Thursday, September 27, 2018

An assortment of music meets in September

First up I go for singer Alanis Morissette. She is one of the few modern (ish) pop names that I actually care about. I remember her songs well. Go to the airport. First off markedout's adelta spots her husband Souleye and we get ops. Alanis waits behind a gate for about 10 minutes then comes out and is nice. She signs as she is carrying her child then puts the child down for photo ops. 

Alanis Morissette



Next up is Nils Lofgren of Bruce Springsteen's E Street band. Nice guy.

Photo op

And finally, the Lost in the 80s tour. My main want from there was Animotion, best known for the very captivating hit single "Obsession". I also knew most but not everyone comes out after the show. So I tried outside.

First up is Flock of Seagulls. Mike Score is super nice and I get autographs. Had no need for a shades shot as I have a perfect shot from NYC.

Next up, Clive Farrington and Michael Floreale, the two frontmen of When in Rome, known for their hit song, The Promise. 

Clive Farrington

Michael Floreale

Then Bill Wadhams of Animotion comes out and is super nice. Wang Chung also comes out around the same time. Only one original member (Nick Feldman) and I get him. He invites me to get a group shot with the whole band which features barely valids. So I did it. 

Astrid Plane of Animotion comes out and she is super nice. As I'm getting her to sign photos one guy in her entourage points to himself at some of the photos. What? He is in some of the old photos! Yes he is! Turns out it is Greg Smith who was the keyboardist in the first album which featured the Obsession song! Wow what a cool bonus! This is I believe the first ever instance of someone alerting me of their own validity. He also pointed me out to another member Jim Blair who did not play in the first album but was in the second album. So I got a photo op.

Bill Wadhams

Astrid Plane

Greg Smith

Jim Blair

Nick Feldman

Wait some more and Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow literally walks out by herself and is nice as can be. I get an update photo and some autographs.

Annabella Lwin

And finally, Pete Byrne of Naked Eyes drives out. Already have a hat and shades shot with him so I wanted an upgrade. He stops the car (which he was driving). He signs for me. I ask for a photo op then he literally removes his spectacles and puts on shades (at night!). 

Pete Byrne

Lost 80s autographs part 1

Lost 80s autographs part 2

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The #2 Panther at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Show

With Robert Wagner as a headliner, I had to attend this con. I know he's supposed to be at Chiller, but as the saying goes, "you never know". First off the guy is 88! And second what if his legal troubles catch up with him? I was nervous enough passing on Pittsburgh Steel City Con (where he was my sole want). So could not pass this chance up. I was almost going to go to Bookends for him till they announced no photo ops. Most everyone from the original 1963 Pink Panther movie is dead. So the fact that we have this chance for Wagner is truly a treat. And of course he is #2 in Austin Powers.

Arrive at the con, saw Fake Jan outside and told her hello and she said hello back. Enter and stand in line for Wagner and other WKRP folks. After a while meet up with combo hunter Troy Bellum. Get actress Shani Wallis from Oliver then we go back to the spot I was holding. While in line they even told us not to ask Robert about his "personal" life. I presume that was code for "don't ask him about Natalie Wood". 

When we finally get to the area where everyone is, I get WKRP actors Jan Smithers and Howard Hesseman (he wouldn't remove his shades when I asked). Then Stephanie Powers who says she can always place people by their accents but could not place mine. Finally it's time for Wagner and I get the photo op with him. Wow he looks great for 88. 

With that I had little reason to stay. Went to the bathroom to take a crap, ran into Wagner in the bathroom, and called it a day.

Shani Wallis

Jan Smithers

Howard Hesseman

Stefanie Powers

Robert Wagner

Monday, September 24, 2018

Two music legends: Giorgio Moroder and Johnny Mathis

In early September I would go for Giorgio Moroder, who is known as the Father of Disco and also made the music for movies such as Scarface, Neverending Story, and others.

He was a nice guy and did combos. After he was done he took an uber. Wow here you have him playing a venue and they don't send him a car?

Photo op


In late September I got some last minute Masterful info on the legendary Johnny Mathis! Due to his age I never imagined I'd get a chance to meet him. So to have a flight on him, that was God sent. The difference between him and the likes of Elvis and Frank Sinatra, he is alive and they are dead (unless you believe the hat/shades/beard photos of a supposed Elvis that have surfaced recently). 

Couldn't believe how ultra friendly he was, sat down and signed what combo hunters had for him. It is incredible how so many today are complete assholes, yet here is this guy, 82, and taking care of people.

Photo op


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Some Scattered meets in August

To start off August I would try for actor David Cross who is the main antagonist in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. Waited at the venue and after his show he exited. Did combos. Sucks he has a beard but that is what he usually sports.

Photo op


A few days later I would go for a Rock and Roll legend and former teen idol, Dion DiMucci. For those who don't know who that is I suggest googling him. He did combos and was a pretty nice guy.

Photo op


Towards the end of August I made a brief appearance at Potterverse. There were a few guests but most were barely valid. I only got actress Miriam Margolyes. Dan Fogler was there but I had him.

Photo op

A few days after that I would go for band members of The Grateful Dead. First up is Bob Weir who is grumpy but does stop then shuts it down, and second is Mickey Hart who is nicer.

Bob Weir

Mickey Hart

And finally I attended a small con called Fairfax Comic Con. The only significant name there that I didn't have is Greg Grunberg who was in The Force Awakens, Hollow Man, and other things. I got a photo op. Since I had nothing else going on I looked into some comic book related names. Got Robert Venditti (The Surrogates, which was adopted into a Bruce Willis movie) and John Cassaday who is a writer for the valid canon Star Wars comics sanctioned by Disney.

Greg Grunberg

Robert Venditti

John Cassaday

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Monstermania August report

After a punch filled NYC I finish my drive to Monstermania. I park, wash, and freshen up in preparation. I went Friday for two reasons 1) it logistically made sense 2) after the last show I wanted to avoid Saturday madness and 3) there was no one I needed that wasn't there on Friday. This is also a rare Monstermania where I would actually get an autograph. 

Start with Tommy Lee Wallace of Halloween fame then team with for one of my top wants from this con, director of Conan The Barbarian and writer of Dirty Harry, John Milius. Later in the day I tried explaining to him how the Australian blu ray of Conan has the orignial mono audio track whereas the US blu rays only offer the revisionist audio track, but it was hard for him to grasp.

Next up my other top want, Henry Thomas of ET fame. I add him to my ET poster which already has Drew Barrymore and Stephen Spielberg (in addition to the other 2 ET con names which I got in previous cons).

Now it was time for the IT kids which were the only real lines I had to deal with. First get Jackson Robert Scott AKA Georgie. Most child actors seem like an adult in a child's body but in the case of Jackson he behaved like a child. It's always a real treat getting child actors as children because this is how they looked like in their body of work. He is likely never going to do anything besides IT. So if a 20 year old Jackson is doing a con I would not care for the update. Of course if he does other stuff I'd want the update with older Jackson in which case you have both looks child and adult.

Then I get a photo op with Jack Dylan Grazer from IT which is an upgrade as he is wearing a beanie covering most of his head in my photo op.

Then get a fully suited and face painted Doyle Von Frankenstein which is pretty damn cool. Then Nancy Stephens of Halloween Fame. 

I run to the Justin Long pro op, my first Monstermania pro op since the time they had Kate Beckinsale and Val Kilmer.

Ended my time at Monstermania with Eugene Clark. Thought his suited op was cool. People were offering him crazy money for combos and he was spending lots of time talking to them. In vintage Virgil fashion, I set a price and offered money for just an op and he accepted it but gave me only a fraction of the face time he gave others (which suits me just fine).

Tommy Lee Wallace

John Milius

Henry Thomas

Jackson Robert Scott

Jack Dylan Grazer

Doyle Von Frankenstein

Nancy Stephens

Eugene Clark

Justin Long

Signed ET poster

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Jeff Daniels M&G and other pre Monstermania NYC meets

So with MM around and Jeff Daniels (someone who I've failed on multiple times photo op wise) doing guaranteed photo ops at his NYC show, I decided to go to NYC and conclude it with Monstermania. 

I arrive the evening before mainly to get actress Michelle Yeoh from the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. I go to the event and wait. While waiting I find out a few people got Mark Wahlberg at a crowded spot. A bit of a punch though no guarantee I'd have succeeded. Entries start and I get Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh via crowd fighting while Constance Wu and Henry Golding blank. Ken Jeong does combos but since I have a couple of shots I had no interest in fighting the crowd.

While waiting for exits I get another PUNCH. At another spot Ben Kingsley did photo ops. Never thought he'd stop but he did. Though not all got it. Since exits are not expected I go a couple of blocks away to an "easy" spot for Tatiana Maslany. She blanks saying she is with family. Really? Wow just wow. 

Exits at the first spot happen and I get Michelle Yeoh autograph and Constance Wu photo op (who I hear is normally tough). Henry Golding is a no go.

Since I had nothing else going on I ended the evening with a spot for Nicki Minaj but she blanked. 


Michelle Yeoh

Constance Wu

This day would start with another blunder. I had a WWE flight for Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega. Never got Andrade and I figured the dual shot would be cool. Since this was my only concrete info for the day (besides my Jeff Daniels meet and greet later that evening) I figured I would go. While there I sadly learn that Steve Perry of Journey was at a spot and didn't think I'd make it back by the time he left. Wow just wow. To boot, all I got here as far as fresh shots go with an Andrade shades shot (Zelina didn't come till later). I also got a photo op with Kofi Kingston which is my first solo shot with him in about 10 years. I showed Big E the awkward photo op list to which he goes "oh we made a list, I like that, I like that". 

With that I went to the WWE hotel, and went inside to chill. Saw Big Show eating in the restaurant/bar but I had no need to bother him. So others walking around but again no one I needed. Decided to bail on the spot, went outside and saw someone taking ops. Turns out he's a basketball player.

Before Jeff Daniels I decided to try for Tatiana Maslany again. This time I get a combo. And finally the Jeff Daniels meet and greet. He signed my items and was nervous as his son was fumbling with my camera but I got the shot.

Ended with evening with another attempt at Nicki Minaj since I had nothing else. She blanks on entries and decided not to waste time for exists. 

Tatiana Maslany

Jeff Daniels

Full list of photo ops

With my streak of bad luck I decided to try for an upgrade at a spot where I scored my original photo op. Namely Domhnall Gleeson. My shot is a little blurry and he has a beard. While waiting I score an update with Regina Hall (after letting other graphers get her first), fail on an update with AnnaSophia Robb, and get a photo op with male to female trans singer Kim Petras. A Master spots Graham Nash as a random and I get another shot with him. Sadly Gleeson blanks both in and out so even that is a fail! At least I do have a valid shot with him.

Next up go to a spot in the hopes of getting Matt Groening. As he enters he blanks. I exit out another door and literally see both J Lo and A Rod exit out of a van. Sadly couldn't get them. I inform Vanessa and friend about this. We try another spot but I only get Harvey Fierstein. Then back to the previous spot to try for Matt and J Lo. I stand by the Matt Groening exit and Vanessa stands outside a very crowded J Lo exit. As I'm waiting by the Matt door, Matt exits out of the crowded J Lo exit and Vanessa scores the shot I wanted so bad and would have redeemed by bad days. J Lo exits not long after and it's a mad house.

As the motto goes, when all else fails, go to the "easy" spots which is what I did. Went for 85 year old Renee Taylor from The Nanny. Waited for her to come out and she is nice as can be. Despite barely being able to even walk she took her time to sign and do photo ops. Wow I guess they don't make them like her anymore.

I join Greg at a spot for Ben Kingsley but never see him. Only see Oscar Isaac (who I have) and he blanks. Go with Greg to a spot with some Beatles related names but the place was evacuated and had fire trucks. Join Vanessa and friend at another spot where I hope to upgrade my Bryan Adams shot but he blanks photo op wise and only signs. I get other names including John Gotti Jr and actress Merle Dandridge.

Renee Taylor

Full list of photo ops

Autographs obtained

With that I decided to bail on NYC, set my GPS to avoid all tolls, and go en route for Monstermania. While I had a lot of punches, I at least got Jeff Daniels plus other meets. So I didn't leave empty handed. Couldn't finish my drive to Cherry Hill so I parked at a Taco Bell along the way and took a nap.

Friday, September 14, 2018

HEAVEN could not WAIT for this huge score!

Don't worry people, more August meets are coming, but I wanted to make a report for my final meet in August which I consider my best meet of 2018! Dick Tracy himself, Warren Beatty. One could argue Tom Cruise is a better meet/name, but the Cruise setup was at least somewhat setup for combos and many people around the world got it, thus taking away from it. Beatty is a Hollywood legend and did no such event. Also, Beatty is older than Cruise, this making awesome score even better.

I had a location on Beatty. I quickly went there, found free parking a few blocks away, and went to the spot. I watched both the front door and Beatty's car. This is where you can appreciate not being in NYC. For a Warren Beatty spot in NYC it would be a zoo of baboons. But here, the total amount of people, including myself, was ONE! One may be the loneliest number of all, but in this case it is orgasmic! 

Wait for over an hour and I see people starting to enter his car (he must have left out the side). I dash there and get a combo and extra from Beatty, who was nice as can be. His wife Annette Bening was there and I told her that I had no need to bother her as I met her in NYC already. One of his daughters was with them and she got a kick out of me asking her father for combos.

One of the items I had him sign was a Dick Tracy DVD already signed by the late Glenne Headly!

After missing him in NYC a couple of times, this was a name I never thought I'd ever get a chance to meet, so I'm truly ecstatic with that score. 

Photo op


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Some scattered meets in July

Start July with the Happy Together tour. My main goal is Turtle members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman and Three Dog Night member Chuck Negron. Sadly Howard is in bad shape and was replaced by Ron Dante of the Archies. But I could still go for Mark, try for Chuck, and get other names on the tour.

First up is Bill Cunningham (original bassist of the boxtops). Then Mark Lindsay (lead singer of Paul Revere & the Raiders) who actually came up to us and said "quickly". Then Jules Alexander (original member of The Association) who was super nice. Got an update with Ron Dante. Finally got Mark Volman of The Turtles which puts me on the board for the day. Got a solo shot with the female member of the Cowsills (I mooched a group shot at Chiller a few years back). 

Even though we were not on the venue's property they tried to tell us we couldn't wait here right now and we had to leave but that we could wait after the show. We begrudgingly complied but I thought to myself I'll be nice now but if after the show they tried to chase us out I would curse them out and raise hell. While this was happening Chuck Negron arrived and I tried to ask but he ignored. Left and went to a buffet.

Came back in the evening. Got a couple of barely valids and got Gary Puckett of Gary Puckett & The Union Gap. Then Jim Yester of The Association. 

Saw Chuck Negron but venue security and the driver tried to block us from him. Went to his hotel where it was just us and him but sadly he just waved at us. Overall not the most extravagant endeavor but I got one member of the Turtles plus valid members of other bands so overall it was fruitful.

Mark Volman

Full list of photo ops

 Next up was an even with a host of people but no one really good that I needed. I figured I'd go for autographs and get what I can. The only good fresh op I got is Otis Williams, the only original member of the Temptations that's still alive. John Stamos and Mike Love of the Beach Boys blanked. Luke Combs used the back and did nothing for no one.

The next evening I was in the neighborhood so I came back for returns just to see what I can get. Got updates with John Stamos and Chita Rivera. Luke Combos blanked.

John Stamos

Chita Rivera

Full list of photo ops

Rounded up July with Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins (Hold Me Now). Got him after the show. Nice guy

Photo op


And last but not least, John Cleese

Monday, September 10, 2018

CSA Show report and meets around CSA show

My main wants at the July CSA show were boxing legend George Foreman and Caddyshack actor Michael O'Keefe, with MMA fighter Chuck Liddell as a secondary want. The evening before I hung out at the hotel see what I could mooch. I only got football player Lem Barney and an update with Sycho Sid. I saw other sports players do photo ops but crowd was crazy and didn't feel like fighting for the ops and potentially getting kicked out. Tried another spot where I might see Foreman but didn't see him. Called it a night.

Go to CSA show the next day and split a George Foreman pro op. I also manage to mooch a table op with Michael O'Keefe by tagging with someone who had autos. So that worked out well.

I tried to mooch a photo op with Chuck Liddell and an update with actor Lee Majors by tagging with someone who had multiple items to get done. But sadly neither one of them did table ops.

I leave CSA show then head to the airport where up and coming actor Brandon Larracuente from Bloodline is flying in. He is a pure pokemon meet right now, but remembering my Kate Upton blunder I get him now while he's super happy to do photo ops.

Lem Barney

Sycho Sid

George Foreman

Michael O'Keefe

Brandon Larracuente

a MISSION that was IMPOSSIBLE: Completed

The Mission Impossible 6 premiere was a wild card. Had a fan pit ticket, but what did this entail? Did that put you in a position for combos? Or could you watch from a distance? No one knew for certain. Would we be able to score front railing spots? What time to be there? When and where would a line form? Again, no one knew for certain. This was the event where we dove head first into the abyss and in many instances had to police ourselves. 

Arrive at the museum with markedout's heelorton and friend at around 5 AM (red carpet was 7pm). We immediately see lounging in a chair with a flashing police car.

The line is basically started, with two groups forming the first 15-20. In all this I managed to get a couple of hours of much needed sleep in my car.

Wait some more and eventually it starts POUNDING rain. My socks got all soaked. Finally they felt sorry for us and checked us in early as the rain continued to pound. They told us you have wristbands but no line yet and to come back later. Obviously unacceptable to us. Then we entered the museum and it literally stopped raining! Wow they couldn't have started to check us in as soon as it started raining. 

Again, here we have to police ourselves. We go to the location they told us the line would form and form the line ourselves. Eventually more people and more staff join.

Eventually they walk us to the red carpet area and we manage to grab the precious front rail spots. Wow so much could have gone wrong here. Imagine if for instance they told us we couldn't stand at the previous location until a certain time. All that waiting at the crack of dawn would have been for nothing. But so far so good.

Event starts and stuff happens! First score is a fresh Michelle Monaghan. Next up, my second biggest want at this event, Superman himself, Henry Cavill! And he is super nice. I am so glad I didn't venture to Ace Comic Con to pay for a bearded Cavill (didn't need much else from that con). And with that score I now have photo ops with every living live action actor who played Superman (Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, and Tyler Hoechlin). Also have some voice actor Supermans but won't get into that here.

Next up actor Frederick Schmidt (fresh). Then the director Christopher McQuarrie (fresh) does combos but steps away whenever he is close to me. After the third time he made good on his promise to come back to me and did a combo with me. Then get Simon Pegg update.

The man of the hour finally greets the crowd! His sister takes my camera. Tom signs laserdiscs for me which both him and his sister get a kick out of with Tom saying he loves laserdiscs. 

At this point red carpet is winding down and both Angela Bassett and Rebecca Ferguson are still being interviewed by press. We have to call them over and run around. Had to scream and fight for an Angela combo (major upgrade as my previous shot is blurry) and Rebecca photo op (fresh). It truly was amazing that it was easier to score Tom and Henry than Angela and Rebecca. 

Against all odds, against all unknowns, in the face of 15+ hours, lack of sleep, lots of pain, lots of agony, this was not only a success but a SWEEPING success! 

Michelle Monaghan

Henry Cavill

Frederick Schmidt

Christopher McQuarrie

Simon Pegg

Tom Cruise

Angela Bassett

Rebecca Ferguson

Poster signed by the director

Signed items

Triumph and Victory

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Kylie Minogue, Danica McKellar, more in NYC, Channing Tatum in PA

Danica McKellar was one of the last remaining Wonder Years names I still never managed to score. Whenever she had a book signing I could not attend it for one reason or another. Matter of fact I would say Winnie Cooper is probably my first ever female crush. So I made it a point to attend the next one. To boot, Channing Tatum had an appearance in Hummlestown, PA that guaranteed photo ops. Already have a shot but it's sub par. So I thought this was a good opportunity to upgrade. I would also combine these with other meets.

Arrive in NYC the evening before the Danica signing. I join at a spot for a slew of celebs most notably Lee Pace who I failed on in the past. This time he is cooperative for the photo op! I also got repeats in Ellen Barkin and Eric Bogosian.

Next up I go to try for Kylie Minogue. I remember her when I was in high school and she was also Cammy in the Street Fighter movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme.I am joined by Vanessa and friend. While waiting I get a couple of barely valids in her band. Finally she comes out and amidst chaos I score a photo op but no autographs (not everyone  present got autos/photos). Sadly I got a horrid photo bomb. After she left I confronted said photobomber. I yelled and cursed him out, and called him a fucking asshole. Venue security tried to intervene to prevent violence as I cursed him out. It amazes me what scum bags people can be. I go through hell and high waters for my ops only to have it tainted like that. 

After calling it a night, I secure my free parking spot walking distance to my first spot in the morning. Wake up and go to my first spot for Jessica Chastain. I got her once before but wanted a better shot plus autographs. She arrives and is as nice as can be. At first she takes shades shots everyone but then removes the shades as I promptly ask for a redo which she obliged. I now consider her virgilized. Also got a photo with actor Michael Greyeyes. 

Next up I go to a movie shoot. I want to upgrade my Melissa McCarthy photo op and score a first time Tiffany Haddish (who I seem to be cursed with). I get rebuffed by both. I then try for Elizabeth Moss but she politely declines citing the fact that she is suited for her role.

After this sweeping failure, I go to Barnes and Noble for Danica McKellar. She does a speech and does photo ops and extras. Wow why can't every book signing be this smooth.

Go to a spot in the hopes that Tiffany Haddish shows up, but apparently she didn't and everyone there are basketball names. So I go to a spot to get Idina Menzel, which in hindsight was a great move cause the sports spot was a bust. I manage to get actor Will Brittain. An old lady photobombs not one but TWO of my shots. Honestly what do I do in these situations? Do I curse out the old lady? When it was time for Idina I positioned myself so she couldn't photobomb. She was nice and I got the combo.

Go to the final spot for the evening where I again hope to see Tiffany Haddish. Get a lot of sports names I don't know and finally Tiffany exits. She is denying but then a combo hunter successfully breaks her down and I manage to grab a photo op as security is whisking her away (photo also features Common who I didn't get but got many times in the past). With that it was time to go to PA for Channing Tatum.

Kylie Minogue photo bomb

Kylie Minogue no photo bomb

Lee Pace

Jessica Chastain

Danica McKellar

Idina Menzel

Tiffany Haddish

Full list of NYC photo ops

Danica autographs

non-Danica autographs

I had planned to drive there and stand in line, but couldn't finish my drive and had to pull over. Wake up and drive. Thankfully I have a savoir in the form of 

He is buying multiple bottles and will help me out. I am 20 minutes from the location and my bowels could not hold up any longer. I pull over and take a crap in the woods. I finally arrive and go to the bathroom at K Mart where I finish up and clean up. I don't think I was ever so happy to see a toilet in my entire life.

I help up a spot for CM as he went home. I would eventually be joined by both him and Mama . People were camping out and waiting for hours upon hours until it was time. Finally got to Channing and he was cool. I got a perfect shot. Mama CM is such a bad ass she even scored an extra.

With that I set my GPS to avoid all tolls and headed home. I would like to thank CMShowstopper for his help in this. It was also good to hang out with both him and Mama CM.

Channing Tatum

Signed bottle

Saturday, September 8, 2018

KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Some scattered meets in June

In early June I decided to try for singers Paul Young and Midge Ure. To all our shock both came out after the show and did a meet and greet. They were super nice. A rare easy and stress free endeavor.

Paul Young

Midge Ure


Couple of days later I go for a show with a bunch of actors. My main want is John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, Yes Man, Bicentennial Man, among others). Arrive and everyone is super nice. Got him, Skylar Astin (upgrade), Becki Newton from Ugly Betty (fresh), Michael Urie (upgrade), and the hot but barely valid Betsy Wolfe (remembering my Kate Upton blunder).

John Michael Higgins

Full list of photo ops

Couple of days after that I acted on a tip from markedout's adelta for a Martin Lawrence flight. I figured this was basically my best chance to get him without paying $400 for the meet and greet. I arrive at the airport and wait. Then I see a black entourage and I see the back of somebody with a hood and shades. I figure that is him. I wait for them to move away from the crowd then I ask. One of his guards tries to stop me but he approves me coming over. I get the photo op.

Martin Lawrence

Around mid June I go to a small con called All Star Comic Con. Nothing too great to report, got my photo ops and was out.

Full list of photo ops

Next up was U2 that was sadly a bust. I tried them day one they all blanked. I tried them day 2 and Edge came over to my side. He wasn't taking photo ops but I manage to struggle and get a valid shot. Sadly due to his moving the shot is blurry. Then when he moves away from me he starts doing ops then goes to the other sides and does more and more ops! WTF? Bono does only handshakes with everyone and Adam Clayton does photo ops with all. BUST. Bono's handshake was particularly painful. Cause the celeb came over, acknowledged you, but basically gave you nothing. This is IMO worse than if they blanked! It's akin to seeing a loved one with dementia. They are living and breathing air, but they are basically dead and gone. It is more painful than if they were dead and buried. But I guess he who never fails on big names also never scores big names.

Horrid but valid Edge

Adam Clayton

Towards the end of June I do two separate airport meets. First up is singer Sarah McLachlan who is nice.

Sarah McLachlan

And the last day of June I did something I never imagined I would do. And that is KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! I'm talking about Terence Stamp who played General Zod in the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. When I was a child I used to wear out pan and scan pirated betamax tapes of the Reeves Superman movies. Today I have the valid widescreen versions in the form of a blu ray boxset. Sadly will never get Superman himself, but getting Zod, someone who due to his age I thought I'd never get, that was truly a special treat! 

Arrive at the airport and wait. Follow him to baggage, and he was super nice! Signed me some 8x10s and also a Superman II laserdisc already signed by Lois Lane and Zod's two minions.

Terence Stamp


a space event, country legend, actors, and more

To start of June there was a space related event with some celebrities. But the day before I would hit up the airport. First up is a flight for singer Grace Potter. She was coming in for the space event. I was already out so I thought why not. She was nice.

Then head over to another airport for country legend John Prine. He was grumpy but I managed to get him. Next up is pop star and actress Hayley Kiyoko. Due to the delay in getting John Prine couldn't make her flight. So hit up the hotel, waited, and there she was.

Grace Potter

Hayley Kiyoko

John Prine

Next evening the space event. While waiting I see an actress/dancer from another show doing combo. No idea who she is, but I remember my Kate Upton blunder and grab a photo op. See leaving from a distance, get an updated photo op and some autographs. He is super nice. Also get two band members of Coheed and Cambria including the lead singer.

I see my main want, actor John Cho about to get in his car. I run like the wind and beg for the op. Despite the handler trying to stop me, he poses and I grab the selfie as he gets into his car! In my NYC shot with him from a few years ago he is wearing hat and shades, so this is a much needed upgrade! The next day people tried for him at the same event and he wasn't even there.

Get Grace Potter again, and wait some more for my other big want, film composer Michael Giacchino (Rogue One, Jurassic World, and many others). He is nice as can be. Ended my time here with Nick Sagan, son of Carl Sagan. When I was in high school I remember watching Carl Sagan's cosmos documentaries in high school. I told him about my memories of his father which he liked.

John Cho

Michael Giacchino

Full list of photo ops


Friday, September 7, 2018

a very STRANGE aftermath plus Wizard World Philadelphia

Note: if you haven't already please read my previous report detailing 5 days of the Festivity of the Televisions 

After 5 nights of car sleep, it is time for day 6 in NYC. My first score is a combo from Def Leppard front man, Joe Elliott. Back to a winding down festivity spot where I get a photo op, then to Elliott spot where I run to his hotel and get some autos. Then to another spot for Benedict Cumberbatch where I get actress Louise Brealey but Benedict and others do nothing. Back to the Def Leppard hotel and get a photo op with lead guitarist Phil Collen. Go to an "easy" spot for actor Tom Hollander then Back to the Benedict spot. 

Secured a railing spot. On exits I scored Phillipa Soo and Hugh Dancy. Then Benedict comes out and does combos but not everyone got him. I scored a GREAT photo op but sadly no autograph! I couldn't believe I scored this shot! Ended my time in NYC with a short haired Rose McGowan photo op.

Joe Elliott

Benedict Cumberbatch

Full list of day 5 photo ops

Joe Elliott signed cassettes

Now it's time for Wizard World in Philadelphia the next day. My main want from there was Pom Klementieff and it was convenient due to its proximity to NYC. But sadly she cancelled that Friday before. I had already committed a ride to WW to Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker the week prior and I don't like backing out on my commitments. So we left NYC, parked next to WW, and slept.

My wants were practically non existent. I did get a free shot with Kato Kaelin. Thanks to Vanessa paying for ops I managed to get cheap upgrades/updates with Michael Rosenbaum and Ezra Miller. I got in a dual Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa shot. My previous Ezra shot is from years ago when he had long hair and was wearing shades. So I made some lemonade out of lemons. 

Dropped Vanessa at the train station, then headed home. Could not finish the drive so about an hour out I pulled over to a rest stop and slept. This marked my personal record for car sleep as I did it 7 nights in a row! And it felt no different than when I do it for a 2-3 nights.

Another record was attained here. I went NYC to Philadelphia, then back home. I paid $0 in tolls.

Full list of Wizard World photo ops

Justice League shot

New York City: The Festivity of the Televisions

Yes I know I'm behind on reports, but don't worry people, more reports coming. 

Festivity of the Televisions is a week I truly dread. Between this week and the aftermath I would actually break my record for car sleep. More details on that in the aftermath report. Not everyone is ID'd so would appreciate any IDs.

Day 1

First event is unrelated to festivities, and involves Tom Hulce of Animal House. He was nice as can be. On to the first spot for festivities which would be the only time frame I see I then check out a second spot and discover that it is a happening spot. I get lots of names there. Back to the previous spot, then called it a night. 

Full list of Day 1 photo ops

Day 2

This day I would try to juggle various things, with mixed success. Start off at a spot in the morning. Jamie Alexander would do a funny pose which would have upset me if I didn't have perfect shots with her from prior years.

Then I go to another non-festivity spot in lieu of my usual park spot. My main goal is Liam Neeson. Sadly I never see him. Not knowing if he will show up I bailed so I don't miss the array of names from the festivities and also a Deadpool 2 event. I would find out Liam did show up later and people did get him. But I still got lots of names. For instance I got good scores in Martin Mull and Vicki Lawrence. Then got many Deadpool 2 names at another spot.

Would go with  to try for Josh Brolin at a more low key spot. But sadly he ignored photo op requests.

Perhaps the biggest punch of the day was not going for Warren Beatty and finding out people got him (spoiler alert, I would make that up in the future).

Full list of Day 2 photo ops

Day 3

I would start with a morning non-festivity spot for Jamie Foxx. Greg spots Luke Wilson who I need which is awesome. Sadly Jamie only did a couple of ops with girls. Next up a spot where I would get some Rosanne names and a huge score in actor Freddie Highmore, among other names.

Then to a spot unrelated to festivities where I got huge scores in actress Carol Kane and singer Jimmy Buffett. Sadly in the chaos my Buffett shot is slightly blurry but it's both valid and passable. On to the final spot and call it a night.

Freddie Highmore

Carol Kane 

Jimmy Buffett

Full list of Day 3 photo ops

Day 4

This day is off to a horrible start as I am failing at a spot while Greg scored Rosanne at another spot. On the way to the next spot I spot the naked cowboy at Times Square and finally get a combo with him. Get some names at this spot then off to a chaotic spot where I score some decent names such as Jay Hernandez from suicide squad and Tyne Daly. Next up an amazingly low key spot for the festivities and score many names. Sadly I leave this spot a little early to get Neal Schon of Journey and that was an error because I never saw him and I missed a couple of names. After getting some more names at this spot called it a night.

Full list of Day 4 photo ops

Day 5

The final day of festivities and next to last day in NYC. Get a slew of names at a spot and while doing that who other than Benedict Cumberbatch did photo ops going into a spot a few blocks away! Wow I couldn't believe it. Then an evening spot where I get Madelaine Petsch who I always seem to miss.

At this point I am completely worn out of festivities and bail out to go to the "easy" spots. Get Amanda Lawrence from The Last Jedi who I missed in the past. Then to another place where I get both Bill Irwin upgrade and first time shot with Colm Meaney. I followed Colm across the street and he was stumped and wondered what I wanted then did the photo op.

Full list of Day 5 photo ops

Autographs (Deadpool poster signed by Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, and Stefan Kapičić)