Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015 meet was a STELLA

After meeting Billy Bob Thornton I left the country for the majority of September 2015 and took a huge break from combo hunting. But before doing so I scored a meet. Ruby Rose just happened to be coming into the airport a couple of hours before I was leaving. Since it so happened that the fates made it so, I decided to try for the photo op. 

When she landed she took long to come out but when she did she had two huge bodyguards. I asked for a photo op, she said "sure" and the bodyguards did not interfere. 

Photo op

In an airport cockpit

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Almost had a BAD time with SANTA

I decide to try for Billy Bob Thornton. I arrive at the venue and he is still on stage. People start trickling out indicating the show may be over, though most people's cars are still there. So we wait at the spot we think he's coming out. Shortly after boom we see him. This was about 30-40 minutes after I arrived! 

We ask and he says reluctantly "if I do one I have to do all" (we were about 7 people). But we approach and he signs. I ask for a photo op he goes "just take it" while he's signing. But I beg him to look and he does. Photo comes out blurry I beg for a retake. Then another woman tries to get a photo op and her camera isn't working, after like 2 minutes I take the shot for her. I then get an autograph. I try to get another autograph but his handler says no. After he's almost in the bus I beg for a second graph and he does it! 

After that I happily left. This is by far the record shortest time I ever spent in that spot! 

But wow, this sure was more stress and more effort than I had anticipated. Thought he was supposed to be super nice! But thankfully it ended in success 

Photo op


Some FANTASTIC post Monstermania NYC Meets

Day 1

This begins after we leave Monstermania. We arrive at the first spot and upon arriving I get a first time photo op with actress Alice Eve. Then Jason Segel, somebody who I've always been cursed with, comes out and I attempt to get a photo op but sadly he does nothing. 

Not deterred, I run on foot to the next spot and he comes out the car and starts doing photo ops with people waiting. FINALLY I get not one but two shots with him! The driver goes "you cannot do that, you cannot do that". I then show the driver the photo op and tell him "that's HOW you do it". The results speak for themselves, a concept many people just don't understand. 

Back to the initial spot where Kate Mara and Jamie Bell did nothing for no one. 

So I head to some "easy" spots. First spot I try is Jason Alexander. You needed a program to get him, so I managed to mooch one. After a long wait I got a combo from him. Then I join Joresky for Brandy Norwood. I already got her before but her hair was wrapped with stupid getup so I thought I could upgrade the photo op and also get my 8x10 signed. When I arrived I was amazed at the huge line of people waiting to meet her. Can't believe she was that accommodating. Unfortunately she still had stupid getup on her hair. I got up to her, got the full combo. She tried to ask me how much that photo will sell on ebay I told her I wouldn't know. I then showed her our previous photo op and she marked out for it and gave me a hug. HCIT. 

After this we went for singer Mike Peters. This was essentially a name to get simply cause nothing else was going on. After the show we mooched inside and got photo ops. A block away was a comedy show with Damon Wayans Jr. As luck would have it we see him almost as soon as we get there. Got photo ops. 

This day is a huge success for me. Broke my Jason Segal curse, and got a few other first time photo ops.  

Alice Eve

Jason Segal

Full list of photo ops

Day 2 

The day starts out with breakfast at McDonalds. This turns out to be a fatal mistake because while we were eating both Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan stopped for 2 people  They didn't do photo ops but only because they were not asked. To add insult to injury, while I went across the street to get something from the car, Jamie Bell did photo ops. Joresky got one and I was still batting zero! 

Kate Mara then came out did autographs only and rejected my pleas for a photo op. To add further insult to injury, at the next spot she did multi photo ops! 

WOW just WOW! I guess the combo Gods wanted to pay me back with constant punches in the face after the successful evening I had the night before 

So now to try our luck at the next spot for Fantastic Four. It wasn't going to let out for a while but I learnt of another spot where Radioman was standing. So we head over there to stand by Radioman but turns out nothing is happening. Then we go back to the Fantastic Four spot. As the witching hour approaches, sadly more combo hunters arrive. When it lets out all hell breaks loose. I tried for Jamie Bell and wasn't able to get him. I try for Miles Teller and the photo op I get was invalid as he is not looking As this spot winds down we rush to the car to go back to the morning spot. Joresky is whining that both photo ops he got (Jamie at the first spot and Miles at this spot) were shades shot and here I am STILL batting zero

I arrive at the spot, 3 out of the 4 had already come in, with one of them seconds before I arrived. But not 2 minutes after I arrive Miles Teller comes in and is mobbed. I beg and plead for the shot and while he's being pulled away I manage to get the selfieI couldn't believe it my first success for the day! You can even see the hand trying to push me away. 

While waiting we see Julian Lennon and he does photo ops with everyone no problem.

After a little while both Kate Mara and Jamie Bell walk out. I manage to beg and plead each one to death for photo ops After I  broke the ice others ensue and get stuff. While waiting some more Walton Goggins is spotted and I get a photo op. Miles Teller then walks out with his girlfriend, is followed for two blocks, but does nothing for no one. 

Then I continue to wait some more for Michael B Jordan. He comes out, again, I beg and plead to death till he breaks down and says "alright come on". I got my selfie and others try but none are successful. 

Now time for "easy" spots. Me and Joresky head for Penn and Teller. Not huge wants but nothing else was going on. They come out and are nice as can be to everyone as they are mobbed. It was almost a repeat of Brandy Norwood. I get a combo with each. We then try Kevin Smith at a spot but we never see him. This ended the day. 

Miles Teller

Day 3

The morning starts with a spot for Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan, but they both leave in the car and do nothing for no one. Me and Joresky then head to a spot to see who randomly comes in or goes out. Shortly after we see Meryl Streep and we have her two on one! We ask for photo ops and she politely rejects us. Not surprising but disappointing. Then we head to a spot for Candice Cameron from Full House and she is nice as can be. She did photo ops for the two of us no problem even agreeing to a retake cause her eyes were closed in my first one. 
Back to the Fantastic Four spot to try for them again and we see Ellen Page! Sucks she is wearing a hat and shades but at least I got the photo op. Since the Fantastic Four were being bigger assholes than usual, we went to a spot for the cast of Ricky and the Flash. 

The only one we got on entry is Nichole Galicia. We saw Morgan Freeman but he did nothing. Sucks for everyone but not for me as I got the photo op last year. On exits we got a few more actors but nothing I view as major (plus one I already had). Also got producer Clive Davis. We never see Streep or her daughter leave. 

We had info on Jennifer Lopez for the next day but decided we were too worn out after four straight days on the hunt. We made the terrible decision of leaving because Lopez did multi combos the next day 

Monstermania August 2015 report

After our David Koechner success, we all crash in the abode of  as we prepare to head out for Monstermania in a few hours. Arrive at Monstermania, first guest is Malcolm McDowell. I split that with Asian Dave as he cares for the autograph and I care for the photo op. So that worked out well. Then I go for Brad Dourif who voiced Chucky. I got a picture with him at NYCC but wanted a better shot. Unfortunately they were trying to say no flash but with a sob story I managed to get him to say "just take it" and got the flash. 

Then I got photo ops with every White Zombie band member. This completes my White Zombie band members since I already have Rob. 

NYC combo hunter Raul shows up. And I stuck with him as celebrities tend to give him breaks. First guest I got with Raul was Rachel True. She did not have a photo op only price and I didn't want to pay for the autograph. My negotiations previously in the day were fruitless. But Raul managed to get her to agree to a cheaper photo op price and I split that cheaper price with him. Next was Danielle Harris and she did a free split photo op for us. 

Raul then struck a photo op deal with RF for the wrestlers he brought in. And X-Pac was being nice to Raul. I don't remember if I ever got X-Pac no shades so I asked Raul to get him to agree to doing a photo op with both of us. And he did. 

Now the issue of Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich. Initially I had agreed to split the pro ops with markedout's Greg2600. Of course they end up doing table ops! And Raul was getting his really cheap deals which I could have split with but sadly could not as I already made the promise to split with Greg. 

When Greg arrives he talks to Dave of Monstermania about getting refunds for the pro ops! Dave made the arrangements for the refund. I will never say a bad thing about Monstermania's Dave for as long as I live.

So now we were free of the dreaded pro ops! Me and Greg ended up splitting Skeet but Greg didn't want to split Neve. So I had to pay for Neve by myself. Although I ended up paying more than I would have with Raul, I ended up paying the same amount as I would have for both split pro ops with Greg, and I got the superior product, ie photos in my camera without the green screen and a single shot in the case of Neve. So I can't complain too much with the final result as it trumped the expected result when entering Monstermania. 

Besides that I got Bin Furuya (Ultraman) thanks to Asian Dave. Again didn't want to pay for an autograph. He wanted a Nakajima autograph. So he paid for him and I snuck in for Furuya and paid some cash to Asian Dave. So that also worked out well. 

Before heading out to NYC we had a nice meal at a Chinese buffet, which I think may be a new Cherry Hill tradition. 

Neve Campbell

Full list of photo ops