Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post Chiller Theater Report: Saturday and Sunday



Saturday starts off relatively stress free as I wait for Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming. First up is Alan Cumming and he is on the phone, but we call him over anyway. He begrudgingly comes over and poses. Sadly he took my camera and decides to make a selfie, but he's not really looking at the camera. I have a photo op with him but wanted a better one. Failed on that count. Then my top want for this spot is here, namely Michelle Williams. She wasn't going to come over but did. She posed for me and a friend. She was wearing a hat and shades but at the time I was grateful to get it. She said he had to go in when I asked for an auto. Hindsight is 20/20 this endeavor was a waste of time and effort because weeks later get a better shot with Michelle plus some autographs. 

I move over to the next spot in the hopes of seeing Mike Myers AKA Austin Powers. I apparently missed Eva Longoria by minutes. Already have a photo op with her but have photos for her to sign. While waiting who comes walking down? Michael Douglas! And he is MOBBED by everyone! Luckilly I had a photo op so this was an autograph mission. I didn't get to him as he went to the media he just nodded to me. But after his media it was another mob scene, I had to climb railings and I got an AWESOME autograph on an 8x10, completing my combo with him  I told a cop that was there "yay I got him" and the cop replies "good job".

In this spot was also Vanessa plus one other NYC friend/ally. We give up on Myers and we all drove together to the next spot. Sadly nothing happened there and ebayers left. So we walked away and stumbled to another spot. We see Robert Deniro, Keira Knightley but they do nothing for no one  

Since this spot won't have more activity for a little bit, we head to a spot for Chloe Grave Mortez and Daryl Sabara. Chloe didn't come out as expected, but I apparently missed Daryl Sabara, a huge disappointment for me 

Back to the spot for Deniro/Knightly and we realized that it was worthless. Then we headed to another spot for some comedians where I saw Woodmo and Lanza from markedout and got updated photo ops with them. I then scored a photo op with Craig Robinson from Hot Tub Time Machine and many others! 

I was joined up with Joresky and this ended our NYC trek. 

Michelle Williams

Craig Robinson

Full list of Saturday photo ops

Michael Douglas autograph


Sunday starts in Cherry Hill, NJ at a Star Trek Con that Joresky wanted to attend. After he was done he told me that Robert Picardo AKA Coach Cutlip from Wonder Years is there. I mooch admission then get a photo op. I also get free photo ops with Anthony Montgomery and Max Grodénchik. 

After this it was off to Philly for the Lucha Libre show featuring La Parka. We buy a meet and greet ticket and my first score is Damian 666. In addition to the show poster I get him on the inside cover of my WCW book. Scored a bunch of  names, some of which I only got autographs on my poster cause I didn't want to pay for photo ops. Finally we get La Parka and he is not fully suited  WTF! In addition he charged $10 for the photo op even though he was supposed to be included in the admission price of the meet and greet! Since that was my main reason for coming to this I had to bite then I got him on the show poster and WCW book. I had an 8x10 photo but he said that wasn't him in the photo. Damn, what a waste of an 8x10. Though I appreciate him not wanting to give me an invalidly signed item. 

During intermission Sabu comes out and does a meet and greet. I got him on the show poster and upgraded my photo op since he was in full gimmick. I also aired my grievance about the La Parka situation and we were told to come back after the show. 

After the show came and we went back to air our grievance to one of the promoters. He said he didn't have $30 to give back to the three of us but he could take us backstage. I suggested a fully suited La Parka photo op would make up for it, and he agreed to those terms. We got cool looking backstage photo ops with a fully suited La Parka, and this was a fitting end to the trek. 

Robert Picardo

Fully suited La Parka

Star Trek Con photo ops

Lucha Show photo ops

Signed poster and signed La Parka entry on the WCW book

Damian 666 autograph

Chiller Theater Report: Thursday and Friday

It's been years since I've attended the spring Chiller. May 2008 when I got Katey Sagal. 2014 would be the year I made my Spring Chiller return. And I would of course score meets before and after Chiller. 

We will divide my trek into days. 


Me and Joresky got word of the hotel Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith were staying at. Already have Steven Tyler but don't have Joe Perry. Sadly as we would later find out, Tyler was staying at a different place and Perry was not even in NYC. We did see Lynda Carter at this spot, but I had her already so that wasn't a big deal. Got a photo op. 

I knew of another spot for Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently he promised to work the railing on exit. So right now this seemed like the highest form of a guarantee. When it came close to what I believed to be his exit time, I dashed to the spot. There were tons of people there. When he came out sadly photo ops were hopeless, but I managed to get an autograph on my Smurfs 8x12. I then dashed to a spot where the cast of The Amazing Spiderman 2 were supposed to be at. 

Sadly this spot was total chaos. I did manage to get some chump change though. They were handing out free Amazing Spiderman 2 movie posters. I got Campbell Scott and director Marc Webb to sign them. Sadly no photo ops. I then moved spots and managed to get Emma Stone to sign an 8x10 for me. I have a photo op with her but an upgrade would have been nice since she is bundled up in my photo op. Others either did nothing or did a few. Hindsight is 20/20 we should have gone to another spot where Emma Roberts did photo ops with everybody 

Despite the setback, I hoped to change my luck on exits. First was Jamie Foxx who did a little bit then ignored everyone. I tried pleading for a photo op right next to him he goes "just a minute" which is his way of saying "no way" 

Marc Webb and Emma Stone come out one after the other. I manage to get Webb on my second poster plus a photo op! YES! Then I get Emma Stone on another 8x10 and manage to score a photo op amid all the insanity. I wasn't so lucky with Andrew Garfield. By the time I got to him he stopped doing stuff. Not a huge deal as I got him before. We also saw Paul Giamatti but he did nothing for no one. 

We rush off to get Seann William Scott (Stifler in American Pie) but miss him by minutes. We also saw Courteney Cox, Kate Walsh ,and Mariska Hargitay. I got a photo op with Kate but already have the other two and had nothing for them to sign. With everyone in we headed to yet another spot for Amazing Spiderman 2, but the setup was so horrible that I declared it worthless and we went back to try for Stifler again. I got a photo op with Garret Dillahunt but I had him non-bearded and this photo op is bearded. So that was pointless. And finally Sean William Scott comes out, and I get a photo op plus two 8x10s signed. We also see Olivia Thirlby. I got her before but she was looking nice and elegant, so that was a cool upgrade. 

The last spot for the evening was an attempt at Johnny Depp. We arrived but turned out we missed him going in by 2 minutes. But he was with Amber Heard and did nothing for no one. BJ Novak and Marc Webb enter but I had them already. Finally I see a name I need, and that's Dane DeHaan who plays Harry Osborn in Amazing Spiderman 2! Made up for not getting him in the chaos earlier. So at least the evening ended on a good note. 

Marc Webb

Emma Stone

Sean William Scott

Olivia Thirlby‎

Dane DeHaan

Full list of of Thursday photo ops 


The day starts early. As me and Joresky find a place to piss, we go back to the last spot of the night before to get Johnny Depp. BJ Novak comes out got a photo op but I had him already. I tried to get my Spiderman posters signed he says later. Next up Vanessa Hudgens does nothing for no one. Would have been a nice upgrade since she has shades in my shot. More fans and paps show up, and Nikki Reed from Twilight comes out and does photo ops with everyone, myself included. Vanessa Hudgens comes back and this time takes care of everyone and I get my upgrade! Woohoo! When she came back out she did nothing. 

Radioman then shows up, which would indicate that Depp is about to come out. There's a good number of fans and paps waiting. When Depp finally comes out he is rushed to his car by security That is one mega photo op of the year that I would not get. This is especially disheartening when other people got him. Vanessa the Jersey Shore stalker for instance for 3 photo ops that week. 

When going to get the car back, as I was driving back to the Depp spot, at one point I slowed down slightly to avoid hitting a pigeon. The car behind me then majorly honked at me. Coupled with the Depp failure I was so enraged with this facethat I slammed the break, and yelled and cursed him out for 2 minutes and gave the middle finger up high so he could see it. 

Got a sandwich at Subway then parted ways with Joresky and drove to Chiller. At least those meets were guaranteed. 

When I get there, I go for my top want, Priscilla Presley. The line was taking its time due to people telling their life stories, but I finally get to her. She is impressed by my Naked Gun 2 1/2 poster and goes "oh wow you got Leslie, when did you get him?". When taking the photo op she made her assistant take two of them. Priscilla would be the only autograph I get at Chiller. 

Then I got a photo op with Galyn Gorg from MANTIS and Robocop 2. Split a Lochlyn Munro photo op with a friend. Yet another Freddy vs Jason cast member added to my collection. He was also in A Night at the Roxbury. Got a photo op with Estella Warren from the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie. Split a photo op with Costas Mandylor from the SAW movies. Then got Gedde Watanabe who plays all the funny Asian stereotypes in movies, including but not limited to UHF. I then went for John Wesley Shipp who plays the Flash in the early 90s Flash TV show. Annoyingly enough, the guy in front of me was telling him his life story, so I had to wait for that when I had places to be . Finally he is done. Now what is more annoying then the guy in front of you telling his life story? You're about to find out. I paid the cash to get my photo op with John. Then as I did that the guy BEHIND me proceeds to tell him his life story 

WTF? You can't wait till I get my photo op before you jump in? How can people be so damn inconsiderate? He went on and on till John finally realized I was getting annoyed and posed with me. He even said take another shot just in case. I ended my Chiller trek with Gary DeCarlo, the singer of the iconic "na na na hey hey hey goodbye" song. 

Rain was coming down hard, I debate if I should just chill at Chiller and try to mooch some photo ops after the show, or head to NYC. I decide to head to NYC. Thanks to people telling their life stories I got their later than I wanted. But on the plus side the rain had subsided. So I had to decide what I could do. I first checked out a James Franco spot and it was crowed. I went up the street for a Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter spot and it was crowded as well. One side of the railing was set up. One guy I knew there tipped me on how to get a good spot on the other side of the railing. I linger, I blend in the crowd to avoid the cops harassing me, I mooch a couple of programs, and when the time is right BAM I seize my spot on the railing . While waiting for Daniel Radcliffe I get a few  names. Daniel finally comes out. My previous encounters with him he did no photo ops. Now this time, HOLY SHIT it was a total 180! He was actually taking people's phones and doing the selfies himself!  I got him to sign the program AND I got a great shot with him! After a couple of failures in the past, it was good to finally get it! When leaving a cop tries to stop me and I tell him I'm leaving this way (ie away from the theater) he's like "go" then he goes "you're here all the time". Since it had been a good few months since I came to that spot I look at him with this face  as I tell him "huh, no I'm not" and he's like "ok go go go". 

I then run down the street for the Franco spot, and a minute later he comes out. Despite the crowd I manage to hand him my Oz The Great and Powerful 8x10 and he signs it 

He was wearing a cap and shades so I didn't bother getting a photo op since I have him shades and no cap, but I get my friend a photo op. 

After this I rush to a spot for Bryan Cranston. Already had him but wanted to get an autograph and maybe improve my photo op. Shortly after I arrive he comes out. His driver was saying we could take pictures of him but no posing. Despite that he posed for anyone who asked. I really wonder why the driver would bother saying that multiple times when he was posing. Is it in their blood to be assholes and prevent people from happiness? What was the point of him saying that when Byran was posing 

When I get to Bryan I present him with a program plus an 8x10 where he was promoting his show. He examines the 8x10 and I point out that "it's from the show". He signed the photo but not the program (which I was fine with). And I got another photo op. 

Between Radcliffe-Franco-Cranston I had essentially pulled off a perfect storm  

After this I went to a pizza place where I met up with Vanessa the Jersey Shore stalker, her friend, and Raul. We BS'd and relaxed a bit. Raul went home. It was raining to we figured we'd go in the car and check out a hotel with an awning. When we got there we see three ebayers waiting. So naturally we decide to wait and see what's up. The ebayers were none too happy with our presence. They claimed to not be waiting for someone and to be "conducting business" as they put it. These are some of the phrases they uttered through out. 

"we're not waiting for anyone, we're conducting business" 

"you have a girl in your front seat, what are you doing randomly outside a hotel"

"seriously, you have nothing better to do on a Friday night than wait randomly outside a hotel"

"Vanessa is orchestrating this" 

Finally, a big ass van showed up. People went in the van and I was waiting for them to stop someone so I can ask for a photo op, but that never happened. Shortly after that the ebayers left and we followed. We never knew who went in that van, though Vanessa's friend thought one of the people was Nicki Minaj. This ended Friday night. 

Vanessa Hudgens

Nikki Reed

Priscilla Presley

Costas Mandylor

John Wesley Shipp

Gary DeCarlo

Daniel Radcliffe

Full list of Friday pre Chiller and Chiller photo ops

Full list of Friday post Chiller photo ops

Now to showcase some autographs from both days:

Spiderman posters and Emma Stone photos

Smurfs photo signed by Neil Patrick Harris

Oz The Great and Powerful photo signed by James Franco

Seann William Scott and Bryan Cranston photos

Naked Gun 2 1/2 poster, the sole autograph obtained at Chiller (now with Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley)

Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, May 26, 2014

in a state of AWESOME NIRVANA as I got LAID

After a nice break from combo hunting it is now mid April, the start of what would be a very long road ahead. 

Krist Novoselic (bassist and con founder of Nirvana) was in town after the Rock and Roll hall of fame. I got his outgoing flight and headed to the airport. Over there was a Master combo hunter from NYC who I hadn't seen for a few years. We chatted and BS'd a bit. He even commended me on finding that Krist flight, which he said indicated that I was getting pretty good at this. He said that most of the NYC folks did not find his when he came there (and I actually did find his NYC flight). 

The witching hour came and Krist shows up with his wife. We were 3 plus a pap. He was nice as can be. Signed, took photo ops. His wife even took pictures with her own camera! 

I got a photo op and I got several items signed

In Utero vinyl (already signed by David Grohl)
Unplugged CD (already signed by David Grohl and Pat Smear) 
Incesticide, Nevermind, In Utero CDs (already signed by David Grohl)
Bleach CD

He even asked me where I got Grohl. And while he was doing combos he also asked me to hold a bag of his. HCIT! 

Next up it was getting real close for Awesome Con. The day before I had flights for Billie Piper and Sean Astin arriving at two different airports. However, I had never heard of Billie Piper before she was announced for the con and I already had Astin, so I didn't see going out of the house as a worthwhile endeavor. But wait, Joresky posted on FB a flyer showing some Ron Jeremy appearances for that day! This changed the landscape. Since I had to go get Ron Jeremy to make up for the Exxxotica blunder in late 2013, it was now worth hitting up a flight to make the most out of my day. 

So I was now left with a predicament. Both were landing at the same time at different airports. Do I go for Billie Piper who I do not have a photo op with but may or may not take a picture with me? Or do I go for Sean Astin, who I already have but is as nice as can be. Multi combos from his are all but guaranteed. After some soul searching I decided to go for who I don't have. 

I arrive at the airport for Billie Piper. She is walking with her friend/assistant/whoever. I ask for a photo op and she is nice about it. Then while she is being papped I manage to beg for two things signed. So huge success. Considering this was $50 a pop at awesome con, I got a $150 value right there and then! 

Now it was off for Ron Jeremy. I arrive at the wine store where he was doing an appearance. Parking looked scarce, so I parked illegally and paid a  bum $5 to watch my car and come get me if someone wants to ticket me. 

I enter the liquor store and he is on the phone. So I wait. He gets off the phone and is happy to do a photo op. I then presented my photos to get signed, he marked out over them and showed the to his people, HCIT! He commented on how one photo was from the Wrecking Ball parody. 

He signed my stuff and then asked if he could exchange sharpies with me (he had a shitty one). I told him it's fine and he could keep my sharpie. I shook his hand, paid the bum $5, and was on my way home. 

Amazing how you sometimes forget that people can be nice. I didn't even have to pay money to buy one of his wine bottles 

Bille Piper

Next up it was time for Awesome Con. Most people had bad things to say about this con. For me it was pretty pleasant but then again I didn't need anyone big at that con, as I had them already. I arrive, and I find a free parking spot. Without going into detail as to how, I managed to get admission for only $10. 

It was a looonnng ass line to enter, but I mooched my way into about 60% of it and waited out the rest. Rather than go all the way to the back of the building, I went right in. When I finally got my wrist band I could finally start getting my people. 

First person I went for was Timothy Zhan, a famous author of Star Wars books. He signed my three books for free and took a photo op with me. Couple with free parking, this was a good start to my trek.

Next I go for Richard Horvitz who I know best as Alpha from Power Rangers. Got a photo op. Next to him was Maurice LaMarche who plays Brain in Pinky and the Brain. This was the only autograph I got besides the free Zhan ones. I had the Pinky and the Brain photo already signed by Rob Paulson for free at NYCC. So I completed it, and he even wrote "Ye-ess". Got a photo op as well. I then looked for Dirk Benedict from the A Team. He had $40 pro ops so it was a big fear of mine that he would be "pro only" but thankfully that was not the case. I got a nice table photo op. He even insisted we take two photo ops one with a thumbs up and one without. Then I got a photo op with J August Richards from Agents of Shield and Angel. He was appreciative to all who wanted to meet him. 

Joresky recommended I also get Billy Martin, guitarist of Good Charlotte. I went to his art booth and he was doing photo ops for free. So I got a photo op. A little boy asked to see the photo. I showed him the picture and Billy goes "yea that's me with him". Turns out that boy is his son. I asked if he likes Star Wars, he said yes. So I gave him a softcover book of Timothy Zhan that I had on me. His parents were grateful for it as they said "that's very nice of you" and I recommended to the boy's mom that they go get it signed. 

Formula One Legend Mario Andretti Signing

I know I have been behind on my reports, and I do intend to make good on them. April and May have been such a busy time combo hunting that I haven't had time to make reports. But I'm kicking off the slump. And there's some good stuff coming, including photo op of the year candidates. 

This was a day in the beginning of April, and I set out early to try and meet Jimmy Carter at a spot. According to a good source he was supposed to be at a spot at 7AM. It puzzled me that a guy his age would be up that early, but I didn't question the source. I got to the spot and it wasn't looking good. No secret service in sight, nothing. As I found out minutes later, he CALLED INTO the event and did not show up (although he was in fact in town). 

Now the day was looking like a total waste, but there was a signing for Formula One Legend Mario Andretti. He was appearing at a Grand Opening for a Virginia Tire and Auto. I figured since I was already out I might as well hit that up. Although I had no merch on me since this wasn't in my plans, and from experience I know free signings hardly if ever have anything good. But I had an MLB ball on me and a camera, so I could hopefully salvage this with a full combo. 

I arrive at a spot and stand in line. I can confidently say that this was the best and fan friendliest signing that mankind has ever held. Where do I start. 

Let's see. You had free drinks, you had free donuts. But it didn't end there. They actually had decent photos to get signed. AND they had a photographer taking people's photos with a big ass camera. They handed you a card where you could download your photo. 

I reached Mario Andretti. Quiet guy but was nice as can be, and you were not rushed for either autographs or photo ops. WOW how refreshing, WOW! None of the "no posed photo ops" bullshit, none of the "no extra items" rubbish. If heaven were made up of autograph signings, they'd all be run just like this one. I got the photo signed and was even asked if I wanted my name on it or not. When it came to the photo op, me being me said I wanted to use my own camera. The photographer put his big ass camera aside and snapped the photo with my camera, then he said he'd snap one with his as well which he did. I then got the MLB signed. 

But it didn't end there. You could go inside the actual place and get a free gift bag! I got the bag and wow the goodies inside! A jump start cable, a tire pressure measuring device, stuff I actually needed to buy but never did! 

Days passed and I went on the link they provided. No bullshit $15 fee for a digital copy, but a nice crisp photo op that I actually preferred over the one taken with my camera! 

While this day was initially a bust, I salvaged it with a combo from an A level race car driver which helps me have a well rounded collection, and I got some free stuff. 
So it was a decent morning 

Photo op



Overview of the line