Monday, August 8, 2016

Johnathan Pryce plus a star studded evening in August

Towards the end of July I decided to try for actor Johnathan Pryce. He may not be the most known A lister but he has an pretty good resume. He starred in the cult movie Brazil and was in Tomorrow Never Dies, Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe, Game of Thrones, among others. I arrive at the spot and wait. While waiting I find out that his daughter is also at the spot. She is actually valid. Since I will never forget my Kate Upton blunder from a few years ago, I googled her to see how she looked like in order to spot her and get the photo op. 

Johnathan comes out and is as nice as can be. Happily posed and signed whatever one had. He's basically a Chiller guarantee if you see him. Wow you truly forget that some people are actually nice. 

Shortly after his daughter comes out and I get a photo op with her. Nice as can be. 

Jonathan Pryce

Phoebe Pryce


Next up was an event that essentially popped out of nowhere. It was probably planned for weeks yet it made the news and twitter like the day before. The full guest list was unknown even to the Masters. A few names that are known to be hard made up a partial guest list
 (BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z, Jennifer Hudson, among others), but I decided to embark because you never know who shows up. Also, Stephen Speilberg and George Lucas have been known to frequent events of that nature. I still need that Speilberg photo op and could always use more Star Wars items signed by Lucas. So I packed up my items for both of them just in case. 

One person that was known to be coming was Will Ferrell and my first stop would be for him flying in. I arrive at the airport and wait. We see Will he is rushing out and we had to pull teeth to get an autograph. I begged for a photo op but he goes "no it's ok" (I have a photo op but wanted an upgrade). His wife was also with him and is a nobody actress. I even asked her for a photo op but she denied me. Damn. I consider this a bust. 

Will autograph

Next up I go to the main spot and wait. An elderly couple is there and a Master. It's nice and calm. We see Stephen Colbert and I get another photo op with him. Caroline Kennedy (JFK's daughter) arrives and she is known to be a bitch. I've seen her at countless events over the years and not ONCE did she ever do an autograph or photo op. I've seen Meryl Streep stop before my very eyes but never her. I ask for a photo op and she goes "not right now" then the old lady asks and talks her into it. After the old lady gets it I ask she is hesitant and goes "are you two together" but I manage to get a valid shot. Not a name I particularly care for but just for the difficulty a decent get if there name.

Will Ferrell came in but did nothing despite my begging for a photo op. 

At this point random bystanders began to see what was happening and stay. At the crowd formed more people wanted to see what was going on. There must have been like 100 people 

Sadly these people would prove to be quite the "baby killers" so to speak as they ruined all my photo ops. Saw Samuel L Jackson arrive with Magic Johnson. I asked Samuel he declined. Amy Adams comes I ask her for a photo op she goes "sure" and keeps walking. I also needed Ellen Degeneres but even she declined with all these people. This is so fucking unfair! We were a handful of people now over 100! To these people they are just happy gawking and snapping. To me photo ops mean the world and they took these photo ops away from me! It is so damn painful I cannot believe what just happened! It was heart crushing and quite the "miscarage" so to speak (it never ceases to amaze me how well that analogy fits). Between Sam, Amy, and Ellen I likely would have had 2 of those 3 if not for the mess. Even more painful I even had an item for Sam Jackson because I had a Star Wars Phantom Manace item in case of George Lucas. 

Despite the mess I snagged some "get if there" names in Vernon Jordan, David Axelrod, Robin Roberts. Nothing I care about. Then I see George Lucas from a distance and get my Star Wars laserdisc out and scream for an autograph. He is hesitant but signs. 

More people arrive like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gabrielle Union, Connie Britton, among others. Since it seems to have died down I gave up and went to move my car from one free spot to another to prepare for exits. 

The good news is the crowd left for exits. Just me, elderly couple, a Master, one grapher and his girl, and a group of three 20 year old girls. 

The bad news is the spot has like 5 exits and anyone of them could be failure or success. 

I asked the girls who they were waiting for they said Beyonce. One girl said she knows she won't stop but "just being in her presence" would be good. In an effort to get them to leave I said truthfully we didn't even see her go in so she likely drove in. Again she repeats "just being in her presence". 

We see Sarah Jessica Parker who walked from one exit to her car which was parked by the exit we were waiting it. I get a photo op with her and Matthew Broderick. Sadly had them so this did nothing for me. Tyler Perry walks out with beefed up security and does nothing. Had him but an upgrade would have been cool. Then George Lucas comes out and I get two Star Wars items to get signed he goes "just one" and signs my laserdisc. He signed and did photos with others but when I tried for a selfie he ignored me. Not a big deal as I got a shot, hence why I put autographs as the priority. Lucas then crossed the street to go to his car. Would have definitely gone crazy to get that photo op if I didn't have it. 

Aloe Blacc walks out get a photo op. Then we see Richard Branson! That's a name I actually wouldn't mind a photo op with as he's a good celebrity billionaire name. He was nice as can be and I got a combo. I now have Vince McMahon, Ted Turner, Donald Trump, and Richard Branson. Hope to get Bill Gates and Warren Buffet one day to "complete" that list. 

At this point we noticed people coming out of here dwindling. The elderly couple said they were leaving. One grapher sends his girl to the other door to see who comes out of there cause we see cars pull up to said door. We also got word that Magic Johnson left through that door. This was heart crushing because that meant Sam Jackson also left. 

Apparently Stephen Colbert left through the other door as well. At this point I decide to station myself there. I arrive at that door and see the elderly couple who pulled a sneak! Apparently John Stewart also left and they missed JJ Abrams who entered a vehicle. Thankfully I had those names. Then the grapher went off on his girl cause she didn't know who JJ Abrams was. She's like "I just don't know who JJ Abrams is". All the rest of the people waiting decided to move to this door as it seemed to be hopping. Actor/rapper Common comes out but I had him so didn't bother. 

At the new spot I first get basketball player Alonzo Mourning. He goes it's 2:30am but stops anyway. Then Usher comes out and we all get photo ops and combos. Those 20 year old girls amaze me. They go crazy over a name like Usher but stay seated when George Lucas is doing combos We see someone that looks like Amy Adams but the guy with her denied that it was Amy. She looked different than during entries plus she had no guy. Was this really Amy? The mystery remains unsolved. Then Nick Jonas and Connie Britton come out and I get photo ops but had them both. We all decided to call it a night. 

Sadly, who knows how many people left from that door while we were still at the original one. Furthermore, people could have left from the original door after we moved. There really is no way to know what can yield success and failure in this horrid jobby. Case in point in the original door George Lucas walked out and crossed the street. While in the second door Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson left.  

Sadly I didn't leave the evening too happy as I didn't get the 3 main people I wanted (Ellen, Amy, Sam). But I got Richard Branson, I got some George Lucas autographs on my Star Wars laserdiscs, and I got Usher which is a good name to appease the combo Gods, plus some bonuses. So I can't call the evening a bust. 

Full list of photo ops


Richard Branson

Richard Bradson autographs

Star Wars laserdiscs

George Lucas signs my laserdisc going in, which made media headlines! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some WWE meets and Olivia Newton John

One evening I decided to join adelta for some WWE meeets. Been so long since I did WWE so I figured let's see what can be fished out. I pick him up and we check out a spot. We know for a fact that Randy Orton and David Otunga are staying there. So odds are more people will stay there. 

At one point adelta has a fit saying another spot is better because many other people told him so. I tell him that in my experience it's 50/50 and we know people are staying here. But he insists he wants to try the other spot. I begrudgingly go with him. We arrive and see a combo hunter there. He says he saw no one yet. Time passes and we decide to go back to the original spot. Not minutes later Dana Brook and Charlotte arrive! I get combos with both and have them sign the inside cover of my WWE_E V2. Dana Brook is a great score for me cause I never got her before. So now my evening is not a complete waste. Of course while we were gone we find out Rusev and Lana both arrive, but neither one did anything for anyone. Wow what a punch in the face that could have been. 

Another shocking thing, this spot generally does not let people stay on their property. In fact they once called the police on me when I was on my own on the sidewalk! And other times they harassed me for being on the sidewalk! But this time was different. In fact the SECURITY GUARD was getting photo ops and said he didn't care what we did as long as we were respectful. I could not believe it. Me and Joresky usually call such people "baby killers" as they want to "abort" our precious photo ops. But this guy? I called him ANGEL! 

Anyhow, Natalya arrives and I get a photo op. Then Jojo arrives and I get a combo on my WWE_E V2. Another first time meet for me! Sasha Banks arrives and I could have used an upgrade plus her auto on the WWE_V2 but she says it's 2:30 am and denies all. I would have begged harder if I didn't have her already. 

Tony Chimel and Chad Patton arrive and I get photo ops. Got Chad on the referee page of my WWE_E V2. Bray Wyatt arrives and I get another photo op. He is nice as usual.  

At this point it's getting late and we decide to call it. And I wanted to get ready for Olivia Newton John in Lancaster, PA the next day. Sadly not the greatest WWE haul but at least I got two new names in Dana and Jojo and one semi upgrade in Charlotte (last time I got her was before she was in the main roster).   

Full list of WWE photo ops

The next day I head to Lancaster to try for Olivia Newton John. I arrive early and wait. More graphers also arrive including a carload of Philly graphers. 

We wait and line up on the railing. Sadly we are now told she is inside. Wow we never saw her go in. Someone asks a woman if we could do send ins she said she will ask the tour manager. Time passes and most graphers give up and leave. Soon after the tour manager says he was told we've been waiting a long time and he will take one item per person. Ironically most people who had been waiting left, and those who had been waiting 10 minutes gave in their tickets to get signed. Me and some others give merch. 

He comes back out and gives the tickets back signed in pen. Says the merch people will have to wait till after the show. I offered him money for the m&g (which was apparently taking place but I never saw up for sale) he goes "no it's ok"

So I go to Cici's pizza buffet, feast, chill, and come back and wait. Show breaks out like a hundred people are waiting. The tour manager says she isn't coming out to do it and is taking care of 40 people who paid for the m&g. Says we all have to clear the area. I said I would pay for the m&g and again "no it's ok". Wow they are refusing money. 

He then returns the send ins. Even though not seeing her was a punch, I got an extra punch because my item would have been perfect in black but was signed in silver while all other items were in black. Still better than the Philly crew who got nothing cause they left before they took items in. They even pleaded their case to the tour manager but he would hear nothing of it. 

Most people are cleared out. But later on the tour manager comes back and kicks people out again. Now we're dwindled even more. But people begin to give up. Finally it's raining and it's midnight, by now she is either sleeping inside or left. The tour buses never even left. The rest of us who waited give up and leave the venue. 

As a Master told me when I told him about my recent streak of successes "it's gotta end sometime". So I guess I was due for good PUNCH in the face or two. This 24 hours of my life I will never get back. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Robocop Vs Nash, Scares that Care convention

This day again starts at the crack of dawn, even earlier than Logan Lerman. A Master tipped me on a flight for Joel Kinnaman. Not too many things can get me up this early, but a decent movie name I don't have a photo op with is one thing that can. This guy was in the 2014 Robocop, Suicide Squad, and more. Of course that meant I had to get autographs for said Master. But since I wouldn't have had this opportunity otherwise I had no issue with that. 

So I get up at the crack of dawn and meet up with adelta. Again no NYC means no crowd to crush chances of success. We wait for about 45 minutes and there he is, no shades! Shockingly he is nice as can be. Not only is it uncommon for movie actors to be THAT friendly, but he was that nice at almost 6AM! Did photo ops, signed everything, it felt so alien especially when I was fresh off people like Chris Pine. I do wonder how long he will remain that nice. I'm guessing after Suicide Squad he will sour up and after a couple of years he will be hard. 

After this we mooched a celebratory breakfast. 

Later in the day me and someone else decide to go for Graham Nash. Photo op wise I have failed on him twice before. The first time I tried for him after a show he went in the bus and they took in items to get signed. I got two autographs. The second time was NYC there was a crowd behind a railing. I scream for a photo op he stands and says "take it" and when I said I wanted him in it he goes "too many people I gotta leave" (or something of that nature). Then I ran after his car and he did a roll down where he signed a few but I got nothing. 

This time I decided to try another strategy. Try him BEFORE the show. We both wait and see his SUV pull up. It's just the two of us. I ask him for a photo op and he poses. He has shades but I'll take it. He signed one per and firmly put the sharpie down. I then decided not to waste time trying for him after and to be happy with my combo. 

Sad thing is, between Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young he is the only nice one. Crosby is known to be a total dick, and for Stills and Young you have to pull teeth for them to do anything and when I tried for them neither one did photo ops. Stills even signed multiples but wanted nothing to do with the photo op and Young said if I don't put away the camera he would do nothing for no one.

Wow couldn't believe the streak of successes I've actually had lately. As another combo hunter pointed out I'm usually complaining about failure. I must say success sure does feel damn good for a change!

Another day I decided to go the Scares that Care convention. I needed four people and mainly Elpidia Carrillo from the first Predator movie starring Arnold. I arrive at the show and the hotel staff were dressed in horror related costume and make up. I don't believe I've ever seen that in any horror con before. 

Doors open and I go in. My first stop is Elpidia Carrillo who is sitting by herself and she chats with me. Soon after her handler sits by her. Honestly in all the time I was in the room I don't think I saw anyone else go to her table. She had lines only difference is Virgil is by himself but she had a handler to chat with. Some people had a constant line of 2-5 people at a time, some had the occasional people go up, but NO ONE to Elpidia. Damn I wish AJLe or Asian Dave gave me their items to get signed so I could have given her more business. Anyhow, back to my encounter with her, she said it was her first con and she thinks it's fun. Told her she was the main reason I came to this and she seemed flattered. I got a photo op with her. It truly is amazing that I saw people at Boogeyman's table but it was crickets chirping for her. If she did Monstermania she'd be a headliner, and if she did Chiller she'd be just below the Meat Loafs and Abe Vigodas of the world. 

I then stand in line for Bob Gunton and I get a photo op. Then to Rochelle Davis from The Crow who is only $5 for a photo op! Wow how wonderfully refreshing. Then Danny Lloyd from The Shining. This ended my wants. I then saw Boogeyman was only $10 a photo op and in the shot I got he has all black face paint. Here it's red and black which honestly is more his look than just completely black face paint. I figured if I'm ever getting that upgrade now is the time. He asks me if I watch wrestling I said yes. He asks who he is I go in Boogeyman voice "you're the Boogeyman....coming to get me!" which he marked out for. He gives me an awesome shot and I asked for a regular shot as well. Hate the regular one though cause he ruined it by putting his finger so close to the lens (which is sadly his way). Oh well I still got a cool shot for $10 so no complaints. 

I then browsed the vendors area a little then promptly headed out. I even saw former WCW wrestler The Maestro in horror getup. 

Elpidia Carrillo

The Boogeyman 

Full list of photo ops

Monday, July 25, 2016

A day of movie actors and then some

This day starts bright and early. Got a tip about an early morning spot for actor Logan Lerman AKA Percy Jackson. Me and another arrive at the spot. And here you appreciate spots that are not in NYC. A Logan Lerman spot in NYC of similar caliber would have at least 10 people if not more. How many were we here in total? Just two. Yes, TWO! Wow so beautiful I almost released tears of joy. 

About 45 minutes later he is spotted and he happily agrees to a photo op. He had an entourage but they did nothing to intervene. After the other guy gets his autograph I ask for an autograph but he refuses a second item in a friendly way. I then thanked him and said I was a fan and he thanked me. 

He seems like an overall friendly guy but he seems like the type that dislikes crowd.

Logan Lerman

Now I knew that both Chris Pine and Simon Pegg were coming to town, but I wasn't sure for what exactly. So I went to sleep. Later in the day a Master tips me on what they're doing. I then head down there. The Master was supposed to join me but he was delayed due to one of his minions not bringing him a vehicle on time. So he would not join me in time for entries.

Now this spot has like 4-5 ways to enter and exit. I arrive at the door I think will be used. I inform the Master and he tells me which exit to stand at. I quickly go there and not 2 minutes later vehicles pull up and lo and behind I see Pegg and Pine. Since I got Pegg in NYC before I ask Pine. He denies me one on one. I beg and plead some more and he denies again. He asks my name and shakes my hand. Even though he was wearing shades it was still a very painful blow off cause I don't have that photo op and he shook my hand but didn't pose. That's like your baby being born for 5 seconds and subsequently dying. Worse than an outright miscarriage. AND I had him one on one to boot which added to the pain.

Not long after the Master joins me. We both decide to wait a few hours for exits. Also it turned out Karl Urban was in the crowd that I saw. But since I wasn't looking for him I didn't recognize him. Didn't matter to me cause I got a perfect shot with him at NYCC. 

Finally exits happen. We see them. Again, you appreciate spots not in NYC. Just TWO people. By now that event had been tweeted and STILL no one else but the two of us. We try to beg Pine. He gives the same handshake routine but then the Master breaks him down and gets him to POSE! I couldn't believe it. After I took the photo op I begged saying I waited and I GOT THE SHOT! My reaction was this face 

After that we tried for Pegg. Again he tried the Pine routine for a handshake but was broken down again, albeit more easily than Pine. I get an upgrade since he has facial hair and spectacles in my shot. But since my camera was acting up I almost didn't get it so I panicked as the handler was rushing things but got a shot. Finally Karl Urban who was the easiest to get a photo op with, but I didn't bother cause he had a beard and that would have been a downgrade. I didn't know it at the time but Pine's one on one blow off was a blessing in hindsight because I got no shades shots here.

Chris Pine

Simon Pegg

Since it was late I decided to do something I was not initially planning to do. That was a Beach Boys concert 8 minutes away. I figured I put in this much time and it's right there, let me put in extra time. Arrive at the spot wait a little over an hour for the concert to end. While that is happening a show lets out and I see people doing combos. I get photo ops with all of them. I don't believe they are valid and still have not figured out their names yet, but ever since I passed on an unknown Kate Upton who was happily doing photo ops I never pass on anyone I see do a combo. Now Kate Upton is an impossible photo op to get, even denying photo ops to children. 

Barely valids

Rain starts POUNDING like I've never seen it pound before but luckily we can wait indoors. Finally Bruce Johnston exits and I ask for an auto. He goes "how many thousands of albums do you have" to which I reply just two. I guess he has been pounded by Masters in different cities for this tour. 

He does one (which I got Mike Love to sign before) but refuses a second. He also refused a photo op. Not a big deal as I have it already. 

Wait some more and Mike Love exits. Sadly I have nothing for him but get an upgrade shot.

Mike Love 

And the Autographs obtained

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CSA sports show Chantilly

Surprisingly, I have only attended this show once before. In 2008 I mooched my way in and subsequently mooched a Pete Rose table op. Since then I have never been to it. Either the guest list never trickled my fancy, or the prices for those I was interested in were way too astronomical for me, or I was combo hunting elsewhere when the show took place, or a combination of the above three reasons. 

Finally, the timing was decent for me and they had Kevin Greene, someone I thoroughly enjoyed in WCW. Though his price was a tad high for me and I could find no one to split. 

I was almost not going, but due to some news of what was going on from in terms of table ops I decided to rush there. I arrive and immediately mooch admission. A good start. CM had an auto ticket from football and movie name Brian Bosworth. Sadly, both Bosworth and Greene were no longer at their table, and Greene may have left the building. 

Since CM had an auto ticket they took us in the back area to get his auto, then both me and CM scored photo ops! So I at least got one name. But we got some bad news when we were told that Kevin Greene is gone. 

Not accepting defeat on that front I asked someone else and he thought Greene was around. So I paid him the photo op price and got a ticket. He told us to wait. The guy searched for Greene but could not find him. Upon further research turns out Greene went to lunch and will be back to sign merch. We were told to check back. 30 minutes later we did just that, again taken backstage. One other guy then said we couldn't wait here then kicked us out. Minutes later he called us back in and me and CM both split a Kevin Greene photo op! Victory 

After this I promptly left the show. Coming here after they were done was in hindsight a fantastic decision. And here's why. 

Essentially for the price of what a Kevin Greene pro op would have cost WITHOUT digital copy, I got both Kevin Greene and Brian Bosworth photo ops on my own camera (since CM paid for Bosworth and I paid the Kevin Greene pro op price) AND I got admission (since that was mooched). So that's pretty much win/win/win on all fronts!

Brian Bosworth

Kevin Greene

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Hillary Clinton campaign ordeal

While I don't claim to be a Master combo hunter, nor do I claim to be the most active combo hunter there is, nor do I have the most autographs or photo ops, in terms of all the different types of settings that can yield combos, I have in all likelihood tried every single one of them at one point or another. And I can say with full confidence there is no setting more miserable, no setting more agonizing, and no setting more life draining than a campaign rally. I honestly feel like I shave off years of my life after the fact.

To boot. odds are generally not in your favor. When you do a rally you are essentially dedicating a full day to MAYBE get a couple of autographs, photo op, or combo. Additionally, all this time is allocated for a shot at one or two people. So you're dedicating the most amount of time for the least possible amount of targets in the most crowded and chaotic setting! You are actually setting yourself up for the most miserable failure that combo hunting can possibly produce.

Additionally, my track record for these events has never been very good. For instance when I tried for William Jefferson Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama I got autographs but invalid photo ops each time. Other times I tried for Obama and got literally NOTHING. I once had success at a Romney/Ryan rally and got combos with both, but they lost. 

Therefore, my basic rule for putting myself through the most miserable and most painful time that can exist outside the walls of a hospital or prison, there has to be a good chance at a photo op I don't have. This is for instance why I won't be going to any Trump rallies. I already have two valid photo ops with him. Not worth it to maybe get a couple of autographs.  

Now comes the Hillary Clinton campaign rally. Hillary is someone I failed to get a photo op with multiple times in different cities. The closest I got to success was a book signing where I got the guaranteed signed book but she did no photo ops. But at a campaign rally, if you have a good railing spot, the tough to score photo op with Hillary magically becomes a Chiller guarantee if you ask her for it. And getting that photo op would mean I'm guaranteed to have a photo op with the next president (although may God have mercy on any legal US citizen if Hillary wins). 

So I very reluctantly embarked on this rally. Only two other graphers were there. One guy is a political Master who frequents these things, while the other was a minion who a Master dropped off on his behalf. I decided to stick with the political Master like glue. 

As we go in one woman tried to say my camera was not allowed. But I ignored that. Plus no way I was going through hell for a phone quality picture. But minutes later she came back to me and said she was mistaken. Then we went through security and they took away my blue thermos that I had since high school cause it was hard plastic. Dammit. Then I quickly run into the gym where the event was taking place, see an empty spot next to the political Master, and quickly grab it. It was also next to the entry way where speakers would go in and out. 

From then on the waiting game began. Had to sit through speaker after speaker till finally it was time for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. The feeling of happiness flowed within my body when they finished talking, because I knew that regardless of the result, this ordeal was almost over. 

They then worked the rope line. First I upgraded my photo op with Tim Kaine then not long after it was Hillary's turn. I asked for the shot, and VICTORY! I got it! As a bonus I got a photo op with her Chief of Staff Huma Abedin who is actually valid and will become more valid if Hillary wins. 

In terms of items signed, she essentially signed mostly books but didn't do 8x10s, so the political Master got nothing signed by her cause that's all he had! But he did get the same photo ops I did and he got Tim Kaine autographs so not like he walked away with nothing. However, I got a total of THREE books signed, all full names, I could not fucking believe it. This rally was a sweeping success for me! To further increase this success, I had obtained the book for 10 CENTS each! 

As I left I saw the box of confiscated stuff. I looked through that and picked up my blue thermos. Then I celebrated this victorious day by feasting at a Chinese buffet. 

Hillary Clinton

Tim Kaine

Huma Abedin


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some scattered meets in early July

Not long after my Hollywood Vampires m&g I decided to try for Kenny Loggins and some others. I arrive and wait and I'm informed that most celebs are gone. I brush this statement off and continue to wait. Then I see a van arrive with a sign saying Kenny Loggins. I'm excited. People come out but no Loggins. I am crushed. Then a woman tells me that celebs are gone. Since it's unlikely that two people are lying plus the fact that Loggins didn't come out of his own van added to the fact that it was late, I gave up in failure. Technically speaking the spot wasn't a complete waste as I did get photo ops with country star Cassadee Pope and singer Jackie Evancho. Both nice as can be. Here's hoping they make it big. Jackie is only 16 and already has a pretty impressive wiki bio.  

Cassadee Pope

Jackie Evancho

Next up I try for someone I failed on in the past, Jose Feliciano. He is old and blind so I was grateful to have another chance. I arrive at the spot and quietly keep my head down as I mooch my way into the spot. I caught the tail end of the concert and it finally ended. Jose then went in the backstage area. Me and a Master then mooched into the backstage area and got multi combos with Jose! Success! We then lined up with all other fans and got more autos. 

It is incredible how in this age where so many celebrities are stuck up drama queens, here is Jose Feliciano who is over 70 years old and blind. Yet he takes care of all his fans, has conversations with them, signs what they have, and takes photo ops with them. 

To boot, unlike Stevie Wonder he actually signs on his own. Granted you can't read what it says but it's his writing and it's consistent. So unlike Stevie Wonder valid autograph! 

Photo op


Next up was Shailene Woodley. Got a photo op with her many moons ago when noone knew who she was. Nice as can be couldn't believe someone wanted a picture with her. Sadly fame has changed her. I failed on her since then. But I don't like my shot very much so I wanted an upgrade plus autographs. I had her incoming so I chose that instead of the event. I figure two chances are better than one. 

Arrive at the airport. This is where you really appreciate spots outside of NYC. In NYC she would have had 10-20 people waiting for her. But here it was just me, one other guy, plus a pap. Wow so beautiful. She arrives and to my astonishment she has no shades. But when she is asked for a photo op she refuses despite intense begging and pleading. She said to catch her at a Bernie Sanders rally she only does photo ops there. She even covered her face when I pap tried to film her. So my heart was crushed as I didn't bother asking for a photo op. I did ask for an autograph which she did. Then I begged for a second and she did that too. Horrible autograph but I guess it's her autograph. 

It was however the strangest thing I ever saw. There she was, looking plain, not wearing any shades, no handler, no greeter, no nothing. She was walking by herself, not even an SUV waiting. She even lined up with other people to wait for a cab! I guess she has a good level for fame. She blends in very well yet big enough to make tons of money.

I could have also tried the event the next day for the photo op, but I decided to quit white I was ahead. After all if she didn't do photo ops in such a calm setting I didn't predict she would do them in a more crowded setting where she would have handlers. 


Shailene waiting for a cab

For reference, my old Shailene photo op