Thursday, March 16, 2017

Monstermania, Big Apple Comic Con, and More

The week before Monstermania I was living in fear. For fear that one of my two top wants at MM (Cusack and Brimley) would cancel. Especially Cusack since he cancelled NYCC. Indeed people did cancel, including someone I wanted, but thankfully Thursday came and went and no news of either one of those cancelling surfaced. In fact I even saw an airport photo op with Brimley which was a sigh of relief right there. 

Me and  planned to attend MM Friday through Saturday morning (Joresky wanted the Stranger Things kids) then attend Big Apple Comic Con in NYC and possibly do more stuff in NYC. 

Before I would meet up with Joresky I had a flight for singer and actress Vanessa Williams. Not a fan of her music but the main reason I wanted her was because she co starred with Arnold in the movie Eraser. 

Get up early and get to the airport. She is one of the first people out. She takes a picture and signs but doesn't want to do multiples. 

I then pick up Joresky, and we head to NJ about an hour past Cherry Hill to try for the original lead singer of Styx, Dennis Deyoung. 

We wait at the venue. Since it is our first time at this venue we consult some combo hunters who we thought would have experience there. Luckily for us one person that got back to us is a Master from Philly and he advised us on the place where most people at this venue stay. Upon this tip I scout out the area and indeed see the place in question. So we kept an eye out at both the hotel and the venue. In the process we also get one of the scrubs in the band. As time passed Joresky spots Dennis DeYoung entering the spot. We approach him and ask he says it's arctic weather and to follow him inside. He does photo ops no issue and says to pick our favorite two items to get signed. 

Pre Monstermania combos: 

Vanessa Williams

Dennis DeYoung


After this success it was off to MM. And I knew someone who couldn't make it so I picked up their John Cusack photo op at a reduced price. 

We get to MM and Cusack is our first stop. We split the shot sadly he is wearing a cap but considering what I paid and considering he wore hat and shades the next day, I am ecstatic with what I got. 

Then I go to my second biggest want Wilford Brimley. Thankfully a combo hunter gave me money to get his vinyl done. And the money he gave me covered the combo price. So free photo op for me! Wilford couldn't believe I had that vinyl and he marked out for it. 

Went to CJ Graham and got a free table op. Sucks I would have to miss his Jason suited photo op the next day but at least this is free. So I'll be happy with that. 

Then I picked up free photo ops with Richard Masur and Thomas G Waites. I had more names to get but I thought I'd wait and see if I could mooch them or split them the next day since we were staying for the Stranger Things kids anyway. Me and Joresky feasted at the Chinese buffet then came back to the hotel. 

We tried to mooch but sadly 1) most names I wanted I didn't see and 2) most people were not allowing themselves to be mooched. I did however mooch both composer Alan Howarth and cinematographer Dean Cundey who I wanted to get. We saw the Stranger Kids come in but they were unmoochable. 

Now it was so freezing cold that hell froze over. Joresky paid for a room and I gave him $20 for the room. Due to his snoring I slept in the bathtub as there was no way we could have slept in the same room. His snoring was the equivalent of a bulldozer. Not even exaggerating to make a point. When I got up to piss I wanted to record it but sadly my movements woke him up. It truly amazes me how he has managed to sleep in NYC hostels with other people present. It truly defies all comprehension. 

The next day we eat some hotel breakfast then go back to Monstermania. I split actor DB Sweeney with James Wong, Ashley Bell with, and get Rex Brown from Pantera. At first he had shades but removed them slightly for my shot. Then later I saw he had them all the way up so I asked the vendors for another shot and got that. 

Got all those names while waiting in line for the Stranger Things kids. Then when it was finally time for those I split those with Greg. 

Finally we head to NYC. I found a free parking spot like two blocks from Big Apple Comic Con, which in that cold was a blessing. 

Sadly with Joresky having no desire to split and no mooching possibilities I had to bite the bullet for this con. We enter and first guest is Spencer Wilding who played Darth Vader in Rogue One. Got a photo op. 

Needed both Geoffrey Cantor and Peter Shinkoda photo ops but sadly no photo op price so had to buy the autograph for the full combo. Got a photo op with Gideon Emery who voiced Krampus, then got voice actor Neil Kaplan for free. Saw Ashley Massaro and figured I'd pick up an upgrade. My best shot with her was at a free WWE signing that's over the table and taken with an old digital camera from a distance. I have airport shots with her but she has shades in all of them. So I figured what the hell. Got a great shot with her holding the women's title. She had a cap on but I asked her to remove the cap and she did whilst complaining about her messy her. 

Next up voice actor Marty Grabstein who played Courage the Cowardly Dog, a cartoon I enjoyed. His combo price was $5 more than the photo op price so I opted for the full combo. Jackson Bostwick who played Captain Marvel is next. He didn't have a photo op price but had a small photo you could buy for $5 and get the full combo. So I jumped on that deal. 

Ended my time at BACC with a couple of artists then headed out. Since it was arctic level cold we decided to simply head out of NYC. 

I would like to add, coming Friday was a fantastic decision. First off it landed me Dennis DeYoung, and second off I got Cusack no shades. Cusack hat and shades would have pretty much devastated my whole weekend especially since he was my top want for the whole weekend. 

John Cusack

Wilford Brimley

Spencer Wilding

Full list of Monstermania photo ops

Full list of Big Apple Comic Con photo ops

Big Apple Comic Con autographs

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

First convention of 2017: The Big Event

Not only my first con of 2017, but my first wrestling con in ages. To me this con was more of a social event than a combo event, especially since I needed very little from here. Some lower names, some "you never know" names, and a couple of upgrades.

As I woke up in the freezing cold, Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker decided to sleep more in the car. More power to her. Met up with Greg and Lanza as we stood outside in the freezing cold waiting to get in. Got in and had to wait in another line to buy wristbands. But was good to be inside. 

Throughout I saw markedout members Ira, Woodmo, HeelOrton, former members Lucas and Tiscione (who also brought his girl), among others. Met ICW for the first time. Also saw promoters K&S, James of LOTR who lost a lot of weight, Bill Paley, Blaustein, and others. Notorious combo hunter Matt Calicchio was a vendor who brought in Alberto Del Rio and Paige. Damn it really has been ages since I've been at a wrestling cons thankfully I got both Alberto and Paige on the street several times so didn't have to bother with them. 

While walking around a few of my fans recognized me saying things like "oh it's markedout in the house" and "I wanna stalk you for a selfie"

On the valid side, Rosita was at her table and saw me and told me hi and waved me hello, remembering me from the railing at the Summer Slam hotel last year. I also went up to So Cal Val and she told me hello (she always recognizes me). 

First get was Mike Bennett. Then upgraded my Ryback shot (my only other shot is over the table as Skip Sheffield). Got a Kingdom group shot which turned out pretty nice but was painful to see HeelOrton and others mooch it after the show. PUNCH. Then got Melissa Santos and former Rosebud Mandy Rose as "you never know" names. 

Spit with Lanza both a first time Tito Ortiz and an upgrade with Steve McMichael. Rounded up Big Event with a "you never know" name in Donovan Dijak. 

Vanessa and others opted to stay till after the show and mooch. But with the arctic weather out there I chose to simply cut my stay and head out of NYC. 


Tito Ortiz

Full list of photo ops

First NYC endeavor of 2017

With the announcement that the 89 year old William Daniels AKA Mr Feeny and KITT would do guaranteed photo ops and extras at a NYC book signing I decided to go to NYC for the first time in 2017. Unfortunately the book signing would be flourished with PUNCHES.

So me and drove and parked a few blocks away where we hoped to find randoms coming out of the spot. Sadly there were none. But we find out earlier in the day Tom Holland did multi combos here. The first PUNCH. So we walked to the Strand bookstore. While waiting I get another photo op with Danny McNulty from Boy Meets World.

As the signing started, the fist PUNCH would ensue. Apparently due to the large number of people attending he doesn't want to so photo ops and extras. I attached myself to a group that former markedout members Lucas and Michelle seemingly started to cause a stink on the false advertising. A woman says she will help. We go in, when it's my turn I go for the photo op first. The woman snaps a posed shot! It's not the best shot but it's valid and it's in focus After this I get both my 8x10s and the book signed! Wow success. Sadly I was in for another PUNCH as I misplaced my signed book and lost that wow just wow but thankfully I got the valid photo op and extras which was more important. Waited till the end of the signing to improve my shot but he did nothing leaving. I did however get his wife Bonnie Bartlett who is an actress that was in Twins starring Arnold and Danny DeVito. So that made up for some punches. But apparently his handler was Loren Lester who voiced Robin in Batman the Animated series and didn't find that out till later. PUNCH. 

Wow that signing which was supposed to be stress free sure was a struggle and tainted by so many punches, but at least two valid photo ops from older actors plus Mr Feeny extras definitely puts me on the plus side. 

Next up was a spot for actor Lucas Hedges. I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of his but it was a close to where I was and practically a guarantee. He is young so he probably will likely end up being big or at least significant. Also there was Stefania LaVie Owen from Krampus. When we arrive Joresky spots Andy Buckley from Jurassic World. Hey for a random I'll take it. Kevin Spacey and Ansel Elgort went to a car real quick, but at least I have them both. Got everyone at that spot plus a couple of other randoms. Lucas himself was cool and signed by photos. So this spot was a success. We then spot a car that likely had a celeb. We follow that car to a restaurant and Jake Gyllenhaal comes out. But he had a beard and since I have a beard shot with him I didn't pursue. 

This ended our evening, or so we thought. It was late and while feasting on $1 pizza slices Joresky looks on FB and apparently Danny DeVito and Mark Ruffalo are still at their spots! We go there and wait. Mark Ruffalo comes out and I get an updated photo op and have him sign my Bruce Banner 8x10. Yes Bruce, not the CGI Hulk. It is more correct for him to sign Bruce Banner stuff since Hulk is basically a CGI creature. Then Danny comes out. Since he had a hat and facial hair my priority was the autograph as the photo op would be a downgrade. I had a dark Ruthless People cover I asked him to switch pens which he did. Wouldn't do more than one though. 

After an overall successful evening I found my free parking spot and slept. 

William Daniels

Bonnie Bartlett

Full list of photo ops


Woke up and with that cold I chose to limit my endeavors to spots where the times are more or less known (and indoors whenever possible)

First spot is a spot where my main goal is Carl Weathers from Rocky and the first Predator movie starring Arnold. It is incredible how even someone like Carl Weathers draws so many people in the freezing NYC cold. Whereas in other cities you can go for A listers and there would be a handful of people if that. While waiting at that spot I get photo op with actors Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1&2) and Josh Bowman. Then Carl comes in wearing shades and does nothing for no one. Me and a semi master happen to have tickets to go inside, so we both decide to go inside and try our luck there. When inside I also see a Master that I rarely ever see. But the few times I see him I'm always successful. So that gave me some hope. In conversing with him we talked about Chiller and he told me that Chad Channing will want to take a photo op with him after he puts down Bleach albums he got signed by Kurt Cobain. 

Event progressed and I'm sitting down miserable wondering if anything will happen. Also at the same event is actor Philip Winchester who I could use a better shot with. 

After the event concluded both of them did photo ops with EVERYONE! of course this success is slightly tainted by the fact that Carl does cons, but if nothing else it's one less pro op to deal with at a future con (and money saved). Went outside after the event and it was a wonderful feeling seeing Carl with shades blow everyone off and go right to his car. I also watched in delight as a couple of combo hunters then ran after his car. At the light he did a roll down and someone got a car and shades photo op. Philip Winchester then came out and I got another shot with him just because I could. There were more people coming to this spot but I decided no one was worth standing out in the cold for. I then went to a hotel and found a relatively secluded spot in the bar area and took a nap. 

After a nice nap I readied myself for the next spot which was indoors. In this cold lots of combo hunters chose this spot including a Master and his minion. My main goals here are Abigail Breslin and a clean shaven upgrade with Alex Wolff. Sadly was never able to get Abigail as a child which sucks since it would have been cool to have her as a child and adult. First photo op is a random in AnnaSophia Robb but I had her. Then got Isabelle Fuhrman and Abigail Breslin. Abigail was taking care of people but would try to run away at every chance. I managed to get the combo plus extra. Got my Alex Wolff upgrade plus some more names. When Matthew Broderick came out he said two per person. I got my 8x10 signed and he went off on combo hunters including Master/minion on getting all the pop funkos signed saying this is a show and to stop bringing these, but he signed them anyway. I have so many photo ops with him I didn't need another. Ended this spot with yet another photo op with Wallace Shawn. Wish I had items for him to sign.

Ventured into the freezing cold. I decided I would give Kate Walsh a shot. Also got Jeremy Shamos. Kate Walsh comes out and is as nice as can be. I then got the photo op. Kate Walsh comes out and is as nice as can be. Got the photo op. 

I then secure a railing spot for someone I am cursed with photo op wise, Cate Blanchett. While waiting I see Samuel L Jackson come out. I could have chased him down but had no reason to put that effort for a hat and facial hair photo op. Waited and she finally came out. Across from me I saw her do a photo op, even doing a repeat shot with the same person. That was truly pain defined. When she got to me I tried begging but she goes "I'm just signing these" at that point I needed to cut my losses and asked for the autograph. The Cate curse continues, sadly. 

I then drove to Queens for the Big Event. Met up with Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker and we both crashed in my car. 

Abigail Breslin

Philip Winchester and Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers

Full list of photo ops


Behind the scenes

Sitting down miserable not knowing if Carl Weathers would do photo op

A combo hunter gets a Carl Weathers car shot

Matthew Broderick signing Funkos

Freezing in the cold waiting for Cate Blanchett 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Some scattered meets throughout February

February is a time I usually chill as spring time is usually when hunting seasons truly begins. But I manage to go to things where I know I don't have to dedicate too much time.

First try is Judy Collins. It was a cold evening so I timed it to arrive as the show was letting out. Her car was parked out front so naturally I stood right there. One woman was holding up two vinyls. I tried to tell her to put away those vinyls so a crowd wouldn't form, but that STUPID IDIOT did not listen and a crowd formed. She is a perfect candidate for the list of Jericho!

Two other graphers also arrived. Despite a small crowd and freezing cold, when she came out she signed for everyone. I got two items done and even got her to change pens. She complemented my gold marker. Sadly, she said no photos and that she doesn't do them. 

Me and the two graphers then rushed to the nearby 7-11 where she was inside buying stuff. We then tried asking her there but she denied us again. 

I did have an early morning outgoing on her, but I figure early morning plus two fresh rejections in a row, this had all the recipes for failure. So I decided against it. 

Judy Collins Autographs

On another day I had an incoming for actress Maria Bello. Also in town was Rick Astley and I figured since I'd be there for Maria I'd go virgilize Rick. Then I get a tip about a Paul Williams flight. He's a known songwriter and also wrote some music for movies and even acted in some movies. So he's definitely a name worth picking up especially since I was planning to go out anyway for Maria. 

He was the first stop. I go and wait and see him. He's nice as can be and I get a photo op. 

Next stop is Maria Bello. We wait and never see her. Upon checking turned out her reservation was cancelled! WTF! I had checked the night before but I had several things going on the day of. Between that and receiving an impromptu flight for Paul Williams and rushing to make that I just didn't think to double check the reservation. $6 in parking down the drain

After that failure it was off to Rick Astley. I realized I had left one of my items at home. PUNCH. He came out late and there and people stretched all the way down the alley. But he took care of every person with both autographs and photo ops. Though I had to go back in line to get my other item done. Wow they truly don't make them as nice as him anymore. I also got a selfie just because.  

Paul Williams

Rick Astley

Rick Astley Autographs

Next up, actor Ashton Kutcher is in town. This is a guy who in NYC would be mobbed plus he's not known to be nice I'd never consider trying for him in NYC. To illustrate, one time he was at a spot which was literally on the street where I was walking and just moved along to try for other things. But when not in NYC, I have a shot. 

I also had his flight both incoming and outgoing. So with the event that gave me a total of 3 chances at him. I decided not to try the early morning incoming. The fact that he is not known to be the nicest combined with coming in pretty close to his event AND being early in the morning was a recipe for failure. Plus good chance he would have hat and/or shades. Also if he's nasty with me at the airport he might remember at the event. I decided I would try the event and if that didn't work I'd have the outgoing as a backup. 

So I go to the event. I see him being escorted with an entourage, holding a glass of water, and media filming him. Also screaming girls were present. I didn't even bother to approach and ask as he went in a room. 

I also saw John McCain and Marco Rubio and improved my photo op with each of them. Stupid me I left my items for them at home! ugh! I haven't been to this spot in forever and forgot that you get randoms like that. 

Then I tried going in the room where Ashton was to see if I could get him inside. As the event ended cops were next to him and didn't look like I'd have access. So I decide to abort mission in the room. 

Try him leaving but again same deal. Huge entourage, cameras, etc. No point in asking. But I did follow him to another room and two cops guarded the room. I waited. While waiting Senator Bob Corker came out of that room and was doing photo ops with some girls so I grabbed a selfie and he thanked me. 

At this point most the crowd had dwindled as I continued to wait. Then Ashton comes out. I politely ask for a selfie and he goes "quickly" and I grab it! I couldn't believe I was just successful. I asked for an autograph but he ignored my request. He then went to yet another room to watch some kind of documentary. I could have waited more but at that point I was playing with fire for parking. My spot was a free 2 hour spot which I can normally stretch a little since there is no meter. Since I was already over the 2 hour mark I decided to stop playing with fire quit while ahead. I walked to my car and thankfully no ticket. I also didn't bother putting more time and effort for the outgoing. 

I did miss Robert Deniro while doing Ashton. But since I had Deniro the obvious choice was Ashton.

Ashton Kutcher

Political Photo ops

Next evening I decided to get Mary Wilson of the Supremes, who unlike her former partner Diana Ross is super duper nice. Additionally, the venue she was playing had one door in and out. Cannot ask for a better street setup than that. 

Before that I wanted to stop by a spot for actress Marsha Mason. Waited at the door and saw some other actors from her show. Sadly they all range from invalid to barely valid. The types that cannot believe you want a photo op with them. But as I've learnt from the past (the hard way), always grab the photo op cause you simply never know. Unfortunately one of the actors told us that there is some kind of reception and Marsha was eating orderves and sipping on wine. Since I had no idea what time she would leave I decided to live to fight another day on this one. I then went to the Mary Wilson spot. 

It let out and a Master that was present mooched inside. Shortly after him I decided to try and mooch (I've failed to mooch there in the past) and I was successful. Even though the venue has one door it was a very cold night and while I knew she would stop regardless she would probably be bundled up. Plus it was nicer to get a combo in the warmth anyway. I then found my way into the m&g line. She was right outside her dressing room doing combos for all who asked. When I got to her she held my hand and goes "oh your hand is cold, were you outside" right here my cover was possibly blown but luckily I thought of a quick save I said I went outside and came back in. 

She liked the photos I made her sign saying "oh this is one of my favorites" and commented about the others. Seems pretty effortless to be nice. Sucks more can't be that way. This is likely it for me as far as the Supremes go. Of the other two original members, one is dead, and the other (Diana Ross) is a total bitch. To illustrate, even one of the top NYC Masters doesn't have a valid shot with her. And I know a music grapher who is black and failed on her three times. 

Mary Wilson photo op

Mary Wilson autographs

Barely Valids

Next up, I bought a meet and greet for original member of The Cure Lol Tolhurst. He is a founding member and former drummer and keyboardist. I saw a m&g for $25 so I quickly snapped it up. Autographs and Photo ops were in writing (both in plural form). 

Go to the club where the m&g was taking place, he started with a speech then everyone lined up for combos. 

In front of me was a guy with a ton of vinyls. When it was my turn (I had 6 photos) he accused me of being ebay. Like, WTF? Thankfully he did change pens though one photo and the poster they provided was with his bad sharpie and he asked for a change. The poster was so badly signed I gave it away. I even tried asking him to resign the one badly signed 8x10 photo but he denied me that. Of course I got the photo op as well. 

In hindsight I wish I went to the book signing instead. But when I bought this I didn't know about the signing and just saw a $25 m&g with guaranteed combos. Book signing would have been slightly more expensive but at least you got a signed book for it. 

Still, it was a nice calm setting, multi combos, and even free orderves. In an age where four figures gets you no autographs, group photo ops, bad quality jpegs, or even a photo op with just an empty stage, a $25 m&g with your own camera, multiple autographs, and free food and water is a refreshingly nice change of pace. 

After Tolhurst I went back to try for Marsha Mason again. Waited for it to let out and again snapped photos with some barely valids. Finally she shows up and is nice about the photo op, and I got her to sign a program as well. 

Overall a nice, stress free, short, and successful evening. It wasn't even cold. 

Lol Tolhurst photo op

Lol Tolhurst autographs

Marsha Mason

Barely Valids

Behind the scenes at the m&g


Lining up

UPDATE: For my final meet for February, I went for Dionne Warwick. Sadly she did not do photo ops.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Broken Hardys MCW Report

After an amazing January I decided to end the month on something relatively quick and easy. A Hardy family meet and greet. I decided to do this for a few reasons.

  • It wasn't that expensive, would be lots more money at a con
  • I never got both Matt and Jeff in the same photo op
  • I don't have any great shots with Matt Hardy (he has shades in all my shots)
  • I never got Reby Sky, King Maxel, or Senor Benjamin, all of which were advertised 

So I pick up and we head to the MCW arena. To our delight all the participants were fully suited for the photo op. Additionally, they had an awesome background, great equipment, and used flash (they initially said no flash). And unlike other 3 and 4 figured meet and greets, the photographer was actually checking for validity and doing retakes (except for the child, obviously). Me and Joresky got the shot no issue and went back in line for autographs. 

Luckily we were near the front of the line because as the photo ops progressed there came a point where the baby couldn't take it. So both Reby AND Maxel left the photo op! Wow I can see Maxel leaving but Reby? Sure someone needed to stay with the child but they couldn't have a worker do that while Reby stays in people's photo ops? After all 5 people were advertised, not 3. But it wasn't my battle to fight, thankfully. My battle would come later on. 

For now though, it is time for autographs. While waiting in line for them to prepare I notice Senor Benjamin standing around and I get a solo shot with him. We go through the line and I get the Hardys on an attitude era WWF mag. That went smoothly. 

I then wait for the signing to end since I could try for a Reby Sky solo shot. I figured [correctly] that while leaving all security would be on Matt and Jeff leaving Reby for the taking. To boot, since she was pushing the baby on a pram that slowed her down and she traied behind everyone else. So I get a selfie with Reby but sadly it's blurry I then run after her for another. At this point staff is yelling at me telling me "we're not doing that now" but I ignore them and get a second shot with her. Unfortunately in hindsight that effort was for nothing because later on she went to the food stand to buy overpriced food 

Unfortunately at this point I received horrifying news. Apparently the photos are uploaded on FB! WTF! So I found one of the top guys on MCW and explained my situation, he said to email and he would provide me with the jpeg full rez. 

I wait till intermission to try and score some "you never know" names. I avoided those that had a table setup because I didn't want to be charged. But I got those that were standing around doing free photo ops. I then left the place and went clubbing. 

The next morning the photos were uploaded to FB. So now I had to commander the full rez shot. There is where my battle begins. 

I sent an email and FB message to MCW. Got no response. Then I found the photographer, PM'd via FB, explained what I wanted. He said he can't email because the file is "too big". I suggested other methods he said he would do FB PM. But sadly that reduces quality as well. So I suggested a site where you can upload files up to 5GB and implored him to do it that way. After all it's just as quick to select a file via that site as it is via FB PM. He accommodated me but said he wouldn't do it for me in the future. 

I then again send an email to MCW telling them what transpired. This is what I sent: 

Since you didn't respond back I tracked down the photographer and got him to send me the photo in full rez, which he did and I am now satisfied and thankful to him. However he also told me that he would not do that for me in the future. 

Due to this I likely won't buy another pro photo op at MCW since facebook uploads are really low quality. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use something else like dropbox, flickr, or any of the other services that don't destroy the photo when uploading. We are after all in 2017. Or even upload to one of these services AND upload to facebook. 

I finally got a reply back: 

I sent him a message and I was waiting to hear back from him. You went and got it done before I could get it done for you. I apologize it took longer then expected. As for anything in the future. That gentlemen works for me and if I tell him I need a photo in hi Rez then I will get it. I own the company. I just sent him a message to let him know not to tell anyone that again. You have my word that you will always get what you need from MCW. I told you that you could get the photo and I would of made sure you got it. We appreciate your business and don't want to see you not support us in the future. If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know. Thank you. 

Then I sent this: 

Thank you Dennis I appreciate both your response and your reassurance. Given that if I see anything I like on MCW's site I will definitely come out and support it in the future. 

Broken Hardy photo op, full rez

Full list of photo ops

Signed Magazine

Friday, January 27, 2017

Presidential Inauguration Week Report Part 2

Note: If you have not already please see my previous post for Part 1

Day 5 and the final day of Inauguration Week. On this day I could have gone to Philly for Richard Petty. But I decided to gamble at a Women's March that had tons of celebrities. 

I arrive there with Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker. I somehow find free parking a few blocks away and walk to the event. Also on site were some Masters, a minion who also brought his daughter, and Radioman. Along with thousands of protesters. 

As we arrive we scout. We see some passes being given and Vanessa manages to grab one. They were about to not give me a pass but Vanessa says "he's with me". So now I have a pass. It was a "special guest" pass. 

Would this pass increase our chances for photo ops? No one knew. First we all discover the entry point and it seems impossible. Couldn't get Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, Cher, or even lower names. As one guy put it, "if Cher didn't stop for Radioman she's not stopping for you"

Only thing I managed to score is actress Lea DeLaria. Other hunters managed to mooch other materials. Then we all went to the "pass only" area to scope it out. There were railings which made us think perhaps some celebs are gettable. From there it seemed as if one security guard was letting everyone with a pass backstage, so me and one Master got in. All I did was flash my pass. I then phoned Vanessa and told her what I did. She then did what I did. 

Right here we hit the jackpot! From then on it was photo op after photo op. Though not without some misses. 

Got Alia Shawkat, Jackie Cruz, improved my Amy Poehler photo op. Then Vanessa tells me where Scarlett Johansson is. I go to that area flash my badge, then SCORE a perfect shot with one of the hardest modern day actresses. 

I am then alerted to a side tent where Cher is apparently doing photo ops inside. I rush there. As I am there I heard the guy say this is now only open to "media and members of  congress" so I quietly slip through the corner as he is talking. I then ask Cher for a selfie and she agrees. The bodyguards appear to me fighting me and I panic and go "she said yes to a selfie" then they said no selfie we will take it. I of course agreed. After that I thanked her and thanked the guards and promptly slipped out of the tent! WOHOOO! 

A while after more people were getting to the area I was in. Some people who stayed at the initial railings got perfect Katy Perry shots! But while that was happening I got Scarlett which they did not. So it's a matter of can't be everywhere at once. Speaking of Katy I saw her in front of me and asked twice for a selfie and both times she tells me "HIIIiiiii"! 

WTF! I've seen this woman so many times and have failed to get that shot. To boot she did take two selfies just not with me. This is right up there with J-Lo. Someone I just can't seem to get but so many have photo ops with. 

Another PUNCH more major than Katy Perry was Emma Watson. The times I asked she denied but the times she was doing photo ops I was not at the right place right time. First time was when she was leaving stage Vanessa tried calling me but reception was bad due to all the phones around. I was beside myself only for to have a second major PUNCH when a Master told me he just got her (by then I thought she had left). I quickly went to where he said he got her but was 5 minutes too late. Vanessa had tried to call me again to no avail. It seems that had I restarted my phone I probably would have had reception and a perfect Emma Watson shot. I guess this was mymoment so to speak except I fucking had batteries 

I also tried to Julia Roberts (hat and shades) and failed on that front and even got assaulted by her security guard. That guard is damn lucky I was in a prime area for photo ops and did not want to get kicked out, because had we been on a sidewalk I would have punched that guard with all my might and caused the scenes of scenes 

Back to positives, got Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Diane Guerrero, Danielle Brooks, Jeffrey Wright, Halsey, Ani DiFranco, Marisa Tomei (repeat), Fisher Stevens (repeat), and Soccer player Hope Solo

Alicia Keys (who I needed a better shot with) was another moment filled fights. She had two security guards that weren't allowing me to ask saying she had to go on stage. I said she's doing it and they say "she's not doing it now" as she immediately takes a selfie with someone. When they realize their lies are not working they then try to report me to another guard but I slip away before that guard sees me. Much later she was still in the same spot not yet on stage. When she left stage I positioned myself at a spot and asked her then finally got shot (the same guards were still escorting her). 

For shits and giggles I got an invalid Madonna. I didn't bother putting any effort on her because a Master told me he had her one on one and she denied him. 

Rounded the event with another Olivia Wilde shot, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray of Indigo girls, and activist Gloria Steinem.  

Seeing people's Emma Watson shots was pain and suffering. Cause this happened as I was there just not exactly there. But overall got Cher, Scarlett Johansson, plus other fresh meets and upgrades, I'd say epic successful day! 

On a side note, I saw Jeffrey Wright's son that took away my photo op back in November. He didn't recognize me. 


Scarlett Johansson

Amy Poehler

Jeffrey Wright

Candidate for worst photo op of 2017 - Madonna

Full list of final day photo ops part 1

Full list of final day photo ops part 2

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Presidential Inauguration Week Report Part 1

This is a multi day report that took place during the week when President Trump officially became the president and supreme leader of the United States of America. 

Day 1

On this day I had a flight for Lee Greenwood. I also found Jon Voight but sadly he cancelled his flight and flew private. I already have Voight so this was not a major punch but it would have been nice to make my time more worthwhile as both Greenwood and Voight were coming in at almost the same time. But I still needed Greenwood and he's a nice guy so I still embarked on this. 

Arrive and it's time for the meet. He is nice as can be, took a photo op and signed four CDs and a vinyl, even asking me where I got these. 

By a shocking coincidence at baggage claim was none other than Three Doors Down, who I didn't look for but I needed. Of the 5 members 2 are original including the lead singer. The others are barely valid. All were nice and I got photo ops with all of them. Also Dick Gregory was spotted and I got a photo op just because he was there. 

Wow I was happy because I only thought I would get Greenwood but I get him and Three Doors Down. I was on my way home victorious then I get a call from a Master who tells me that singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter is coming in and to look for a flight. Shockingly while in the car I find the flight coming later that evening So I turn back, park for free, chill, and kill time by eating free samples at a supermarket and a mall, scouring the coin star machine for left change (without success), and browsing around randomly. Now it's time to go back to the airport. The witching hour arrives and I was the first to ask her for a photo op and she goes "sure" and I get the photo op! As she signs I also get an autograph. She charges $100 for the m&g and while this photo op isn't as good as the m&g ones I'll happily take it (I should add that the m&g doesn't include the autograph). 

Planned for just Lee Greenwood, got him, two original members of Three Doors Down, AND Sabrina Carpenter. Definitely a good day!

Lee Greenwood

Sabrina Carpenter

Full list of Day 1 photo ops

Day 2

This day was the quickest and easiest. Basically just Pamela Anderson at the airport. This would be my second time ever meeting her. Graphers attacked her but she was accommodating signing most everything in front of her. I got her on a magazine, three 8x10s, and two WWE_E books. Then finally got her on a fold out poster. Also got a photo op.  

Sadly on the first WWE_E I had her sign he signed in big and over the wrong Wrestlemania entry! UGH! On the second one she signed it much nicer right near he photo. 

Pamela Anderson

Day 3

Here I had a choice between Caitlyn Jenner at one airport, and Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter at another airport. I chose option #2 even though I have a Jimmy Carter photo op. Figured I better get another auto since he's 90+ and it gives me a shot at Rosalynn. I also had Christina Hendricks coming in at that same airport. So it decreased the headache of back and forth. Plus I don't think I'd enjoy having a Caitlyn Jenner photo op anyway.

So first stop is the Carters. We see police and secret service out and about. A cop comes out to us and asks what we're waiting for. Someone replies "same person you're waiting for" and the cop goes "who" and he goes "you know who" and the cop goes "tell me" and the reply was "former US president Jimmy Carter". We told him how we got Carter here in the past and the cop goes "it's not going to happen today" to which I reply "you don't know that and I don't know that" 

The witching hour arrives. Jimmy comes over to sign. I try asking Rosalynn for the photo op but she sadly ignores me. I get Jimmy on an 8x10 of him and Rosalynn. 

Next up a Christina Hendricks flight. She is nice amd does 3 per person and also the photo op. Then I remember that her husband is actually an actor and ask him for a photo op. He does it no issue. One Master who was at that flight had other flights coming in that I didn't bother looking for so I tagged along. 

First one of these is Alysia Reiner from Orange is the New Black. She is nice as can be. Then Tim Daly. At this point I am joined by Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker. Get more autographs from Tim Daly as well as another photo op. Final flight is former child actress Mae Whitman. She is also nice as can be and I got another shot with her plus some autographs. 

We then wait on a couple of other flights in the hopes of randoms, but we see no one. 

Overall a sub par day but at least I didn't walk away with nothing. 

Full list of Day 3 photo ops

Day 4

This day starts with Jimmy Carter round two (this time with Vanessa tagging along). Again we wait for Carter, we get the speech from secret service. I get Jimmy Carter to sign a baseball. I then step back to try and ask Rosalynn for a photo op then get yelled at by the police. I then showcase my 8x10 signed by Jimmy and say "Miss Carter I got your husband on it" and she looks at the photo and goes "oh my". The cops yell at me again saying "she doesn't do it". I then ask "can I get your autograph" and the cop lashes out again at me saying "she said no, no means no" (which she technically didn't). She was walking to the escalator and I was on the other side so I sadly I had little to no chance for a photo op. I simply stayed put and extended the 8x10 to her and she signed it for me. Vanessa tried getting her to sign but she didn't do anything more than my 8x10. 

After this we both go to Costco and eat. Then it was off to the city. While I managed to park for free it was sadly difficult to get to our spot in the city, even hindered by the parade. Go back to the car and as I'm driving I get a call from a Master. He asks where I'm at and what I'm doing. Then he says he has a flight, won't tell me who, but to come and pick him up. So I go pick him up and we all head to the airport. Turns out it's actress Michelle Rodriguez from The Fast and the Furious. Decent name! She arrives and I manage to get the combo no issue. 

Sadly this was not without a PUNCH in the face. Apparently at the spot where I wanted to go Tim Allen, a huge want of mine, came out of there, did photo ops, and walked away! He wasn't even on the list of people to appear in that spot so no one knew. Wow I was beside myself. 

I did manage to eventually find my way to the spot (parked then walked 20 minutes) where a Master was waiting (and got Tim Allen). He was also waiting for Radioman who is a buddy of his. He points out Hollywood attorney Gloria Allred and I get a photo op. Radioman arrives and curses me out to him. At one point Radioman hands flyers of his documentary. Gives one to his buddy and one to Vanessa. I say "hey none for me, damn that hurts Radioman". Then he gives me one. Then I try to get him to sign it and he signs for me and Vanessa. This completes my combo with Radioman. 

People start to exit the spot and I get a few photo ops but nothing I didn't have sadly. Just upgrades as they were looking nicer. I actually had one big want at the spot. Namely Matthew Modine. But sadly he no showed. So that was another PUNCH.

One notable interaction was with Mae Whitman. She said hi to Radioman and he didn't know who she was. She then proceeded to remind Radioman of when she filmed with him on set and how she was a little girl. She was super excited to see Radioman. Radioman then asked for her swag bag and she goes "sure you can have it". He also proposed that she take any of the inside contents that she wants so he can just have the actual bag. But she tells Radioman that he can have everything. 

We did try one other party to see what was there, but sadly it was a dud. 

Aside from one Michelle Rodriguez, this day was sadly a bust. If I got Tim Allen that would have been huge. 

Michelle Rodriguez

Christina Hendricks

Mae Whitman

Full list of Day 4 photo ops

Stay tuned for Presidential Inauguration Week Report Part 2 for the final day of combo hunting during that week. In the meantime, let's showcase autographs obtained the past four days: 

Lee Greenwood

Michelle Rodriguez and Sabrina Carpenter

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson fold out

Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter

Signed 8x10s

Radioman flyer