Sunday, January 24, 2016

Embarking on West Coast hunting for the first time ever!

With the announcement of Dick Van Dyke at the Hollywood show I would embark on my first ever West Coast celebrity hunt. And it would be the first time I ever set foot on the West Coast in over 15 years! 

Thanks to a cheap Spirit Airlines flight I would land in LAX with 


Within 5 minutes of touching down we see Jake Gyllenhaal. We were going to chase him down for upgrades but he was on the phone and since we had photo ops we did not try too hard. 

We waited about an hour to see if we would see anyone else, but saw nothing then decided to get our rental car and head to our first spot. 

When we arrive we park and see other graphers. Wow quite the difference between NYC graphers and LA graphers. LA graphers are more relaxed and care free. Joresky spots Ewan McGregor crossing the street but chooses not to chase him down due to shades. I had him so I didn't care. Sadly the spot wouldn't have the greatest access as celebrities would have to come over. But Christian Bale did! Joresky already had 2 photo ops with him. So I handed him my camera with a mission to get me the shot! He started signing and I got him to sign my Batman figure! Then he agreed to pose, and his handler tried to stop me but I pushed him away (these actions can be seen in the picture). After the shot was taken he goes "don't push me" I then yell back "don't YOU touch me". 

This officially marked not only my first ever combo in LA, but my first ever combo of 2016! And what a good way to start the year! The final live action Batman I didn't have a photo op with! I now have photo ops Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck! 

In this spot I would also meet markedout member Samantha AKA DarkDefender for the first time. 

Other names attained at this spot were Michael McKean and Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson Jr. Sadly this spot was not without misses. Peter Fonda, Stephen Speilberg, and Reese Witherspoon did not come over. In the case of Reese she was a few feet away from us and ignored our pleas. She then got into a regular car and drove herself. Ridley Scott did a roll down and signed I begged for a photo op he said he doesn't do them. Damn. JJ Abrams also came over but since I have two photo ops with him I didn't even bother to lift a finger. Let those that do need him get a chance. 

Next place was convenient because there essentially were 2 spots next to one another. But nothing was happening so we went to a Fred Stoller book signing. After his speech he didn't even do a signing and people didn't even care to stay. But if you followed him in the store you would get him. I got a photo op didn't spend money on a book. So that worked out. 

Back to the original spots where I get more photo ops. Unfortunately there was a garage where most big names seemed to use. The best photo op is Milla Jovovich from The Fifth Element and Resident Evil movies. Other first time meets were Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting), Odette Yustman (The Unborn, Kindergarten Cop), and Isabelle Fuhrman (The Orphan). Got an upgrade with Alexandra D'Addario and a repeat with Common among other photo ops. Some notable blow offs included Natalie Dormer (who I had) and Katie Holmes.

This concluded the day. 

Christian Bale

Notice how you see the guy's hand and me pushing him off. 

Milla Jovovich

Minnie Driver

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Signed Batman figure


This day would start with the main reason for coming to LA, Hollywood show (see previous report). 

We then go to the next spot that seemed to be winding down and get a couple of photo ops. On to the next spot with more photo ops. Christian Slater came over but I didn't bother to fight for it as I have a shot, and Sam Smith did nothing. 

We now had two spots, one spots for celebrities which had horrid access, and one spot for singer Peter Cetera. Based on the info we had we thought we could get Peter and go to the celeb spot. Unfortunately the time info we had was bad. So we missed the celebs. Due to access no one big came over but we missed names like Alicia Vikander, Michael B Jordan, Leonard Maltin, and director Ryan Coogler. Already had Michael but the rest would have been nice. Although on the flip side if he were at this spot the whole time we would not have known if Peter were still here or not. 

We were joined by our buddy Bob who had just gotten some names from the other spot and we continued to wait for Peter. At that point a security guard was stationed. As I looked across I saw a guy loading stuff in a trunk and alerted everyone that I think I spot Peter. 

The security guard outright tried to prevent me from proceeding, both with his words and his body, but I simply ignored him and his demands, went on the street, and skirted around him via running. As Bob told him "you have no say on the street". Plus we were 4 and he was 1 so not much he could do. I then stopped about 4 feet away from Peter and asked for a photo op. A minute later he agrees to pose but says he's not signing. I actually had nothing for him to sign so it didn't affect me. We then all got photo ops. 

On to the last spot that looked like it was winding down. We were tiered and left. I was so tiered I had to even pull over and nap a little bit before going on. Unfortunately for Joresky about 10 minutes after we left the spot Santa bearded Lars Ulrich came out and did photo ops. Though for me it wouldn't have done anything because I had him and this shot would have been a downgrade. 

Peter Cetera

Full list of Saturday photo ops


After a few errors in judgement on Saturday, Sunday would start with some guarantees! Namely the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci Fi Con. I enter the con and go for Stephen Costantino AKA the Gamorrean Guard from Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi. I negotiated a photo op only price. Next up Mark Rolston from Aliens, Lethal Weapon 2, and RoboCop 2. Again, I negotiated a photo op only price and saved a bunch of money. 

Next up Carrie Henn AKA Newt from Aliens. Someone in line was only getting the autograph for a friend. And a photo op was free with a purchase. I offered the man $5 for the photo op but he didn't care and said I could have the photo op. Works for me! 

Then I went to the table of Julius LeFlore who had some minor roles in Return of the Jedi. Since the handler wasn't looking I managed to mooch a photo op. So that worked out nice. 

This con ended with a me and Joresky splitting a Herbert Jefferson Jr photo op. 

We then had a choice between 2 spots. We went to the first one and saw no other graphers, but it had all the other inklings that celebrities could be there (police, security, nice cars etc). So hopefully that would mean we would have any celebrity we saw for ourselves. After a little while of spotting no one we left to the next spot where we found out we missed Sam Smith, Alicia Vikander and Patti Smith! UGH I am cursed with Alicia I can never seem to get her. Hindsight is 20/20 we should have gone to that spot. 

After this we felt defeated and then went to the Chinese Theater where we met up with Joresky's buddy Matt then to In and Out Burger where another one of Joresky's buddies joined us. I couldn't believe the crowd at In and Out Burger because the burger and fries tasted like plastic, and the milkshake like melted plastic. $7 gone down the drain 

After this we tried to mooch into the Beverly Hills Hilton. I befriended a random Asian girl hoping her presence may help us mooch inside. But even she couldn't mooch in. We then took her with us to the next spot where it was ultra chaotic and success looked grim. 

BUT we get our first post con success for the day, namely young actor Nick Robinson (Jurassic World). Also got actor Jeffrey Donovan. 

We then decided to try the Beverly Hills Hilton again. This time with managed to casually mooch, in part at least thanks to the Asian girl looking all nice and taking pictures here and there. Once inside we found out Bob racked some lower tier names. We saw Derek Hough and Diego Boneta. I got Diego but Derek denied us. Bob followed him and via begging managed to get him. 

After this back to our original spot where we found out we missed some names. Most names I either had or were nothing significant. But one name, Alicia Vikander, was a significant miss! WTF? The curse strikes again! BUT we scored director of Jurassic World and Star Wars 9, Colin Trevorrow! I also got another shot with Kiefer Sutherland. 

This ended the evening. 


We decided to try again for Alicia Vikander and others at one of the spots we missed her at. But Joresky wanted to sleep in and shower. I warned him that people could leave early but he wanted his all important shower. We arrived and never saw anyone, indicating that people left early. We then head to LAX where we hoped we would see some celebrities before our flight out, but sadly no dice. This ended the LA trek. 

On a humorous note, when we went to the area where we thought we might see celebrities to the area where we were supposed to board our plane, it was like night and day. Like comparing the Crowne Plaza to the Motel 6, or like comparing Rodeo Drive to Walmart. Wow what a difference. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My first ever Hollywood Show

There are many upsetting instances where a want of mine died while I was actively hunting celebrities. Rochus Misch, Mickey Rooney, Randy Savage, to name some, with the likes of Mel Brooks and Chevy Chase likely being next in line. One of my 2015 regrets was not going for Dick Van Dyke who recently celebrated his 90th birthday. So when the combo Gods granted a second chance one year after his first ever convention appearance this was an opportunity I could not waste. 

Thus I attended my first ever Hollywood Show in Los Angeles with 

Of course there was fear he could die or cancel out due to health reasons. But although a handful of people DID cancel due to health (including some wants of ours) Dick Van Dyke thankfully wasn't one of them  and that was apparent when he arrived at almost the same time we did. 

Not only that, but he looked healthy as a horse happy and full of life. I was reading that he may have early Alzheimer's but I saw NO indication of that. He's a 20 year old man in a 90 year old body. Anyone who is like Dick Van Dyke at 90 or even at 80 has won in life. 

Dick Van Dyke singing 

Compared to Chiller, prices are better and the setting is more relaxed and less chaotic. I also cut costs by splitting many photo ops with Joresky and also getting some free ones. 

The jpegs they gave out for pro ops are ULTRA high quality. They were 10mb in size!! Wow at least they give fans their money's worth compared to NYCC who gives jpegs that would have been top of the line in 2004 digital cameras. The only forced pro op was Dick Van Dyke which was good.

Anyhow, let's get with meets. Bond girl Britt Ekland would be first with a free photo op. She said others charge for photo ops but she doesn't think it's right. Awesome. Then Karen Dotrice from Mary Poppins who had a cool gimmick set up and the photo op was only $10! Wow! Sadly her autograph was $30. I was on the fence but the price tag made it an easy pass. 

I stood in line for Dick Van Dyke autographs. I got 3 items done. The laserdisc for myself and two 8x10s one for  and one for someone else. He also marked out for the laserdisc as he goes "oh wow a laserdisc". 

I even got a bonus up close and personal concert! HCIT! 

After that I got a free Lana Wood photo op though I had her already. Then Max Bear Jr from Beverly Hill Billies and Irene Bedard AKA Pocahontas. Then to Michu who physically wore the Alf suit. The full combo would have been $10 more but I elected to just go with the photo op simply because EVERY photo op on the table was pre signed. WTF the whole point of being at a con is to see things done in person. Would have liked to start a project to get him and eventually the voice of Alf. Another note he had lots of photo ops with Michael Jackson. This would easily lead me to believe that he was Michael's fuck toy. I guess MJ didn't just like little boys but also little men 

Then Patrika Darbo, Jerry Supiran AKA Jamie from Small Wonder, Kevin Spirtas, Belinda Bauer, Michael Nouri, Tristan Rogers, and Ed Begley, Jr. A couple of these names I was not planning to get but splitting with Joresky made it a better deal.

Then Tippi Hedren from Hitchcock's The Birds. She had a decent line. More bond girls in Diana Lee, Luciana Paluzzi, and Maryam d'Abo. 

I also got my second and last autograph from Hollywood show, namely Olivia d'Abo. Got her on my Wonder Years project. Already had the photo op. 

On to Christopher Judge from Stargate (who I'm shocked has never been to Chiller) and Art Evans. Keith Coogan was just visiting so I got a photo op. Then Catherine Hicks and a free Tom Sizemore. I then saw TODD who I know from markedout. First time meeting him.

Valerie Harper was a pricey name. But Thanks to our buddy Bob who was attending Hollywood show I managed to get a good deal. Because he wanted the autograph I just paid the difference between the autograph and combo price and got the photo op. That worked out awesome. Then got a free Geoffrey Deuel. 

FINALLY it was time for the Dick Van Dyke photo op, my main reason for attending. It was initially 12pm and 3pm but then the 12pm session was cancelled. Photo op turned out awesome! I rounded up Hollywood show with director Michael Stoller and and his dog Little Bear and a free Jeff Breslauer.

Dick Van Dyke 

Karen Dotrice

Britt Ekland


Tippi Hedren

Diana Lee

Luciana Paluzzi

Maryam d'Abo

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Final day of meets in 2015 was a total bust and disaster

I was not initially planning for WWE. But after finding flight info for Rusev and Lana, I decided I had to give it a shot. 

But my day would start even before venturing with WWE. 

First I had a sex date. After the sex date turns out I could make a flight for singer Chaka Khan. I wasn't planning to make this so I had nothing to get signed and she is known to blow off photo ops. So I didn't go there with high expectations. 

Sure enough, she signed but no photo ops. 

After that I would meet up with adelta, we would go to the WWE Spot for the early morning, and get a couple of hours sleep in the car. 

We wake up and start. 

Didn't bother with Primo, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Heath Slater, R-Truth,  or Damien Sandow. As I had no need for them. 

Big E I had no need for but he was making funny faces so I got a photo op. 

Bo Dallas I could have used his auto on the WWE_E V2 but sadly I missed him trying to get an updated Fandango photo op. He did photo ops but ignored when it came for me and adelta 

Could have used a Xavier Woods auto on my WWE_E V2 but sadly he came in another gate and I was waiting for Rusev and Lana. 

Tyler Breeze was friendly I got an updated picture with him. Now here is where a bad day was made worse. He almost ruined my WWE_E V2. I gave him the gold sharpie and he almost went over my Brad Maddox I yelled "NOOOOOoooo" and directed him where to sign! Sadly there is still one line so now my WWE_E V2 is tainted. 

Kane I got an autograph on the WWE_E V2. I already had him on two entries so I got him on the Big Show and Kane entry. Big whoop. 

Sadly it was getting clearer that somehow we missed Rusev and Lana. I made some magical research and the evidence pointed out that they already made it through. Wow I couldn't believe it. We saw everyone we were expected to see EXCEPT for who I came for. I then left in disgust. 

Coupled with the fact that my WWE_E V2 is now tainted, this day was a total waste of time, money, and effort. To be quite honest outside of October and November my array of 2015 meets and success was horrible to average. And the last day of 2015 reflected that. Hindsight is 20/20 I should have gone home after fucking. 

Not getting Chaka Khan

Tyler Breeze

Big E

Now here's a page of the inside cover of the WWE_E V2

Under Cesaro you have Brad Maddox signed in silver. You see a gold line that was almost the auto of Tyler Breeze. On the upper left is Tyler Breeze's auto