Friday, September 20, 2019

Indianapolis Horror Hound Report

In 1967 Robert Pattinson and Bob Gimlin filmed footage of a supposed undiscovered bi pedal ape like creature. This footage would launch the image and concept of Big Foot otherwise known as Sasquatch into a staple of society as we know it today. Not only that, but it also launched the concept of cryptozoology with Big Foot as the most well known cryptid. Other cryptids that gained popularity include The Lochness Monster, The Yeti, The Chupacabra, The Jersey Devil, the South Carolina Lizardman, among others.

Robert died of cancer in the early 70s. But Bob is shockingly still alive and kicking albeit pushing 90. So when he was announced for his last con at Indianapolis Horrorhound, coupled with his age I figured it was now or never to meet his historical name. To boot, there were several other names I could get so I wasn't even going just for him.

As set my GPS to avoid all tolls and for the long and tedious drive to make my debut in the state of Indiana, I make a stop at a record store in Maryland where Bob Berberich of the band Grin actually works. Nothing huge but for being right there on the way, I get a photo op.

Bob Berberich

My next plan is to stop by the home of original bassist and co song writer of KC and the Sunshine Band, Richard Finch. Unfortunately there is major accident on the road (apparently a car fell off a bridge) and this sets me back 3 hours. So by the time I get to his town it was too late to knock on his door. I just continued to Indianapolis. 

Arrive at the airport early morning to try for singer and actor Henry Rollins as he was leaving town (he was at Horrorhound Friday only). I had albums and was commissioned to get autographs. He did the photo op but when I asked for autographs he said he would only do one. He told me "you shouldn't be back here, you should leave people alone".

Henry Rollins

After this I go the the convention center, look around to assess the parking situation. Seems the closest and cheapest garage is $26 to park. So I drive a little further and manage to find free spots. I actually had a hard time trying to decipher the signs so I asked 3 different locals to make sure the spot was legal. Turns out it is. With that, I took a nap. 

Woke up and got into the con. First stop I get Giorgio A Tsoukalos who is best known for the show Ancient Aliens. For some reason he was in the main con area and not the "fact or fiction" area.

Giorgio A Tsoukalos

Next up I check out the "fact or fiction" room where I finally meet Bob Gimlin. He was the best deal of the day. For $30 he signed by 11x14 of the iconic frame in the footage, gave me a pre signed photo from his table, and took photo ops with me. Can't beat that in this day and age. Told Bob how I had to come cause it was his last con he said he was getting old. Told him that I hope to look as good as him when I'm his age. He said I would look "better".

Bob Gimlin


Still in the same room I manage to get a free photo op with Travis Walton. He is one of the most well known alleged Alien abductees. He wrote a book about his experience and it was made into the movie "Fire in the Sky".

Travis Walton

Back to the main con area to start with movie and TV names. Luckily I didn't need any of the big names as I pretty much got all of them for free on the street. So no one I needed had a long line. That was a nice feeling.

First up, Elsie Neal from Scream 2

Elise Neal

Then I go for Elizabeth Berkley from Saved by the Bell. Seems she makes faces in all her photos so for those going to RICC to meet her keep that in mind. I am now missing just one name from that show. 

Elizabeth Berkley

Next up, from Pitch Black and other movies Radha Mitchell

Radha Mitchell

Then grab school actress Barbara Steele (she was in 8 1/2)

Barbara Steele

Then Joseph Whipp from the original Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street movies

Joseph Whipp

Next up, world's tallest model, Amazon Eve. Even did a selfie from above photo op.

Amazon Eve

Next up two names from Hocus Pocus, Larry Bagby and Tobias Jelinek

Larry Bagby 

Tobias Jelinek

Picked up a free photo op with screen writer John Russo even though I got him at Chiller.

John Russo

Got actress Kate Siegel whom I skipped at Monstermnia. 

Kate Siegel

Then actress Gina Phillips of Jeepers Creepers fame. 

Gina Phillips

The smallest woman in the world, Indian actress Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge

Then up to Mark Holton of Teen Wolf and Leprechaun fame

Mark Holton

Finally, I get Mary Lynn Rajskub from Dude, Where's My Car and other movies

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Other happenings during my time at this con, I relaxed and attended the Bob Gimlin panel. At most other cons I'm usually so stressed and pressed with time I don't get to do things like that. Also ran into former board member Asian Dave and said hello to him as we shook hands. Attended a little bit of the Travis Walton panel where he described his abduction experience and compared his supposed experience with how it was depicted in the movie. Then it was time to drive out as I still wanted to make Richard Finch. As I left the con I saw Rose McGowan smoking and chatting. For shits and giggles I asked for a photo op she goes "I'm doing them inside". 

Set the GPS to avoid tolls and hours later got to Richard Finch's place. The neighborhood was very dingy. Basically several town houses in one stretch of a building. And his apartment didn't look inhabited. It was all dark. After a few knocks I headed out.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Some scattered meets throughout August

First up, Aerosmith! I need photo ops from everyone not named Steve or Joe, and need autographs from everyone not named Steve. So when there were flights for the 3 lower members of Aerosmith, I was all over that! The difficulty of each member would go up with each subsequent flight.

First up is Tom Hamilton. Was very nice. Signed my two albums did ops. Next up Brad Whitford. Was a bit reluctant but managed to get him. Finally Joe Kramer which was like pulling teeth as he had little desire to stop. But I managed to get one of my albums signed and a photo op. 

After this I can now say I have photo op with every member of Aerosmith! I didn't feel like putting time in the hotel but those that did managed to get stuff. Including Joe Perry autographs which I needed badly. 

Tom Hamilton

Brad Whitford

Joey Kramer


Next up, John Travolta! Upon an alert that he might be in town I managed to find screening info on him. I have him already but I had an album signed by Olivia Newton John and missing him for a complete. So I had to get that done. Arrive at the spot and his car stops. He does the roll down and is nice as can be! Get ops and my items done. Wow it's so rare for celebs to be that cool and more so celebs of his level. As a bonus I got a bald headed photo op update with him. Sure was better than paying big money at a con. 

John Travolta Take 1

John Travolta Take 2


Next up, Rufus Wainwright was doing a show. I don't like my photo ops with him so I figure I'd try to improve it. Arrive and go to see if he's doing a signing, turns out the opening acts are. They are a husband/wife due called The Rails. Never heard of them before this moment, but they are on wikipedia. So I got the photo op. Then go out back and wait for Rufus. He comes out and is nice as can be. Sadly I can't consider this shot an upgrade as he has a beard.

Kamila Thompson and James Walbourne

Rufus Wainwright

And finally, it was HAMMERTIME! I have a shot with MC Hammer from a few years ago but it's a bad shot. So it was upgrade time. I remember the song "Can't Touch This" from my middle school plus Weird Al made a parody "Can't Watch This". Also during my middle school days I remember the phrase 2 Legit 2 Quit. Also in this tour is Tone Loc. Don't care for him as a rapper as I don't care for rap in general, but he was in movies such as Blank Check and Ace Ventura which made him a want of mine.

Go to the spot and first spotting is Young MC. Nice as can be. Wait some more and MC Hammer is spotted. Get a photo op. Finally spot Tone Loc and get a photo op. Then got a booty call 10 minutes away via the website Double List so I left the spot for some sexual action. 

After I got done with that I returned to the spot and tried to get a suited MC Hammer as he left but he blanked . 

Didn't see Sir Mix-A-Lot at that spot so tried to go to the venue to see if he could be obtained. Wow that venue was the worst. The most ghetto area you could ever imagine, couldn't wait in the back, there were guards and police stationed everywhere to a point where there wasn't even an ideal position you could station your car and wait for his van. Legit feared for my life. I can safely say I will never go there again.

Go back to the original spot. MC Hammer comes back and this time I get a suited photo op and an autograph. Saw Kid of Kid and Play hanging in the lobby but I have a perfect shot with him so I had no reason to go up to him.

Young MC

MC Hammer

Tone Loc

Suited MC Hammer


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Scares that Care, Monstermania, and Key Stone Comic Con

Let us look at the cons for the month of August. 

First up, Scares That Care in Williamsburg VA. My main want there is Tom Noonan who played Cain in Robocop 2. So I meet up with Greg and we drive there. 

Get Tom, a few actors from Monster Squad, Joel Polis from The Thing, Harry Manfredini who composed music in the F13th movies, Lia Beldam from the Bathroom scene in The Shining, among others.

Tom Noonan

Full list of photo ops:

Next up, Monstermania. Was looking forward to this one as I wanted James Hong who is pushing 90. Was so afraid he would die but wow was he looking great for pushing 90. Could even walk. I hope we are all this lucky. 

Start with Beverly D'Angelo from National Lampoon then get Joey Lauren Adams from Big Daddy and Chasing Amy. I got an upgrade with Henry Thomas of ET fame because he shaved the big ass beard he had the last time. Then got Annabeth Gish of X-Files fame. 

Finally get to Hong. Tried to get him to remove the hat but he denied and only raised it up a bit trying to claim baldness. I know that's false though cause the day before he did no hat shots and his hair looked fine. Hope I have this much hair when pushing 90. Then get Shawnee Smith from SAW and Devon Sawa from Casper. I split a pro op with Clive Barker (Hellraiser writer). Finally I end my Monstermania ops with Alex Essoe who is going to be the the Shining's sequal.  

Beverly D'Angelo

James Hong

Shawnee Smith

Full list of photo ops:

Next up, Keystone Comic Con! I went sunday because Tom Holland (who I thankfully managed to split) was sunday only.

Arrive there and manage to knock out the Tom Holland photo op right away. A good start. But WOW that must have been the longest line I ever encountered for a pro op. And that was only the first of two sessions. 

Then get actress Gina Torres whom I missed in NYC, Michael Henbury Ballan who played an Ewok in Star Wars, Bonnie Wright of Harry Potter fame, voice actors Fred Tatasciore, and  

Tom Holland

Full list of photo ops:

Monday, September 16, 2019

The quest for the Spider Lady in NYC!

Prior to Monstermania I saw that Kristen Dunst AKA Mary Jane in the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies, the original Jumanji, among others, was in NYC. She is a big want of mine and someone I failed on in the past. So I figure I'd make a stop in NYC as a prelude to Monstermania. 

Arrive the evening prior to Dunst's events, find my free parking spot, and sleep. Wake up and it's off to the first spot for Dunst. I failed not only on her but on actress Leah remini as well since they both did no ops going in. For exits Dunst snuck out and I didn't stick around for Leah but heard she snuck out as well. 

Went to the next spot for Dunst. As she leaves some go inside the building and get a shades shot. Outside I scream and beg to no avail though I do manage to get an autograph.

On to another spot for Dunst where I actually go inside and attend the talk (was painful to see her so close knowing we couldn't ask for a photo). Tried to wait inside for her to leave but they said we could not do that! So had to go outside with the mob scene where no shock, she wouldn't stop! This spot wasn't a complete waste though. I got actor Holt McCallany and a group shot with the Ghostbrothers (though the latter is pure pokemon). Holt was super nice and did it for all going in. Actor Lee Pace stopped for people leaving but I had a good shot and he was wearing shades so I had no need to fight the crowd for a downgrade. Here are shots of me being miserable as Dunst leaves.

On to the next spot for Dunst! At this spot was also actor Adam DeVine whom I know best from the movie "Isn't It Romantic" starring Rebel Wilson.

As Adam goes in he blanks but I yell to him "ON THE WAY OUT?" to which he responds by giving a thumbs up. Dunst blanks leaving and Adam true to his word stops. 

After leaving this spot I see that a strip club has a grand opening and there's porn stars and sports stars. I see Dennis Rodman but I'm unable to get a shot. it's ok I have a couple of good shots with him. I get a few porn stars and I get an update with football player Lawrence Taylor. Apparently his manager appeared in the ring on camera at Wrestlemania 11 so I got a photo op with him. Got football player Ottis Anderson and failed on basketball player Robert Horry (it's ok he's pure pokemon). 

Unfortunately while I was here I get a PUNCH as I hear that Dunst did shades shots for everyone waiting at her hotel! Shades was better than anything I had. So this was painful. 

With this news, I leave the strip club grand opening to try for Jake Gyllenhaal. I got him before but he has a horrid beard in my shot. With reports of him doing clean shaven shots with the crowd, I had to go get one. After all he is clean shaven in Donnie Darko, my favorite Jake movie. The spot gets crowded pretty quickly but thankfully I manage to score Jake and also actor Tom Sturridge correcting my invalid shot from a few years ago.

I then try to get actor Aaron Tveit but instead get one of the barely valids in his show because he signs but does no ops. Even tried to ask him away from the crowd as he entered his car but to no avail. Then joined Greg at another spot. Had the names at that spot but I just went to chill as there was nothing else to do. I got another shot with Jon Seda.

Adam DeVine

Jake Gyllenhaal


Full list of photo ops

With the dust settled and night done, I had to figure out my next move for Dunst. I had her hotel info, so that's a start. It was 3am so I decided to try and obtain her flight information. 10 minutes later I succeeded in that! So now I had a choice. Do I wait at her hotel for her to leave to the airport? Or do I just try at the airport. After much internal deliberation I figured I know for a fact she stops at her hotel as she did just hours ago. But I have no idea how she is at airports. To boot, the flight was early so next to zero chance any NYC hoards would be waiting for her.

I find free parking a few blocks from her hotel, I would be joined by Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker, take a nap, wake up, and start waiting earlier than needed. Finally a car shows up and eventually she comes out. What I encountered here was the sweetest lady ever! Nothing like she was the previous day. Happily did photo ops as she said we deserved it for waiting so early. And here I scored my main goal! One that has eluded me for years! 

Later on that day I scored free parking at mid town and waited for Vanessa Carlton. Sadly never saw her. No idea if she went in another way or took the day off because it was her birthday. Then I would join Greg for a spot for actress Maika Monroe. This would be a productive spot because I would get her, I would get her boyfriend Joe Keery of Stranger Things fame, and two directors. At this spot was Michael Turney from the 1990 TMNT movie whom somehow Greg spotted despite no photos existing the past 3 decades and him sporting a hat and beard! Sadly he shot down Greg for ops earlier so I didn't bother going up to him based on the interaction that was described to me.

My final spot in NYC would be for actress Kaitlyn Black. Thankfully as Greg dropped me off, I ran, and she came out like 2 minutes later! She was nice as can be. This ended my time in NYC as I would head over to Cherry Hill for Monstermania! 

Kirsten Dunst

Maika Monroe

Full list of photo ops

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

An array of mostly music meets in July

First up, I had a flight on child star Angelica Hale. At 12 years old, this officially makes her the youngest person I ever went to the airport for. Saw her come out with her parents. Followed a little then I asked her and she was happy to do combos. Signed me four 8x10s as her mother began recording what was going on. I guess I made their day.

Angelica Hale

Next day I went to the airport for Walter Williams of the O'Jays. Arrive at the flight and see his son who has the same name. Please tell me I didn't find a flight for his son thinking it was him? Thankfully he eventually shows up and is nice as can be. Also get the barely valid member Eric Grant. 

Off to the next spot where we wait and see a want of mine, namely Eric Jacobson! He replaced Frank Oz and plays Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and others in the new movies. Was nice as he signed and took photos.

Next to the airport where I score a combo with Lindsay Sterling. Wasn't too nice but got her. Back to the previous spot where it's more waiting. Get yet another shot with Vanessa Williams, somehow manage to get the nasty Colbie Caillat to stop, and get a photo op with actress Laura Osnes. 

Wait some more and O'Jays lead singer Eddie Levert arrives with his family. Does the photo op and signs but doesn't sign everything. I at least got my main vinyl and then some signed by both Eddie and Walter.

With all this success came a huge PUNCH! I didn't go the next day and Carol King did photo ops for the handful of people waiting. Tried for Carol the day after that to no avail. 

Eric Jacobson

Full list of photo ops

Now to showcase some autographs



Angelica and Lindsay

Fast forward a few days and off to the airport for two original members of the band Queensryche, namely Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson. Scored them both. Went to the next spot where I hope Montley Crue front man Vince Neil will show up. While waiting I see Michael Wilton walking around and I quickly grab a same day upgrade as he was wearing hat and shades at the airport. Finally Vince Neil arrives and I grab the shot which has eluded me for years.

Vince Neil

Next up, another who has eluded me for years, the Back Street Boys! I don't normally care for boy bands but they are iconic and I remember their songs from way back when.

First up go to the airport get Kevin Richardson and also get front man Nick Carter. Had a flight for Brian Littrell but that flight got delayed 13 hours, which is probably the biggest flight delay I ever encountered. Had to come back the next day. 

Next day start with AJ McLean early morning at the airport, then it was off to Brian. This left one member I had no information on, Howie Dorough. Had to go to the hotel for him.  

Go to hotel and wait. While waiting there is this insane woman that curses people out and yells at people. Screamed about how her family was threatened and other things.

Finally see Howie and score a combo. He is quick and couldn't get all my items done. Sadly there is a photobomb. I see Kevin and AJ but don't bother them. I see Nick Carter and grab the upgrade. Then finally Howie again where I plead my case regarding the photobomb and he does another shot with me. Also got him to finish my items.

Nick Carter

Full list of photo ops

Back Street Boys autographs

And finally went for Al Jardine at one of his shows. I have him but my main objective was autographs. Particularly on a Beach Boys album signed by Brian, Mike, and Bruce. He even stated how lucky I was I had Brian. I also grabbed a shot with Al's son, Matt Jardine.

Al Jardine

Matt Jardine


Thursday, September 5, 2019

CSA Show Chantilly and Shore Leave Hunt Valley

So on a day in July I had two cons. CSA Show and Shore Leave. My plan was a quick stop to CSA and off to Shore Leave. Sadly that plan didn't quite work out as flawlessly as I had hoped. Let us begin.

Arrive at CSA show with three goals. Floyd Mayweather (my shot is hat, shades, and car shot so I needed the upgrade), actor Andrew Bryniarski who was in Batman Returns, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Zangief in the Van Damme Street Fighter movie, and Artimus Pyle who was the second drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd. He didn't play for Sweet Home Alabama but was in other hits.

I get both Andrew and Artimus and it was smooth as can be. Now the problem. Floyd came in very late. This threw off my plans. Thankfully I managed to buy a little time when the worker let me in to the front cause I told him I had other engagements. Split the photo op and was off to Shore Leave.

Floyd Mayweather

Andrew Bryniarski

Artimus Pyle

The drive to shore leave had lots of traffic patches which was shocking considering it was Saturday and not a work day. But I finally do arrive. Sadly when I arrive two of my wants, Erica Durance and Laura Vendervoort, had left their tables to their panels. They were not scheduled to return to their table till their free autograph session (where there would be no photo ops). So I had to improvise. 

Before I figured all this out I got Ethan Peck (Star Trek), Michael Shanks from Stargate, and Lexa Doig from Jason X and Arrow. Now when I figure out I couldn't get Erica and Laura I pleaded my situation to various people till I got to the main man of the con. He basically said if I waited till the end of the free autograph session with Erica, Laura, and Shawn Ashmore (who I had) I would be able to pay for photo ops at the table. Sucks I had to stay till the end but that was miles ahead of coming back the next day. So I very happily accepted that offer.

Got the autograph from Shawn then I got Laura and Erica. Then was out of there.

Ethan Peck

Michael Shanks

Lexa Doig

Laura Vandervoort

Erica Durance

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The GOAT director, a Somali pirate, Steve Urkle, and more in NYC

Last December Jaleel White AKA Steve Urkle did Steel City Con in Pittsburgh but I was unable to attend. So when I saw a chance to make up for it in NYC I jumped at the opportunity. After all his catch phrase "Did I Do That?" resonated the 90s. He was hosting some kind of music fest in Queens. I bought the lowest price ticket that covered both admission and a meet and greet with him.

After the Chris Tucker success I drove with Vanessa the Jersey Shore stalker to a Pauly D event in Jersey. They were also filming for Jersey Shore. So I stayed outside to see what I could get. Couldn't get Vinnie or Ronnie but I did get Angelina and her boyfriend Chris Larangeira. When Pauly D finally came out he took pictures with girls and despite my pleas I couldn't get a photo op.


Chris Larangeira

After this, dropped Vanessa home, drove to Queens, then slept in the parking lot of the event. Woke up the next day and entered the event. It was originally supposed to be outdoors but due to the intense heat it was moved indoors. 

While waiting I picked up some valids that were out and about. I got rapper Mr Cheeks who was apparently in a group called Lost Boyz, a little girl named Samaya-Clark Gabriel (she's on wikipedia), and a really tall guy named Shagari Alleyne, apparently he was a Harlem Globetrotter. 

Finally it was time for the main event, Urkle himself! He was nice and friendly and I even managed to score autographs! With that I left the event. 

My next objective is Barkhad Abdi who is best known for playing the leader of the Somali pirates in the Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips (which is based on a true story). Next to him was a spot for actress Kate del Castillo but I missed her by a few minutes (I would make that up another day).

So I wait for Abdi and as he goes in he says on the way out. We have a long wait as I'm joined by Vanessa and friend. Finally it lets out and he remembers me from earlier as he does ops and signs my 8x10s (I got one from Captain Phillips and one from Bladerunner 2049). Also get a photo op with the director.

Hit up the "easy" show spots for actress Samantha Barks and despite huge crowds and bad rail spot I manage to score a photo op. Good thing to cause that was her last day!

Jaleel White

Barkhad Abdi.

Full list of photo ops


Next day I stop at a spot where anybody can show up to see what I can get. I see internet celebrity Logan Paul and get a photo op. Next up I see a woman being followed at the other side of the building. So I rush there and turns out it's Natasha Bedingfield who is best known for the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine". My plan was to try for her at an event later in the day but I managed to get her right here so that allowed me to scratch that later event from my list!

Next up, the band O-Town shows up. I grab a group shot but they are pure pokemon for me. Then I move to the next spot where I hope to score a first time shot with Danielle Macdonald and an upgrade with Jamie Bell (he is wearing shades in my shot). 

Enter the event and sit through the thing, then wait for them to leave and manage to score both Danielle and Jamie. Good thing I was there cause Jamie did nothing outside!

Last endeavor of the day was for actress Isabela Moner. Had an inbound train on her. I already had her but none of the crew in my car had her plus I could get autographs. We wait at the train station and she finally comes out with her family but completely blanks and refuses everything as she is dragging a suitcase in one hand and a dog leash on another.

Natasha Bedingfield

Jamie Bell

Full list of photo ops

Wake up and start the day with actor Billy Eichner from the new Lion King movie. While waiting I got Cynthia Erivo (update). Then I saw someone enter a car and people ask for combos. I thought it might have been Billy but turns out it's skateboarder Shaun White who I already have. Also grab a shot with country singer Tenille Townes. Sadly Billy comes out and is a complete dick. 

Move to another spot where everyone is waiting for Cary Elwes. You know your old when people know him from Stranger Things. Since I have him I chose not to mess with the chaos. From there I decide to embark on a white whale of mine. Someone who I've been failing to get a photo op with for the good part of the last decade: Steven Speilberg. 

Throughout the years I've seen him at various different events and spot. Sometimes even randomly. Every time I either score an autograph and he refuses to do ops, or he blanks completely. It came to a point where most of the time I don't even bother going for him as I know his habits at different settings.

I was very pessimistic going to the spot. But I had heard reports of him shutting down autographs and doing photo ops. So I was riding on that. I go to the spot via train, then walk around and scout till I find the quarters of Speilberg. From then on it's a waiting game. I wait and wait and see Speilberg approach with his security guard. His guard tries to stop me as I make it perfectly clear that I want a photo op and only a photo op. He agrees!! He poses with me! I couldn't believe that I managed to finally score this after so long. Even took multiple shots with me! 

From then on I decided to go to a spot for David Spade. The shot I have is a terrible over the table book signing shot so I needed an upgrade. While there I sadly missed Vanessa Carlton at another spot! In hindsight I could have done both so that was a PUNCH. 

Thankfully I get David Spade then move on to the next spot for actress Kate del Castillo (she is going to be in the new Bad Boys movie). She is nice as can be. 

Next up a spot for Emily Bett Rickards where I hear she has been doing photo ops. Down the street is another spot for Poppy Montgomery and Kyle Richards from the original Halloween! A productive street. So now I try to juggle both spots. 

I first run down the street for entries. I get Poppy. Then I am told Emily is coming out. Sadly she out flat denies all photo ops that day. Although other days she did no flash photo ops so I guess I didn't miss too much. Back down the street never see Kyle so she must have entered earlier. Then wait for exits in that spot and get Poppy again and Kyle. 

Full list of photo ops

Sleep and wake up the next day then walk to a spot where actor Eugenio Derbez (Overboard) and Fred Savage are supposed to be at. Fred leaves in the car, people chase the car, but thankfully I had no reason to do that. Then Eugenio leaves in the car. I chase him and he is nice as can be as he rolls down and does photo ops.

Now a celebrity enters this spot and no one knows who it is. The staff there isn't telling us. Upon investigation I find out it's Lucy Lawless. Great for the other 2 waiting with me, including NYC combo hunter Josh. Doesn't matter to me as she is now fatter so this photo op would be a downgrade from my shot years ago at NYCC. As I scout another spot she actually pops up and they get photo ops. With that I decided to end my time in NYC.

Eugenio Derbez

Monday, September 2, 2019

I had to RUSH to find the ELEMENTS

It's rare I do a report for just one celeb, but since this is a hard to get celeb that in all likelihood no one here will be able to score, I think I'll do it. 

In July Chris Tucker was on his comedy tour. With that, I managed to find his flight. Now I know he is not the nicest. In fact I've failed on him in the past where he signed but did no photo ops. Some airport photos surfaced from this tour, but they were all with blacks. I also heard previous reports where he is more inclined to take photo ops with blacks. 

So my strategy here was simple. Surround myself with darker skinned folks to increase the likelihood that he does photo ops. Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker was in town to see Pauly D. Plus I got my semi regular riding buddy Black Adam to join us.

So we wait at the airport and the witching hour is upon us. He comes out with a handler. Black Adam gets the shot but then Chris shuts down denying further ops. Me and Vanessa approach to beg and as Vanessa talks to him to break him down he replies that we will all get autographs to sell. I then stress to him that we want ops and not autos and then he says "quickly!"

Vanessa gets her shot then I get mine as the handler yells. Though he is wearing shades this is such a tough to get photo op that I consider it adequate enough to never try for again. After this it was off to NYC for my meet and greet wit Jaleel White AKA Steve Urkle and more meets.

Chris Tucker

Wizard World Philadelphia and Fanfest Edision NJ

First of Wizard World. I went there to obtain names I never got in the past for some reason. No time like the present to correct this. It would be Brian Krause and Drew Fuller of charmed fame and Adam Baldwin from movies such as Full Metal Jacket and Independence day. Also got to hang out with board member and Charmed super fan Btvsp3 while getting Drew.

Adam Baldwin

Brian Krause

Drew Fuller

After my Helen Hunt success in NYC I drove to Edison, parked underneath a tree at the con parking lot, and slept. Woke up and entered the con. Woke up and entered the con with my dirt cheap deal on admission. 

Got Tala Ashe (Legends of Tomorrow) then Nadia Hilker (Divergent), Juliana Harkavy (Arrow), Cassady McClincy (Walking Dead), Callan McAuliffe (I Am Number Four), Cailey Fleming (Young Rey in The Force Awakens), Macsen Lintz and Matt Lintz dual op (Pixels, Scary Movie 5), and Angel Theory (Walking Dead).

Cassady got all touchy feely with everyone and was overly nice. Cailey gave everyone a hug after meeting them. I have to admit it felt weird to have such an embrace from a child of no relation to me, but she seemed to want to do it so I hugged back.

Tala Ashe

Nadia Hilker

Juliana Harkavy

Cassady McClincy

Callan McAuliffe

Cailey Fleming

Macsen Lintz and Matt Lintz

Angel Theory

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Mark Wahlberg, Helen Hunt and plenty more in June

In early June the band Smash Mouth, best known for their hit song All Star, were performing. I managed to find a flight for them. There's two original members, namely Steve Harwell (singer) and Paul De Lisle (bassist). Went to their early morning flight and all were nice as can be. Did combos no issue. Good thing I did the flight cause at the venue there was a meet and greet but the public had no access to it and the singer did not stop after the show. I even heard some people attempted to offer money to enter the meet and greet but got denied! 

Smash Mouth photo ops


After this sweeping success I would make a quick stop at All State Comic Con and get Jessica Parker Kennedy from The Flash, improving my over the table shot from NYCC a few years ago.

Next up, Mark Whalberg was promoting his Wahlburgers in AC. This would be flourished with blunder moves. First off arrived early. Eventually they lined up. I was at the front of the line but when Mark arrived he started in the back, basically completely fucking all those who came first! Combo hunting can truly be a cruel hobby/jobby. By the time he got to me I was "last" and had to really shout and struggle but I scored the shot! 

I rode up with 2 others. From my crew 2 of us including me got the shot and 1 did not at that point. Later on he went in the store and did nice calm combos with people inside! In hindsight should have been inside eating food before they closed it to the public! 

While he was eating inside other graphers slipped in items in between the glass panes and got him to sign! By the time I got to him it was too late as the stuff shut this off.

As he left I managed to score an autograph and the 1 guy who failed got the photo op. 

All in all it was a long grueling horrid struggle marked with blunders and punches, but we alll came out on the plus side.

Photo op


On another day I made a stop to McGoobys where actor Harland Williams had a comedy show. Got him at his table after the show was nice as can be.

Next up, a band The Minus 5 that featured two members of REM Peter Buck and Mike Mills. Already got Michael Stipe in NYC before so these would be great additions. After the show I managed to get Peter. Then Mike said he would only do ops if I bought merch from his band mate Scott McCaughey. So I bought a $5 CD then got the op with Mike. After this I ended it with some barely valids.

Full list of photo ops

And finally, thanks to an alert from board members Greg/Lanza I was on my way to NYC as Helen Hunt was doing an "easy" show spot where she was stopping every night doing photo ops. By all reports of Helen Hunt and by my own personal experience with her when she stops she does autographs but never photo ops. So for there to be a setting where she is stopping and doing photo ops? That I had to pull the trigger on as there may never be another chance for that again. At the very least this is the first instance I've heard of in my combo lifetime. 

Also there was actress Tracie Thoms. So I wait, get joined by Vanessa and friend, and the witching hour is approaching. Tracie Thoms comes out and is nice. Finally Helen does and I score that photo op. At one point I thought she snuk in her car but thankfully that was her mother. I also grab some barely valids at that spot. David Garrison comes out but I don't bother with him as I have him so I just take someone's op. 

Move to another spot for Vanessa Carlton sadly she only signs and all I get are some barely valids. Check out another spot for Samantha Barks but she is gone (I would make that up in the future). Go back to join Vanessa and friend for some more names, then drive to NJ for the Fanfest con in Edision!

Helen Hunt

Full list of NYC photo ops

Saturday, August 31, 2019

BookCon, a great random, and lots more in NYC

Around the same time at BookCon I found a space event featuring Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins. Already have Neil and Buzz so it made sense to try for Michael as my shot with him is completely invalid when I went for him at a book signing years ago. Coupled with Book Con and other stuff, I was NYC bound. 

I arrive the evening before the Michael Collins event, try an easy "show" spot for actor Michael Stuhlbarg (Doctor Strange). When he exits the people tell him stuff like "great job" but I'm literally the only one that asks him for the almighty combo. After this I do some non-combo related errands for the rest of the evening, go to my free parking spot, and sleep. 

Michael Stuhlbarg

I go to the Michael Collins event and try for people going in. I get astronaut Scott Kelly and others. When it's time for Michael he completely ignores me and one other person as he walks into the event. I join Greg for actress Robin Weigert and she is nice as can be as she enters her event.

Go back to the Collins event and as he leaves there's more people and I botch the chase with Greg. In the evening I do an "easy" show spot and finally get Maggie Siff and some of her co stars. Then I try City Winery for some original members of Blue Oyster Cult but it looks like they are long gone.

Maggie Siff

Full list of photo ops

Next day, my second ever BookCon! With my first one being the first ever BookCon. Wow it's been so long. My main want there is actor Neil Patrick Harris, someone who I've failed on multiple times. Once I got an auto only the other times he blanks (and on the street he normally has shades and/or hat). So to have him in a setting where it's actually in writing that he is doing photo ops? I set my goals on him. Throughout the BookCon I got to hang with markedout board member Ira, his fiance, and his step child! 

Meet Ira and family at the John Cena photo op session. I have multiple ops with Cena but if I could get another shot if right there then why not. I got the photo op. Sad it is not even in high rez. I even tried contacting the publisher for a high rez shot they said it wasn't even taken in high rez to begin with. To be fair they were very nice and very prompt in addressing my concerns but truly a problem that low rez pro ops are becoming a trend like that. This is the modern day forced Polaroid. Obviously not a big deal for me in this particular case as I have a few shots with Cena.

Moving on Marcus Samuelsson from Iron Chef is sitting on a table doing combos. No idea who that is, but when in Rome. Went to his table and got a combo. Now I stand in the Neil Patrick line while Ira is going for actress Evangeline Lilly whom I got already. Eventually he joins me. We then go up to Neil Patrick Harris, we buy our books. I made out my book to Ira's step daughter and gifted her the book as I finally score my white whale in Neil Patrick Harris. He actually did photo ops leaving the venue but he was wearing shades so I definitely made the right move getting him here.

We then all went to EL James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey. I bought the book she was promoting and she was happy to do photo ops. Said my goodbyes to Ira and family then explored the area a bit to see if there were more people I could get. But everything I saw I dubbed as "too much money and effort for too little".

Back in the streets of NYC I try to get Santino Fontana from Frozen. Many of his barely valid co stars come out but he does not. I would try again later in the evening. Next to his show is the show of Jeff Daniels. Didn't need him but 75 year old actress Phyllis Somerville is there. Santino comes out and I score the photo op. Then I go back to the Jeff Daniels spot I see Phyllis walk out without stopping for fans. I follow her and ask for the photo op. She is nice but says she doesn't look good. I told her that she looks great and I hope to look as good and be as healthy when I'm her age. Actress Celia Keenan-Bolger came out and I got her too.

Now one thing I had lined up was the producer of Rocky, Goodfellas, and many other movies Irwin Winkler. My initial plan was to go for him this day. Somehow I completely forgot to go. Now missing him was not the big deal cause he has another event in the exact same spot the next day, but two great randoms showed up this evening. One was an older Godfather producer and the other were both Shane and Marrissa McMahon! Never got Marrissa and the dual op would have been cool! 

Kevin Kline is supposed to be there next day, but I have him. The combo had had truly punished me! OR SO I THOUGHT! More on that later.

Neil Patrick Harris

EL James

Full list of photo ops

Wake up the next day this time I won't forget Irwin. But first I go to a spot for Benjamin Walker. I got him before but my shot is bad. So I needed an upgrade. I see him enter with his wife and child, ask for the op, and he is nice as can be. After he enters it hit me that his wife is actress Kaya Scodelario! FaaaaaaK! I wait in the hopes of a miracle and they somehow exit! I ask her for the op she uses the baby as an excuse and shakes my hand. Apparently a photo op will scare the baby. That was heartbreaking. 

Now to the Irwin event. A few of us are waiting. It's off to a good start as I get a photo op with his wife Margo Winkler. She was in Goodfellas and other movies and has a wikipedia page so she is valid. Don't get much more for a while as both Irwin and Kevin Kline apparently went in early. But as exits happen I get an update with Kevin. I then wait in line for Irwin's book signing to be done and score my photo op with him. 

As I exit who do I see mingling? None other than the wife of Kevin Kline, Phoebe Cates! WOW WOW WOW! Phoebe Cates from The Germlins movies, Fast Times at Richmond High, Drop Dead Fred, and many others! I couldn't believe it! I asked for the op and she was actually nice! Turns out me forgetting about the event the evening prior was the best thing that could have happened to me as I got my greatest score for the week and my best random of 2019! Thank you combo Gods!

Back to midtown and wait at a pre party for an event. I get up and coming 18 year old actress Sophia Anne Caruso. I anticipate she gets big and becomes hard. She definitely has the good looks for it. I also see a very suited Andre De Shields and ask him. He insists on a group shot with his "girls" as he puts it.

Then it's time for the event which is sub par but I do get a nice upgrade with Phylicia Rashad (she has a hat in my shot). 

Phoebe Cates

Sophia Anne Caruso

Andre DeShields

Phylicia Rashad

I chose to stick around one more day to try an event I hadn't tried in years just to see what it's like and how it's become. Jennifer Lopez was there but sadly she would end up sneaking out. On exits it was chaos and basically a free for all. Got Heidi Klum but I had her. Got plenty of models who knows some may make it. One funny shot I got was singer Teyana Taylor piggy backing on her husband Iman Shumpert (never heard of either of them before that). 

I did get one good movie name, namely Yahya Abdul Mateen II who plays Black Manta in Aquaman. So being here wasn't a complete waste. But I doubt I'll try this event again.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert

Yahya Abdul Mateen II

Full list of photo ops part 1

Full list of photo ops part 2

Friday, August 30, 2019

Some misc movie and music meets in May

No rest for the weary. Driving down from NYC after a grueling television week I stop by an airport on the home for a crack of dawn flight for Robin Thicke. He takes a photo op with me. I also run into a very rare and legendary music name in Dean Torrence! He was Dean in Jan and Dean. Super nice guy. Couldn't finish the drive home so I would nap in the car for yet another evening. 

Robin Thicke

Dean Torrence

Next up an even which featured members of the Go Gos, Don Felder of the Eagles, and more! The two Go Gos members coming are Charlotte Caffey (never met her) and Jane Wiedlin (also from Bill and Ted, who I needed an upgrade from). Another name slated was Andrea Martin. As I googled that name it looked like that was the older actress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I was ecstatic for (or so I thought, more on that later).

I managed to find a flight for Charlotte the day prior to the event. She was difficult to spot but super nice and did the photo op.

Next day I try an event and to my bad luck one of the workers recognized me from previous events. Got a prep talk from him and of course I had to be nice and polite. We were about a handful of people waiting. Thankfully I get on the board real quick as the Go Gos arrive and I upgrade my Jane shot and get an auto from her. Told Charlotte I met her yesterday at the airport which she remembered. But she insisted on another photo op since she is all made up according to her. I had no interest in another shot as she was wearing shades. But she wanted to do it so I got one. I think the only other case of anyone proposing an op when I didn't ask was Natalya Neidhart.

Then got a shot with Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals (an update so did nothing for me) and got blown off by Paul Freeman who did ops with others just not me (doesn't matter as I have him). Next up, the heartbreak. Don Felder of the Eagles came but did one photo op and went inside. Also never saw Andrea Martin. Could we have missed her? Did she sneak in? Did she cancel? No one knew.

Me and two female combo hunters then go inside the actual event via our free tickets. Of course I have to be on the lookout that one guy who recognized me from earlier. We all sit down and help ourselves to the buffet, mooching some food and drinks alongside the political elite. We also get word that all the celebs are eating. I discussed with one other combo hunter trying to find Don and getting a photo op. Said she was afraid to be escorted out of the event. I replied that we'd get escorted but have a Don photo op in our camera. I asked her what would be the issue there but she is afraid of the "embarrassment". I shook my head and again I reiterate what would it matter if the Don photo op would be in our cameras. She suggested I go first if we find him.

We looked around and finally located Don. And by some miracle he does photo ops! I couldn't believe I got this hard to get photo op! This marks my second photo op with a member of the Eagles (sadly I don't anticipate I'll ever get more).

We then looked around a bit more, got Kany Garcia apparently a Peurto Rican singer I never heard of. Then got Desmond Child who wrote many hit songs for Cher, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and more. 

Then I tried investigating what in blazes happened with Andrea Martin. I asked around and one guy pointed to her direction. Turns out that there's a black woman pop singer named Andrea Martin. Like, what in the hell? Rather than pokemon some more I elected to simply walk out of the event while I'm ahead. There was a concert I could have stayed for, but since the lead singer of the Go Gos and Eagles were not present I didn't think it was worth staying.

Charlotte Caffey

Jane Wiedlin

Don Felder

Jane autograph

Full list of photo ops

Next up, and event with Sam Elliott, Patti LaBelle, and others. I have a Gettysburg laserdisc I need Sam on (already signed by Jeff Daniels). Got a flight on him, go to the airport and he signs for me but doesn't do ops. It's ok I got one before.

Next day do the event where Sam doesn't sign but does ops. So I got another. Then got Gavin DeGraw (upgrade), Patti Labelle (upgrade), Joe Mantegna (update). I got Patti to sign my vinyl album. 

Went back to this spot the next day and as I arrived I scored actress Amber Riley (fresh).

Then moved to another spot away from hotel security and got country singer Justin Moore, Alyssa Raghu of American Idol fame, and actress Mary McCormack (upgrade). Also saw Sam again and got him to sign an 8x10.

Sam Elliott

Patti LaBelle


Full list of photo ops