Tuesday, April 18, 2017


There was an event with four main wants, namely Peter and Paul of Peter, Paul, and Mary (who are best known for Puff the Magic Dragon), Judy Collins (who I failed on in the past), and Roger McGuinn of the Byrds. 

I found flights for both Peter and Paul so decided to secure those two. First stop is Peter. I spot him and he is nice as can be, signing and doing photo ops. One random woman who was there said that she grew up with their music but would never have spotted him. I told her to get a photo op and she goes "oh no, I just let him be". WTF? I bust my ass off to get info, to go to spots, put in time, money, and effort, and this woman has something she is a fan of on a silver platter and rejects it? I just don't comprehend this. 

Next stop is Paul. I ask for a photo op he seems rather shocked but says "sure". Then I get autographs but doesn't want to sign all my photos. He signs a couple and says "you want the album?" I say yes. So he says "give me the album" and he signs that and rejects signing more. I thank him and he is off. 



Arrive the next day at the event spot. Within seconds I find free parking that's good for the entire day. To start with I'm alone and seconds after arriving at the right door I see Paul. I go up to him for more autographs and he chuckles as he goes "you look familiar" obviously remembering me from the prior day. I also got a Rosanne Cash shades shot (I have her from before no shades) and Luther Dickinson. Shortly after a Master arrives and it is just the two of us. It was a huge punch when he told me that he got Judy Collins on 17 things at the airport. I could have gone to the flight but I had other things going on when she landed and didn't think she'd be very gettable at the airport (therefore didn't change my plans). Though he told me she had hat and shades on which made the punch a little less painful. 

Get some lower names, get Tom Paxton photo op and autos who is nice as can be. 

Roger McGuinn ignores the two of us doing nothing for no one. I pleaded for just a photo op and the wife goes "we know what you do with those pictures". Like, really? 

Both Judy Collins and Peter arrive at the same time. I of course concentrate on Judy Collins. She signs both my albums and I ask for a photo op and to my shock she does it! I get the hat and shades shot. Singer and actress Brandy exits from a separate show and takes care of everyone. I got her twice before but she always had ugly hats on. So I upgraded my shot to no hat. Get a couple more lower names and leave the spot to recuperate. 

Shortly after the event starts I decide to go in case someone left early. I chill and see a car ready for a pick up. I thought, "you never know" and go outside and wait. Turns out Judy Collins is leaving early, and this time she has hat but no shades! I complement her and ask for a photo op and she does it! SCORE!! I couldn't believe it! With that I consider her virgilized and will happily never ever go for her again. Getting a no shades shot is actually more important here than perhaps any other scenario because her nick name is "Judy blue eyes"

and other combo hunters arrive. They are of course upset at missing Judy. I get a Last Internationale group shot (had them individually from earlier). Brandy lets out again and one combo hunter spots actress Roz Ryan so I get a photo op. On another door of the venue I get comedians Maz Jobrani and Tehran. Not sure who they are but Maz has been in movies. When the main event lets out Joresky spots Terry O'Quinn in the audience and I get an upgrade shot. See Rosanne Cash and I try for a no shades photo op but it's invalid. It's ok I got her before so I didn't chase her down for another. Get more lower names, more Tom Paxton autos, anther auto from Paul, and finally Peter comes out and I upgrade my photo op from the day before and get more autos from him. Sadly no Roger McGuinn. So that is the major failure of the day. 

As everything cleared out and I was leaving one young girl was waiting around and asked me how to get a cab here this late at night or if it's better to uber it. I asked where she's going, then I said I could give her a ride since it's not very much out of my way. She agreed and walked with me to my car. 


Judy Collins


Full list of photo ops part 1

Full list of photo ops part 2

Now to showcase autographs

Peter and Paul (no Mary)

Rosanne Cash

Tom Paxton

Judy Collins

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Trifecta of Philly area cons, some punches, and some LOVE

We will start a couple of days before the cons. I try for actor Tim Robbins at the airport. Despite my best pleas, he rejected doing photo ops at all costs saying "I don't want to do it". Finally accepting defeat on that front, I then plead for an autograph and get one. 

Tim Robbins autograph

Fast forward a couple of days, I go up north with  and Martin. With Greg Evigan, one of my top Chiller wants, having cancelled Chiller I wanted to go first to  Amazicon in Wilmington to get him. Joresky is in panic mode and wasn't thrilled with the idea since he needed no one there and was afraid it would cost him and Martin names at Great Philly and Nostalgia cons. But one luxury that comes with owning the car and being the only driver, you get to make choices such as this. Had it been Sunday I might have entertained Joresky's fears that some people might leave their tables early. But being Saturday, the peak of con activity, and with each con being less than 1h from the other (even after setting the GPS to avoid tolls), plus the fact that each con ended at 7pm, I was confident everyone could be had during the allocated time frame. Spoiler alert, I was right. 

So anyhow, first stop for me is Amazicon in Delaware. I leave my passengers behind and enter the con. It is a ghost town. I get Greg Evigan and as quickly as I'm in, I'm out. 

Greg Evigan

Next up the Great Philadelphia Comic Con in Oaks. Arrive and meet up with for splits as we wait for Asian Dave. 

I get photo ops with Paul Freeman, Nakia Burisse, Jed Rees, Mira Furlan, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Colin Baker, and Margaret Kerry. Margaret (Tinkerbell model) is an exceptionally cool score because anyone affiliated with vintage Disney is quite a nice treat.  

Score some comic book names in Mike Zeck and Jim Shooter. Then finally Asian Dave arrives and I finish up with the Star Wars guests. I thank Dave for the free Alan Harris.

Paul Freeman

Jed Rees

LeVar Burton

Full list of Great Philadelphia Comic Con photo ops

Drive up to Nostalgia Fest in Bensalem. That con IMO had a superior array of names than Oaks (though I already had said names). Despite that there was no crowd and even RF was complaining about the lack of traffic. I get Chris Owens (Sherminator in American Pie), Vanessa Angel, and Corbin Bernsen. 

Chris Owens

Vanessa Angel

Corbin Bernsen

After the cons me, Joresky, Martin, and Greg all go feast at Golden Corral. This is where I get a PUNCH as I find out Tim Robbins racked multi combos at his outgoing. 

After I dropped both Joresky and Martin at the bus stop, I go to my date for the evening. Long story short, I had sex for the first time ever in the state of PA. 

From physical love to a band that sings about love, the next day I try for Air Supply. This is a band failed on in the past but due to the venue not allowing us to stand on their property, not due to the band blowing us off. Air Supply actually offers $200 m&gs but I chose to go the street route because by all accounts they are guarantees if you can go up to them. 

So I arrive at the venue and scout the area. Seems there are side doors on each side of the venue. I saw railings stored on one side, so I assumed that would be the side Air Supply would come in. But since I have no experience in this venue I decided to consult a Philly combo hunter who works with the top Master of Philly. He told me that in 15 years he never got anyone at that door and told me it's the opposite end where people come in and out. Thanks to his guidance I was able to see the rather hidden stage doors. Wow good thing I had the good sense to gather some intel. 

While waiting there I see another local grapher. He's an older guy. I guess the best way to describe this guy, he is a Pokemon autograph collector.  He didn't really seem to know who Air Supply was. He was asking me how they look like and what song they sing. He told me that he gets "everybody" on baseballs, be it singers, actors, politicians. He had the cheap baseballs on him but he uses the $17 balls for bigger names. Says that with baseballs he always has "something" to get signed.

While waiting there was also an older man and two older woman who bought the m&g. They knew what I was doing but didn't want to join me. They pointed out the scrubs of the band as they entered saying "go get em" but I didn't want to make ripples in the venue for barely valids.

Wait some more and finally they arrive. They are walking to the door. First I get Graham Russell, then I go get Russell Hitchcock! YES! Photo ops secured. Now while the pokemon grapher gets Graham to sign I get Russel to sign my albums, then I run over to Graham to get my albums done. 

Graham was literally at the door when I had him sign my albums, so if not for the grapher to slow him down and get him to sign the baseballs, I would have only gotten Russel on my ablums and Graham would have been long inside as I did that.

As I put my stuff back in the car I rushed over to the line for the $200 m&g and showcased the success to the older trio from earlier. They asked "any luck?" and I showed them my photo ops. They congratulated me and I advised them to stand by that door on exits if they wanted any autographs as they proceeded to enter the venue for their fuck money m&g. 

After this success, I set my GPS to avoid tolls, played some Air Supply songs on my phone, and I went home. 

Graham Russell

Russell Hitchcock

Air Supply Autographs

Friday, April 14, 2017

Buffy the Baby Slayer

With the news that Sarah Michelle Gellar AKA Buffy the Vampire Slayer doing guaranteed photo ops, and me in need for a photo op upgrade, me and decided to go to NYC to upgrade our photo ops. We would also be joined by none other than adelta. 

The evening before the slaying

We all arrive at a spot where we hoped to see Beverly Mitchell, Jodie Sweetin, and Christine Lakin. Already have Jodie but needed the other two. Sadly it turned out all were inside already. Via his smartphone adelta then fishes out a spot for Hugh Jackman, Carly Chaikin, and Diane Kruger. I need Diane so I was happy with that. I also had a Hugh Jackman 8x10 that I pulled out of my car. We would also be joined by a NYC combo hunter. Sadly rain would also get in the way of things but that didn't stop us. First celeb is Carly Chaikin and I get an update. Hugh Jackman comes out and adelta desperately fights for the photo op. After he denied me for the photo op I concentrated on the autograph and got it. 

We waited for Diane Kruger but sadly she never comes out. Either she came out a different way or she slipped passed us as we were getting Hugh. Then it was off to our free parking spot and some sleep. 

The sole photo op: Carly Chaikin

The sole autograph: Hugh Jackman

The day of the slaying

I had the outgoings for Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin. So I decided to get up early and wait for them to leave the spot. We see them both and I get photo ops with both. With that I get my first fresh photo op in Christine. Jodie I actually consider an upgrade over my first shot because her face is not made up and her hair is down. So she looks more like Stephanie in this shot than my previous shot. 

Next we try for Sally Field who I could use a better shot with and need on some items. But she ignores us all. Now for the main reason of being in NYC, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Arrive and buy our books and wristbands. Almost before the signing began this is when the stake pierced the "baby" right in the heart, so to speak! We were told no photo ops. Some people came from as far as Spain so that was PUNCH x 1000000 for them. I tried bitching to management but to no avail. I tried begging her, but again to no avail. To boot, the auto was a lame ass "SMG" initials. Disgusted I simply returned the book as I want no tangible memory of this. Apparently one girl did get the photo op via crying. 

Next up is a crowded spot and baseball player Chipper Jones comes out. I try to get a photo op to no avail but I didn't care as I don't even know who that is. AJ Lee enters but does only a few. I had her already so I didn't care. Along with Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker we then all walk out to a spot where randoms may come out. James Marsden is spotted entering he is so quick that by the time we notice he is gone. But I had him already so I didn't mind. Joresky spots Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and I get a photo op. While doing this AJ Lee took care of everyone on the way out but I didn't care because the photo op would have been a downgrade for me as she was wearing spectacles. 

Back to that spot and I go inside and see Steel Panther. I had hoped after the event they would do suited group shots. Sadly no dice. While they were suited they did not do group shots. I did however grab selfies with every band member. 

Next up I head for the Alec Baldwin book signing where I hope for some kind of miracle (they spelled out no photo ops). Sadly it was clear he wasn't doing photo ops and adelta even got escorted out after his attempt. Again, being distraught and miserable I didn't even go up to him and just returned the book and left. On exits he had a security detail that trumped US presidents. I know this as I have been in front of every living former president except Bush Sr. 

As we always say, if all else fails go to the "easy" show spots. And as I told both Joresky and adelta, all else has failed. So first stop is a spot for actor Will Patton. We wait and I get some repeat lower names. Then Will finally comes out and we had to pull teeth for the photo op. He even made us promise not to post it online. Also got him him to sign two photos. Next up a spot for Kate Walsh. I got her before but needed Larry Bryggman plus I printed a photo for her. First I spot Larry and had to pull teeth for that photo op. I then spot Jeremy Shamos but since I had a shot with him I simply pointed him out to Joresky so he can get him. Kate comes out and is her usual friendly self. I get an update plus the auto. 

Then to a spot where I hope to get a Danny DeVito auto and Jessica Hecht upgrade. Danny sadly leaves out the front and does nothing for no one. Jessica I had to call over and scream for her but she came over and took care of everyone. Tony Shalhoub was the last celeb we saw but I had a perfect shot so did not have a need for him. 

Wow, what a sad state of things. Not only is a guarantee no longer a guarantee, but even in the "easy" spots you have to pull teeth for even the lesser names.  

Christine Lakin

Jodie Sweetin

Full list of photo ops


The day after the slaying

Joresky had left so it was me and adelta. I wanted to get out of the city but I thought I'd try for a little more before doing so. Wake up early for Scott Eastwood. We are a few waiting and he says he have to do it while he's walking. Sadly failed on the autograph. Up next we try for Jessica Alba but odds are she was gone from the spot. Next a spot for Helen Hunt she stops for the few of us waiting but does no photo ops, and stupid me had nothing for her to sign. 

Tyrese was due for this spot but the crowd grew. I figured zero chance Helen would come over for this crowd and Tyrese isn't known to be a nice guy either. So we both bail for Hank Azaria and Amanda Pete. Needed autos from Hank and an upgrade photo op from Amanda. Going in Amanda did nothing saying she'd take care of everyone on the way out. One girl who was waiting said she had tried for her in 3 different spots to no avail. Me and adelta go inside and from inside I see Hank enter and stop for autos. PUNCH. But inside was the better shot for the Amanda upgrade which I needed more. 

After they finished I quickly go for my Amanda upgrade as the handler says she is doing just one. I was so nervous going for the shot but I got the shot as she quickly got whisked away. Adelta got his main want there in Hank. I guess technically one could argue that I took away adelta's first time Amanda shot in favor of my upgrade, but this was my last stand in NYC and I had a horrid couple of days, so if I didn't get the Amanda shot I would get nothing else and would have one photo op for the entire day. Plus anyway there was a good possibility had adelta gone for Amanda he would have missed out his chance on Hank (whom he wanted more). 

On exits, Hank did nothing. I pleaded for some autos but he rejected. Amanda came out and only did a couple of autos before leaving. With that, we left the city. 

Scott Eastwood

Amanda Pete

Monday, April 10, 2017

Some scattered meets throughout March

When it comes to names involved in the 9/11/2001 attacks, IMO the best combo to possess is Osama Bin Laden. The second best combo to possess is US president at the time, George W Bush. And the third best is IMO NYC mayor at the time Rudy Giuliani. So when I had a flight on him I decided to go. Also in town was Richard Dreyfuss, Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, and others. Have Richard and Sanaa but wanted to upgrade my shots and try for autos (in my Richard shot he is Einstein faced). 

First stop is Rudy. We wait and he's a nice guy. Got the photo op and got him to sign some 9/11 rubble photos.

Next I go to the Dreyfuss spot. A Master pulls some strings to help me get the event. First I get some names I never heard of. Then I score an upgrade photo op with Richard but he refused to sign. I also scored actor Stephan James but Sanaa sadly refused me. Wow I would have never expected to be denied by Sanaa and score Richard. Goes to show you how combo hunting has no rhyme or reason. 

Waited for the event to end then outside I managed to get Richard to sign my American Graffiti blu ray. I will leave this a "Richard only" item. 

While waiting outside another combo hunter spotted Senator Cory Booker out on a jog. So I got a photo op. Sadly we never saw Sanaa come out so she probably garaged or came out a different way. Overall success but expected to get my Sanaa 8x10s signed and perhaps improve my photo op. 

Rudy Giuliani

Richard Dreyfuss

Full list of photo ops


Behind the scenes, Rudy getting out of his vehicle

Next up was mid march. I wanted to improve my Kathy Bates shot and get her to sign my Fried Green Tomatoes DVD already signed by Mary Louis Parker. Arrive at the spot and sadly she is wearing shades but I get a photo op anyway and I get autographs

Photo op


March is ending and next up was a flight for Dan Quayle, the VP under Bush Sr. Also on the flight was his wife, former second lady Marilyn Quayle. I see them and both are nice as can be for photo ops but they walk damn fast for old people. And being the only person waiting I could not arrange a dual shot so I selfied (Marilyn seemed a little surprised to do a photo op). Then I asked Dan to sign and he accepted. I needed his wife's auto but sadly by the time I finished getting Dan she was in her car. 

Had Joe Biden done a photo op with me when I had him one on one, Dan would have been my final living VP. 

Dan Quayle

Marilyn Quayle


Saturday, April 1, 2017

My custom CSA sports show

This CSA show I decided to try for people at the airport. My main want was Fred Dryer AKA Hunter in the Hunter TV show. 

I arrived at the airport for Fred. Also on the same flight was Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. I got him in the past but why not get again if there. 

At the airport is me and one Master. We spot Fred in all his 6'6 glory. Ask him for a photo op and he is more than happy to do it. After I ask for the auto he does one then says "c'mon guys" when I ask for the second and then we say 3 each. Does a total of 3 per person and he moves on. 

Next up to Peter Noone who is his usual super duper friendly self. I get autographs and another photo op. 

I took the hotel shuttle bus to go to where my car was parked and lo and behold none other than Peter Noone comes inside that very same shuttle bus! HCIT! 

Fred Dryer

Peter Noone


Behind the scenes, riding the shuttle bus with Noone

Next day my main targets are boxing legends Lennox Lewis and Buster Douglas. I don't normally go for sports names, but I decided to go for those for a few reasons. 

First off they are big names in their field, so they are good for a well rounded collection. Second off both have wrestling connections, and I try to get sports names that have connections in either wrestling or movies (Lennox appeared at Summerslam 92 with the British Bulldog, and Buster in a 1990 episode of WWF The Main Event as special guest referee for a rematch between Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage). And in the case of Buster Douglas he even had a Sega Genesis and Sega Master System game. So that is a novelty in itself. 

First stop is Lennox. I am joined by the Thunderbuddies We wait and he finally shows up. I ask him and he says "can you wait" and I say yes. Him and his wife both go to the bathroom. As he comes out he signals for me to come. Says that he is doing paid autographs and photo ops tomorrow and that it's "not right" but he'll do one for me cause I asked first. I took the selfie, thanked him, then informed both Thunderbuddies what happened. They then each went to ask and he did it for them anyway. I had a boxing glove but given the speech I got from him I decided not to push my luck and quit while ahead. 

Next up is Dallas Cowboys player Dak Prescott. Of course not a name I would care to go for, but his flight was after Lennox and before Buster. I will take anything if already there. But when he came out (after signing for people waiting on the other side of the gate) did nothing for the 3 of us. He took photos with some old people, a young girl, but wouldn't do it for us. I even tried to say "they sold out of photo ops" to no avail. One guy picking him up said "they got autographs" and I said I wanted the photo op. 

Thunderbuddies leave, paps leave, Masters leave, and I am left alone for Buster Douglas. I wait till the plane lands, it lets out, and I don't see him. I look at baggage to see if he's there but no luck. Then I head back to see if he would still come out I see a tall huge black guy with a hat walking to the exit. I quickly run and yes it's him! I ask for a photo op and he does it no problem. When I asked for the autograph he goes "I'm not signing". So I thanked him and left. 

Lennox Lewis 

Buster Douglas

Sadly Jake LaMotta cancelled. Between that and the three photo ops I got, the only two things left for me were an upgrade for Pete Rose and Mike Tyson. And I would not get the Tyson upgrade if I had no one to split with (which I didn't). So CSA show was officially a skip for me. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

First WWE endeavor of 2017

When I do WWE I like to make it count, even if it means a little extra suffering. In the past I've used fishing as an analogy for combo hunting. You are going into the ocean and hoping to catch "fish". Now with WWE I normally can do it one of two ways. I can go on a convenient fishing boat, set sail, and hope to catch some. I would spend hours upon hours and get maybe 5-10 fish with a lot of time and struggle while on a fishing boat. 

The other way is to climb a very inconveniently located mountain and and put in the time and suffering to climb that mountain. But on the top of that mountain is a barrel with every fish that is available. And from then on it's effortlessly shooting fish in a barrel. This method yields like 30 fish with minimal time put in compared to the previous method. 

The latter is the method I normally choose. 

Before hitting the main spot, I try for another spot just to check it out. I also met up with Scorpion faced Tony who I hadn't seen in person for 10 years! Unfortunately it seems only crew are staying there. I got a photo op with Jimmy Jacobs of ROH fame and had Ranjin Singh be the first ever auto on my WWE_E V3. 

Called it a night, drove to the main spot, slept for like 3 hours in the car, got up, and readied myself. A few notes, for a lot of these people I didn't bother with a photo op as I didn't need it or it would have been a downgrade (hat/shades) or I had to skip entirely as I had to prioritize due to multiple people coming through. And unless otherwise stated the item I got signed would be the WWE_E V3. 

It started relatively slow and calm, but I knew the time frame when people would really begin to show up. At first we were 5 people but then the couple left early missing most everything. So throughout most of the time we were only 3 people! It was sooo beautiful!  

Got Apollo Crews combo (update photo op) who loved a selfie with my camera (as you can tell by his smile). Baron Corbin arrives and I get a combo (upgrade). Bray Wyatt signed two entries for me (his own and the family entry). I had no need for a Bray shades shot. Alicia Foxx came through with full sun hat and shades but thankfully didn't need to get that. Got her to sign.

Some 205 Live people began to show up which made me happy as I needed them. In one sweep I got photo ops with TJ Perkins, Mustafa Ali, Ariya Daivari, Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, and Noam Dar. The second sweep i got photo ops with Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. Drew had a hoodie when I got my first shot but then I got a retake when he took the hoodie off. Sadly I found out Cedric Alexander and a couple of other 205 Live guys walked by us. PUNCH.

Neville who used to be the nicest guy nastily blew off an autograph. When I saw that I didn't bother asking him. Wow what happened to him?  

More autos in Natalya, Tony Chimel, and Jamie Noble. Saw the Road Dog Jesse James and got him on the New Age Outlaws entry and his Mattel figure. Missed Michael Hayes because I didn't get to his entry in time (I didn't have it listed on my spreadsheet as I thought he was no longer on the road). 

The Vaudevillains come through. First Aiden English and he is as nice as can be. I get the combo. Now I heard lots and lots of horror stories about Simon Gotch. So I braced for the worst. I ask him for the photo op and he does it no issue. When I asked for the auto he turns around and tells me "sorry I don't sign" and I go "ok". Wow sure not what I expected. He did the photo op and politely declined the auto. That's a lot more than many. 

Pick up Daniel Bryan combo (update photo op) who is nice as can be. Even asked to burrow my blue sharpie to sign someone's figure saying this would look best in blue. Photo op with Adam Pearce of ROH fame and combo with the super nice Mojo Rawley (upgrade photo op). 

Viktor completely rejects and ignores (again, used to be so nice). Konnor I got to sign. Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze both signed. Now comes a motherload. Ryhno, Heath Slater, James Ellsworth, Jason Jordan, and one or two more I'm probably forgetting. They all see us and shout out "ohh noo" Well now I have to prioritize. First I score my photo op Jason Jordan. Someone goes "tag champ right there, Gable also coming through" I ask where Gable is they say he's coming. Another guy I need is Ellsworth as we trap him he yells "guys, help" to the rest as they all walk away. Ellsworth does photo ops no problem. 

I then get combos with Becky Lynch, Chad Gable, and Mickie James. All nice as can be. Then Miz and Maryse came through. Rather than shoot for autos I decide to shoot for the dual op. I ask Miz if I could have a shot in between both of them and he goes "oh you sure can" in a semi sarcastic tone. We all get the dual op! While this is happening both Carmella and Alexa Bliss pass by and Miz points them out saying "here's Carmella and Alexa Bliss" and they wave at us and continue to dash away. I tell Miz that I got them before and then Miz yells "what, you don't want the autographs of Carmella and Alexa Bliss". 

Usos were both dicks. But I did get Naomi to sign. Arn Anderson also a total dick. Erick Rowan signed for me and Luke Harper a total dick (another nice one that was soured up)

Got autographs from David Otunga and JBL. Got combos from Brian Kendrick, Curt Hawkins, and Dean Ambrose (all three update photo ops). After this the other two fans decide to call it (one of them ended up being late for work due to WWE combos). I waited a bit more, then used the bathroom. As I was leaving I notice Rich Swann and one other guy. As they're checking in they notice me waiting with my camera. After they're done they both look at me as they wait for me to make a move. I then asked for selfies. I get the other guy (who I believe is one of the masked 205 live guys as he covered his face) and I get a Swann update. 

While I'm sadly missing Wrestlemania and a little jealous seeing photos from Orlando on Facebook, I'm very happy with this wrestling haul. 4-5 hours well spent. Plus I have other combo endeavors around the time of Wrestlemania so it's not a big deal. 

Jack Gallagher

Maryse and The Miz

Full list of photo ops part 1

Full list of photo ops part 2

A figure of the D-O-Double G

Autographs added to the WWE_E V3

Aiden English
Alicia Fox
Apollo Crews
Baron Corbin
Becky Lynch
Bray Wyatt (solo and family entries)
Bryan Kendrick
Chad Gable
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan
Jame Noble
Micke James
Mojo Rawley
Ranjin Singh
Road Dogg Jesse James (Outlaws entry)
Tony Chimel
Tyler Breeze

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Monstermania, Big Apple Comic Con, and More

The week before Monstermania I was living in fear. For fear that one of my two top wants at MM (Cusack and Brimley) would cancel. Especially Cusack since he cancelled NYCC. Indeed people did cancel, including someone I wanted, but thankfully Thursday came and went and no news of either one of those cancelling surfaced. In fact I even saw an airport photo op with Brimley which was a sigh of relief right there. 

Me and  planned to attend MM Friday through Saturday morning (Joresky wanted the Stranger Things kids) then attend Big Apple Comic Con in NYC and possibly do more stuff in NYC. 

Before I would meet up with Joresky I had a flight for singer and actress Vanessa Williams. Not a fan of her music but the main reason I wanted her was because she co starred with Arnold in the movie Eraser. 

Get up early and get to the airport. She is one of the first people out. She takes a picture and signs but doesn't want to do multiples. 

I then pick up Joresky, and we head to NJ about an hour past Cherry Hill to try for the original lead singer of Styx, Dennis Deyoung. 

We wait at the venue. Since it is our first time at this venue we consult some combo hunters who we thought would have experience there. Luckily for us one person that got back to us is a Master from Philly and he advised us on the place where most people at this venue stay. Upon this tip I scout out the area and indeed see the place in question. So we kept an eye out at both the hotel and the venue. In the process we also get one of the scrubs in the band. As time passed Joresky spots Dennis DeYoung entering the spot. We approach him and ask he says it's arctic weather and to follow him inside. He does photo ops no issue and says to pick our favorite two items to get signed. 

Pre Monstermania combos: 

Vanessa Williams

Dennis DeYoung


After this success it was off to MM. And I knew someone who couldn't make it so I picked up their John Cusack photo op at a reduced price. 

We get to MM and Cusack is our first stop. We split the shot sadly he is wearing a cap but considering what I paid and considering he wore hat and shades the next day, I am ecstatic with what I got. 

Then I go to my second biggest want Wilford Brimley. Thankfully a combo hunter gave me money to get his vinyl done. And the money he gave me covered the combo price. So free photo op for me! Wilford couldn't believe I had that vinyl and he marked out for it. 

Went to CJ Graham and got a free table op. Sucks I would have to miss his Jason suited photo op the next day but at least this is free. So I'll be happy with that. 

Then I picked up free photo ops with Richard Masur and Thomas G Waites. I had more names to get but I thought I'd wait and see if I could mooch them or split them the next day since we were staying for the Stranger Things kids anyway. Me and Joresky feasted at the Chinese buffet then came back to the hotel. 

We tried to mooch but sadly 1) most names I wanted I didn't see and 2) most people were not allowing themselves to be mooched. I did however mooch both composer Alan Howarth and cinematographer Dean Cundey who I wanted to get. We saw the Stranger Kids come in but they were unmoochable. 

Now it was so freezing cold that hell froze over. Joresky paid for a room and I gave him $20 for the room. Due to his snoring I slept in the bathtub as there was no way we could have slept in the same room. His snoring was the equivalent of a bulldozer. Not even exaggerating to make a point. When I got up to piss I wanted to record it but sadly my movements woke him up. It truly amazes me how he has managed to sleep in NYC hostels with other people present. It truly defies all comprehension. 

The next day we eat some hotel breakfast then go back to Monstermania. I split actor DB Sweeney with James Wong, Ashley Bell with, and get Rex Brown from Pantera. At first he had shades but removed them slightly for my shot. Then later I saw he had them all the way up so I asked the vendors for another shot and got that. 

Got all those names while waiting in line for the Stranger Things kids. Then when it was finally time for those I split those with Greg. 

Finally we head to NYC. I found a free parking spot like two blocks from Big Apple Comic Con, which in that cold was a blessing. 

Sadly with Joresky having no desire to split and no mooching possibilities I had to bite the bullet for this con. We enter and first guest is Spencer Wilding who played Darth Vader in Rogue One. Got a photo op. 

Needed both Geoffrey Cantor and Peter Shinkoda photo ops but sadly no photo op price so had to buy the autograph for the full combo. Got a photo op with Gideon Emery who voiced Krampus, then got voice actor Neil Kaplan for free. Saw Ashley Massaro and figured I'd pick up an upgrade. My best shot with her was at a free WWE signing that's over the table and taken with an old digital camera from a distance. I have airport shots with her but she has shades in all of them. So I figured what the hell. Got a great shot with her holding the women's title. She had a cap on but I asked her to remove the cap and she did whilst complaining about her messy her. 

Next up voice actor Marty Grabstein who played Courage the Cowardly Dog, a cartoon I enjoyed. His combo price was $5 more than the photo op price so I opted for the full combo. Jackson Bostwick who played Captain Marvel is next. He didn't have a photo op price but had a small photo you could buy for $5 and get the full combo. So I jumped on that deal. 

Ended my time at BACC with a couple of artists then headed out. Since it was arctic level cold we decided to simply head out of NYC. 

I would like to add, coming Friday was a fantastic decision. First off it landed me Dennis DeYoung, and second off I got Cusack no shades. Cusack hat and shades would have pretty much devastated my whole weekend especially since he was my top want for the whole weekend. 

John Cusack

Wilford Brimley

Spencer Wilding

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