off is a rather ambitious endeavor, namely actress Jennifer Lawrence. I know she's not photo op friendly but as I've learnt the only guarantee in combo hunting is if you don't try you will wind up nothing. Also appearing was Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence so if I got nothing else I'd at least get this.

Arrive at the event and it's off to a bad start as I missed all entries by 5 minutes (Jennifer signed but didn't do photo ops). Later on I find out something incredible! Actor Joel Edgerton, a "common" name I always seem to miss, is attending this event! I was ecstatic as he's also a Star Wars name I need (he played Uncle Owen in Star Wars 2 & 3). 

Wait for exits and only see Joel Edgerton. I get a photo op and my time here is officially not a waste. Sadly I didn't see either Jennifer or Francis as they snuck out, most likely due to the crowd that formed after the audience let out.

But all is not lost, I know the next spot! And the next spot wasn't nearly as publicized! Arrive and it's just the usual handful of graphers (which was nice after the monstrous crowd). Sadly I missed Francis going in and Jennifer did nothing.

Wait for exits and we walk in the alleyway where the cars are stationed. One of the female workers of the event goes "where do you guys think you're going?" and one grapher tells her off by saying "it's a public alleyway". 

Jennifer goes in the car and signs via the car window where I get my auto. Francis shows up and denies me as he enters the car. I then go to the other side and beg him. As security tries to tell me to step away from the car he opens the car door, poses, and signs for me.

Go to the third spot for the evening (where they are dining). Wait for exits. Sadly Jennifer does nothing but I do get a second shot with Francis as I don't like my first shot. I didn't bother with the final spot for the evening, but I heard Jennifer signed again but denied photo ops.

Joel Edgerton

Francis Lawrence


The next day I attempt for yet another ambitious goal, Steve Martin. I knew he wouldn't do photo ops but I thought how would I feel if people I knew went there and got the photo ops while I stayed home for the evening. So I figured I had to go. We wait and he finally comes out but denies all photo ops. I get an autograph.

Steve Martin autograph

A few days later I go for a name I met at Chiller, namely Steve Bauer from Scarface. Main reason I wanted him was because of the nice Al Pacino autograph I got on my Scarface laserdisc in 2017 (also signed by Oliver Stone). I figured since Pacino gave me a nice auto it'd be cool to add him to it. 

Arrive and wait at the event. He eventually came out to smoke and was nice as can be. The photo op is an upgrade because he is clean shaven here!

Photo op


Next up is an art gallery event with lead singer of The Cars, Ric Ocasek. It was a 2 day event. Now I've tried for him before and failed as he's not the nicest guy so I thought to myself I better make sure to go the first day in case he gets soured up by the second day. Spoiler alert, my suspicion turned out to be true! The first day he did free combos even if you did NOT buy artwork that ranged from 2K to piercing the 5 figure line! (at those prices I obviously wanted to stay far away). The second day that was completely shut down and you had to buy artwork to meet him! To boot, the first day I saw someone who bought artwork get a stack of albums signed. The second day I heard they limited it to 2 albums per person if you DID buy art! Wow just wow!

Anyhow I arrive at the event, stood in line, and got a very smooth combo with Ric! Could not have been easier.

Now there was a show with Jeffrey Osborne. I have to admit I'm not familiar with his work but I heard he's doing a free signing after the show. Well I am already out, the show will end soon, and I don't have to wait outside for him. So I figured might as well pick up a photo op.

Arrive at the venue, mooch my way in, line up to meet him, and get the photo op. Nice and easy.

Ric Ocasek take 1

Ric Ocasek take 2

Ric Ocasek Autograph

Jeffrey Osborne

Next, the airport! I did not have one great flight, but several flights. One was Billy Ocean who I met but figured I could get autos, and the others were 3 political flights. Namely Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. I got Marco and Ted before but could use a Ted upgrade. Elizabeth I never got but I hear she could run for president. So I figured if I get her now I potentially save myself physical and emotional pain and suffering come 2020. To boot, these were coming in at around the same time so not much time would be dedicated.

As I arrive in town I receive word that actress Evan Rachel Wood is coming to town. So I immediately look for her flight and was jumping with joy when I scored it.The flight was slated to arrive a few hours after all the others, but I wasn't complaining. So now it was surely worth my while to drive in.

Everything didn't go according to plan. Some flights were delayed and some were coming in early. Elizabeth Warren's flight was early and didn't find that out till last minute so I rushed and as I arrived I saw her leave the gate. I got a combo no issue though. As I go to were Ted Cruz and Billy Ocean were coming out from I informed the other graphers that she is long gone after they stated they were walking over to get her. 

Ted Cruz exits. I upgrade my photo op and get autographs. Sadly, with Billy Ocean's flight being 30 minutes early and Marco Rubio's flight going through a 2h delay, this meant both were coming in at around the same time at opposite ends of the airport. Therefore we had to choose one or the other and everyone obviously chose Billy Ocean. He came through and was nice as can be. I get another photo op and autos.

Now I had some time to kill before Evan Rachael Wood. When it came time for her she signed a strict one per and did a photo op with me no problem. Other combo hunters hounded her for more autos but she did nothing more.

Evan Rachel Wood

Full list of photo ops


And my final combo endeavor in February was the band Gin Blossoms. I was in the neighborhood for other reasons so it made sense to stop by and try for them. Other combo hunters arrive which was good cause I wouldn't be able to spot the band members by myself. At least one member blows us off as he goes in a car. But the lead singer Robin Wilson is spotted and is nice as can be. We never see the others so we assume they left.

Robin Wilson

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Los Angeles, The Hollywood Show, and Fairpoint con

With a cheap round trip on Spirit airlines, I decided to venture to LA for the Hollywood Show. While no one huge my main draws for this were several solid actors that are in their 80s and 90s that will unlikely travel to the east coast. There were lots of others besides them as well, such as Carel Struycken AKA Lurch and Walt era Disney name Tommy Kirk who is virgil at this show but for some reason never sets foot on a plane. To boot, William Daniels was doing this show and after my sub par photo op from the disastrous NYC book signing I had a chance to vastly improve that shot. A chance I may never get again considering his age.

Before going to LA I consulted a Master on some good random spots to wait at. He suggested to me a spot. After a little bit of sightseeing I planned to go there. However my traveling buddy in his infinite wisdom wanted to go see a movie. Really? Go to LA and see a movie? So I drive him there and before we arrive he remembers that he saw this movie. So I turn back and head to the spot. I'm 2 minutes from the spot and he tells me he wants to go back to the theater we turned away from cause he just realized there's a series of documentary shorts he wants to watch.

Since there were several paps at this spot, much to his dismay I didn't want to leave at this point as it would be 45 minutes for the round trip. In foresight that's a lot of time to miss somebody. I suggested he ubers there and I pick him back up. He goes "they could be waiting for anybody" and I respond "anybody" would be good as it's more than I have now. I should add he is an autograph guy so photo ops do nothing for him. While he didn't know it at the time I actually did him a huge favor essentially by forcing him to stay here. More on that in a bit.

So we wait and eventually Ali Larter walks out. I get another photo op with her. I then hear that Danny DeVito is inside. So while my traveling buddy is sulking in the car I inform him of this. He brought several screen roll books to get signed at Hollywood Show. He looked up Danny DeVito in one of his books and sure enough he found something. 

Eventually Danny comes out and I get another photo op with him. I can't call this an upgrade but it's different than my other photo op. And also it's taken with a better camera though he has a cap on. So maybe it is an upgrade and it isn't. When this was done sure enough I asked for thanks for making him miss his movies cause he wound up with a Danny DeVito autograph before ever going to the con!

Wait some more and someone else comes out. An older guy. I grabbed a photo op not knowing who it is. Turns out it is 78 year old Neil Sedaka. I'm actually familiar with a couple of his songs so I'll take it. First fresh LA photo op.

Shortly after I had to leave to make a show that was ending. This was for actress Lauren Velez. Show ended and she was nice as were the barely valids. I went back to the original spot but the paps had cleared out. I probably did miss someone leaving, sadly. Also on my way there I saw pap cameras go off at another place (someone was rushed to a car, don't know who).

With that, I got some Subway for food, parked close to the Hollywood Show hotel, went inside to shave and brush my teeth, then back to the rental car for some sleep.

Danny DeVito

Neil Sedaka

Full list of LA street photo ops

Wake up and it's time for Hollywood Show. My first encounter was with former markedout board member Jeff AKA evilgenius. Conversed with him which was a fun start to the morning. I tried to get a photo op with him later on but unfortunately failed on that front. Throughout the Hollywood Show I would also see current board member TODD! 

Thanks to someone I befriended while meeting the Scorpions in NYC I was hooked up with admission for the show! So that was nice.

Shockingly, I would wind up getting FOUR autographs at this show. Though most were not by choice. Here are the autos I got:

Tommy Kirk: Always a treat for a Walt era Disney name. He was the child in Old Yeller, one of the Hardy Boys in the original Mickey Mouse Club serial, and in Swiss Family Robinson. In true virgil fashion he was sitting by himself doing nothing. That's how many of these shows he has done. I actually felt bad getting a free photo op and walking away. But he had a vintage Disney Hardy Boys comic on his table. I paid his auto price, got that signed, and got the photo op. Not a bad deal. 

Celeste Yarnell: Gave me a free signed postcard with a purchase

Lewis Smith: No combo price it was auto price free photo op

Lou Diamond Phillips: Towards the end of the show I showed him my photo op at Chiller and told him I traveled from the East Coast and wondered if I could get a discounted rate on the auto since I got him at Chiller. He said "absolutely" and I got the auto on my Young Guns laserdisc signed very nicely in silver. I generally hate paying for autos but at least this is my third autograph on the laserdisc.

You can see everyone I went for in the list of photo ops. But besides autos some other highlights:

Either Lisa Jane Persky or Judy Greeson - I forgot which one - had the hots for me and secretly returned my photo op money (I think it was Lisa)

Someone was getting Sonny Chiba to sign a Samurai Sword. I asked if I could use it for the photo op. I got one with the sword one without. I like that photo op because him holding the Samurai sword is ethnically correct.

Got the dual op with Diahann Carroll and Troy Byer then wanted to try and mooch single shots. I mooched one with Diahann but was halted when I tried to mooch a Troy (and more money was demanded of me). Ahh well I can crop her out easily anyway.

The Happy Days actors came very late. I didn't think they were even gonna show up but thankfully they did. They are virgils in this show.

Was not going to get Daniel Lee Truhitte but I bit because he was suited

Mitchell Ryan was a jerk but gave us a deal because my traveling buddy was getting 5 things done. Though when he wanted to take a picture OF him he goes "now you're asking too much". Though I honestly hope we are all as fortunate as he he was when we break the 90 mark.

Lesley-Ann Down was shocked at my age and thought I was no more than 28.

Quite a few left early including David Faustino.

Unfortunately this show wasn't without a couple of PUNCHES. Besides the cancellations I missed two names. One was Melora Walters who I know best from The Butterfly Effect. She had cancelled so I removed her from my list then unbeknownst to me she got re added. By the time I found out the show was over. A second was Michelle Johnson from Blame It On Rio who left before I got to her table but she has been added to Chiller so I should make that one up at least.

Besides that Ron Jeremy showed up randomly walking around the Hollywood Show. I got him before but I got a photo op just for the hell of it. He is apparently the virgil of all LA events. This would end up being my final LA photo op. After the show sitting in the hotel ordering food was Larry Thomas who was just visiting friends at the Hollywood Show. But I have a photo op so I had no reason to bother him while he was eating.

Barbara Bain

Lynda Day George

Peter Lupus

Bruce Dern

Bruce Davison

William Daniels

Mitchell Ryan

Lyle Waggoner

Carel Struycken

Tommy Kirk

Daniel Lee Truhitte

Lisa Boyle

Sonny Chiba

Full list of Hollywood Show photo ops Part 1

Full list of Hollywood Show photo ops Part 2

Full list of Hollywood Show photo ops Part 3

Autographs obtained

With that we returned our rental car and left for the airport. We were then hit with a FOUR HOUR delay! I guess for what I paid I can't complain too much. However, the plan was to do Fairpoint con so that delay didn't affect us too much. The only thing I wanted to do that I wasn't able to was mooch some breakfast and by the time we arrived it was too late for that. Technically it may not have been mooching though cause I parked my car at a hotel for $5 per day which was much cheaper than the airport rates (then took the shuttle bus back and forth). So I would have been having breakfast where I paid money to park my car.

Back in my car it was off to Fairpoint in Hunt Valley. Quick in and out for Matt Frewer who I know best from Watchmen and Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Mooched some food at the con and it was time to drive back.

Matt Frewer

Funny story, I couldn't actually finish my drive so I pulled over at an Econolodge to get some sleep. In front of where I parked there was a room with an open door. I just walked in there to take a piss. Went back to the car to sleep, then when I woke up I just went back inside to piss again! In hindsight I could have slept in the room no one would have ever known! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

First New York City endeavor of 2018

Day 1

With RF Con in the rear view mirror, it was off to NYC for the first time in 2018!

First spot I try for randoms, but don't luck out. Then go to another spot where I hope to see John McVee of Fleetwood Mac and composer John Williams (I have Williams but wouldn't mind a better shot). Sadly didn't see them.

I go for actress Francesca Annis who I know best from the movie Dune. She doesn't come out so I have to come back. I then go to a huge want of mine, Hayley Mills. Most everyone who worked on Walt era Disney stuff is sadly dead and gone. So anyone left that is both alive and gettable is a real treat. Some classic Disney movies she was in include Parent Trap, Polyanna, and That Darn Cat.

I wait there and and get a couple of the barely valids in her show marking my first NYC photo ops of 2018. I hear she is inside in the lobby, so I go inside and she is nice as can be, marking my first significant NYC combo of 2018.

Back to the spots for the two Johns along with markedout's HeelOrton and friend. We see John Williams but we notice him too late and by the time we're calling for him he is close to the door. Then to another spot where there's activity. Sadly the crowd is too crazy and if you're not one of the first one or two to get the photo op it was basically worthless. I see Quincy Jones and he does nothing but thankfully I have him. I get a couple of ops that I don't care too much about (Dua Lipa being one of them) then move on to a spot where I can actually get results. 

I wait for Evanna Lynch and she is nice as can be. Move on to another spot for Mark Addy and Mark Caulfield. Need Addy got Caulfield at Chiller. They come out, nice as can be.

Now to another spot where I need to find the last spot for the evening. I find the info and Joresky asks "you're not going to give me the info?". I replied by asking him if he would tell me the info and he uttered "no" in admittance. Then he got upset I wasn't telling him and even began to whisper and squirm to other people that I was withholding the info from him. Go to the last spot and eventually Joresky does find his way there. But sadly nothing good was happening here. Will Farrell said he was with him family and did nothing going in or out (I even held the umbrella for him and his son as he was leaving). I have him but wanted autos and a better shot. Got some chump change here nothing good. I left with Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker and friend to check out another spot but it was dead. I then dropped them home and got some much needed sleep. While some other people came out of that spot after I left they were basically people I had.

Hayley Mills

Mark Addy

Evanna Lynch

Full list of Day 1 photo ops

Day 2

I start my day waiting for actor Mark Rylance. Was a strict one per but I got the full combo. A great start to the day. Waited more for the two Johns for HeelOrton and friend then went to try for Francesca Annis again. She came out and is nice as can be. Also got the two barely valids.

Waited for Patrica Richardson of Home Improvement at her show. Saw a hooded woman run into a cab ignoring us. Someone that that was her. We were all baffled cause we heard she was nice.

Back to waiting for randoms at a couple more spots and got some names, no one great sadly. Dave Chapelle did stuff but had him so didn't even budge.

Later in the evening waited at another spot where I saw Donald Glover but he was a complete dick. And Rhianna somewhere else but she did nothing. Dropped all my passengers off and went to sleep.

While it was good hanging out and BS-ing with Vannessa and friend and HeelOrton and friend throughout the evening, photo op wise the evening was uneventful. I guess that's the way it is you win some you lose some.

Mark Rylance

Francesca Annis

Full list of Day 2 photo ops

Day 3

With Star Wars actor Domhnall Gleeson slated to be in town, I decided to stay extra. First I try for randoms but see nothing, then go to the Gleeson spot. Going in he takes care of all and I get a photo op. Try more for randoms and Dakota Johnson sneaks out. I then pick up HeelOrton and friend and we try for a spot where we hope to see original lead singer of Toto Bobby Kimball and lead singer of Cutting Crew Nick Van Eede, among others. We don't see them so they must in. Then wait for randoms and see nothing and it was off for another Patricia Richardson attempt. 

It lets out and we wait. This time we see her. She is nice as can be. We theorize that the woman we saw the prior evening must not have been her and that we left the spot before she did.

Back to the spot for the music names. At that point it was getting colder and even snowing. We wait for exits and we get a bunch of people including Bobby who was super nice and telling us to get out of the snow. We thought we got Nick but sadly turns out that is a barely valid. The combination of the cold plus the fact that we thought we got both Bobby and Nick we left the spot then we sadly realized that was not Nick. The PUNCH of the evening. Either we left the spot before he came out or in the chaos he slipped out without us noticing. That mystery will forever be unsolved. Dropped everyone off at the trains and I left the city.

While I didn't get any big names, I got lots of solid names so I don't regret my haul.

Domhnall Gleeson

Patricia Richardson

Bobby Kimball

Full list of Day 3 photo ops

All autographs obtained the past three days