Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ending August with Jessica Biel!

So I got a tip from a Master for an incoming of actress Jessica Biel. This also meant I had to give him all autos obtained, which I am fine with. 

Arrive and you appreciate not being in NYC where a spot like that would easily have about 10-15 people waiting. Just me, one other grapher, and two paps. 

She is spotted and is papped. She is with a black woman who is telling everyone she is doing nothing for no one. This is sadly looking like a total bust! I then approach and politely ask for a selfie and the black woman viciously attacks me saying she's doing nothing and then Jessica goes "Oh, I can do a selfie" and I get the shot. My reaction is this face

Additionally she had no hat and no shades, which was a pleasant shock! Then the other grapher asked for an autograph and she and the black woman denied him. I then tried pleading for "just one" but got the same denials from both. 

While not due to lack of trying, sucks I couldn't help out the Master who gave me the info as I am grateful to him, but I hope to make it up to him in the future. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

A few scattered August meets

During Summerslam week I ventured into NJ and then NYC for some meets, but I had some pre and post Summerslam meets in August. Let us take a look. 

Pre Summerslam week I went for actor Michael York, who I know best as Basil Exposition from the Austin Powers movies. Since I got that info too late I sadly had nothing on me to get signed. I decided to try after the event to minimize the time dedicated. Arrived at the spot and could not find free parking. So I parked illegally by the front door and stayed in the car. Waited and I was sweating like a pig, but he finally exits. I jump out the car, ask for the photo op, and he's nice as can be. Was also nice to have him one on one. 

Michael York

Next up was after Summerslam week, an event with three actresses: Shailene Woodley, Riley Keough (granddaughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley), and Susan Sarandon. Out of these one would be a fresh meet (Riley) and I needed upgrades from the other two. Shailene I first met when she was young and a nobody and has since become a tough photo op, and Susan I needed a no shades shot. So this event was definitely worth embarking on. 

I arrive and I could not find free parking. So I had to pay for 2 hours metered parking. My heart was crushed as I saw a Master already got combos with all 3. But the event was not over and other Masters subsequently arrived. Overall we were 3 graphers, one pap, and the rest were simply people attending the event. 

All actresses were rallying for a cause so we all had to find a good time to strike. First we saw a window for Shailene and ask for the selfie. Unlike all other settings, she agrees! YES my time here is officially not a complete waste. 

Then we see Riley steps away, so we all attack and get multi combos with her! YES another score! This is officially more than worthwhile. 

So now we wait for Susan Sarandon. Sadly she is wearing hat and shades so this would be no upgrade. But I still needed autos. She gets interviewed and we strike after that. She is her normal friendly self. 

Wow got photo ops with all three and autos from 2 of 3 and my 2 hour meter is not even expired! Couldn't believe how well I was doing! Only thing left is Shailene autos, which she had denied earlier. While we wait more I saw a Master getting a combo from someone. So I quickly get a photo op with him. Turns out it's documentary director Josh Fox.

Shailene is getting interviewed, and I wait alongside the aforementioned Master. Sadly it was 5 minutes till my meter expires so I had to run to my car. I then move it to another spot and paid an extra $1 in parking. I then run back to the event and the Master is positioned right next to Shailene as she is getting ready to finish. I quickly stand next to him. He asks for autos she does one for him and one for me. After this I left the event relishing the sweet taste of success! I then relished it more at the Chinese buffet. 

Riley Keough

Shailene Woodley

Susan Sarandon

Josh Fox

Autographs obtained

Summer cons! Monstermania and Steel City Con

I initially wanted to go to NYC after Monstermania in Cherry Hill, but since I had better NYC plans the following week, I decided to do a quick in and out for Monstermania. 

So I drive up with and one other friend. The first guest I hit up was my main reason for going to MM, namely Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo. 

His price was not all that great. So I bought a photo op only. I then made a prayer to the mooching Gods in order to land me an autograph. Go up to Phil he was nice as can be, ribbing, BS-ing, and joking around. Thankfully my prayers were answered and I scored the autograph. However, he insisted on personalizing it saying "no ebay". WTF? This is an autograph I supposedly paid for and he wants to personalize citing ebay? 

To make matters more heart crushing, some Masters tried for him at the airport last night and not only got 20-25 things signed each, but he didn't ask for any personalization! Wow shows you that there are no rules when it comes to this. Granted I can't complain as I mooched the auto, but if I paid I would have been pissed. It wasn't just me as he was doing this for everyone at the con. Truly amazing. Pay fuck money and get forced personalization. Stalk at airport and get what you want for free. 

Next up I mostly teamed with in order to cut down on costs (splitting photo ops, combo prices). Next up is Max Thieriot and Nestor Corbonell. Split Max photo op and split Nestor combo price with Greg who only needed auto. Got a Don Gibb photo op by piggy backing with Joresky but didn't look too valid. 

Next got Charles Cyphers, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, and Steve Dash. Dash was shockingly doing free photo ops! Then got Lisa Wilcox of NOES fame. I then piggy backed with Greg and got a better Don shot.

Next up Curtis Armstrong. I found someone who wanted only the auto and agreed to split the combo price with me. Now here is where people's stupidity kicks in. He was actually explaining the situation to the handler and Curtis to see if this was "allowed" wow how much easier it is to do these things with markedout board members. Luckily I stepped in and said I'm buying it and giving him the auto, and they said "ok whatever". 

I then mooched George Wilbur and ended MM with Stephen Geoffreys and Tuesday Knight photo ops.

Phil Anselmo

Don Gibb

Curtis Armstrong

Full list of photo ops

Mooched autograph

After MM I made an on the spot decision. I wanted to get Martin Landau at Chiller but he is 88 and Kenny Baker had just died while I was at the con. So I decided I would do Steel City Con to get Martin and also 
Angie Dickinson. So after MM I chilled with Joresky at a Buffet, dropped Joresky to Baltimore so he can try for rap names, and went to a party. After the party I started my drive to Pittsburgh, slept at a rest stop, then finished my drive. 

Arrive at Pittsburgh and got in the con. The two names I wanted were not at their table. Thankfully they were both doing table ops so I didn't have to wait for their pro ops. I could get them and leave. I saw Jeremy London for only $10 a photo op. Since I never got him before I did. Then the two names I wanted arrived and I lined up for Martin. Nice as can be. Then Angie who insisted on standing for proper photo ops. Something rather humerous she had some kind of magazine with Spiderman on the cover and wanted to give it to someone she thought was dressed as Spiderman. But he was in fact dressed as Deadpool. When she realized it wasn't Spidey she didn't give him the mag. I then informed her that the character's name is Deadpool and she repeated it to make sure she got it. HCIT. 

With that, I was done and I left Pittsburgh. 

Jeremy London

Martin Landau

Angie Dickinson

Monday, August 8, 2016

Johnathan Pryce plus a star studded evening in August

Towards the end of July I decided to try for actor Johnathan Pryce. He may not be the most known A lister but he has an pretty good resume. He starred in the cult movie Brazil and was in Tomorrow Never Dies, Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe, Game of Thrones, among others. I arrive at the spot and wait. While waiting I find out that his daughter is also at the spot. She is actually valid. Since I will never forget my Kate Upton blunder from a few years ago, I googled her to see how she looked like in order to spot her and get the photo op. 

Johnathan comes out and is as nice as can be. Happily posed and signed whatever one had. He's basically a Chiller guarantee if you see him. Wow you truly forget that some people are actually nice. 

Shortly after his daughter comes out and I get a photo op with her. Nice as can be. 

Jonathan Pryce

Phoebe Pryce


Next up was an event that essentially popped out of nowhere. It was probably planned for weeks yet it made the news and twitter like the day before. The full guest list was unknown even to the Masters. A few names that are known to be hard made up a partial guest list
 (BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z, Jennifer Hudson, among others), but I decided to embark because you never know who shows up. Also, Stephen Speilberg and George Lucas have been known to frequent events of that nature. I still need that Speilberg photo op and could always use more Star Wars items signed by Lucas. So I packed up my items for both of them just in case. 

One person that was known to be coming was Will Ferrell and my first stop would be for him flying in. I arrive at the airport and wait. We see Will he is rushing out and we had to pull teeth to get an autograph. I begged for a photo op but he goes "no it's ok" (I have a photo op but wanted an upgrade). His wife was also with him and is a nobody actress. I even asked her for a photo op but she denied me. Damn. I consider this a bust. 

Will autograph

Next up I go to the main spot and wait. An elderly couple is there and a Master. It's nice and calm. We see Stephen Colbert and I get another photo op with him. Caroline Kennedy (JFK's daughter) arrives and she is known to be a bitch. I've seen her at countless events over the years and not ONCE did she ever do an autograph or photo op. I've seen Meryl Streep stop before my very eyes but never her. I ask for a photo op and she goes "not right now" then the old lady asks and talks her into it. After the old lady gets it I ask she is hesitant and goes "are you two together" but I manage to get a valid shot. Not a name I particularly care for but just for the difficulty a decent get if there name.

Will Ferrell came in but did nothing despite my begging for a photo op. 

At this point random bystanders began to see what was happening and stay. At the crowd formed more people wanted to see what was going on. There must have been like 100 people 

Sadly these people would prove to be quite the "baby killers" so to speak as they ruined all my photo ops. Saw Samuel L Jackson arrive with Magic Johnson. I asked Samuel he declined. Amy Adams comes I ask her for a photo op she goes "sure" and keeps walking. I also needed Ellen Degeneres but even she declined with all these people. This is so fucking unfair! We were a handful of people now over 100! To these people they are just happy gawking and snapping. To me photo ops mean the world and they took these photo ops away from me! It is so damn painful I cannot believe what just happened! It was heart crushing and quite the "miscarage" so to speak (it never ceases to amaze me how well that analogy fits). Between Sam, Amy, and Ellen I likely would have had 2 of those 3 if not for the mess. Even more painful I even had an item for Sam Jackson because I had a Star Wars Phantom Manace item in case of George Lucas. 

Despite the mess I snagged some "get if there" names in Vernon Jordan, David Axelrod, Robin Roberts. Nothing I care about. Then I see George Lucas from a distance and get my Star Wars laserdisc out and scream for an autograph. He is hesitant but signs. 

More people arrive like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gabrielle Union, Connie Britton, among others. Since it seems to have died down I gave up and went to move my car from one free spot to another to prepare for exits. 

The good news is the crowd left for exits. Just me, elderly couple, a Master, one grapher and his girl, and a group of three 20 year old girls. 

The bad news is the spot has like 5 exits and anyone of them could be failure or success. 

I asked the girls who they were waiting for they said Beyonce. One girl said she knows she won't stop but "just being in her presence" would be good. In an effort to get them to leave I said truthfully we didn't even see her go in so she likely drove in. Again she repeats "just being in her presence". 

We see Sarah Jessica Parker who walked from one exit to her car which was parked by the exit we were waiting it. I get a photo op with her and Matthew Broderick. Sadly had them so this did nothing for me. Tyler Perry walks out with beefed up security and does nothing. Had him but an upgrade would have been cool. Then George Lucas comes out and I get two Star Wars items to get signed he goes "just one" and signs my laserdisc. He signed and did photos with others but when I tried for a selfie he ignored me. Not a big deal as I got a shot, hence why I put autographs as the priority. Lucas then crossed the street to go to his car. Would have definitely gone crazy to get that photo op if I didn't have it. 

Aloe Blacc walks out get a photo op. Then we see Richard Branson! That's a name I actually wouldn't mind a photo op with as he's a good celebrity billionaire name. He was nice as can be and I got a combo. I now have Vince McMahon, Ted Turner, Donald Trump, and Richard Branson. Hope to get Bill Gates and Warren Buffet one day to "complete" that list. 

At this point we noticed people coming out of here dwindling. The elderly couple said they were leaving. One grapher sends his girl to the other door to see who comes out of there cause we see cars pull up to said door. We also got word that Magic Johnson left through that door. This was heart crushing because that meant Sam Jackson also left. 

Apparently Stephen Colbert left through the other door as well. At this point I decide to station myself there. I arrive at that door and see the elderly couple who pulled a sneak! Apparently John Stewart also left and they missed JJ Abrams who entered a vehicle. Thankfully I had those names. Then the grapher went off on his girl cause she didn't know who JJ Abrams was. She's like "I just don't know who JJ Abrams is". All the rest of the people waiting decided to move to this door as it seemed to be hopping. Actor/rapper Common comes out but I had him so didn't bother. 

At the new spot I first get basketball player Alonzo Mourning. He goes it's 2:30am but stops anyway. Then Usher comes out and we all get photo ops and combos. Those 20 year old girls amaze me. They go crazy over a name like Usher but stay seated when George Lucas is doing combos We see someone that looks like Amy Adams but the guy with her denied that it was Amy. She looked different than during entries plus she had no guy. Was this really Amy? The mystery remains unsolved. Then Nick Jonas and Connie Britton come out and I get photo ops but had them both. We all decided to call it a night. 

Sadly, who knows how many people left from that door while we were still at the original one. Furthermore, people could have left from the original door after we moved. There really is no way to know what can yield success and failure in this horrid jobby. Case in point in the original door George Lucas walked out and crossed the street. While in the second door Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson left.  

Sadly I didn't leave the evening too happy as I didn't get the 3 main people I wanted (Ellen, Amy, Sam). But I got Richard Branson, I got some George Lucas autographs on my Star Wars laserdiscs, and I got Usher which is a good name to appease the combo Gods, plus some bonuses. So I can't call the evening a bust. 

Full list of photo ops


Richard Branson

Richard Bradson autographs

Star Wars laserdiscs

George Lucas signs my laserdisc going in, which made media headlines!