Monday, November 30, 2015

Some meets in late October and early November

In late October a few days after Chiller I attended an Exorcist signing with director William Friedkin and author William Peter Blatty. I already met Blatty before so Friedkin would be a new meet for me. 

I arrive and wait in line. Blatty is late but William arrives and goes through the line to say hi to people. While he does that I ask for a selfie. I get the shot, primary objective is done early. So I was essentially in bonus mode from this point forth. This was a fantastic move because at the signing anyone that did get a photo op while he was signing got an over the table shot.

I go through line and I get Friedkin on my Exorcist digibook blu ray (already signed by Blatty the previous time I met him). I tried to get another item signed but he wouldn't do it. At this point Blatty arrived so I had to juggle a spot in two lines. I was successful because I got Blatty on two Exorcist photos and went back in line and got Friedkin yet again on the other photo. Did not bother with a Blatty photo op as I had it. 

After the signing a Master combo hunter got Friedkin to sign more for him so I joined in and I got him on yet another photo for me. 

They were doing a post signing event commemorating the steps, but after this sweeping success I chose to go on a craigslist hookup. 

William Friedkin photo op

Signed blu ray digi book

Photos signed

Both Williams signing

Next up a day in early November where I have two objectives. Original Guns and Roses drummer Steve Adler and actress Helen Mirren. Steve Adler is such a nice guy he's basically a guarantee, and Helen I did not have hopes. Two reasons: the venue wasn't the best and she is known to blow people off for the photo op. 

So I go to the art gallery where Adler is trying to sell art that cost $500 and up. I stand in line and it is my turn to meet him. He is nice as can be, takes the photo op, shakes my hand, and even sits down and changes pens to sign autographs. Wow I wish all meets could be this pleasant. You have Ringo that charges over 3K and doesn't even sign the book he's promoting, and here you have Adler that is as accommodating as can be for nothing. 

I then go to try for Hellen Mirren. The setup is she is leaving one spot and going to the next spot. I choose the next spot since she has been known to garage at the first spot. I go to the next spot and watch cars pull up and people go in but don't see her. 

After entries are done an elderly couple arrive to meet her. They point out another side door that I didn't know about. We wait there and suspect that's where she came in. There was a dinner and after the dinner there was a dance. We were concerned she would stay for the dance. People trickle out after the dinner and I actually spot Helen before the others. As she is entering her car I ask her for an autograph from across and she says to come on over. My reaction was this face I ask her to sign a picture from calendar girls where she is nude and holding her breasts. She refuses to I have her sign another picture. While she signs for the elderly couple I ask for a photo op at first she refuses but as luck would have it she was signing a photo op. I ask again and she poses I could not believe it! After the elderly couple were done I ask for one more item signed and I got that. 

In this sick passtime it is truly rare you hit all your targets, especially when you were not expecting to. 

Steve Adler photo op

Signed Guns and Roses CDs

Helen Mirren photo op (strangely the full autograph was actually the second item she signed)

Helen Mirren autographs 

Next up was music legend and Beach Boys front man Brian Wilson! He is someone I failed to get 3 times in the past month. 

I see him again and I get a photo op! YES, perfect shot. I then try to get autographs unfortunately it's a semi bust autograph wise. First on my primary item he signs literally a silver dash, blemishing it Then when I get him to sign it again he signed a half decent autograph. Then on another item he almost ruined it and signed a horrid line next to Mike Love to a point where you can't even tell there's another autograph. 

I ended up removing the dash with minimal damage on my primary album resulting in an item signed by Brian, Bruce, and Mike. And I manage to almost seamlessly remove the "invisible" autograph from the other album. Sucks I got 3 scribbles and ended up with just 1 autograph, but I got a full combo from a top music name that I previously failed at so I can't complain about the end result 

Brain Wilson photo op

Now let us look at the autograph. Here you have the albums "before and after"

Notice the white one has the "dash" next to the word "The" which I had removed. I took another shot of the aftermath of the blemish close up on the lower left.

 The ugly scribble on the bottom right is the decent graph. You can clearly see Br~~ W~ And on the other album you see a long line with a curve next to Mike Love which I erased. Perhaps I would have kept it if it were far away from the Mike Love autograph. 

I was actually fortunate fortunate cause Masters actually had their items ruined as he signed completely over other autographs. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Post Chiller Theater Meets


The day starts on a sour note. Me and go to the airport to try for Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson. While other combo hunters show up we sadly don't see him and think he snuck in. 

Then it was off to NYC where the main goal was Drew Barrymore. We arrive at the spot and pick a railing side to stand on. I get Lori Petty AKA Tank Girl who I never paid for at a con. Got Catherine Hardwicke (director of Twilight), actress Jacqueline Bisset, update my Cuba Gooding, Jr shot among others. Sadly I failed on two of my top wants. Michael Stipe (lead singer of REM) blew me off going in, and I was on the wrong side for Drew Barrymore photo ops. In all that chaos I did manage to get Drew to sign my ET poster that I got at Chiller though. 

Waiting for exits Stipe comes out, I yell to him and he comes over and take a shot with me! SCORE! Then Drew comes out and I get the photo op via begging but I fail to get any additional autographs. 

Overall, success 

Then we get to another spot. First we see Tony Bennett. I let Joresky get the shot since I have it. He says to take it while he's walking, I barely manage to get Joresky a valid shot before he enters the car. Then Demi Lovato comes out. Again I let Joresky go first since I have it. I then get an upgrade. 

On to the other side of the building where people are waiting for Bill and Hillary Clinton with secret service directing things. Sadly they do no photo ops and only take people's items inside to get them signed. 

On to another spot for Drew Barrymore and others, I manage to get more Drew autographs and another photo op. Sadly one of my Drew autographs get smudged. 

Overall a very successful day. 

Sunday photo ops part 1

Sunday photo ops part 2

Drew Barrymore

Jacqueline Bisset

Michael Stipe

Cuba Gooding Jr

Catherine Hardwicke

Demi Lovato

Drew Barrymore autographs


On this day we are joined by markedout's adelta. Me and adelta first check out a spot for Wesley Snipes but I sadly confirm he's not there. There were other people in that spot like Melissa Benoist and Stanley Tucci but I had them. Joresky joins up and we go to another spot where we score photo ops with Wendi Mclendon-McCoy and Bernie Sanders. 

After this I separate from the group as it is time for the Ringo Starr event (see previous post). After my Ringo Starr event I join Joresky at the David Spade book signing at Barnes and Noble in Union Square. We also see both  and 

The event starts and they announce photo ops are allowed. BUT they say we must turn off the flash! Really why does doing this always have to be stressful? Here we put ourselves in a position for a guaranteed meet, they announce we are getting photo ops, BUT even after all that we have to stress about the no flash! Can't we get ONE break? 

To boot, we had to sit through a long and boring Q&A. Annoying when you have places to be and people to get. Thankfully when we came up to him both me and Joresky got the photo op with the flash without issue. 

On a side note David Spade's brother was the moderator of the panel. Me and Joresky looked him up to see if he's worth a photo op. But upon reading his wikipedia entry he wasn't valid. We were shocked he even had a wiki page. So we didn't bother to get him. 

Next up we go to a spot where we were hoping to see Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, and others. The previous photo op I got with Keaton he is essentially Birdman faced as he has facial hair, glasses, and a cap. The spot was looking dead and as a result many combo hunters left. BUT then it then showed sparks of life. 

Sadly Rachel McAdams was not there but I do get another Michael Keaton shot! WOW he looks so much more like Bruce Wayne in that photo. It's almost like a first time photo op. Then I get repeat shots with Brian d'Arcy James, Stanley Tucci, and Mark Ruffalo. Sadly I couldn't get Keaton autographs as he said he would just do photo ops. 

Full list of Sunday photo ops

Michael Keaton

David Spade

Bernie Sanders

David Spade autograph


This day starts with me and adelta trying for Joy Behar, Raven Symone, and Whoppie Goldberg. Needed to upgrade Raven, wanted another shot with Whoopi, and never got Joy. Sadly Joy and Raven give the "no make up" excuse and we never saw Whoppie

Next spot we saw Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, and Mike Tyson but none of them stop. Though a combo hunter ran after Tyson's car and got him to do a roll down. 

Now we have one major goal, namely Jennifer Lopez. We arrive at the spot. Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez do nothing for no one going in. We manage to get Drea de Matteo and via Joresky's spotting we get Mike Maronna. 

Ray Liotta then gets driven out and does nothing for no one, despite me calling him over. Guess he lied when he said on the way out! This was heart breaking cause he was my backup name. 

When it came time for J-Lo to leave they said they can take a little girl inside for a chance but not us I've known who J-Lo was for longer than that little girl has been alive yet she is somehow more entitled than me. Inside the driveway the little girl doesn't even ask for a photo op and J-Lo ignores her. What a waste of an opportunity. 

After this failure we head to a spot for Jennifer Connolly and Anthony Mackie. We all manage to mooch inside the event. When inside I look around and tell Joresky that this doesn't look like any event that would be receiving a celebrity. To boot we sat through the end of a screening of a really horrid movie. Sadly this didn't pay off because I was right. I felt like a total jackass till we left the building and saw two Master combo hunters waiting outside. We informed them that no celebs came to this. Seeing them made me feel like a little less of a jackass plus it was thanks to us they did not waste their time waiting more. 

Now we were in drunk and salvage mode. We got to a spot and Nathan Lane blows us off. Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick were there. Sarah does nothing for no one but I had her. Got a Mathew pic but I already had him. This spot wasn't a total waste cause I got Danny Aiello, Robert Sulla (Sleepy Hollow), Julie White (Transformers). I also spotted Bernadette Peters (who I had) and tried to get adelta to get the photo op but she went to her car.

Next up to a spot with essentially much of the same people of the last spot of the prior evening. I also spotted Oliver Stone but he said no. I had him so no big deal. My main goal was a Keaton autograph but he wouldn't sign. I did however get a spectacles faced photo op with him.

Full list of Tuesday photo ops

Michael Keaton take 2

The ultimate mooch in a YELLOW SUBMARINE

This event would take place the Monday immediately after Chiller. See the next post for my report of post Chiller meets. This portion deserves its own report. 

This started when I found a Ringo meet and greet in NYC that cost over $3,100. What did that 3K+ get you? And I quote 

★ Your choice from new photographic prints created by Ringo
★ Professional portrait taken with Ringo
★ Tote bag with your Open Edition book
★ Framed artist-signed print couriered to your door

Note that while this looks like you get 4 items, it is in fact 3 items. #1 and #4 are essentially the same thing. A signed photo print. 

And example of one of the "Artist signed photographic print" you get to choose from (and gets mailed to your door)

Now me and Joresky toyed with an idea. Split that huge amount of money, get the photo op, then sell the autographed print. After the print is sold we would split whatever profit or loss we incur (most likely a loss). 

So I emailed them asking if I could bring someone with me if I bought it. Here is what the email said, and I quote 

While we can confirm that there will be seats reserved for both AAA Pass holders and their partners , we would mention that as part of our agreement with Ringo Starr, we have to restrict the actual meeting/photograph to one person per AAA Pass.

Going by that email, if let's say I put 3K on my credit card, Joresky would be able to come inside with me but would not be able to get the photo op. So this was no good. Of course we were both aware that something like that is not necessarily set in stone, but one of us would have to risk eating the full 3K if we went through with that setup. So we decided not to do it. 

Now both me and Joresky know a guy who lives in Maryland. We will call him Mack. Mack's combo habits baffle me to no end. He only cares about combos with music related celebrities. It's not that he doesn't enjoy movies or other stuff besides music, he just doesn't care to get combos from them. This is something that I simply cannot comprehend no matter how much I try to process it in my head. I could maybe understand somebody not caring about getting combos PERIOD over someone who only cares about combos from just one genre despite enjoying other stuff. 

For instance I asked him "if Arnold and Stallone were standing right there right now and said "everyone who wants photo ops with us come stand between us and take a photo" you would seriously not go?" He reponded "I wouldn't even bother". He said that if he spent a weekend with Tom Hanks it wouldn't even cross his mind to get a photo op. He once told me "Hulk Hogan is my favorite wrestler and I wouldn't care to get a picture with him." BUT music he actively wants to get. 

So anyhow, Mack sends me a text asking me if I heard about the Ringo Starr meet and greet in NYC. I tell him yes and that it's over 3K. I asked him if he wants the info. He says he does. So I text him the link. Couple of days go by and I am at Chiller and he gives me a call. Not an exact "and I quote", but it goes something like this:

Steve, I really want to do the Ringo Starr meet and greet, but they only accept credit cards as a form of payment. I can't even go there and pay cash. Could you buy it for me with your card and I will pay you back the cash in full amount. 

I then tell him I would help him out if I can be his plus one. He asked me if he can bring a plus one I said I have that in writing but I don't know if we can both get the Ringo photo op. He said he agreed. A bit later he calls me back saying that he would not accept if he has to pay 3K for a split shot. He said he's paying all that money he wants the solo shot with Ringo. This upset me but I still agreed because at the very least this arrangement puts me in the playing field for a Ringo Starr photo op.

It's the Monday after Chiller the day of the event. Mack tells me he is in NYC. I asked him why is he here so early he says he doesn't want to risk this. 

Around 1pm I get to the Strand bookstore in downtown Manhattan. I get on the phone with and Mack apparently he is at another venue in uptown  He is trying to tell me that this is the right place and I have it wrong cause he spoke to the staff and Ringo has an event here. I tell him Ringo has two events and the one he went to is the more expensive one. After he asks around in the venue he finds out I'm right and he is wrong. So he takes a cab and rushes down. 

I get "my" VIP pass and tell the woman I have a guest coming. She goes "only one of you can get the picture with Ringo". It sure was weird seeing my name in a VIP list. I guess I could get a feel of what it's like to be rich. Mack finally arrives and I give him the VIP pass.

The VIPs enter and we are ushered into a backroom of the bookstore where we can get our Ringo Starr photo op. They announce "All the plus ones of the VIPs can get a photo op with Ringo" YES!  SCORE! But then they say "Two people per photo op". DAMMIT 

We enter the room and we are near last in line. I tell Mack let's go to the end we might have a better shot but he would not want to comply. Situations like this I wish it were someone like Joresky, Asian Dave, Greg, Woodmo, Lanza, etc etc because a simple tactic like that would be a no brainer for people like us

They announce no handshakes, no fist pumps, no autographs. We can only do elbow pumps with Ringo. As we go along I noticed one couple got a single shot then a dual shot. So this was one tactic we could use. Mack gets up to Ringo and gets the shot. He then goes "could my buddy come in" Ringo agrees then I jump in the photo op and we get a croppable group shot 

My reaction was these faces 

After we leave the VIP room he got to sit on a seat in my name (again weird seeing my name on such a thing). The VIPs had a seat as Ringo conversed about his new book while a crowd of general admission crowded the area behind the seats. I could care less about hearing Ringo talk, so I went away to where there was an outlet and charged my phone and texted everyone about how I scored the Ringo Starr photo op.

On a side note, a GA ticket cost $50 and included Ringo's book. The book of course isn't signed but has a bookplate featuring a replica Ringo autograph. This was the same for both GAs and VIPs. You would think for over $3K he would at the very least sign the book but no

After the event me and Mack took a train to where his car was parked. He then gave me the cash in 20s, 5s, and 1s 

I counted the 20s and it was close to 2K in 20s. I then put all the cash in my bag, grabbed my bag real tight, and ran like a rocket to the bank where I was able to deposit the money in my account.

Of course, 2-3 weeks pass still no digital photos. I email to ask about it and they say it will be a few more days. another week passes still nothing. I email again and they say "sorry for the delay" then send me the link. That's where I manage to finally obtain the photo op 

And I present to you a photo op of the year candidate, the Ringo Starr shot 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pre Chiller, Chiller, and in between

It was time for Chiller theater Halloween edition. Despite the overall lackluster line up there were a few good names for me, just no extravagant names. Plus a second chance at Abe Vigoda, something I never thought I'd have. 

It starts with a DC spot for Kevin Costner. I got him before so this would be an autograph mission for me. I join Joresky, adelta, and one other. I park illegally and just sit in the car. I could have parked legally and paid $10 to go in the event, but I decided against it. One or two people did get an autograph inside but it would have still been paying for a chance. So after they all failed they joined up with me, we went to the next spot but sadly Costner garaged it. 

Next we went to PA to try for Brian Wilson. While there we get Blondie Chaplin who was the Beach Boys drummer in the 70s. When it came for Brian Wilson they sadly blocked access to him and due to our own stupidity we did not make the next spot. I kinda wish I stayed to get Al Jardine autographs but I was so disgusted with myself I left for Chiller. 

While at Chiller we wait and see who we can mooch. I get a few people but sadly nothing I would have paid for. One notable encounter was with actress Toni Hudson. Joresky spots her. We approach and I ask for a photo op but she denies and goes up the elevator. When she comes back down she approaches me and goes "sure we can do a picture". She does one with me but refuses to do more photo ops. Guess she had the hots for me. When she went back upstairs I told her goodnight and she waved back at me. The next day she even remembered me and told her handler "this guy pestered me for a picture last night" 

We join up with our buddy Martin. Joresky stayed in his hotel room while I peacefully slept in the car without any snoring. That was so damn nice. 

Now it's time for Chiller. First I got a Trina Parks photo op. Then a Robby Benson combo on my Beauty and the Beast laserdisc. Photo ops with Kim Richards and Ron Ely. Then I got  Robert MacNaughton to sign an ET poster for me. The 11x14 they had was more expensive than the 8x10s but they somehow forgot to charge me the extra money.  

Then to the room with the Alice Cooper band where I got Michael Bruce and Neal Smith. Already had Dennis Dunnaway from the night before so didn't need to get him. They were all doing free photo ops. Michael Bruce also asked me where I was from. 

Then I got PJ Soles who was doing free photo ops. Then got photo ops with Antonio Fargas, Paul Sorvino, Richard Thomas, and former child actor Brian Bonsall who I enjoyed in Blank Check. 

Next up I enter the Lost in Space room. I need 3 of 4. Sadly there were no photo op only prices. So I got the autograph from each of Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen, and Bill Mumy in order to get the free photo op. That was so painful. Although after seeing the Lost in Space pro ops I half regret not doing it. I regret cause it looked so damn cool with the background and the robot, but I don't regret cause I paid less for the 3 I needed and got full combos.

Then we go to the Alice Cooper signing at Nielsen Dodge, and we are even joined by 16times. Greg2600 holds my spot near the front of the line cause I had to make my Abe Vigoda photo op. We wait in line,and as I'm approaching they are beginning to crack down on photo ops. It was EXTRA annoying when some people would spend 10 minutes telling him their life story 

As we approached like 2 women in front of me were struggling with their phones. I begin to panic and offer to take their shots. Despite the staff trying to stop me from getting a photo op I ignore them and I pose with Alice and get the full combo 

Then I rush back to Chiller for the Abe Vigoda line and thankfully did not miss him. I get the Abe shot. Then mooch a couple more photo ops and even got an updated photo op with Santa suited Santa. 

After a meal at Taco Bell we go for Bob Newhart. The place has at least two exists, I'm stationed in one of them while everyone else is at another. Then I get a call and rush to the other exit. The car pulls up and the security guard says we have to all line up, we go into Bob Newhart's dressing room, and we are allowed one combo each. Wow what a nice change. Bob is nice as can be. His bodyguard takes the photo op and I get him to sign an 8x10 where he is elf suited. 

Back to Chiller where we attend the end of the concert and mooch a couple more photo ops. Two things of note happened here. First off we see Charlie Brown sutied Paris Themmen and I got that shot for shits and giggles. The other thing is I hit on a girl. As a result of hitting on her she was all over me. But then my plans are thwarted. None other than Brian Bonsall shows up and the girl goes "this is my boyfriend". My reaction was this face because that meant I was so close to a lay and that opportunity is now gone. He even joined saying "what's going on here" and I go "ohh hi, I took a picture with you earlier". 

Concert ended and it was back to Martin's room where I washed up a bit then went back to sleep in the car while Joresky stayed in the room. 

Now to showcase photo ops

Friday night photo ops

Saturday photo ops part 1

Saturday photo ops part 2

Alice Cooper

Bob Newhart

Abe Vigoda

Angela Cartwright 

Marta Kristen

Bill Mumy

Robert MacNaughton

Brian Bonsall

And now some autographs:

Bottom of ET poster signed by Robert MacNaughton

Non-ET autographs

Friday, November 13, 2015

A great score a midst mixed results

Few days after NYCC and a week before Chiller, it was time for another trek. 

My main objective is Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. I go to the venue and there are a few graphers. We wait. Fist up is Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins who does nothing for no one. Then Roger Waters does nothing! To add insult to injury he stopped the day before. All I got was a photo op with GE Smith. 

Now it's off to where Waters was staying. We play the waiting game. I see Billy Corgan again as he is dining across the street. When he returns I approach with my camera and try to plead for the photo op. But to no avail. 

Time goes by and none other than Eddie Murphy is coming back! Yes by coincidence him and Waters were staying in the same place! He gets dropped off and racks for everyone as I manage to score a photo op!  

After the Eddie Murphy success actor JW Cortes from Gotham is spotted. I get a photo op and he is more than happy to pose. 

Roger Waters leaves but is snuck out, sadly. I decided to go home which in hindsight was a terrible move because after the show he signed at the spot I was waiting. Roger Waters did sign a few times, sadly the times I was there he did nothing for no one I guess that's one the combo Gods did not want me to have. 

The next day I go to a spot to see if some celebrities here for Eddie Murphy show up. The spot is pretty much dead. I do get a photo op with actress Becky Gulsvig but she is a stage actress so she is not valid. Back to yesterday's spot. Sadly I missed Arsenio Hall who stopped though he was wearing a hood and shades. We wait more and Eddie is due to leave. But I was not optimistic of anything happening. I join another grapher at another spot in the hopes of scoring Connie Francis. Sadly we never see her but I end up getting Vincent Pastore. 

Instead of going back to the spot where Eddie is supposed to come out I go to a spot where he is supposed to arrive. Sadly I missed a couple of people going in such as Kathy Griffin. I get a Dave Chappelle combo but not much else. Eddie arrives and he is MOBBED. I manage to get a vinyl and two 8x10s signed. Arsenio Hall slipped past everyone in all that chaos. At this point I choose to go to a party which in hindsight was a good move because Eddie and Arsenio snuck out. And the people I missed I knew I would see the next day. 

Now we are at the day of the event. Early on Arsenio Hall comes in and he does only two photo ops. By some miracle I manage to get one of those shots. This was the only time he ever stopped that day. Every other time he either did nothing or he snuck in/out. 

Shortly after I get Arsenio Hall Joresky, adelta, and others join up. 

Trevor Noah comes in and does only 3 photo ops. For one person the camera did not go off. Adelta's shot is invalid because his eyes are closed. By some miracle I got the only valid shot. After that he never did anything for anyone. It truly is a sad state of things when names like Trevor Noah are assholes. 

Throughout I got photo ops with Joe Piscopo, Jay Pharoah, Kevin Nealon, Dick Gregory, and George Schlatter. 

Brittany Howard was a bitch most of the day but at the end did photo ops. Though my shot is invalid as she is looking away. 

I got combos with Kathy Griffin, Sam Moore, and Dave Chappelle. At first I got an invalid Sam Moore shot but later got a valid one. Had to pull teeth for that shot as he would say "go on take it" without posing. 

Tracy Morgan was a name I needed a better shot with but sadly he didn't pose. I did get an autograph from his though. 

I of course wanted Eddie Murphy again but sadly he ignored then he snuck out. I wish I made it to the next spot where he did 14 things per person for 3 people but I guess I didn't act. I guess I wasn't passionate to act cause I had gotten him. 

Pre Event photo ops from first two days

Event photo ops

Eddie Murphy

Arsenio Hall

Dave Chappelle

Eddie Murphy autographs

non-Eddie Murphy autographs

The week of New York Comic Con 2015 Part 2

Note: Please be sure to see the previous post for Part 1


The day started on a high note during the Ash Vs Evil dead signing. We get a photo op with Sam Raimi as he is entering the signing! Despite the fact that they had initially said no photo ops or extras, these rules were not enforced. When I was in the front of the line one of the security guards even asked me in a fun way "what are you getting him to sign" I reply "Spiderman 2 DVD"

I got everyone on the poster they provided and Raimi on my Spiderman 2 DVD which he was more than happy to sign and even inscribed "be responsible". I got photo ops with all but Bruce Campbell who I already had. Only thing that sucked was no Lucy Lawless. 

Next up I grab a photo op from Erik Bauersfeld who voiced Bib Fortuna and Admiral Akbar in Return of the Jedi. He's born in 1922 so very lucky to have that photo op. 

I mooch my way to the Into the Badlands panel and score everybody despite the handlers saying "sorry we gotta go" each time. 

On the way to the containment signing I get a photo op with the real life Peter Griffin. Even had him do the laugh! Then at the Containment signing I got combos with all but sadly my David Gyasi photo op came out blurry. 

Then I went to a spot where I could possibly get Elijah Wood and Vin Diesel. Apparently Vin did nothing for no one going in. I waited, scoured a couple of names and scored a full combo from Elijah Wood! YES! Now I had the choice to wait for Vin or go to the Bordertown signing. Not believing Vin would stop I went to the Bordertown signing. Most fatal mistake ever, cause Vin stopped for everyone 

At the Bordertown signing I got Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin) and others from the cast. Alex signed my Family Guy DVD insert as well. Back to the Vin spot where my heart was broken when I saw the Vin photo ops. To add insult to injury, I could have probably scored Vin AND gone to the Bordertown signing. How the combo Gods can sometimes be cruel. This Vin miss would affect me for the rest of the evening. Also got John Rhys-Davies who I got at RICC the prior year.

But my idiocy didn't end there. I attended the From Dusk Till Dawn signing and in doing so I missed actors from Jessica Jones doing photo ops To boot Robert Rodriguez did not do photo ops at the signing but did them at the sweet spot. To add further insult we weren't allowed photo ops at the signing. Then when back at the sweet spot I got photo ops with all the From Dusk Till Dawn cast minus Robert. 

Fresh off utter defeat it's time for the "easy" spots where we get Annette O'Toole combos. She was more than happy to stop for me, Joresky, and Greg2600. Her co star Michael Laurence just stood there waiting for us to ask. 

Next up the final spot for the evening where I needed an Amy Schumer photo op. Going in she did only two photo ops and I was lucky to get one of those two. Got some other randoms like Nat Wolff. Was not able to get a valid photo op with Ashley Benson. Sadly I was also not in a fully functional mode at this spot first off because I was so tiered as U was hardly getting good sleep due to snoring from hell and second was bummed due to my earlier misses. 

But overall I guess I can't complain and call it a bad day. I got Elijah Wood, Sam Raimi, Amy Schumer, and then some. It just had the potential to be an epic day.  

Saturday NYCC photo ops part 1

Saturday NYCC photo ops part 2

Saturday NYCC photo ops part 3

Saturday post NYCC photo ops

Sam Raimi

Elijah Wood

Amy Schumer


The day starts with Jessica De Gouw AKA The Huntress from Arrow. I also get a photo op with Jurnee Smollett-Bell from Full House but sadly her hand is covering her face! Thankfully I made that up later in the day when she came back out. Got lots of other names here such as Michael Chiklis (The Thing in the first two Fantastic Four movies, Gotham) and Erin Richards (Gotham). Got some upgrades Ciara Renee AKA Hawkgirl (she had a hat in my first photo op) and Jim Caviezel AKA Jesus in Passion of the Christ (my first shot was a sub par table selfie). Amidst all this I got other first time shots such as actors from the Goosebumps movie and some repeats, amongst other things. 

In the middle of it all me and Joresky stepped away to get Mark Ryan (Bumblebee in Transformer movies) who was a vendor guest and we went to Macys for Levi Miller AKA Pater Pan from the Pan movie (remember the billboard we were so lucky to come across). 

The Macys event was fantastic. Photo ops were completely free and you were allowed to use your own camera. No purchase necessary. Then they gave you a pre signed 8x10. Sucks it's pre signed but at that price you can't complain a bit. 

One thing that was a thorn in everybody's ass that day was a guy from Canada who was essentially retarded. His hands would shake, he would stutter, he would give the celeb the camera to do a selfie, tell them to take two shots, he would ask them what their names were and what show they were on. Like WTF 

At one point he even KISSED actress Meagan Good on the cheek! No consent no nothing! After he did that I actually yelled him and then a security guard chimed in and yelled at him after I did. 

To give an overview of how bad this guy was, there were Master combo hunters who hated me and were engaging in verbal spats with me, but afterwards they forgot about me and were all cursing that guy out! 

As the whole thing ended, we could have waited for Jack Black, but we decided to call it a day since we had Jack Black. This ended our long trek. 

Sunday photo ops part 1

Sunday photo ops part 2

Sunday photo ops part 3

Jessica De Gouw

Levi Miller

Ciara Renee

Jim Caviezel

Michael Chiklis

Erin Richards

And now to showcase autographs obtained the past 4 days

Signed photos

Signed DVDs

Ash vs Evil Dead poster

Signed Twilight book

Containment and Bordertown posters

From Dusk Till Dawn photos

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The week of New York Comic Con 2015 Part 1

Fresh off the Clint Eastwood success of the night before (see previous post), it was now time for NYCC week. 


The day starts out at NYCC. I stand in line for Grumpy Cat as I wait for 

He finally joins me. I also see . Unfortunately they are charging $10 for a Grumpy Cat comic book which allows you to get a photo op. But I device a trick to save money. I paid $5 to so I can use his comic book to get my Grumpy Cat photo op. And it works. Rather have the $5 than the comic book.

Me and Joresky then split a photo op with Keisha Castle-Hughes. Unfortunately we didn't realize she was doing table ops We then go into the Final Girls panel and get photo ops with with director Todd Strauss-Schulson and actress Malin Akerman. We then split a photo op with Natalie Dormer. After that Joresky noticed that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer was doing a signing! WTF! So we get a book and get a combo with her. 

We then get a tip for a Kristen Stewart spot. But unfortunately we arrive there it is too late and she is gone 

We head back to NYCC where we go to the Banshee panel. Eliza Dushku was there but didn't need a shot with her. I got Frankie Faison and other names from the show. 

We leave NYCC. Due to bad luck from the prior evening we chose this "easy" spots instead of a Sarah Michelle Gellar spot. In hindsight that was a bad move because she did perfect combos. On our way Joresky spots Chandler Riggs and I get an updated photo op with him. 

Next up is Clive Owen. I manage to get a full combo from him and photo ops from others. Then a spot for actress Marlee Matlin. Already had a photo op but wanted to improve it. Got a combo from her and photo ops with others. 

We then went to a spot where we thought Sarah Michelle Gellar would be but it was a dud. Then to another spot where we got some Walking Dead names. I also got some info from a Master combo hunter that would help us know when to wait for Sarah Michelle Gellar. This ended the evening. 

Thursday NYCC photo ops

Thursday post NYCC photo ops

Clive Owen

Stephanie Moyer

Natalie Dormer


The day starts off at a spot for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Thanks to info fished out the night before we had a time frame for when she would come out. While waiting we saw some randoms. Among other things I upgraded my photo op with Clare Grant. Rapper Nelly came out but did nothing for no one. We also saw Kevin Eastman but I have enough photo ops with him so I didn't bother. Finally Sarah Michelle comes out and unfortunately but not surprisingly she is wearing shades and a hat. She says she would do one photo op per person but refuses autographs. 

On our way to NYCC lo and behold a billboard that had an advertisement for a celebrity appearance at Macys on Sunday to meet actor Levi Miller (Peter Pan in Pan). SCORE! 

At NYCC with a little bit of money I managed to score from autograph tickets for the Ash vs Evil Dead signing the next day. A good start. 

I then mooch into a signing and get combos with DJ Qualls, Joel de la Fuente, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Then off to a spot for the cast of Limitless, Elementary, Mr Robot, and Colony. We meet up with all of 

While waiting it was fun to chat and BS. Scored a lot of names in that spot, most notably an upgrade with Christian Slater. I got a downgrade with Lucy Lui as she is wearing shades. Other names I got include Josh Holloway, Rami Malek, Jennifer Carpenter, John Noble, and others. 

Back to the main con I split a Nathan Fillion photo op with  (originally was supposed to be with )

Then we go in a panel and I get DJ Qualls again but this time have him sign my 8x10. Also get Frank Spotnitz. We then got info for Kristen Stewart yet again but due to rain we stalled and got author Terry Brooks and actress Poppy Drayton. Manu Bennett was there but had him already. This was a fatal mistake cause she was gone by the time we got there. 

A Master combo hunter then gave us Brian Wilson info on condition that we help him with autographs. Brian Wilson would be a huge score so we agree. We go there and literally miss him by a minute wow what horrid horrid luck! But all is not lost as I get an Al Jardine photo op. Of all living significant Beach Boys I now have 3 of 4. 

In an attempt to salvage the evening me and Joresky head to a spot to see if we find some randoms. We get Arielle Kebbe and James DeBello. But wait, we over hear people saying Mike Myers in at the bar! Wow how incredibly epic! An evening where we lost big names and the combo Gods gave us a huge one! I quickly go to the random stash in my car and get my Austin Powers 2 and 3 DVDs. We wait and lo and behold, he is there! We get photo ops. Unfortunately our hearts were crushed as he covered part of his face with his arm. He did the same thing with all photo ops he took at that spot. Joresky even tried asking for another shot and told him why and he goes "you're ok". I then had him sign my DVDs and he goes "oh you're prepared" 

Here we were having a sub par day at best and by sheer random miracle we stumble upon a spot where Mike Myers simply decided to have a drink on a Friday night. And when he agreed to pose it was beyond epic or so we thought. We thought we were so lucky our evening turned around and we would have another Clint Eastwood type miracle. 

But this feeling of epicness was swiftly crushed as it quickly turned to a punch in the face. Wow was a crushing blow that was to us. I was the one that took Joresky's picture before he took mine, and I saw what he did, my heart just cracked and broke right there. 

While getting that shot (and me getting my 2 DVDs signed) was not a bust, the epicness  was taken away as it turned into yet another "average" score. 

I guess it's the same feeling of thinking you won the 100K jackpot but then you're told it was an error and you only won 1K. Still happy to get the 1K, don't get me wrong. But quite a punch in the face when you initially thought you stumbled upon 100K by sheer luck.

Friday Pre NYCC photo ops

Friday NYCC photo ops part 1

Friday NYCC photo ops part 2

Friday post NYCC photo ops

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Christian Slater

DJ Qualls

Al Jardine

Mike Myers

Stay tuned for part 2 of NYCC (Saturday and Sunday) in addition to the full list of autographs obtained in those four days.