Saturday, March 16, 2019

Big Event, Patrick Wilson signing, plus various NYC street meets

Prior to Monstermania I would be in NYC and get a tip from Vanessa and friend for a spot with Brie Larson and others. I didn't bother with her as I figured she would do nothing (which turned out to be the case), but with her departure the spot was ripe for the taking. It was a nice indoor spot in the NYC cold. Not only that it was a very active spot in terms of celebs. Lots of great celebs. Sadly all the celebs I pretty much had.

There were blow offs such as Morena Baccarin, Annette Bening, and many others. Thankfully I have them. I somehow missed Daniel Davis of The Nanny but it's ok cause I have him. Barbara Eden was there but I have a great shot from Chiller and she was old and frail so I had no reason to try and get her. I left that for the ones who really needed her. 

The only fresh acting name I got was Isiah Whitlock. I almost didn't even get that but someone else broke him down for me. Got other fresh names in Valerie Simpson and Ashley Sara Haas. Got upgrades in Zachary Quinto and Sami Gayle. Beyond that more repeat names. I guess it's to be expected when you've been combo hunting as long as me.

After this event drove a few minutes to an "easy" show spot with actress Phoebe Wallar Bridge from Solo: A Star Wars Story. She took a little while to come out but was super nice and got her to sign some programs.

Isiah Whitlock

Phoebe Waller Bridge

Full list of photo ops

Next up is Monstermania Friday night (already reported). Saturday morning The Big Event, my first one in a while. Not too much for me here just some trinkets here and there. I actually got a Jasmin St Claire autograph because the 8x10 I needed her to complete is pretty damn cool (signed by Velvet Sky and Tod Gordon). She actually said I was the "cutest thing" to pass by here in a while. Gorgeous George saw me before I saw her and called me over. Told her hello. She's actually looking pretty good. LA Smooth probably the best fresh photo op I got at Big Event. Got upgrades with 2 Cold Scorpio and Chavo Guerrero Jr. The Abominable Dr Chud was an awesome suited photo op. Su Yung another nice suited op. Taya Valkyrie had the impact belt which was pretty cool. 

Full list of Big Event photo ops

Then it off to Jersey City at Word bookstore for a Patrick Wilson signing. The Aquaman art book cost a whopping $45 + tax but thankfully I found somebody who had two books and he let me hold one. He also bought some pops to get signed. Patrick Wilson and book author Mike Avila started with a speech and q&a. Patrick also showed off some props from the movie. When it was time for the signing I got Mike Avila and of course Patrick. Got an 8x10 from The Watchmen signed which he inscribed "Night Owl II". 

Got a little bit of rest then headed back to NYC! I try for the "easy" show spots first. First up is Gerry Bamman of Home Alone and Home Alone 2 fame. Waited for the show to end, mooched inside the venue where he was hanging out in the bar, and got a combo no issue. He was nice as can be.

Next up, Joey McIntyre of New Kids On The Block. His show ends and I snap ops with a slew of barely valids. Finally he comes out and is as nice as can be. This marks my third member of that band. Sadly I do miss Stephen Speilberg at another spot. However, he only signed and did no photo ops despite some people apparently pleading. 

After this I join Vanessa's friend David and he fishes out the location of the next spot. We have a choice to wait for Speilberg coming out of this spot or going into the next spot. I suggest the latter because I know his habits all too well. He already signed going in at this spot so he won't stop leaving. Indeed I turned out to be right about that. Sadly he didn't show up at the final spot.

One random at this spot was Robert Smigel AKA Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. I met him before but got an upgrade. I then pulled out the 8x10s I had of him in my car to get them signed when he would eventually leave. 

Next up, actor Idris Elba who I never got! He was quick but I managed the full combo here. Was also waiting for singer Khalid but he never showed up sadly. He is pure Pokemon for me but I printed two 8x10s of him including one photo where he was wearing a Hulkamania shirt. After this got Heidi Gardner and Kate McKinnon updates. But then it really began pounding rain. When Smigel left I had a huge umbrella and managed to get him to sign my 8x10s. For his troubles I escorted him to a cab via my umbrella. 

Idris Elba seemingly snuck out. That coupled with the rain me and David drove to Philadelphia to meet Vanessa at the bus station and get Fairuza Balk at Monstermania on Sunday (already reported).

Patrick Wilson

Gerry Bamman

Joey McIntyre

Robert Smigel

Idris Elba

Full list of post Big Event photo ops

Autographs obtained

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Monstermania Cherry Hill Report

Prior to Monstermania I would do some NYC meets. Those will be a separate report. Friday afternoon I would arrive at Monstermania after picking up Vanessa the Jersey shore stalker and David from the bus station in Philly. They wanted to split a Craft group shot. Craft wise I only cared for Fairuza Balk since I had the others. She was my top want from this con.

First meet was Phil Fondacaro. I split the combo price with former markedout board member OverTheTop. Next up actor Tommy Flanagan. He was wearing a hat and shades. I asked if he could remove the shades and he took one photo with the shades and one without. 

Now to the room with Halloween actors. Got Sandy Johnson, Jibrail Nantambu, and Mickey Yablan. David informed me that Dolph Lundgren's daughter Ida is a model and actress. Here I have flashbacks of my Kate Upton blunder so now I have to get her. I ask her from a distance for the photo op she said "later". Then when they were leaving their table I asked again and she took a photo op with me.

Finally got James Jude Courtney AKA Mike Myers in that room (who had a huge line). Now it was time for my main want, Fairuza Balk.

I go to the table and a line is forming. Earlier they gave some people tickets so I stood behind the last ticket holder. One other combo hunter also joins me in line. Ahead of me in line was former markedout board member Andrew (he was first row I was second). There's also an empty chair where I set both my bag and my coat. 

I stood in that spot for what I estimate to be 30 to 40 min. Meanwhile more ticket holders joined the line and lined up behind me. Now you know how lines swirl. Somehow Andrew advanced himself to a point where we were close in line. Essentially my corner of the line was next to him (if that makes sense). Here is a visual. Note this picture is NOT the line that day but another day.

Basically, imagine the guy holding the black poster is me, and the guy wearing the black coat in front of the guy in orange is Andrew. 

Out of the blue Andrew lashes out on me and accuses me of trying to cut in line with him. I explain to him that I have no intention of cutting with him and I'm content with my spot. I then ask him to mind his own business. He then goes on and asks if I have one of those tickets that he had, I tell him it's none of his concern. He then yells to security screaming "line cutter" pointing at me, basically ratting me out to security. 

Now here is where security saw a black mark. There were ticket holders behind me that were added after I stood there. With that security chose to believe I cut the line. I explained that I was standing here for the longest time and pointed to my bag and coat on the chair next to me. He went on to even say a handicap was sitting in the chair and that was the handicap's coat. I told him that no one was sitting on the chair when I got here and this is in fact MY coat not his. But he insisted someone else was sitting on the chair. I tried to compromise and tell him I'll accept to be after the last ticket holder but he wouldn't accept that and said I had to go to the way back. After more arguments all this was for nothing as she ended up cancelling Friday. She drove cross country from LA and would not make it in time. One guy in charge of her table then wrote me a ticket to come back get her another day.

Full list of Friday Monstermania photos

Phil Fondacaro

With this we went back to NYC where I would drop Vanessa and David home, park in Queens across the street from the Big Event convention. Report for Big Event and NYC will come later.

Fast forward to Sunday I had to come back to Monstermania. Me and David drove up to Philly where we picked up Vanessa at the bus station (who was in Atlantic City).

Waited at the con with a group of other people who were there Friday and we were escorted to her table without paying admission. We were also inserted in the front of the line. I got my photo op no issue. Vanessa and David got their group op, I dropped them to the bus station, and drove home.

Fairuza Balk

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Some meets in late February and beginning March

February was mostly chill but I did do a couple of days of meets. First off a venue with the cast of Schitt's Creek. Of the 6 actors I had Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy but needed the other 4. I also wanted autos from Catherine and Eugene and an upgrade with Catherine. 

Arrive at the venue and wait. Sadly it is crowded. A van pulls up in the driveway. The actors come out, Eugene and Catherine enter the van while the other 4 greet the crowd. I manage to get ops with all 4. So I'm officially on the board.

Tried to go to the next stop but they wanted no part of it. My next attempt would be at the airport the next morning.

We are 3 people in one car. Pull up and we literally see the van and the actors on the pavement. We basically arrived at almost the same time! Park illegally by the curb. Luckily I didn't have to bother the lower 4. Catherine and Eugene did one each for all but refused photo ops. I got an 8x10 signed by Eugene and my Nightmare Before Christmas laserdisc signed by Catherine (already signed by Chris Sarandon). I then ran back to the car before I could get in trouble.

While I would have liked more autographs and a Catherine upgrade, I'd say operation Schitts was largely a success. 

Annie Murphy

Emily Hampshire

Dan Levy

Noah Reid

Signed laserdisc and 8x10

Next day I was commissioned by a NYC Master to get Ted Koppel autographs. It was back to the airport. Sadly Ted refuses autographs. I did get an upgraded photo op.

Later that evening I went for actor Dane Cook (Good Luck Chuck, My Best Friend's Girl). Unlike the Schitt's Creek cast we are only two people! Eventually Dane comes out and we call for him. He walks over and does photo ops. Considering this was a $200+ m&g it felt good getting him for free. 

Ted Koppel

Dane Cook

Next day it was time for a different airport. I start by waiting for actor Laz Alonso (Fast & Furious, Avatar). Wait for him at one spot and never see him. At this point I decide to go to the area where I'm guaranteed to eventually see him (figuring he may have gone in before I arrived).

So I go to that area and I immediately see him going into the bathroom. I wait for him to leave the bathroom then ask for the photo op which he was more than happy to oblige.

Grab some Subway to eat as I wait for the music legend Paul Williams to land. He did the soundtrack of several good movies. Already got a great shot with him so this was an autograph only mission. We see him and he is nice as I get my items done.

Laz Alonso

Paul Williams autographs

Ended February with the Band Kansas (Dust in the Wind). Sadly only two original members in the band, the guitarist and the drummer. A third member has been with them for a long time and is on a couple of albums but none of the hits. So he's basically a scrub. The rest are barely valid. Went to the airport and saw Rich Williams (the guitarist) and some crew but no other members. WTF! The rest must not have come to baggage. So went to another spot and waited where we saw EVERY single member walking about except the the drummer Phil Ehart, sadly. I got a photo op with with scrub Billy Greer and barely valid David Ragsdale. I saw the other two barely valids but was afraid to go up to them and make myself known as at that point I was still waiting for Phil. I could have come back the next day for Phil but I didn't feel like that was worth dedicating all the extra time and effort.  

Kansas photo ops

Kansas autograph

Started off March with a cool name, namely director Phillip Noyce. He directed movies such as Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, Salt, among others. Arrive at the venue and wait. Eventually he walks out and is as nice as can be happy to do a photo op. Wow why can't they all be this cool.

Phillip Noyce