Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rhode Island Comic Con weekend 2014

Finally, I get to report on my final con of 2014. Just like last year RICC impressed me with its array of rare guests that you hardly see elsewhere. John Rhys-Davies from Lord of the Ring, a bunch of lower tier Star Wars guests that I've never seen elsewhere, and even some key Power Rangers guests, among other things. 


The weekend starts Friday on Halloween night in NYC where me and hope to find some Halloween parties full of celebrities. But first we go to a spot where it's a little more guaranteed. First spotting by Joresky is a random in Celia Weston. Then Bill Pullman comes out. I have so many photo ops with him I didn't bother for another, but I got my photos signed. Me and Joresky had the same photo from Independence Day and he made it a point to sign them both in the worst spot for each of us 

Next up is actress Holly Hunter, a fresh meet for me. She came out with a scarf and took that off for photo ops, signed for us, but didn't sign more than one. Didn't bother to beg cause if the celeb does at least one full combo not worth the effort to beg. 

Finally Richard Chamberlain comes out and signs my photos no problem and I get another photo op with him. 

Since we had the timing wrong we had to wait out in the cold more than we wanted to, but all in all this spot is a sweeping success. 

We scouted out a possible Halloween spot for celebrities but didn't see much. In any case it was raining pretty bad so we called it a night. 

Holly Hunter (Thirteen, The Incredibles, among others)

Full list of photo ops



In this day we are joined by's Greg2600 and Gary G Watson. We drive to Rhode Island and arrive there later than hoped. But we found free parking. A good start. 

After a successful mooch, me and Gary G enter RICC. I got NO autographs at this con so anything listed is photo op only. 

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa: The first stop after entry. He played Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat movie. 

Karen Ashley: The second yellow Power Ranger. 

David Fielding: Another Power Ranger guest.  

Austin St John: The original Red Ranger! Took a shot with and without the helmet. 

Michael Kingma: He played the Wookie Tarfful in Revenge of the Sith

Ralph Brown: Had a role in Phantom Manace. 

Mark Dodson: He voiced Salacious Crumb in Return of the Jedi, also voiced Gremlins. Did me the Salacious laugh in person when doing the photo op, which was awesome. 

Gerald Home: Mon Calamari in Return of the Jedi. Got a FREE photo op. 

Femi Taylor: She played Oola in Return of the Jedi. Good lower Star Wars name that has eluded me. 

Brian Muir: He sculpted some of the Star Wars props including Darth Vader's helmet. Wasn't planning to paying for him but he did FREE photo ops. 

Katrina Law: Nyssa al Ghul in Arrow. After I got the photo op she takes a selfie with me (which she also did with others apparently). 

Terry Carter: From Battlestar Galactica. Was hooked by Gary G with a FREE photo op. 

Rebecca Mader: She played the wicked witch of the west in Once Upon a Time. 

Finally it was time for John Rhys-Davies from Lord of the Ring. He was sadly pro only, but I split it with Joresky. 

John Rhys-Davies

Full list of RICC photo ops

After this it back to NYC for some more meets. Our first stop was a spot for Rose Byrne. Ufnortunately this spot was met with a punch in the face. We remembered another spot with Forest Whitaker, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Stipe. But since we remembered too late we decided to stick this one out Rose Byrne came out with Bobby Cannavale! I got Rose to sign my magazine and photo, but sadly failed to get a Bobby photo op. 

Last spot for the evening, and unfortunately it is ultra cold and windy, I get some photo ops but nothing too great. I wanted to upgrade my Chris Rock photo op and get some autographs, but he did nothing going in or out. Prince was supposed to show up but didn't. 

After Chris Rock did nothing I decided it wasn't worth staying out in the cold for this spot. So I went in the car. 

Full list of NYC Saturday photo ops

Rose Byrne autographs


First I wanted to try to get upgraded shots with Carol Burnett and  Brian Dennehy. As I arrive I unfortunately find out I missed Carol who went in another way. While waiting Daniel Sunjata is spotted across the street. We get photo ops though I already had him. Then Brian shows up and I get a photo op. 

After this we chill and grab some dollar pizza as we gear up for the next round. 

First spot is a spot for Cynthia Nixon and Ewan McGregor. Joresky wanted Ewan, and I wanted Cynthia. From what we knew, Cynthia comes out the back and Ewan the front. I waited for Cynthia at the railing in the back while Joresky waited for Ewan. 

What happens, Cynthia comes out the front Wow what a big blow in the face!

After this I rush to a spot for actress Joely Richardson. Thankfully she comes out and we get her no issue. 

After this back to the Rose Byrne spot to get Joresky a good photo op and to check if Bobby comes out. Sadly no luck on Bobby. Checked out a spot for Josh Radnor and Gretchen Mol but we were too late. 

At this point we bought some dollar pizza and headed out.

I consider the post RICC portion a bust. While I did not leave empty handed, what I did get was not worth all that time, effort, and cold. I suppose you can't always hit a home run 

Joely Richardson

Full list of photo ops for Sunday

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Post Chiller NYC meets

Note: If you haven't already please see my Chiller report. 


After Chiller we all head to NYC. First spot we are trying for Brian Dennehy and Carol Burnett. While waiting we see Tracy Ullman come out, but I have a valid shot with her already. Brian comes out and does combos, I get a combo and an extra from him. Unfortunately Carol snuck out. 

Next up is a spot for Rose Byrne. I needed autographs from her. While waiting I get Mark Linn-Baker to sign a Perfect Strangers photo and he goes "oh look what you got". I get a photo op with actress Elizabeth Ashley and others. Unfortunately Rose Byrne snuck out as well! 

Next up a spot where I could upgrade my John Lithgow photo op. Played the waiting game and got the photo op.  

The last spot for the evening was a spot for Jim Carrey, Iggy Azalea, among others. For the most part the spot is slow photo op wise, though I do get a photo with Jennifer Westfeldt. Never had a solo shot with her. 

Jim Carrey arrives and shit hits the fan! He is crowded and you REALLY had to fight your way for an autograph. Luckily I had a photo op from before. He was remembering faces and making sure people get one per. Despite that I manage to plead for two! I got him on my Mask laserdisc that I got Peter Greene to sign earlier in the day, AND I get him on my WWE CS Andy Kaufman figure! One grapher even told me "how did you manage to get two"

On the way out Jim Carrey signs again, and I manage to get him on my Mr Popper's Penguins poster. Wow, THREE Jim Carrey autographs! That felt really good! 

Iggy was a no show. But at least I have a photo op with her. The other significant happening at this spot was John Corbett from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. He was barely posing but when he posed for me and my other crew member I quickly handed my camera to to take the shot, but he screwed it up as it came blurry

He was complaining about his shot, and while he may have cut off the top of the guy's head, he had a nice crisp shot (which he had gotten before attempting mine). So the Jim Carrey victory was sadly blemished with that punch in the face. 

John Lithgow 

John Corbett

Full list of photo ops for Saturday night

Signed 8x10s

Jim Carry signed poster and figure (as always it's hard to take a good shot of the autograph on the figure, but it looks fine in person)

Signed Mask laserdisc, two autographs in one day! 


This day starts with a spot for Rupert Grint. I see him and they rush him in. Unfortunately they are being real  at that spot, saying we can't stand and none of the actors will stop. They were essentially trying to kick us out of the sidewalk. We went down the street and waited, then saw actor F. Murray Abraham and I got a photo op with him. He also signed for others. While I failed in my main target, right there the statement "none of the cast will stop" was proven false and I did get a photo op I wanted. 

Next up a spot for actor Michael Sheen. We run into member Boyardee. While the wait for this was a lot more than I would have wanted it to be, he finally came out and was nice as can be. Also got an upgrade shot with Sarah Silverman. 

The last spot for the evening was a star studded one. Some names included Robert DeNiro, Liam Neeson, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Sting and more. It was a mad house and when it let out shit REALLY hit the fan. Photo ops were impossible for the big names sadly it was impossible to know in advance that all these people would be here so I had nothing to get signed by anyone. I could have had autographs if I had stuff. Sting and Billy Joel did sign, and somebody got Springsteen by chasing him five blocks. He came back sweating and breathing heavily, but he was victorious. 

Despite that, I did manage to get some scores from this spot. Got Bill Pullman no cap upgrade and first time photo ops in Sarah Paulson and Fisher Stevens. 

Full list of Sunday photo ops

Chiller Theater October 2014

I used to rarely go to Chiller. Once every two years or once every year at the most. But lately Chiller has been delivering good lineups, and this past October was no exception. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending how one looks at things, they have more people than can be afforded, so I had to use the S&M technique to go through Chiller. S&M of course meaning split and mooch. And this is exactly how I got through Chiller. Splitting and mooching photo ops. Let us begin this trek, which was joined by  and one other friend. 


Teri Garr: split a photo op

Cindy Williams: got a full combo from her but negotiated it for less than what it was. Got her to complete my Laverne and Shirley photo.  

Marion Ross: Figured I had two people from Happy Days (Cindy and Fonz) might as well get her. I split a photo op. 

Tony Orlando: Awesome guest in my opinion, known for hits like Candida, Knock Three Times, and Tie a Yellow Ribbon. Split a photo op. Half regret not getting an autograph. 

Joe Pantoliano: Since he was in some movies I've watched I split a photo op

Peter Kent: Arnold's double. Got a free photo op at his table! 

Traci Lords: Already had a photo op but she is wearing a police cap masking part of her head. So I split a photo op and hence upgraded. 

Tatum O Neal: Upgraded to no shades. Split that photo op. Figured for a split why not. 

Ashley Laurence: I keep missing her as she keeps cancelling out. Finally got her though her no flash rule sucks. Her handlers seemed to be begging people to pay for her. Saying things like "cmon just try". I got a photo via my phone and split that. It looked half decent on the phone as opposed to total garbage with a flashless camera. 

Louise Fletcher: Second billing on the classic "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Got a photo op. 

Haruo Nakajima: The original Godzilla suit actor! His photo op was free with an autograph purchase. Got him to sign my criterion blu ray of the original 1954 Godzilla! He is old so very happy to have met him. 

Tsutomu Kitagawa: Another Godzilla suit actor. I mooched that photo op at this table. But failed to mooch the third Godzilla suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma. 

Shinji Nishikawa: A Godzilla artist. Did free photo ops at his table. 

After Chiller ended, mooched more photo ops! Karyn Parsons from Fresh Prince, actress Jodi Lyn-O'Keefe, singer Debby Boone, Ralph Carter and Bern Nadette Stanis from Good Times, Peter Robins (Charlie Brown), Jason Simmons and Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch, Christopher Young, Jimmy McNichol, Kenpachiro Satsuma (Godzilla suit actor that I failed to mooch earlier), Janette Goldstein from Terminator 2, Ian Lloyd, and The Cowsills. 

For the Cowsills at first I was getting a photo ops with the two males then they actually called over the female to come in the photo op. How awesome was that? 

This ended Friday night at Chiller. Asian Dave arrive and offered us his room. While I appreciated the offer, there was no way I could sleep in the same room and Joresky due to his intense snoring. I rather get sound sleep in the car than not sleep in a room. As it turned out I slept like a baby. It was really good to get some nice sound sleep. 

Teri Garr (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Mr Mom, among others)

Tony Orlando (Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, Knock Three Times)

Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Louise Fletcher (One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest)

Original Godzilla suit actor, Haruo Nakajima (first ever 1954 Godzilla movie, King Kong vs Godzilla, among others)

Friday photo ops part 1

Friday photo ops part 2


First off thanks to Joresky for mooching me a waffle from the hotel's breakfast buffet, and thanks to Asian Dave for mooching me bagels from the same buffet. Appreciated the food as I would have gone hungry all day rather than pay for overpriced food at Chiller. And I couldn't move my car to go somewhere as I would have lost my parking spot. 

Saturday meets start with Baywatch actors. 

David Chokachi: Split a photo op

Jeremy Jackson: Even though I mooched him the night before I didn't like my shot. So I got another

Corinne ClĂ©ry: French actress who was a bond girl. Split a photo op. 

Bess Motta: From the first Terminator movie. Split a photo op

Peter Robbins: He remembered us from the night before. I chose to get an autograph from him because Charlie Brown is so iconic and the photo he had was from the Christmas Special. He also did free photo ops. 

Debbie Gibson: Got a photo op

Rebel: Got a photo op

Hulk Hogan: Surprisingly, I had no ideal shot with him. I keep putting it off due to time and cost, but I thought to rectify this at Chiller since I had some time. Unfortunately there were two ways to get a photo op. Pay $100 for the full combo, or $80 for the pro op. I found someone who was in line who only wanted the autograph (which cost $70 by itself). He got the full combo and charged me $50. Then I split that in half with Joresky. Got a nice standing shot, red "Hulk Rules" shirt and red bandanna, crucifix in full view, and no shades! Can't ask for too much better when it comes to Hulk Hogan photo ops. Of course I had to plead for him to stand, which he did. Plus it's always awesome shaking Hulk Hogan's hands. I've met so many celebrities over the years but he's one of the few I can still feel star struck around. 

After this me and Joresky got free photos with artists Ed Repka and Squindo. Then I got a photo op with Cherie Curie from The Runaways. 

Just chatting with Asian Dave and Greg2600 from markedout they spotted Peter Greene from The Mask! I chased him down to the elevator and got a photo op. 

Later he was smoking outside, I called Joresky to get the shot and I ran to my car to get my Mask laserdisc signed! His wife goes "wow did you just randomly have that in the car?". Yes and no. I was planning to get Jim Carrey later that evening but it's also among the random things I keep in my car. 

The trek at Chiller ended with splitting a photo op with Joyce Randolph from the Honeymooners. 

It was a very fruitful con. Pricey as always but with improvisation it was able to be moved into the affordable realm. And it was good seeing everybody. 

Hulk Hogan

Peter Robbins (original voice actor who portrayed Charlie Brown)

lead vocalist of The Runaways, Cherie Currie (hello daddy, hello mom, I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb)

Peter Greene (Dorian Tyrell in The Mask)

Joyce Randolph (The Honeymooners) 

Saturday photo ops

Chiller autographs 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comedy related names in October

No rest for the weary, a week after NYCC and a week before Chiller, was an event featuring Jay Leno and other comedians. No extravagant names were listed to be there, but I had two top wants for this event, namely Jay Leno and Wanda Sykes. I had a plane on Wanda, but decided to just try everyone at the event rather than go early to the airport. 

The day started slow even getting blown off by Al Madrigal  and would remain slow for a while. I got Seth Myers to sign but not much else. Finally the first major name arrives, Wanda Sykes who does a combo with me but gives me a hard time for extras. Luckily I had some people help me out on that front. It was a good feeling because after all that time waiting around I got my #2 want. 

Then comes Kristin Chenoweth who is known to be nasty, BUT here she was doing photo ops. I got a photo op but wait, some asshole photo bombed me!He even told her so happily "I messed it up, give him another". I tried taking another shot with her but she is looking down She refused to do a third op then I yelled and screamed and cursed the guy out and said I'd punch his face if it didn't get me kicked out of here! I was literally breathing and fuming at the guy and cursing him out! His best defense was "at least I tried to get you another" 

One might argue why make such a big deal about a Kristin Chenoweth photo op. But simply put not getting a photo op decreases fruitfulness, and I am putting in time and effort not because I want to have a good time, not because it's good for my health, but for fruitfulness. And as unpredictable as this kind of activity is is, there are enough obstacles in your face WITHOUT idiots like that deliberately ruining things for you

That being said, I did manage to photoshop him out and make it look good. I'll showcase this at the end of the report. 

When Jay Leno finally arrives he accommodates everyone! I manage to get a shot plus 3 photos done! Besides him I get Seth Myers again along with Kevin Eubanks, JB Smoove, Jimmy Fallon, and even Al Madrigal who remembered blowing me off and said he'd do it now. HCIT. 

Jerry Seinfeld also arrived. While he was getting his stuff from the car he looked at me straight as if he remembered me from our previous encounter. When he started signing for people he did only a few autographs, I yell "Jerry one here please" and as a result I was one of the lucky few recipients of Jerry Seinfeld autographs. He then goes "thanks guys" and leaves after signing a few. This completed my combo with him. 

Chelsea Handler did nothing for no one as expected. 

The final person we were expecting was Garth Brooks, but he came in a way that we had no access to. Not a big deal as I had him already. After this I decided to call it an evening, which in hindsight was a good decision as those who stayed for exits didn't do very well. 

All in all a successful day as I got two photo ops I wanted and then some. 

Now to showcase Kristin Chenoweth:

Take one, with the photobomb 

Take two, she is looking down, and the guy STILL tried to photobomb!

And this is the first shot photoshopped. I am actually pretty proud of this photoshop job.  

Monday, November 24, 2014


In early October before NYCC I had a few meets. Let us explore them. 

On the first day of October, 80s rock band Asia had a concert and actress Kim Cattrall was doing an event. My first stop was Kim Catrall (Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, Sex and the City, among others). I arrive and we are just two graphers. We wait but never see her. Unfortunately upon Twitter research I find out she went to the event early to do interviews. A bad start. So we have to wait till the event ends. 

While waiting I see Nancy Pelosi and try to get an upgrade but failed on that front. 

Then from a distance I see someone wearing the same dress I saw on twitter. I yell for her and jackpot! It's her! I manage to get a full combo and extra. Success. 

Photo op


After this sweeping success I decide I'm going to try for Asia leaving. They are probably best known for this song

Three members of the band are original. And I had the first album on me. 

As I arrive there were other graphers and apparently they got everyone in the band earlier in the day, including the lead singer 

So now I had to try my luck leaving. First person to leave was lead singer John Wetton and current member Sam Coulson. Sadly they go right in the van. I rush to the next spot and John Wetton just goes to his hotelwhile Sam of course is happy to do photo ops. So far a big bust! 

Back to the venue, drummer Carl Palmer comes out and does nothing. We ask if he would do it at the art show he implied that we would get it there. 

Last person in the venue is keyboardist Geoff Downes. We wait and still nada. There's no security so I just mooch my way inside via the side door, and while inside I see Geoff and get a combo from him. When I exit one other person waiting says I'm a fool and idiot and deserve to get my ass beat for entering. I point out that I may be a fool and idiot, but I'm a fool and idiot that succeeded to get the combo. 

Now to the art show for Carl. We sit and listen to him talking about his art. There was one guy who bought a painting and was literally in tears as he got to meet Carl. Wow just wow I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Finally it ends and I manage to get a combo from him. 

Eventually after the art show both Geoff and Sam enter. So essentially I could have had the 3 I got right there and then. Damn 

Sadly, there are no signs of singer John Wetton. My only chance at him was to wait till morning until he leaves and hope to get him then. The prospect of spending the next 7-15 hours in the car to possibly not get him did not seem very enticing to me. So I decided to give up. 

Hindsight is 20/20 I could have gone for Asia early in the day then gotten Kim Catrall in the evening and gone home. Would have been the perfect storm as I would have had John

Or I could have gotten Kim Catrall as I did and just gone to the art show and had everything I ended up with when it was over. But sadly given how volatile and unpredictable this jobby (yes, jobby) actually is, you never really know the best itinerary until after the fact 


Three days later me and decide to venture into Philladelphia to try for The Bangles. They are probably best known for songs like "Walk Like an Egyptian", "Manic Monday", and "Eternal Flame".

We arrive at the venue and the setup is horrible. A front door, a back door, and a parking lot. We later found out that the parking lot is where everyone is going to exit. Singer Susanna Hoffs exits and does nothing for no one. 

Now our only hope lies in the other band members Debbi Peterson and Vicki Peterson. We wait and they finally come out. Thankfully they are as accommodating as one could be  They do multi combos with everyone waiting. I get the photo ops and my items signed by both. 

After this partial success, we go to Taco Bell then leave. Joresky loses his phone. We go back to Taco Bell and find it on the ground. It was nothing short of a miracle that when I left the place and when the next car parked in my spot, that no wheels ran over that phone. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

New York Comic Con week 2014 report part 2

This report begins with the first day we attend NYCC


This day begins at NYCC, or as some have called it, panel con. Despite its nature we still manage to extract some good fruits out of that event. 

The top want for the day is Lucy Lawless AKA Xena: Warrior Princess. She is not going to be at her booth till later, so we worry about other things. We attend the panel for the movie "Young Ones". The celebrities who were here for Young Ones included Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon, Kodi Smit-McPhee and director Jake Paltrow. The goal was combos with everyone except Hoult who I only needed on the poster they gave out for free. 

The panel ends, shit hits the fan and everyone rushes to the stage. I manage to get Michael Shannon to sign both the poster and the Man of Steel magazine that I have. Unfortunately in the chaos ink smudged in the page, but the autograph is unaffected. I got Kodi combo, Jake combo, and as they were being rushed I manage to plead for a Shannon photo op and a Hoult autograph. I'm happy with the Michael Shannon upgrade because he was wearing a hat covering most of his head in my shot. This wasn't easy and was chaotic so I'm fortunate to have done as well as I did. A good start to NYCC. 

I then rush to the Epic photo ops are to get my Jennifer Morrison shot. Next up me and Joresky attend a free signing of The Librarians. The cast included Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, John Kim and Lindy Booth. I needed extra autographs from Rebecca and combos with the rest. Unfortunately they started cracking down on photo ops and extras as we were approaching the line, so sacrifices had to be made. We wanted a Christian Kane photo op the most. So we chose to sacrifice the Rebecca extras and Lindy Booth photo op. We got the autographs from Rebecca and Lindy (on the photo they provided) then we got to Christian and got the full combo no issue. Then snagged a full combo with John Kim just because.  

After this the next series of photo ops I got were Karl Urban, Stephen Amell, Manu Benette, Lucy Lawless, and former Ramones drummer Marky Ramone. 

When I went to the Stephen Amell photo op line to try and find somebody to split with me. I go down the line and find someone willing to do it. This is actually the second time ever I find a total stranger to agree to split with me, and most people are afraid to do it for whatever reason. But it gets even weirder. This guy didn't want my payment. 

After me and Joresky got the Lucy Lawless photo op he then left to an event that had music names I either had or had no interest in. So I stayed in NYCC in an attempt to get Michael Keaton and Ed Norton at their panels. As the panel was going on, I used a lot of stealth to mooch my way into that room. I got in, victory! Unfortunately this effort would be for nothing because as soon as the panel ended they bolted out  I then grabbed some free Birdman posters, and this ended my time at NYCC for Friday. 

I went to the next spot where I was hoping to see Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, and other actors. Unfortunately when I arrive the spot seems to have already peaked. But I saw someone taking photo ops and I had no idea who it was at the time. He was super friendly and I got a shot. It turned out to be a decent score, director Spike Jonze. 

On to the other side of the building where stars were exiting. There was a crowd. I then see Vanessa and two of NYC's top graphers rush car. I'm invited to join them. I figure I can't go wrong in a car with an entourage of that caliber. But to show you how there are no rules when it comes to this, even they fucked up and it was a total dud. Had I stayed put where I was I would have had a photo op or two. Wow what a bust. In terms of tactics I made what seemed like a good decision, stick with the best. But in hindsight I should have stayed put. Also goes to show you how unpredictable and volatile combo hunting is, even the best of the best have bad moments. 

After more barren time I decide to join Joresky to get Duff McKagan. I had him already but wanted an upgrade shot plus an autograph. Unfortunately traffic hinders me and I arrive too late. I pick up Joresky and we go to the final spot for the evening. As soon as we arrive we see 
Sienna Miller but unfortunately she says on the way out. 

Upon more waiting Steve Carrel comes up and I get an upgrade shot with him (he has a cap in my shot).

After I learnt that Bradley Cooper is in the building I rush to my car to get the photos I have randomly in my car. Unfortunately as I arrive Bradley is signing and I miss that chance to complete my combo with him. Bradley Cooper autographs is something I can never seem to score for whatever reason. I also missed Mark Ruffalo leaving but I have a photo op with him and had nothing on me so I missed nothing on that front. I then quickly snag a Sienna Miller photo op as kept her word and did photo ops. 

Lots of ups and downs for the day, but overall I would say success! 

Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd, among others)

Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time)

Lucy Lawless AKA Xena: Warrior Princess

Stephen Amell AKA Oliver Queen/The Arrow

Former drummer of the Ramones, Marky Ramone (I Wanna Be Sedated)

Michael Shannon (General Zod in Man of Steel)

Sienna Miller (GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

Steve Carrell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Despicable Me 1&2, Dinner for Schmucks, among others)

Full list of Friday photo ops part 1

Full list of Friday photo ops part 2

Friday autographs


Back to NYCC. This day we would be joined at NYCC by Vanessa. Joresky won free autograph tickets for Robot Chicken and Rick and Morty. But sadly I won neither one. 

I also go to the Marvel booth to try and win tickets to the Daredevil signing, but sadly I didn't get a winning ticket. I won some sort of lame prize like a discount ticket to some merch, but I gave that away to someone who has seemingly happy to get it. 

After he picked up his tickets we got a photo op with Gillian Anderson. Already had her but this is a MAJOR upgrade. Sadly she looked a lot hotter the day before, so I was a little disappointed. I reserved my spot in the Powers signings and also in the Black Sails signing (thanks to Mr Notorious from for the latter). Joresky then went to the Robot Chicken signing and I joined him. They were checking tickets but all I needed was a photo op with Clare Grant who I constantly fail to get every year. While the handler was saying no posed shot I gave him my camera and asked if he could take my shot with just Clare. While Joresky is getting his Robot Chicken stuff done I score my Clare Grant over the table shot! VICTORY WAS MINE! 

Now over to the Powers signing, despite security screaming no photo ops we clean swept combos with Noah Taylor, Olesya Rulin, Logan Browning, Susan Heyward, Brian Michael Bendis, and Eddie Izzard! Another victory! 

Next up was Rick and Morty. I mooched into the line with Joresky and again, clean swept combos with everyone! Namely Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, and Sarah Chalke (Roseanne). 

Now on to the Black Sails signing. The plan was to go to that then to a Bill Nye panel. Unfortunately the singing started late and it was impossible to do both. We had a backup plan for Nye, namely the signing. At the Black Sails signing it was another clean sweep of combos! Toby Stephens (the main villain in the James Bond movie Die Another Day), Zach McGowen, Luke Arnold, Hannah New, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Toby Schmitz, and producers Robert Levine and Jon Steinberg. This sweeping victory came with a punch in the face unfortunately. The line for the Bill Nye signing was already capped 

While Joresky is getting is Star Trek TNG cast photo op, I wait with Vanessa at the Marvel booth. Watching all these people go up to the signing was painful. They even let a little girl in the signing just for being a little girl. While waiting we see comic book writer/artist Joe Quesada. He does photo ops no problem. Then I find a credit card on the floor. I pick it up. I then ask one of the security guys at the Marvel booth if his name is Michael. He says yes I'm Michael. I tell him he lost his card, and he was ever so grateful. I ask him "does that mean I get to go in the signing" he goes "YES, that means you get to go to the signing". I went underneath the ropes into the line and Vanessa's reaction on the miracle that I pulled off was this face 

In order to help Vanessa out I tell the guy "could you also please take care of my girl" and the guy says he will. So I go through the line I ask for my first photo op with producer Jeph Loeb and someone says "no photo op" but Jeph agrees to it. I then score combos with producer Steven S DeKnight and actors Vincent D'Onofrio (The Kingpin), Deborah Ann Woll, Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and Elden Henson. Since I have Ben Affleck that means I now have both live action Daredevils. 

When I was done a TV screw took me aside and interviewed me about my experience and asked me other general questions while I showcased my signed poster. Apparently I may be in the promos for the TV show. So look out for that! After I was done with the interview I found out Vanessa went through the line so that was good to hear. Vanessa wanted to get The Hurricane. So I looked up the booth number and we went there. She asked me if I would split the photo op with her and I did it as a nice gesture to her and also because he was fully suited and masked so it was a cool shot. 

After this we all go down to see if we could mooch our way into the Bill Nye line, but they were REALLY micromanaging the line. Sadly it seemed like we would not get Bill Nye. We even pleaded to some staff members but no dice. Another crushing defeat came in the fact that we found out that Robert Smigel AKA Triumph the Insult Comic was just walking around but we found that out when it was too late. 

Also, Joresky spotted Jack McBrayer AKA Fix-It Felix walk around to go to the back room area, I tried to chase him down for a photo op but was unsuccessful. 

The last stop for Saturday at NYCC was the room where Mike Tyson was going to do his panel. Scored photo ops with both Judith Roberts and Amy Sedaris leaving. Then we all mooched into the Mike Tyson panel which Vanessa wanted to attend. After it was done I scored a photo op with Rachel Ramras and Vanessa managed to score Mike Tyson but I wasn't able to get that upgrade shot.

Another grueling yet mostly successful day at NYCC was in the books. We head over to a spot where Walking Dead actors were going to be at. Unfortunately it was a mad house. But I manage to get an Andrew Lincoln autograph. 

Next up Vanessa got info where Michael Keaton and Emma Stone were eating. Unfortunately the condition set by the person who had the info was that we had to relinquish to him any autographs we got. We refused since we had photo ops with them, so I just dropped Vanessa off at the spot and me and Joresky went to "easier" spots. In hindsight that was a horrible decision cause Vanessa got a PERFECT Michael Keaton where he looks like Bruce Wayne 

First spot we try for Rose Byrne. I got a perfect shot with her but wanted to try for autographs. While waiting James Earl Jones waves at the crowd. This would be a painful thing for me to see - IF I didn't already have a combo with him. Mark Linn-Baker comes out and I had a photo for him to sign, he said it was a nice photo. I marked out as I yelled "cousin Larry" to him which made him smile. 
The other names we got there were names and we later found out Rose Byrne no showed at the spot

If I didn't have Mark Linn-Baker this would have been a huge success. But since I had him it wasn't. On to the next spot for Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin. They took forever to come out that many people gave up and left which allowed us to get prime railing spots. Unlike his douche bag of a brother Kieran was friendly and posed. But Cera acted weird and would stand away or look away as he said "take it". But I managed to jump close to him and get a valid shot. 

The last spot for the evening was a spot for Bill Hader. We weren't expecting to see much, but boy did this spot flourish with random celebrities. Seth Rogen came in but didn't bother since I had him and wanted to give Joresky the shot. Leaving I got an upgrade shot (he was wearing a cap in my previous shot). Upgraded my shots with Steven Yeun and Robert Kirkman from walking dead. Paul Rudd, Sebastian Stan, Edward Norton, and Kristen Wiig did basically nothing. Rudd and Stan I have already, but needed Wiig and Norton. Though Norton is always an asshole. Another heart breaking rejection for me was Zach Galifianakis who used "social media" as an excuse for not doing photo ops. However I still had my Hangover photos handy cause of Bradley Cooper randomly showing up the night before, and he happily signed my 8x10. Would have much rather had the photo op though. 

The last person in the spot that I still needed a photo op with was Jack McBrayer who I failed to get at NYCC. I was dead set on this one so I waited it out even after all graphers left and even Joresky went to the car to nap. The spot let out, the doors were closing, I see a bunch of people come out at like 5am and still no signs of Jack! WTF! Did I miss him in exits? The workers were already putting the tables and chairs away. Then finally I see him. He was literally the last non-staff member to leave the restaurant! I ask for a photo op and I get it. My reaction was this face 

Since Vanessa wanted to attend NYCC with us in a few hours, she chose to crash in the car as well. We parked close to NYCC and got some VERY much needed sleep. 

Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully in the X-Files)

Toby Stephens (Die Another Day, Black Sails)

Charlie Cox (Daredevil in the Daredevil netflix tv series)

Vincent D'Onofrio (The Kingpin in the Daredevil netflix tv series)

Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page in the Daredevil netflix tv series)

Jack McBrayer (Fix-It-Felix in Wreck-It Ralph)

Seth Rogen

Full list of Saturday NYCC photo ops part 1

Full list of Saturday NYCC photo ops part 2

Fill list of Saturday NYC photo ops part 1

Fill list of Saturday NYC photo ops part 2

NYCC autographs part 1

NYCC autographs part 2

NYC autographs part 1

NYC autographs part 2


Again, the day starts off with NYCC. Since I was still feeling the blow of missing out on Bill Nye the prior day, I was dead set on making it to the American Dad signing before that got capped off. Thankfully we make the signing. 

When it starts they're of course yelling no photo ops but I snag photo ops with everyone as they're yelling. Swept combos with producers Brian Boyle and Matt Weitzman and voice actors Wendy Schaal, Rachael MacFarlane, Scott Grimes, and Dee Bradley Baker. Upon leaving I sadly realized that I fucked up my photo ops with Brian and Matt. The first one was so blurry it's garbage, the second I'm looking away from the camera. Thankfully the ones with the voice actors came out fine that's the important thing. 

After this success we go upstairs to the booths for a free signing with Steve Wilkos, head of security for the Jerry Springer show. Got a free signed lunch box and a photo op. After this we got free photo ops with Gary Sohmers, host of PBS’s Antiques Roadshow and Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma and creator the Toxic Avenger. 

Now there was a Bret Hart signing for his Simpsons action figure at the NECA booth. Vanessa wanted to meet Bret, unfortunately they said they stopped selling the figures. Vanessa was upset about that but I checked back later and they began selling them again. Both Vanessa and Joresky ended up getting him. 

There was also a photo op session with the cast of the Thrilling Adventure Hour but we had the timing wrong and missed that. 

The last stop at NYCC was a Jerry Springer signing. Thankfully he was nice as can be. He handed out a free cape which I had him sign, a free 8x10 which he signed and personalized for everyone, AND I had two 8x10s of my own which I got him to sign, plus the photo op. Wow why can't all celebrities be that nice and stress free. Good overall name and extra good name for me due to his appearances on RAW. Hell, there was even a Weird Al song about him. 

After Springer we left the convention. I was so damn tiered from running around all these days that I didn't check updates to NYCC since I wanted to get out of there so bad. And for that I got a punch in the face. We missed a panel with Josh Duhamel who did photo ops there 

After NYCC we head to a spot for Callie Thorne (TVs Rescue Me), Elizabeth Reaser (Twilight). Get Callie plus a couple of  names then finally we see Elizabeth dashing away. We chase her down and she is more than happy to do combos. 

We scouted out other spots after that but they were duds, then I dropped off Vanessa and me and Joresky left. This ended a very fruitful few days. 

Wendy Schaal (Francine in American Dad)

Rachael MacFarlane (Hayley in American Dad)

Scott Grimes (Steve in American Dad)

Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus in American Dad)

Jerry Springer

Full list of Sunday photo ops

NYCC autographs part 1

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NYC autographs