Monday, April 18, 2016

Carol Burnett, Eddie Money, plus other music meets

On this day there was an event with a bunch of music related names. The two names on that list I cared for the most were Eddie Money and Dee Snider. And Snider I already met twice. But I had an early morning Eddie flight. So I thought I would do that, then do a Carol Brunet flight later in the day (which would happen the same time as entries to the music event) and after that call it a day. 

I arrive early morning, and adelta arrives with a Master. We wait for Eddie money, he arrives and is nice as can be. I get the photo op and autographs. 

Later in the day I return for Carol Burnett with a different set of graphers. I already have her but thought I could improve my photo op and get more autographs. We wait and finally see her. She says to walk with her for autographs. I end up with a photo op and 4 autographs. 

Kinda gets you thinking, so many modern day actresses are total bitches, want nothing to do with fans, hardly even pose and have horrid autos if they sign. Whereas someone like Carol Burnett will take care of everyone and give nice full autographs. She even liked the photos I had her sign. 

At this point I could have gone home, but decided I would do the music event on exits. And while I had to sacrifice my evening I'm actually glad I did. Only thing that sucks is I didn't have things to get signed since I wasn't planning to go.  

So I arrive at the event and again adelta joins along with others. 

Many names I get were WHO names. First I get Wale and Yolonda Adams. But I did get a Dee Snipder combo, improved my Smokey Robinson photo op (he didn't sign anything for anyone), Kem photo op, improved my Nancy Pelosi photo op, got producer Peter Asher. 

Then Kathy Sledge of the group Sister Sledge (We Are Family) comes out. She is one I really wish I had albums for. But she is nice as can be signing everything for everyone doing photo ops. You would think she is barely valid as nice as she was. My first shot was invalid since both her eyes were closed but she was more than happy to pose again. 

Then I get Paul Wall, Grammy owner Neil Portnow, Eddie Money again, Robert Kool Bell, Rodney Jerkins, Ed Roland, and Warren Haynes (former Allman brothers guitarist, but not original). Didn't know who Ed Roland was but upon research he's the lead singer of Collective Soul who sang the 90s song Shine which I actually know (but completely forgot about). So I consider that a good score for me. 

Eddie Money

Carol Burnett

Smokey Robinson

Kathy Sledge

Full event photo ops

Autographs obtained

Friday, April 15, 2016


When written in stone guaranteed photo ops were announced for Cameron Diaz book signings, I immediately pre ordered my book without further question (it's a fool's endeavor to try for her on the street, either autograph or photo op). 

The signing I attended would be the Brooklyn one and I decided to get to NYC at the crack of dawn in order to commandeer a free parking spot and to hopefully start the day early with some combos. My regular travelling buddy was ok with that but this caused an objection from another friend of ours who we will call J who did not want to sleep in the car for the sake of combos and preferred to come later and split parking 3 ways. He almost didn't come due to this but then finally caved in. 

I also wanted to stay an extra day to get Dustin Hoffman but as it turned out he was filming 30 minutes north of the city and I had no exact address. So I decided that was too risky. 

Anyhow, arrive in the city, commandeered the all important free parking spot, took a nap, and woke up. 

The first spot was for Ashley Greene and Naomi Watts. Coming in they did nothing for no one. Naomi Watts leaves first and does nothing. I then chase after the car and hold up my item to get signed at a stop light. To my shock she rolled down and started signing. Other people followed. I managed to get J the only photo op she did at this spot. 

Wait some more and Ashley Greene comes out. She is friendly as can be and I get a combo. Already right off the bat J should be thankful that I made him sleep in the car cause he got two first time photo ops he would not have had if we followed his plan to come later and pay for parking. Free parking AND first time photo ops? I would say that's win/win/win on all fronts. 

Off to the next spot for Queen Latifah, Ken Jeong, and Alyssa Milano. The first one I never met the other two I already got but have photos for them to sign. Personally I could care less about Queen Latifah's music, but she is also a movie name which is why I wanted that combo. 

We missed Alyssa going in but she did nothing for no one. Leaving Alyssa does nothing even after many of us ran after her car down the street. Going in Ken does nothing either. Sadly at this point the rain is hitting hard and hindering potential combos. 

We move to an awning to remain dry till she arrives which was a terrible move because we forfeited our spots in the rail and when she arrived it was tough to get anything. I got a blurry and invalid shot! But others there racked autographs. She said she would rush to the car going out and went inside. 

At this point Joresky and J decide it's cold, they're hungry, and no one will stop leaving. So they leave to get some food. I warned them "don't go crying if I get a combo from her" as they continued to walk away. I decide to stick it out as does one other person. 

20 minutes later Queen Latifah comes out and we scream for her. She does photo ops with both of us, I get her to sign my 8x10. The other guy is stumbling saying he has one poster for her and she says "well hurry up and get it". 

Waited more and Ken Jeong comes out. I get my items done and get another photo op just because. Now earlier someone had pointed me to Raven Symone's car. And she is someone I needed an upgrade with. So I waited it out. She comes out and is friendly, I get a photo op. Whoopie Goldberg was also parked by the door but since I have two photo ops with her and nothing to get signed I decided not to wait it out. 

I grab some $1 pizza slices, and as I eat them I walk to the next spot and rejoin Joresky, J, and see none other than and Masters waiting. Sadly I found out I missed Andie MacDowell by 30 minutes. Can't blame myself cause I was waiting for people that I knew I would definitely see. In foresight it's always smart to choose the known over the unknown. But I got a few people at that spot. I got Boris Kodjoe and Titus Burgess. Then I spot someone that looks like a rock star. I yell out for a photo op and he was nice as can be about it. After this is done Joresky realizes it's David Coverdale lead singer of White Snake. Decent music name. Then finally Dominic Sherwood from Shadowhunters. The cast of Pretty Little Liars including Billy Zane sadly rushed out and didn't stop. Sucks cause Billy is a want of mine. 

After this we take the train to Brooklyn for the Cameron Diaz appearance. This signing was a reunion of graphers including Masters. This is further proof on how impossible she is. Not as many as the Kate Hudson one but also because she did more appearances than Kate Hudson. It was good to see everyone and bs with everyone. 

Finally get to Diaz and there are 2 issues. First there are 2 cameras, and second she is standing too far away! WTF? We take the photo op. Upon looking my picture, whilst valid was pretty pixelated and low quality due to 2 flashes going off at once and being too far away. Though Joresky's picture came out fine. I tell them I'm not happy with my picture I want a redo and I'm denied saying "it doesn't matter". Wow they do not know what these things mean to us and what we go through for them. I was asked to move along and when it came time to pick up my book I didn't pick it up saying I either want a refund or I want to go back to take my picture. 

I then get called over by a guy and explain to him the situation and how my picture was crappy and I came for that yada yada yada. He says to wait and I do. After a few minutes he pulls me away from the vicinity and I go on explaining and ask "what's the big deal, I can just go back in line and pick up my book when done". He asks if I'm really telling the truth that I still didn't pick up my book and I assure him it's the truth (which it is). He goes "ok, I don't remember you, go". I thank him then go back in line with 

A few minutes later the guy comes back to me to confirm that I didn't pick up the book and I do. He also tells another guy "I don't want to fight with him all day. Again go inside, none of the other staff seems to remember me (which is good). I get to Diaz and this time she is standing closer (again, good). I give the staff my camera and tell the pro photographer I just want one flash. He puts his camera down (another good). Get a second shot with Diaz and this time it turned out MUCH better. Not as good as it could be cause she was still a good distance, but more than acceptable. My reaction was this face I then pick up my book and I shake the guy's hand and thank him. I was extra happy I did what I did when the photos they uploaded to facebook were VERY low quality. To boot, most pictures (mine included) were invalid as either one person or both were looking at different cameras (in my case both of us were looking at another camera). I still saved it for archival purposes but that shot is invalid and garbage. I really hope it doesn't become a trend to have a pro photographer uploading to facebook. It would be the modern day forced Polaroids. 

At this point on we go chill and have dinner at Wendy's. Then we go to a spot where we hope to see randoms. I then get a call from a Master who gives me a tip for Andie MacDowell. I also informed him of what I was doing and he told me this spot had randoms 2 weeks ago! WTF! Somehow we had wrong info. I then run to the Andie spot but looks like they were done, sadly. So I rejoin Joresky at a spot for Jessica Lange, Gabriel Byrne, Michael Shannon, and John Gallagher. We had good spots on the railing and hoping for the best. We get Colby Minifi. Then we see Jessica Lange dashing to her car doing nothing for no one. Next actor John Gallagher Jr. We sadly don't see Gabriel Byrne and Michael Shannon. Already had Shannon but wasn't to virgilize with some autographs. 

Joresky then leaves town and I go to the spot where I went to earlier. Picked up a couple of photo ops, then when Billy Zane and more Pretty Little Liars cast show up they sadly do nothing for no one. I pleaded with Billy for a photo op but he says he doesn't do photo ops at 3am (it was actually 1:15). 

After this a grapher who me and Joresky hadn't seen in a year says he'll walk me to my car, take a piss, then take the train. I graciously accept his company. We walk to my car, he takes his piss. He is about to leave and I invite him to crash in the back seat of my car since we are both going back to the Billy Zane spot the next day. He accepts my invitation. Lucky for him I had 2 sets of blankets.

Full list of day 1 photo ops

Cameron Diaz

Ashley Greene

Queen Latifah

Ken Jeong

Raven Symoné

David Coverdale

Wake up and back to the Billy/Andie spot. Sadly don't see either one but I get a few female photo ops including Katherine McNamara from Shadowhunters and Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead. The latter did one photo op at that spot and it was with me. While at this spot I sadly didn't notice a pregnant Emily Blunt in time as she came in and out of her car. Though she probably wouldn't have taken the photo op whilst pregnant. 

Then I had to move to another spot for Jai Courtney from Terminator: Genisys, Divergent and of course Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad. Sadly I didn't have a prime rail spot but that didn't stop me. First the singer MAX leaves and I get a photo op with him. Finally Jai comes and gets handed a sub par silver. I get an autograph then go out of the railing and beg for a photo op which I score. Then I go back get a second autograph. The first auto came out fine but the second one sadly came out bad that I almost want to delete it. 

With this objective successfully completed, I go back to the spot I left. Ray arrives and he wants David Coverdale. He also gives me a tip on Chicago's spot and that they are leaving the spot soon. Since nothing was happening here I  rush to the Chicago spot and make it on time. Sadly no original members are spotted and I only get two scrubs from the band. I rush back to the original spot, grabbing some $1 pizza slices on the way. I thought about eating it there but then decided "that's how you miss people" so I just took it with me. As I arrive I see Billy Zane take photo ops, so I rush with pizza still in my mouth. I ask for a photo op and he goes "you were here last night" and I say "yes". He goes "no one wants to take pictures at 2am" and I get a photo op! YES another main objective is scored. 

While we wait more baseball player Dave Winfield is spotted from a distance and we all get photo ops. David Coverdale also leaves and signs. Then I get Lucy Hale but sadly she is wearing a beanie and shades. Oh well I guess beggars can't be choosers still a valid shot. At this point I am joined by markedout's heelorton who also wants to get Andie. 

I get a tip for Andie's spot, but sadly my phone was dead so I didn't see the message till late. Me and heelorton figure it's too late for that spot. We wait and wait still nothing. Then in a rookie move I step aside to charge my phone for 10 minutes and 5 minutes after I go to do that Andie comes in. My reaction is this face 

At this point I was bummed and depressed as it seems to be Groundhog day for me when it comes to her. I just keep missing her. I still wait some more and lo and behold the combo Gods took pity on me and give me a chance at redemption. She comes out with her family to go eat dinner! I finally grab the photo op and tell her I've been waiting all day for her. She doesn't believe me but it's essentially half true. I've been waiting at this spot most of the day for her and Billy. Steven Weber also comes out and I score him. SUCCESS!  

I then step aside to charge the phone, then at one point me, heelorton, and two others all go to the Jessica Lange/Gabriel Byrne spot. This time we stand on another door hoping to see Byrne and Shannon, but sadly see aboslutely nothing. We go to the door me and Joresky stood at yesterday and it is done. 

I go up to a grapher and ask what happened, he saw the same people me and Joresky saw the evening prior plus Michael Shannon! Really? Me and heelorton then decide to check one last spot for Deep Purple and members of the rap group NWA but sadly it looks like the spot is dead and we are too late. While I failed at all that Lanza and Greg both got Russel Crowe. I already had Crowe but would have liked a shot with less facial hair plus I had something to get signed. In foresight I wanted names I didn't have. In hindsight I should have been at that spot. My day wasn't a bust but the tail bit of the evening was. I guess you win some you loose some. It's the nature of the beast. The only guarantee when it comes to street meets is if you don't play you don't win. 

Full list of day 2 photo ops

Jai Courtney

Billy Zane

Andie MacDowell

Autographs obtained the past two days

Ken Jeong autographs

Sucks the shittier auto is on the better picture.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Weekend of Multi PUNCHES

Before heading to the Three Stooges con in PA and then NYC, I meet up Friday night with  and adelta outside a Disturbed concert. As I arrive I apparently miss the singer but he was hooded up and rushed to the bus. I did however get photo ops with the other three band members, two of which are original. 

With both Joresky and adelta in the car we then go to a spot for Mike Epps who I know best from The Hangover movies. We had no access at that spot so we had to rush to the next spot. He sees us and was baffled that we did what we did, but was cool about signing and taking pictures. 

Adelta then found info for Floyd Mayweather at a club, but it wasn't 110% guaranteed that we'd get a photo op. Since it was very late and we had a long weekend ahead of us I decided to call it a night. In hindsight that was a terrible move because looking at Instagram it looked like he did photo ops. I got him before but it's a car shot with hat and shades. So that was quite a PUNCH in the face and one of the plethora of bad decisions I've ever made whence hunting. 

Get up early Saturday to the Three Stooges con. My main goal was to upgrade my Chris Diamantopoulos photo op since he is hooded up in my airport picture. We go inside and get a combo with Johnny Ginger (Billy the Kid). He was only $5 an auto free 8x10 and photo op! Wow you don't see too much of that in this day and age. At that price I'd feel bad mooching him. So he got my $5. 

We then went to the Q&A and waited for it to finish. Then I rushed to stage and got my Chris Diamantopoulos combo and a photo op with writer Mike Cerrone. At this point they were trying to prevent combos but I ignored like I usually do. Then I got Will Sasso to sign. Didn't bother to fight for that photo op since I had him already. But a few minutes later he was doing photo ops as he was leaving the room so I got a photo op. We were also joined by markedout's Andrew. 

There was a 1pm signing but I didn't need anything there. So I tagged along for moral support. After the signing the trek at the con ended. 

Disturbed band members

Mike Epps 

Three Stooges con photo ops

Three Stooges con autographs

Now the lead singer of Disturbed was in Philly. I had the choice to go redeem that miss or head to NYC. I chose to head to NYC since there were chances at celebrities I wanted more and to cut down on driving time. First spot was one for Benedict Cumberbatch but we saw no activities. So we went to a spot for randoms but sadly saw nothing. 

Then we walked 2 blocks and people were waiting for two of the nastiest celebs that exist, namely Ed Norton and Kierra Knightly. Markedout's heelorton was also waiting. Baffled me why people would consider dedicating time to these two, but minutes later me and Joresky leave go to yet another possible Benedict Cumberbatch spot. This spot has activity but we can't find where to stand. Wow what a punch in the face. Could have gone to Philly and gotten the singer of Disturbed instead I came to NYC and got nothing. 

With this failure and PUNCH, I go to where I'm practically guaranteed success, namely Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter in Boy Meets World). We wait and Rider arrives and is as accommodating as can be. You don't see that too often. I got a combo from him. Director Dennis Hauck arrives and I get a photo op from him as well. Joanna Cassidy was supposed to be at this spot but sadly never showed up. 

After this I go to another spot where my main goal is Phylicia Rashad. While I was looking for her Benedict Cumberbatch was randomly seen but did nothing for no one. Finally I see Phylicia and I get a photo op and two autographs. This completes my Cosby Show cast! Sadly Claire Danes and Hank Azaria sneak out. I got them before but had items for them. Didn't expect to get Claire but I thought I'd at least get Hank. 

Next up a Timothy Olyphant spot. At this spot I get photo ops with Keith Nobbs, Adelaide Clemens (Silent Hill: Revelation), and Jenn Lyon. Finally Timothy comes out and I get a combo from him. 

Me, Joresky, Aussie Josh, Asian Dave, and Pablo then all go for 2 Bros Dollar pizza slices as we brace for a late night. 

Now we need to find info for the next spot, so we go to where we need to find that info. Sadly the rain was coming down which made finding info much much harder. We got Lennie Pickett at that spot and Asian Dave struck gold by getting a first time Adam Sandler and Paul Rudd shots. With that news I prepped my Adam and Paul 8x10s from the stack I randomly in my car.

At the last possible moment we get to the right spot and Gwen Stefani does nothing for no one as she goes inside. Peter Dinklage apparently did nothing going in. Got comedian Jim Breuer as he was leaving and he was nice as can be even shook my hand after the photo op. Gwen Stefani finally comes out and it was a lot of pushing and shoving but I got an item signed. Someone did get a photo op but she generally didn't do those but I have a near perfect shot with her so that didn't affect me. 

Adam Sandler comes out and I score a photo op with his wife Jackie Sandler who is actually valid. I also get Adam to sign me an 8x10. Then I got a walk-along selfie. Already had him but he was doing them and figured this is at least different due to facial hair. Leslie Jones comes out and was posing so I got an upgrade with her. 

Now Andrew Shue comes out and I couldn't for the life of me get a valid photo op with him as he wasn't really trying to stop. I got three shots, one essentially invalid and two completely invalid. ugh! Judd Apatow was being his usual friendly self and I got an update. Finally Peter Dinklage and Paul Rudd exit but do absolutely nothing for no one. Needed a Peter combo and Paul autos so that was pretty crushing to wait all night and not get them. 

The final spot for the evening, while technically not a bust as I got stuff, was sadly sub par at best. 

Full list of Saturday NYC photo ops

Rider Strong

Phylicia Rashad

Adelaide Clemens

Timothy Olyphant

Leslie Jones

Andrew Shue take 1 (invalid)

Feasting on dollar pizza slices (or in the case of Asian Dave, $1.75 pepperoni)

Full list of Saturday NYC autographs

After some sleep me and Joresky decide to start our day off with a name that will likely be easy. Namely, Jonathan Freeman AKA Jafar in Disney's Aladdin. We arrive at the spot and play the waiting game, finally he shows up. He is more than happy to pose and sign, even waiting for us to be finished with everything and giving nice autographs. None of that "sorry guys I gotta go" or "sorry I'm late" crap, no rushing, nothing. These are the perfect type of names to start your day with because you're most guaranteed to start your day off with a combo and they start their day feeling special. 

We then go to a spot for randoms and also Andie Macdowell but sadly see none. Now we had info on Benedict Cumberbatch but decided to hit up the Ed Harris spot for a couple of reasons. a) We thought there would be randoms b) We thought Amy Madigan would do photo ops since it's their last day (plus she did a photo op with Asian Dave the evening before) and c) Benedict is not known to do photo ops. Let's see our batting average. 

Since it's cold I run to the Ed Harris spot. Joresky was smart enough to pass by a spot for Phil Collen (guitarist of Def Leppard). As it turns out he got that photo op. Yet another PUNCH in the face for me. At this point I was sitting all warm in the Ed Harris spot but super miserable. 

So the spot starts letting out and right off the bat Adam Sandler is at the bar with his family and we get photo ops. Really weird seeing him just chilling like a normal person. Then we see Alex Wolff and Joan Allen as randoms! Wow pretty good names for randoms! But apparently Adam Driver was also there and I didn't see him. I ran outside to see if I could find him but no luck! Missed a chance at him, yet another PUNCH in the face.

Ed and Amy come out, I upgrade my Ed Harris shot and as we predicted Amy did photo ops! I couldn't believe it! So far 2 of our 3 predictions came true. Nat Wolf comes out and he is clean shaven so I get an upgrade! And finally another photo op with Taissa Farmiga just because. Despite two punches in a row I wasn't upset with 3 fresh names and 2 upgrades. 

Next up a spot for Saiorse Ronan, Ben Whishaw and others. We arrive and stand by some Masters. Saiorse Ronan comes out and is super rushed. Seems like you couldn't get a combo, either or. I said I had nothing to get signed and wanted the photo op and she barely did it. Then Ciarán Hinds is was begrudgingly doing combos and cursing out a dealer and I got a photo op. Ben Whishaw comes out and is super nice, get a photo op and two autographs. Sadly Ben has a beard which takes away from the photo op. Finally Sophie Okonedo comes and is super nice. I get a photo op. 

Despite the sweeping success at the last two spots, we would find out that a few people got Dr Strange suited Benedict Cumberbatch photo ops, which was the final and most major PUNCH in the face. Wow just wow. Guess one of our predictions did not come true and it turned out to be the punch of punches. 

Stood at a final spot in the evening in the hopes of seeing Andie Macdowell but we only see current Smashing Pumpkin guitarist Jeff Schroeder. This ended our trek. 

Full list of Sunday photo ops

Jonathan Freeman

Adam Sandler

Alex Wolff

Joan Allen

Ed Harris

Amy Madigan

Nat Wolff

Saiorse Ronan

Ciarán Hinds

Ben Whishaw

Full list of Sunday autographs