Friday, May 12, 2017

Early May: Ricky, Gloria, Cindy, and a Groundhog

I went to the airport for character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. Now most of you would say WHO but look at his wiki he is actually a pretty solid name. Most notably he was in Groundhog Day. 

I arrive and while waiting two black girls who work in TSA ask me about my camera and chit chat. But then it's the witching hour as his plane lets out, so move away from them to concentrate. I spot him, ask for a photo op and he is happy to oblige. I then ask for autographs and again he is happy to do it. It was probably the first time he was ever stopped at an airport. He even extended his hand to shake mine after the fact. Those are truly the best types of names to meet, because you make them happy and they make you happy. 

After I got him the black girls at TSA then start asking me more questions like who he was and how did I know he was on that plane. After that two cops come up to me and ask me what I was doing. I said I was waiting now I am done. They then ask what was I waiting for and why I'm taking photos of "passengers". I tell them that he is an actor. They then ask what I was "writing" I say I was getting his autograph and I show them my signed photos. They go "ok" as they both turn away. According to the two black girls they looked like they wanted to "bite my head off". I told them truthfully that this was the first time cops came up and asked me what I was doing after getting someone here. After a little more chit chat I leave. 

Later that evening I tried for Timothy B Schmit of the Eagles. But sadly no luck he quickly ran into his vehicle amidst the crowd. 

Photo op


Next day Ricky Martin is flying in. In NYC you would have 40 people waiting at the airport for him. Here we were only four! He comes out and goes "oh this is one of those airports". I ask for a photo op he goes "take it while I'm walking" and he also signs for me. He denied me a second even after signing a second for someone else. At one point he stops to wait for an elevator I ask "can I have another picture since you stopped" and he said sure. Then when he signs a third for someone I ask for a second he goes "I already signed 10 for you" and I tell him truthfully that's false and that he signed one for me and three for him. He signed me a second. At this point I decided to quit while ahead. Sucks he has cap and shades but at least the cap is on backwards so you can still see the forehead. 

Photo op


On an evening I went for singer Gloria Gaynor. She is known for her hit song "I Will Survive". This is the same huge venue as  when I got Peter Frampton so I was dreading it. To remind you of it, there are two ways in/out and no way to quickly go from one to another and no way to watch both entries. To boot, I had nobody to go with because I couldn't for the life of me find anyone to join me. People either had her, had other plans, or couldn't make it. So I was literally the only combo hunter on the premises. From outside I was even able to mooch the tail end of the concert, including her most well known song. 

The back didn't look like it had any vehicles that could be used, but in the front I saw two possible vehicles, one of which was a van. At one point I even went to scout the back again (made me nervous to see employees leave from there) only to come back to the front and see people going in the van. I quickly rush to the van, I see 4 black females and 2 black males inside. I stand and inspect every black female in the van but none looked like her. PUNCH avoided. 

So now there was only one vehicle that looked like it could be hers. I wait and wait and see an entourage come out. I spot her! I ask for a photo op and she is happy to oblige. I then ask for autographs. For my own curiosity I waited to see if that was indeed her vehicle and I was right. I guess you know you've been doing this a while when you can correctly guess the car. 

Photo op


Next up, probably the most famous supermodel of all time, Cindy Crawford. So when I found a flight for her I was ecstatic. Wait for her and she comes out and is a strict one per. I ask for a photo op and she goes "then I have to do it for everybody" but poses with me and with anyone else who asked. I was upset to have missed last year so it was nice to make this up. 

Photo op


Thursday, May 11, 2017

The quest to ENTER SANDMAN which led to autographs and photo ops

There was an one evening where Steven Van Zandt had an event. Plus Metallica was in town. But didn't think Van Zandt was worth effort and of the current members of Metallica I only needed James Hetfield who is basically in the Ringo Starr realm as far as combos go. 

But two days prior I managed to get flights for Lars, Kirk, and James. As it turned out all three were set to go into different airports and all three were coming in around the same time. Essentially, it was impossible to do them all. You had to pick one (as I found out later Robert came in at a different time in the same place as Kirk did, but most people don't factor Robert in all of this). You have to believe they explicitly set up the flights like that to hinder combo hunters. 

So out of the three, I needed James. I consulted a Master on how I can best approach this, he advised to make it look random. So I decided to try the Frank Oz route (sans items to get signed of course). The evening before I planned out my quest. Woke up the next morning ready to attempt what was most likely a fool's endeavor. But the James airport was unfortunately the one furthest from me of the three. So before going I had the good sense to double check the reservation to make sure it's still valid. Turns out he is not supposed to fly there anymore! He now has two different flights into the same airport as Lars (the one closest to me). One flight came in shortly after Lars, and one came in 5-6 hours later. 

Now the landscape changed. I trashed the paperwork that was needed for my original plan and made some new plans. The good: now I can virgilize Lars Ulrich and Judy Collins (she happened to be coming in on the exact same flight as Lars) plus this is the airport closest to me. The bad: There were two James flights so who knows if he could come on the first or the second. I potentially had a 5-6 hour wait.

So I go there and run into both markedout's adelta plus one other guy. They were essentially playing minion to a Master who decided to try for Kirk at the other airport. So the Masters would get Kirk while they were sent to get them Lars. 

As we go into prime position for Lars (which would also be the perfect place to wait for James) I find out that now James is scheduled to come in at the later flight PUNCH! So now my efforts here are for nothing. But I was here already so I had to make the best out of it.

We see Lars and he says he'll do it but gets us out of position for James. While waiting for Lars I get Judy Collins to sign two 8x10s and she says "who is that woman it's not me". I had no reason for another photo op as she had hat and shades. Lars signals for us to follow him and he is a machine signing and taking pictures. Since he had a cap on and some facial hair, I had no reason to get that downgrade shot. Instead I got him to sign my Metallica CDs one of which was signed by Kirk. I would have gotten better stuff to get signed but going for Lars was a spur of the moment kind of thing so I just went with items I already had in stock. 

Since Lars got us out of position, adelta in his infinite wisdom wants to try and make Kirk (then go to Van Zandt event and come back for James). But as I explained to him I've done that drive 1000 times and there was no way we'd make Kirk in time. He was still determined we could. I drive them and sure enough I was right as we missed Kirk by 10 minutes. Apparently he begrudgingly did one per and had shades on plus his hair tied back. So the photo op would have been a downgrade for me. 

adelta gets word that Robert was about to land so now he his hyperventilating as he didn't want to miss Robert. Since I have a Robert shot that's not even worth paying for parking to get. So I drop both at the airport as I head to the Steven Van Zandt event to get parking. Since I was out anyway may as well do the event. 

We all wait. And to all our shock David Duchovny is nice as can be doing autographs and photo ops with all who asked. I already had a photo op from NYCC which I split with the infamous Josh Greenberg a few years ago. So I had no reason to get a shades downgrade. Therefore I concentrated on autographs, of which I got two! Wow those are like $90 convention values each! How awesome! One of them has Gillian on the cover so that will probably forever remain incomplete as I won't be paying to get it signed and she isn't easy on the street.

Judy Collins came but had hat and shades so no need for the photo op. I got records signed. 

Taj Mahal (blues singer) was a dick and did nothing for no one. 

Got photo ops with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Shawn Colvin who sings Sunny Came Home (she removed her shades for us), and Esperanza Spalding. 

Now the main reason I'm here is Van Zandt. But we also had to leave to make the James flight. What to do? Do we wait to get him then rush over? Do we bail now and then return for exits? I had actually hoped not to be there for exits. Dammit where the hell is Steven! 

Before going through all the motions on James, I remembered how the reservation changed twice in one day, so I had the good sense to check if the reservation was still valid. As it turned out, the reservation was now completely invalid! Wow! That made my decision. Again, they probably purposely did all that to mess with graphers (and it worked as we never found out how James got in). 

I stayed and minutes later Van Zandt comes and does it for everyone who asked. I had nothing to get signed as this event wasn't in my original plans, but I got a photo op. 

After this success, me, the grapher who I helped get Olivia Newton John, and one other grapher went for dinner. The one I helped bought me a $10 Turkey Sandwich as a "thank you for saving me from PA" gesture. After the shooting the breeze and eating I happily head out as others wait for exits. Turns out David came over again and I could have had some get if there names like Ben Carson. But honestly going home early was better.

Steven Van Zandt

Full list of photo ops that day

Lars Ulrich and David Duchovny autographs

Judy Collins autographs

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Some music legends and some repeat names

On an evening in April I decided to go for singer Peter Frampton (Baby I Love Your Way). I once passed on him due to a sex date so I wanted to make that up. There were also other people at the event but he was the main guy. The problem with the venue, a front and a back and there is no way to watch both at once nor is there any way to quickly get from one side to the other. 

Additionally, I was told that he's not the nicest guy but will begrudgingly do one combo per person. 

We are only two graphers. The event lets out and we look at the front. Suddenly we see him and ask, he does one combo per person no problem. Seemed like a really friendly guy contrary to the stories I heard. But then again I made sure not to have more than one item with all the stories I heard.

At this point the event staff is saying we need to "keep moving" which I don't believe was legal (we were on federal property which the public can just walk into and out so I believe we could have stood there). But we got what we came for plus the fact that the others would have been tough for me to recognize anyway (and could have been gone for all I know), I decided to just quit while ahead. 

Photo op


On the last day of April Bob Saget was doing a show. I got him before but I wanted to upgrade my shot and virgilize him as I wanted to add him on my Full House cast 8x10s. 

The same day I also had a train for Robert Duvall. I got him twice before but since it was not long before I had to be out for Bob Saget I figured I'd make my day a little more fruitful. 

First stop I wait for Robert's train. Eventually I see him and ask for a photo op and he denies me (not sure why I did that he had a cap on so it wouldn't have been an upgrade). I then followed outside and pleaded for one auto. The woman with him said "only one" and I said "that's fine, only one" and I got an autograph. 

I then headed to Bob Saget's show. Sadly the first show was JUST letting out 2.5 hours after it started. So I knew I had a long ass wait. But at least Bob Saget is basically a guarantee. 

Now who do I see seemingly lined up to watch the show? None other than the infamous Josh Greenberg! Funnily enough on my way there I actually predicted to myself that he would show up to this as I know his habits. His thing was getting his photo op signed, and he was spotted about a year ago getting Bob Saget at a show. So it would make sense for him to come now to get his photo op signed. And I was right. 

So I kill time till after the show, even going into a hotel and mooching an apple and some juice that they had in the lobby. Did some jogging, chatted with people via text, and other things.

After the show I wait and there's a mother and her daughter waiting for the same thing I am. For a mom and daughter who never did this, they were pretty good. They figured out which car was his and which hotel he was staying at (I knew the hotel as well so they confirmed it for me). Given which vehicle was his I now knew where to wait for him. 

While we waited someone was telling us he has no time to sign or do photos. But when Bob came out he said he would take care of everyone. True to his word he did photos for all and autographs for all who asked. I even gave that mother and daughter a sharpie as they were using a ball point pen. Josh also got him and then walked away. He didn't talk to me nor I to him. 

Bob Saget photo op


Behind the scenes:

Josh Greenberg at the entrance

Josh Greenberg waiting out back

It is May and time for Olivia Newton John (Let's Get Physical, also in the movie Grease). In June she is doing a $100 m&g in PA. But this m&g close to me was a whopping $350 as it was a Charity event and not one of her regular shows. To be fair that $350 did include two other singers at that show, but they were pure pokemon names for me. 

However, I decided I would try to get her locally for free and if that didn't work, go to PA. But I was dreading the PA option because that not only required driving just for her, you had to get there early to insure you are one of the 40 that get the m&g, then you gotta wait for the concert to start, then you gotta wait for the concert to end, THEN you get to meet her. It was truly setup the worst way ever. Had the m&g been before the concert you could at least leave just after the m&g. If you could buy the tickets online you could time it to arrive shortly before the concert ends and then leave after a m&g. But the way it was setup meant a horrid and torturous 8 hour day PLUS the travel back and worth. Something to truly dread and that's without even mentioning the $100 you had to spend for the concert ticket and m&g.

Given that setup, I wanted to try and get her out of the way at any and all costs. My first step was trying to find her plane. But despite my best efforts I completely struck out. Next step, find the hotel! Given the venue I had three logical choices. Out of those three I tried checking at the most logical one of those three, and I got a hit! First step to success! To boot, another grapher said he got her there in the past!

Again, you appreciate not being in NYC, cause it was just me and two of the people I told (like me, one of the two also had the PA option as a backup and like me was dreading it). We wait and wait and it is looking dead. Then finally a car pulls up and there's an entourage and sure enough she is here. We ask her and one of the other singers is trying to shut us down saying she doesn't want to "start" something (and we are only THREE people). Two of us get a combo while the third gets an autograph and all the while she is trying to be pulled away. But not only did I succeed I now don't have to do the dreaded PA m&g! The other combo hunter thanked me a million fold saying how relieved he is he does not have to dedicate the time and money for PA. And this works even better because it even gives us an autograph on our own item (not so in the paid m&gs). He said he owed me lunch for freeing him of the dreaded day in PA (he ended up keeping his word). 

Two blocks away from the Olivia hotel music legend Steve Winwood (The Finer Things, Valerie) had a show. Sadly I know he is not a photo op guy and was told he purposely looks away in pictures. But I'm already here fresh off an Olivia success so it's only logical to try. We are about 5 people (including people from the audience). While waiting I got a photo op with his daughter Lilly Winwood who opened for him (barely valid but you never know and I've learnt from past mistakes). The real pain came from people who left backstage and showed me their perfect photo ops with him. When the witching hour finally arrives he starts signing then I ask for a photo op. He says take it while I walk and I do. Sadly it is posing and he is smiling for the camera but not looking directly! Meanwhile another combo hunter goes next to him and yells for me to take a shot. He has the security guard between him and Steve but the photo op I take comes out valid! Ugh! I then beg and plead some more as he is walking to the bus and the security guard even fucking assaults me but I am relentless and continue pleading till he actually got on the bus. Sadly he never stopped to take a picture with me 

Olivia Newton John

Steve Winwood 

Lilly Winwood


The photo op I took

Monday, May 8, 2017

Caitlyn, Richard, Alyssa, and more

With the horrid NYC crowds more rampant than ever as of late, I decided to veer my endeavors away from NYC where crowds are a handful of people if that. 

On a day Caitlyn Jenner was making an appearance I had a flight for actor Chad Lowe. The way I saw it, Caitlyn is a novelty shot and I can get Chad Lowe out of the way. 

So I first go for Chad Lowe at the airport and we are just two people. He is the nicest guy you could meet, doing combos, changing pens. 

Next up was Caitlyn Jenner. I wait for him/her to leave and he/she does combos for the 3 people waiting. I also get a ticket signed. Honestly I regret not printing a photo cause odds are I could have gotten it signed. 

As I was going home I then get a tip from a Master on what Richard Gere is doing. So I quickly head there not even knowing if he's still at the spot or not. Turns out he is there and graphers are waiting (total 4). I also pull an 8x10 from the trunk of my car. I got Richard before but I could use a better shot. We wait and the witching hour arrives. Richard Gere is a bit freaked out by us but does a combo with an old lady, does a photo op with me, then one grapher had to chase him down for his auto. I then ran after him for an auto and he goes "I'm leaving now" as he sits in the car. 

Overall not a bad day. 

Chad Lowe

Caitlyn Jenner

Richard Gere

Next day I go to a spot with a bunch of celebs. Sadly most of them I had and the ones I didn't have were basically pokemon names. But I had one main goal there, namely an upgrade with Alyssa Milano. I have one shot where she is pregnant and one shades shot which I got in NYC.

Again, you appreciate not being in NYC. The time I went JUST for her at an early morning spot there were maybe 10-15 people. Here you have an evening event with Alyssa Milano plus a bunch of other celebs including a former Walking Dead actress, and we are just THREE people including me and. Later on during exits two more joined totaling five. 

Celebs arrive and my first score is my main goal, an Alyssa upgrade! And compared to my previous shots it is night and day. Grab photo ops with pretty much everyone there. Also get autos from Tim Daly and and Sarah Wayne Callies. Had photos for Alyssa but her handler said on the way out. Also a punch was Justin Bartha cancelling. Already had him but printed photos for him. 

On exits I manage to get Alyssa to sign a cool shot of her being carried by Arnold (taken from the awesome movie Commando). As she is signing another for me the handler tells the people getting photo ops "one shot only" and she takes this as a queue to stop signing for me! WTF? But despite that I manage to pull teeth and get her to sign me one other 8x10 before being shut out. 

After this spot I go to another spot with Billy Bob Thornton and Chuck Leavell who was the keyboardist of the Allman Brothers during their peak. Already have Billy Bob so Chuck is my focus. I arrive and find out he is still in the building. That's good. After a little while I see him inside heading to the restaurant attached to the venue. I quickly enter to catch him before he sits at table. He is as nice as can be and does the photo op. 

Now I could have waited for Billy Bob or join Joresky and others for Kelley Deal of The Breeders. Since I wasn't sure what was up with Billy Bob I decided to got for Kelley. The show ended and I got a photo op with her and also Jason Narducy who is the inspiration for David Grohl. In hindsight though I wish I stayed for Billy Bob cause I could have upgraded to a no shades shot and gotten an autograph. 

Alyssa Milano

Full list of photo ops from that day

Signed 8x10s from the past two days

Caitlyn Jenner autograph

Next day I go to a spot for Kal Penn and Will Ferrell. I have Will but wanted a better shot plus autos. It lets out and sadly I'm not sure which side they're coming out from. Additionally they could have had a post show reception in the building. That combined with the event letting out later than expected, I decided to bail on this spot and join at another spot where I hope for better results. Going in we only see Dean Cain and Alan Ruck, both of which I have. But we heard that Matthew Modine and Lori Singer came in from the other side, both of which I need. So we all decide to wait for exits. When waiting for exits here is where Joresky is being an idiot. I told him we needed to be inside to see them directly walking out of the event, and they could even walk upstairs rather than come out to where we were, but he was too stubborn to listen. I went in there 2 minutes and immediately saw Mathew Modine. I altered Joresky and others on Mathew and they all got photo ops. I implored Joresky to come inside with me to increase our chances of seeing Lori Singer but yet was jut too yellow to listen to me

As a result we sadly never saw Lori Singer. I consider this day a bust. As Three Dog Night would say, ONE is the loneliest number. 

Matthew Modine

Dean Cain

Alan Ruck

Saturday, May 6, 2017

pre and post Chiller Theater meets

On the way to Chiller me and stop by to try and meet Ronny Cox. He was in awesome movies such as the first Robocop movie and the original Total Recall starring Arnold, among others. We were hoping to get him going in so we don't have to wait till after (as that would throw a wrench in our Chiller mooching plans). 

As we arrive we find out he is inside, but when he was finished with sound check we call for him and he comes over and does combos with us! Success! At that point I was so happy to be driving up to Chiller. 

Photo op


We then go to Chiller. See previous report. After resisting the urge to get the Perfect Strangers dual op Saturday afternoon, we bail on Chiller. 

Now there two spots close to one another. Both have people I need. One has Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens, and Gina Gershwin. The other has Ariel Winter, Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine), Chevy Chase, and Burt Reynolds. Of those I have both Ariel and Burt. But Ariel I got when she was only 13 so this is a worthy update. And Burt I wanted autographs. 

Unfortunately both spots were mega crowded and I couldn't get anything. I didn't have a good rail spot for the Hall/Dan/Gina event so I failed to get them. And at the the other event I got a shitty Ariel autograph. Burt signed a few in his car. Got some randoms in actresses Frances Fisher and Clea Duvall. Not huge but both have been in stuff I've watched so not too shabby. Clea did a photo op with Joresky then told me she'd be back in 15 minutes. 5 minutes later SHE walked up to ME and said "told you I'd be back".

Bailed to the next spot for another chance at Burt/Chevy/Ariel/Clark. As we are going we find out that Ariel and Clark did it for everyone when leaving. But thankfully we had another shot. 

At the new spot there was still a crowd. Burt didn't even come out of his car, Chevy came out and left without doing anything. I managed to update my Ariel shot and I got a combo and extra from Clark. 

Overall failure but didn't leave empty handed. My initial plan was to stay for two more days to try for Dustin Hoffman, but given how bad this day was I decided I would leave the next day instead.

As me and Joresky always say, when all else fails, go to the "easy" show spots. So we rush to make those spots. First is Chris Cooper. Despite being late I manage to grab a good railing spot. I get a combo from him. 

We then go to Sally Field. I have her but thought maybe I could get my Amazing Spiderman 2 poster signed. I mooched some "materials" for me and Joresky to use. The guard told us no photo ops to which Joresky uttered "baby killer" to me. When Sally came out Joresky managed to get her to do a full combo with him. When it was my turn she ignored my poster but signed the program. I ask for a selfie the guard yells no but she says do it while I'm signing. I ignore the guard and get a valid shot. Also got some other names at this spot but I either had them or they were barely valid. 

While Joresky was jumping with joy celebrating his victory, this wasn't much of a victory for me as I had the shot. I can't even call it an upgrade due to the hat she is wearing. We meet up with Martin. We walk to the bus station to use the bathroom. Joresky needed to collect his stuff from my car but Martin stayed at the bus station. I said my goodbyes to Martin and this would be the last time I ever saw or spoke to him in person. As we continued to walk to the car Joresky was still in happiness celebrating Sally Field. After I parted with Joresky I parked my car on the same street as the events that were a bust earlier in the day (as that was where my next endeavors were) and went to sleep. 

Sally Field

Chris Cooper

Clark Duke

Ariel Winter

Wake up, mooch a bathroom at Startbucks, and my main goal is a Susan Sarandon upgrade. I find out that Diane Kruger is due at that very same event. Yes! 

Susan Sarandon arrives and I get her to sign but have to truly plead and beg for the selfie. I get it but then this proves to be a wasted effort cause just after red carpet she does selfies no issue. Then after red carpet she was just walking down the street (to return to the event later)! Ugh the perils of combo hunting. At least his shot is a huge upgrade. Compared to my previous shots with her, it's night and day.

Diane Kruger arrived but she went in quick didn't even do red carpet. So I wait for exits and she finally comes out and I get a photo op. I also get a photo op with actress Sarah Ramos and some barely valids.

Next up is a spot for Martin Scorsese. I have a valid shot but I don't like my photo op. Plus I had 8x10s in the car I could get signed. I go and we line up. Lots of Masters are there and markedout member heelorton shows up with his lady friend. Radioman is also there. 

Sadly he comes in and does nothing for no one as he is running late. Apparently a cab flipped in front of him on the highway. So we have to wait till he leaves, but we find out he is not leaving anytime soon because he is staying for the movie! WTF. This left people unhappy. The bright side of this a lot of people from the audience did not want to wait so they left and this lessened the crowd. 

During that time a random girl wondered why we all had sad faces. Then she realized why (because Martin was taking his time inside). She also expressed interest in meeting Martin. But it was cold so she said she wanted to stay in Starbucks and asked if I could get her when the time came.

Finally the witching hour arrives. Everyone is lined up. I go to Starbucks and tell the girl it's time. She thanks me for this. Heelorton's lady friend is going off on me. I then tell her that my hope is she gets him in a photo op taking mood so that after she gets the op I jump in to get mine. She then lashes out on me saying "why would he take a picture with her? Cause she looks like a hooker". I look at her with this face and respond saying "basically, yes". Sadly, we will never know if my plan would have worked. Because as soon as Martin started signing and the guard said "one per person" the first 2-3 people didn't accept that and got multiples. Martin than ran off as most people got screwed

The girl took a selfie with me on her phone (and sent it to me) after which I left the city in utter disgust. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chiller Theater April 2017: Final Con with Martin

On May 2, 2017 I received news on the death of Martin Aaron Totten. This officially made Chiller Theater the last con I would ever attend with him and the second to last con that he would ever attend (he attended Hollywood Show in LA just 2-3 days before his death). 

Arrive at Chiller with and meet up with markedout member Overthetop. We are also joined by Martin, Heelorton, and later Gary G Watson.

Thanks to Joresky's vendor buddies we got vendor wristbands! I also gave them some autographs as a thank you for this and the RICC pass which was worth its weight in gold. 

My plan is to try and mooch as much as possible Friday, but I get Jan Michael Vincent, Tom Berenger, and Max Gail since I figure they would both have huge lines the next day and probably wouldn't be moochable. Turns out I would have been able to get all but Tom for free. PUNCH.

But I do mooch a bunch of names that I would have paid for, and of course get blown off by some names. 

We call it and go to the hotel that Martin booked. Joresky slept on the floor while I slept in the car. 

Jan-Michael Vincent

Peter Riegert

Tom Berenger

Full list of Chiller Day 1

The next day I mooch some breakfast then go to the con. Thankfully I am splitting most of my photo ops with Martin, which saved me a ton of money. Additionally Christopher Neame and Carol Lynley were free. As was Bill Diamond. Also split Barbara Hershey with Jizzy James. Sadly a lot of people I wanted cancelled, such as David Soul (Hutch) and Chad Channing of Nirvana.

Between mooching the prior evening, free shots, skipping a couple of people, resisting the Perfect Strangers group op (I have them individually), all the cancellations, and all the splits I was able to make it through Chiller. 

Also in hindsight glad I went to Scares That Care mainly for Elpidia Carrillo. Cause she was one of the cancellations. She possibly cancelled due to not doing very much business at that con though at Chiller I'm sure she would have done better. 

Xander Berkeley was a significant name for me because he practically completes my Terminator 2: Judgement Day cast! He played John Conner's foster dad. 

I finally paid for Richard Grieco as I failed to mooch him both in Rhode Island and the prior evening. 

The method in which the Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) photo op was obtained is a story in itself and even involved Martin. It was early Saturday and naturally I'm sticking with Martin as we are splitting many shots. 

Martin runs into a female friend of his. When we are introduced she is immediately all over me and we even kiss as she says she'll see me again. Throughout the day, I see her randomly a few times as I'm running about at Chiller. Whenever we did anything Joresky simply turns his back and walks away.

Now it turns out that Paul is pro op only. Joresky says the pro op is 12pm. I believe him. Turns out it's 11am and we miss the pro op. Joresky is in major chores mode and miserable for like 2 hours. I even tried to go in the room and plead my case saying he had the timing wrong and we won't be here the next day but they basically say too bad too sad and if they do it for us they have to do for all. Wow I can't believe it's that difficult to give people money! This is money they wouldn't see otherwise!

Then later on I randomly see that same woman who had the hots for me talking to Paul in the hallway. She is flirting with him and he obviously is into her. He then goes into his room. From there I see an opportunity. I call Joresky to tell him to come towards the Starsky and Hutch room if he wants that Paul photo op. He is arguing with me saying he's not in his room and I just hang up as I continue explain the woman our situation. I ask her if she could convince him to take a table op with us and that we would pay money for it and we're not even looking for a freebie. 

Joresky arrives and is still bitching and moaning saying Starsky's not in even his room. I tell him to stop arguing with me. The woman then says she needs to find a pen and to wait for her. I then give her my black sharpie. She writes down her number on a card, she goes into the room and gives her number to Paul. She also explains our situation to him, then I step in and plead. Finally they agree and they ask for money. There was a slight miscommunication because they thought we wanted the dual with Antonio Fargas but we wanted only Paul. However at this point we had to go with the flow. Security guards block the room so no one else sees any photo ops happen. Joresky hands his money and gives his camera. I am getting ready to hand the money for my shot and they demand "one photo only". Refusing my cash? Good for me! I then run around the table and go to the other side of Paul. The shot is taken! Victory! 

In hindsight Joresky's misinformation worked out so well. Because 1) I only paid 50% of what the pro op would have cost as Joresky would not have split and I had no one to split with 2) I didn't have to deal with pro op and jpeg migraines and 3) I got a good story out of it. 

Truly a win/win/win/win on all fronts! 

To boot, I unintentionally got a Paul/Antonio dual op. So now I can display it that way or crop out just a Paul shot. 

Bai Ling

Xander Berkeley

Richard Grieco

Dolores Hart

Paul Michael Glaser

Barbara Hershey

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