Saturday, June 11, 2016

Post Wizard World NYC meets and Freddie Prinze Jr book signing

After the upsetting news that I missed out on the guaranteed Selena Gomez (see previous report), it was off from Philly to NYC. 

My first and only spot for the evening after Wizard World would be a spot for David Harbour from Suicide Squad. I wait for the spot to let out. First person out was David Harbour himself. I ask for a photo op he goes "quickly" and I get the shot. He is rushed but I also manage to get two items done. Sadly if given the chance I have to go for him again in the future because he has both a cap and beard. 

Next up is Paul Wesley. He also is sporting a beard. Thankfully I have multiple shot with him so I have no need for a bearded Paul photo op. He is rushed as well but I manage to get an autograph. He takes one group shot with some girls. 

Finally actress Katya Campbell is out and she is nice as can be. But Damn I couldn't believe how I had to pull teeth for mediocrity here. Combo hunting is becoming harder and harder and this was an "easy" spot without any A listers and a spot where Masters typically don't hit up. In fact there were mostly fan girls waiting. 

After this I go to a party where funnily enough a guy who recognizes me from markedout approaches me and slams certain board members.  

After the party I get my free parking spot, and I sleep like a baby for about 12 hours. 

Wake up and it's raining. While rain would prove to be an annoyance, it would not hinder any hunting. In fact that rain was not nearly as bad as originally forecast. 

My first spot for the day I wait for Sean Hayes. Got him before but need autographs from him. Sadly I didn't see him so either he was already inside or he went in another way. 

I go to my main spot for the day and it's early. I go to McDonalds then come back. Wait some more. At this spot we are expecting names like Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, and Jude Law.

At this point it's not raining and security setup paps under an awning and fans have to go the opposite end where rain can fall. The security guard tells us that he will set us up under the awning if it rains. I tell the security guard that it's supposed to rain why not set us up there from now. He said he will do so if it rains. We are also joined by a Master and his minion. These two would be somewhat significant later so keep them in mind. Radioman would also show up at this spot. 

Radioman eating candy

Sadly we hear ramblings that neither Colin Firth nor Nicole Kidman are supposed to show up. Jude Law is but I have him already. Time passes, Laura Michelle Kelly comes over to us before it starts pouring rain! Rain is pounding and of course that damn security guard who said he would move us was nowhere to be foundand the other security guards have no interest in moving us. So I go under the awning to where the paps are and take a railing spot next to the Master and his minion who were smart enough to defy security guards and go there before me. 

I ask that Master if he knew where the next spot for these celebs would be, he says he doesn't know. I ask if he doesn't know or he doesn't want to say he says "you asked me a question this is my answer". I needed to find that spot as a backup for me and for Joresky who was arriving to NYC late. More on that spot and how it relates to the Master/minion later. 

Anyhow, I get a decent score here without knowing it at the time, namely Elena Kampouris who was super friendly. She is in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I also get actress Angela Ashton who people mocked me for. They're like "you got somebody's girlfriend". But upon research she is in fact valid. Jude Law arrives and does combos, I get an autograph, then Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban arrives. I am screaming for the Nicole photo op but she does nothing for no one. 

Other failures include director Michael Grandage, Regis Philbin, among others. Laura Linney did nothing but I got her already (she used to be nice)

People stick around. Jude law leaves and does nothing. Nicole and Keith leave and Nicole does just ONE autograph upon exit and nothing else. After that everyone leaves and I'm the only one remaining. 

I wait for the rest of the exits, while waiting the minion of that Master who said he doesn't know the next spot texted me asking if I found the spot, I said not yet. He said to keep him informed if I do. Upon further research I FINALLY score the location of the spot. Then exits break and I get the director who remembered me asking on the way in. I also score Regis and producer John Logan. Sadly there was another guy in the John Logan shot and I thought both were valid as the paps were taking pictures of both. But upon further research doesn't seem like the other guy is valid, thus my shot is ruined. At least it's not a major shot. At this point I inform the minion that I found the spot. He asks me where it is and how I found it. I don't respond. 

I then walk to the spot and who do I find waiting? Yes, the Master and his minion! Wow what shady tactics. I then told him how I found it right there and then. Of course in hindsight I could have simply followed Radioman from the first spot to the second spot. 

Here's another humorous thing that happened. After he saw me that minion actually texted Joresky the spot info to make it look like he was doing him a favor (at this point he knew I would text Joresky the info anyway). To be fair though I don't blame the minion for such shady tactics. He only does what the Master tells him to do. After all that Master is his source for money. 

Anyhow back to meets. We are hoping Nicole Kidman arrives at the spot but she sadly does not. Jude Law does and does nothing. I get actresses Ashley Williams and Martha Plimpton and Indian director Mira Nair (who I had to plead for the picture, WTF!).

As with the prior evening, I find myself pulling teeth for mediocrity. Really? More proof that combo hunting is becoming harder and harder. I had greatness right in front of me in Nicole Kidman but sadly greatness chose to do nothing for no one. 

After this it's almost time for me to head to Brooklyn to get the band Modern English. Thankfully they put the set times on the venue's web site so I was able to have a rough idea when to arrive. On my way I stop by another spot just to check it out, and exits begin. I score a few names but among them is only one decent name I didn't have (Laura Benanti from Supergirl). 

When this spot is tapped I rush to Brooklyn via the car. I park in front of the venue. I arrive and find out the concert is still going on. I go in the venue and to my shock my ID is checked but I am not charged! YES! I enter and it's a bar, and there's a separate area where the concert is taking place. I open the door to go to said area, I catch the tail end of whatever song is playing, and then they play the song they're most known for (I'll Stop the World and Melt With You). So I arrived and mooched their best song live, a good start to this endeavor. 

When the concert is done they come out and do combos with everyone. The evening ends in success. I finally meet up with Joresky, we get our free parking spot for the next day, and go to sleep. 

Full list of Day 1 and 2 photo ops part 1

Full list of Day 1 and 2 photo ops part 2

Sampling of photo ops:

David Harbour

Elana Kampouris

Regis Philbin

Laura Benanti

Robbie Grey

Wake up and wash up. Me and Joresky try our first spot which is for Eric Dane and Freddie Prinze Jr. My hope was to get a Freddie photo op here so I can do other stuff in the evening rather than do his book signing. Eric Dane leaves and only does a couple of photo ops. I sadly only manage to get an autograph. I got a photo op before but he has a cap and shades. Then Freddie comes out and refuses to do photo ops. I do manage to get two items signed though. 

We then go to our next spot for Tatiana Maslany and Scott Speedsman. We arrive and found out we missed Tatiana going in. Leaving she sadly did nothing. Scott Wolf arrives and is as nice as can be but I got him before. Some prosecutors and lawyers related to the OJ case arrive. The head prosecutor does nothing for no one. Really? A name like that is nasty? 

We wait more and Scott Speedsman does nothing going in but we manage to score him leaving. YES finally some success. But damn we are really pulling teeth for mediocrity here.

After this it is time for our guarantee, namely the Freedie Prinze Jr book signing where photo ops were written. Sadly we would miss other opportunities going to that book signing, but when pulling teeth for mediocrity seems to be a recurring theme, a guarantee is priceless and should not be squandered.  

We head to Bookends with Vanessa and her friend, buy our book, and line up. Freddie is as nice as can be when it comes to the photo op. We then wait outside because Joresky wanted to get his items done but he does nothing for no one. This ended the trek. 

Scott Wolf

Scott Speedsman

Freddie Prinze

Now to showcase autographs:

Autographs part 1

Autographs part 2

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wizard World World Philly Fuck Money Fest

This would start as me and drove to Wizard World. Normally we leave the evening before so as to commandeer a free parking spot and to mooch a breakfast. Due to driving there the day of this would mean we would sacrifice the mooched breakfast and would likely have to split parking. So we arrive and I begin my quest for parking. I figured there was zero chance we'd find a free spot the Saturday morning of Wizard World but to my shock there was a spot not too far from the venue! I even told Joresky that it was probably a fire hydrant but when I looked I couldn't believe my eyes as there was no hydrant. After parking I would triple check all the signs and everything checked out!

Thankfully my wants this WW were low. I already had all the Marvel guests and only needed Bob Gale from the Back to the Future guests. So thankfully for me, I wouldn't have to be a major participant in the fuck money fest compared to everyone else. 

Enter the con. First I stand in line for Billy Boyd. His pro op was done and they had "selfies $50" written on the price paper. Although anyone that got an autograph got a free photo op at the table. I go in line and blend in, then when the time came and a girl who got an autograph got the selfie then I quickly grabbed my selfie 

A free Billy Boyd photo op was a fantastic start to the day. Now it's time for the X-Files folks. First I go to William B Davis and get a photo op. Next is Mitch Pileggi. I see someone with two items to get signed so I offer to take one of his items and we split the combo price (saving each one of us $10). Unfortunately it was pulling teeth explaining to him the deal, even him thinking that I'm getting the long end of this stick (false, we are each saving $10). It even got the point where he told the handler "we're not actually together these are my items". why or why is something that simple like trying to explain rocket science to some people. Thankfully it worked out and I got the photo op for $10 less than I would have if I had paid solo 

Next up I join Joresky in the Bob Gale line. When the time came I got a FREE photo op as I didn't purchase an autograph. This ended my wants at WW! Wow not only were my wants limited to begin with, but coupled with mooching, partially mooching, and free, this felt so damn good. 

Then the time came to drop Joresky to the bus station and head to NYC. He wanted to go for Modern English in Baltimore and then Awesome Con in DC Sunday. But there was no one I really wanted at Awesome Con so NYC (which incidentally were Modern English's next stop after Baltimore) seemed like a better deal rather than back track. 

Unfortunately I was met with a PUNCH in the face. I get a call where a friend of mine had a hook up for a Selena Gomez meet and greet. I would have EASILY backtracked for that but by that time I got there it would have been too late. Hindsight is 20/20 I should have immediately bolted after getting Bob Gale. But since I knew nothing about the hookup earlier on I can't blame myself. 

Billy Boyd

Full list of Wizard World photo ops

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gary Sinise, Trace Adkins, and more

On a day I decided to join at a spot. I wasn't initially planning to go as I didn't know anyone else going, but him being there meant I had another spotter. I figured I'd get some celebs then go to a party. 

Let me say after the madness that was NYC during boob tube week, a calm spot like this, just the two of us (later joined by someone else) was truly a gift that I will never take for granted. 

First we get Joe Mantegna but I've seen him times at this point. Gary Sinise ignores us. Then we get Bruce Johnston who I already had. Sadly I needed autographs and he would not sign. 

Trace Adkins comes out to smoke and we ask for a photo op he gives us a hand gesture. I assumed that meant after he is done. When he is done we ask again and get a gesture. Here we assume he does not want to stop. Then when he leaves we ask again and he nods his head! So we get photo ops. Trace not a huge want of mine but a good name to have a well rounded collection. So I was happy with that meet. 

Tried to upgrade my Mike Love shot but he said he had to go. Given that he had a beard I didn't really fight for this shot I already had him clean shaven. Joresky spots actor Esai Morales and does photo ops no issue. 

S Epatha Merkerson is a want of mine due to her role in Terminator 2. I call her "Sharon" as stated on wikipedia and she doesn't like that and blows me off for the photo op! WTF? Really? She was one of my main wants here. 

We see Trent Harmon but didn't notice him till he was in the car. And Katharine McPhee does nothing for no one but I have a good shot with her anyway, 

On returns we sadly don't notice Bruce till he's in the door! Dammit! Then S Epatha Merkerson comes back this time I call her Ms Merkerson and she agrees to take photo ops. I asked what the S stands for if not Sharon she goes "none of your business". More people return but had no need for them. Then we get a Trent Harmon photo op. 

Finally we see Gary Sinise and I upgrade my shot to a no shades shot. Then I have him sign the DVD I have along with its insert. He goes "oh wow I didn't think anyone saw that". After this I happily go to my party! 

Full list of photo ops

Trace Adkins

S. Epatha Merkerson

Gary Sinise