Thursday, November 29, 2018

Some scattered airport meets in November

In November my combo activity was at a low, for various reasons. I was worn out from a high activity October, I wanted to save money, the cold of November was another deterrent, among other reasons. So I only did a few quick airport meets (indoor and you have exact times, both luxuries when it comes to combo hunting).

First up, Florian Manteanu of Creed 2 fame and the movie's director. Both were very nice about combos though Florian didn't want to sign too many.

Florian Munteanu

Steven Caple Jr


Next up a day where I had two targets. One of them I mainly wanted the photo op, one of them I mainly wanted autographs. Sadly this day would not work out my way as I would get the autographs where I wanted the photo op, and the photo op where I wanted the autograph.

First up, actor Christoph Waltz. I waited and he shows up. I ask if I could get a photo op he goes "not really". Then I ask for autographs he goes "oh, sure". Signed my photos no issue but when I pleaded more for a photo op he goes "I avoid pictures".

After this failure, I salvaged my drive to this spot by going a further 20 minutes away and got photo ops with the Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues that were huge news topics in 2017.  

Later in the day I would go for someone that is sort of a 9/11 name. He is Pete Souza, the photographer of both Reagan and Obama. His most famous photo is the Situation Room picture where the killing of Osama Bin Laden is being viewed. My primary objective was to get that photo signed in order to make some money.

When I met him first he denied he was him. Then after I try again he said he would shake my hand, tried to say he doesn't sign prints and he would sign his books if I had books. I had to pull teeth to convince him to do the photo op with me just so I wouldn't leave empty handed.

Christoph Waltz autographs

Pete Souza

Next up, singer Petula Clark known for the hit song "Downtown". Going into the venue I asked for a photo op she said "not right now". Waited at the venue after the show. They began kicking out the crowd saying she won't stop, but a few of us lingered in semi hiding. Then when she came out I was hoping some of the other people that lingered would call for her so I could jump in, but sadly they didn't. That was my big mistake. She got on the bus and all we got was send ins.

My problem here I wasn't aggressive enough. Because I was afraid to be as the venue parking lot is on private property. 

Petula Clark Autograph

Been a while since I got a combo with a space related name. This one is Gene Kranza. He was the flight director for both Apollo 11 and the infamous Apollo 13 (Ed Harris played him in the movie). He was super nice about photo ops but bitched about signing. I had to plead for a second by pointing out another guy got 3, but he did it, though he signed the second one different than the first. 

Gene Kranz


Monday, November 26, 2018

Chiller Theater Halloween and Women's Expo

Left NYC, struggled with some traffic, but got to Chiller in good enough time to split and switcharoo some photo ops with 

My first stop was getting Vinnie Vincent out of the way. Someone commissioned me to get him $800 worth of autos on albums (@ $50 per auto). With that kind of money I was able to negotiate a free photo op for myself and Vanessa. And he was in full makeup and had a guitar so that was a cool free upgrade for me. Other names I got were Jill St John from Diamonds are Forever (luckily I didn't have to deal with the monster line of Robert Wagner), upgrades from Jimmie Walker and Kim Fields (Tootie), Amanda Pays from the early 90s Flash TV show, Kelly Hu from X-Men, Ann Robinson from War of the Worlds, among others.

After this tried a little bit of mooching but that didn't yield much results. Got some sleep and prepared from the Women's Expo the next day. 

Full list of Day 1 Chiller photos

Vinnie Vincent

Amanda Pays

Ann Robinson

Me and Vanessa entered the Women's Expo. Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills, 90210 was doing a meet and greet. Bought $20 toothpaste and went 50/50 on that cost with Vanessa (we would end up getting separate shots and she kept the toothpaste). 

While waiting for her to start we killed some time browsing around and I ate free samples from all the different booths. After Tori's speech she started meeting people that bought her merch and we got our photo ops no issue.

Then it was back to Chiller where I needed to finish up my names. Sadly there apparently was both a bomb threat and a gas leak so the hotel had to be evacuated. Took a few hours but it started back up. I managed to get Loretta Swit from MASH, Jill Whelan from the Love boat, among others. 

Funny story with the girls from the Evil Dead. During the whole bomb threat mess they got an uber. The driver who looked like he was Indian/Paki/Bangli stock and had a thick Indianglish sounding accent had no idea about Chiller or their appearance. Apparently he is a huge Evil Dead fan and was super excited to meet them. His eyes were like huge in his excitement. They of course gave him free combos but explained to him that if he wants other people at the con he'll have to pay.

After I finished up, I dropped Vanessa to the train station where she could go to NYC. My initial plan was to go home, but since Chiller ended late due to what happened I decided I'd just chill at Chiller, get some sleep in the car, then get up in the morning and drive. Watched the Chiller concert with NYC combo hunter Josh. It was cool watching Ron Dante singing Suger Suger and Martha Davis signing Suddenly Last Summer up close and personal. Also managed to mooch two of the Chiller guests who performed (Bebe Buell and Mitch Weissman).

Full list of Day 2 Chiller photos

Tori Spelling

Loretta Swit

Jill Whelan

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pre Chiller Theater Celebrity meets

Prior to Chiller Theater I would embark on several celebrity meets. The first attempt is the elusive Rick Moranis, from classic movies such as Ghostbusters, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs, and more. This guy rarely does stuff but this time was doing a con in Texas. This means he was flying commercial within the USA! So I took it upon myself to find his flight. And SCORE! So me and go to the airport and wait. Finally it's the witching hour and we score photo ops! VICTORY! Then I go after him and attempt to plead for an autograph while him and his girl ask me several questions including how I happen to be at the airport with a Ghostbusters laserdisc. After lots of improvising answers he signs one for me and one for Greg! I now consider my Ghostbusters laserdisc complete as the only other person I'd add is dead (Harold Ramis). This combo is like a $300 convention value!

Wow, the combo Gods can work in strange ways sometimes. A few years ago I was mooching scrubs at Chiller with and we received word of a Rick Moranis event in NYC but didn't act upon it. Turns out it was taking place that very evening and he did combos for the handful of people waiting. I was beside myself the whole weekend and we were talking about how great it would have been to enter Chiller with such a huge name in our cameras. Now, I will now be entering Chiller with Rick Moranis in my camera 

To boot this worked out even better as before I wouldn't have had my laserdisc on hand.

It's now time for NYC. I arrive in time to try for legendary singer Andrea Bocelli. Arrive at the spot and sadly he goes to his car. Four of us (myself, Vanessa and friend, and NYC combo hunter Josh) run after his car. I scream at him for a photo op. He taps on the window. At first we think he's tapping to tell us to go away, but he taps again and clearly signals for us to come over. By some miracle he starts doing car shots! This marks my third photo op with a blind celebrity (Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano). It's not the best shot in the world but I'll take it.

Go to another spot where Woody Ellen is inside. Sadly never see him so he must have snuk out. But this spot was not for nothing. I upgraded Mary-Louise Parker and Josh Charles photo ops. First time op with director/writer Kenneth Lonergan. Got Lucas Hedges (update) and Stephen Henderson (slight upgrade). Sadly I tried to upgrade Casey Affleck as he has a horrid beard in my shot, but while he agreed to pose I again ran into a problem I faced with him in the past where he doesn't give out valid shots.

Head on to the next spot to make up my past failure on Glenn Fitzgerald (Sixth Sense) and actress Edie Falco, this time scoring them and getting Edie to sign a program.

I run to try for actress Megalyn Echikunwoke again. On my way I see a guy pushing a cart labeled "anti Trump bandwagon" selling all sorts of anti Trump merch. I raised my right arm, did the Roman salute, and shouted "Hail Trump" as I continued to the Magalyn spot. Sadly I never saw her. Also, by that point Stockard Channing shut down all combos completely.

Next spot, actress Janet McTeer. She came out not too long after I started waiting and was super nice. I got her before but this is a bit of an upgrade. Then the final spot for the evening for Mercedes Ruehl (The Fisher King, Last Action Hero). Got a bunch of barely valids then she finally came out and was nice. Also got another shot with Micahel Urie. Director Harvey Fierstein came out, signed, but wouldn't do a photo with me (tho I got him before).

Called it a night and parked. Woke up the next day and I figured might as well get a signed Roger Daltrey book. He was so brutal when it comes to cameras. This place is also a place of horrors as this was the location of the disastrous Sarah Michelle Gellar book signing.

After this went to a Sandra Bullock spot. I knew there was little to no chance of that happening but it was literally on the way back to my car. Going in she signed a little and leaving she did nothing. But this spot wasn't a total waste as I got first time shot with actor Trevante Rhodes (The Predator).

With that, I got my car, Vanessa hopped in my car, and we would leave NYC for Chiller.

Rick Moranis

Andrea Bocelli

Full list of pre Chiller ops part 1

Full list of pre Chiller ops part 2

Now some autographs

Roger Daltrey book

Ghostbusters laserdisc

Rick signed it right underneath Ernie Hudson.

I declare this laserdisc "complete". Here is the list of people that signed the LD

Bill Murray 
Dan Aykroyd
Sigourney Weaver
Rick Moranis
Ernie Hudson
Annie Potts
William Atherton
Ray Parker, Jr
Ivan Reitman (director)
Bill Bryan (he wore the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Eric Roberts, Tony Hale, Ilana Glazer, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and more

On the first day of this trek, I would stop at the airport for singer Jack Johnson. This would be a waste/error. While I did get, I would get him again later and I missed a shot at Mick Fleetwood. After the flight went to the Mick spot and he was gone. What a PUNCH.

Go to the next spot. Got Keegan Michael Kay (update), then first time shots with Ilana Glazer (Rought Night) and Abbi Jacobson.

Went to a train for Joel Edgerton. Got him before but needed autos. He no showed. Back to the spot and see Jack Johnson. He remembered me and this time I got an upgrade (clean shaven, no hat).

Tried again for Joel but again he no showed. Later I would find out they refunded him back his train ticket.

Now on to the final spot for the evening. Was hoping to get Lisa Kudrow. I got first time shots with Tony Hale, Kumail Nanjiani, and Patrick Fischler. Sadly Lisa was not to be. I asked her and she was about to do it for me but fucking baby killing security stopped her! Managed to get an autograph though. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson blanked.

Julia Louis did nothing on the way in but I managed to get two autographs as she left. Sadly Lisa blanked leaving.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson

Tony Hale

Full list of Day 1 photo ops

Next day would start badly. Arrived in time to see Lisa blank everyone again. After getting some autos I decided to bail this spot temporarily for a convention called Four State Comic Con. There I got a photo op with actor Eric Roberts. I missed Tina Fay coming in (needed autos) but didn't miss much else and I would make up that miss later.

Return back and got updates with Stephen Colbert and Bryan Cranston. Got Keegan Michael Kay yet again. Jerry Seinfeld came and started signing. He did one side and luckily I was on the side he signed and I managed to get two autos. Got actress Lauren Bowles. Also managed to get a Tina Fay update by telling her I wasn't there earlier.

On exits I got Tina Fay autos. Got Julia's husband Brad Hall and producer Emily V Gordon. Sadly never saw Lisa leave.

Eric Roberts

Full list of Day 2 photo ops

Now to showcase autographs:

Autographs part 1

Autographs part 2

Monday, November 19, 2018

A quick NYC pit stop in October

With NYCC in the rear view mirror, I would make my second (but not last) stop in NYC during the month of October. I had a non-combo related endeavor. So I would combine that with some celebrities.

My first stop would be for actor Jeremy Jordan. At this spot I get Eugene Lee and Jeremy Jordan who are both nice. Kerri Washington was due to come out and I wanted a better shot plus autos. But they said no photo ops and it didn't look like she was doing anything besides show programs. So I bailed early to head for Megalyn Echikunwoke. Sadly she bailed early so I just got Stockard Channing autographs (she had shut down photo ops at that point and would later shut down autographs). Tried another spot but nothing good was there. 

Wake up next morning and my first spot is for Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds and the voice of Simon in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. I already have Alvin and Theodore so may as well get Simon. He didn't do it going in but leaving he was nice as can be despite a HUGE crowd. Also grabbed some barely valids while there. One guy I got that seems like he might get somewhere in the future is Aidan Alexander. 

At the same spot, the band Disturbed was due. When I tried for them in the past I got all but the lead singer David Draiman. So this was my chance to redeem this without dedicating an evening outside a concert venue! When they go in I managed to get all except the non-original bassist (fine by me as I already have him).

Before leaving the city I decided to try entries for one last event. Molly Ringwald was due so I figured may as well try for her and randoms. Sadly she blanks as expected (despite my pleas). And while this spot did bring in some good randoms, they were randoms I had. Rose Byrne and Gerard Butler.

Jeremy Jordan

Matthew Gray Gubler

David Draiman

Full list of photo ops


WWE in October plus some scattered celebs in October

With Smackdown 1000 upon us, I found an Undertaker flight. I figured I'd try for an upgrade and some autographs. I went to the airport and saw him no shades! So that was my attempt to try for a standing no shades shot. Sadly he denied. Wouldn't even do autographs.

I saw Rey Mysterio by pure chance, so I got an update with him and I got him to sign my WWE_E V3. Undertaker was just standing waiting for his luggage the whole time. After he was done I tried to plead some more to no avail.

As I exited in defeat I see Teddy Long going to the parking lot with his driver and got him on the WWE_V3. He's like "How did you know I was coming here" as he yelled joyfully and his driver laughed. 

With that I went to try and meet singer Lisa Stansfield, known for the song "All Around the World". Waited outside the venue and was joined by combo hunter Troy B. Lisa came out and was nice as can be.

Rey Mysterio (with Undertaker in the Background)

Lisa Stansfield

Next day I decided to go to the airport for actress Lily Tomlin. I got her in the past but she has a hat and shades in my shot. So I wanted an upgrade. She came out and is very nice. Took photo ops, hat but no shades, and signed for me.

Lily Tomlin


After this success I went to the WWE hotel. I would be joined by markedout's adelta. Saw a lot of people Edge, Carmela, Natalya, plenty more but I had no need to bother people needlessly and draw attention to myself. My only get here would be a first time shot with announcer Mike Rome. I saw Andrade Cien Almas and Buddy Murphy. One I need an upgrade, and one a first time shot. So I made my move. Almas denied and Buddy Murphy said "not at the hotel". Waited some more, the hotel was getting more and more fans. At this point me and adelta decided to bail. Literally after we exited we were getting harassed by hotel staff asking us if we're "autograph seekers" which we denied. Then they started taking pictures of us entering our car. They then kicked out everyone else. Our claim was technically true as we technically did not ask for a single autograph during our time sitting at the hotel.

On to the airport with adelta for lots of WWE names. My main wants were 2 of the 3 members of Sanity and 1 of 2 members of the IIconics. Luckily I had their flights so I would know when and where to wait. For Sanity I got my first time Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe shots and my update with Eric Young (he has a much bigger beard for WWE so that's a good update). For IIconics manage to score a dual shot! 

Round two for both Buddy Murphy and Andrade. Andrade denied but Buddy stopped. For those that try to say "well hotel is ok but airport is evil" look at this. Buddy Murphy is one of those that prefers the airport but hates the hotel.

Otherwise got some updates with Zelina and 205 live folks. Kalisto denied as usual (no mask). Saw others I didn't need as well. Cesaro was rushing but did one each as he knows a buddy of mine and stopped to sign his figure. I got him on the WWE_E V3. 

Round 2 for The Undertaker. Charlotte was sitting him with. Since he saw me not long ago I had adelta go and try to break the ice. Sadly he had no luck. R Truth was on the same flight so I got him on the WWE_E V3.

Saw Nigel McGuinniess, got an update. Saw Samoa Joe and Becky Lynch but had no need for them. Got updates with both Jason Jordan (he has hair now) and Sheamus (first time I've seen him without a cap since he got that hairstyle). Saw Byron Saxton (who knows me) and had a small chat with him. Had a flight for Rusev and Lana but we never saw them.

Ended my time at the airport with a Jerry Lawler autograph on my WWE_E V3. This shows you what a genuinely nice guy he is. Does cons, sells autos on his site, yet happily takes care of you with at least one combo if you see him.


Full list of hotel and airport WWE photo ops

Towards the end of October I wanted to try for actress Rosamund Pike. Sadly she would be freaked out that we were all waiting for her at the airport and was a strict one per and no photo ops. Despite my pleas she denied a photo op and her guy cursed out people that had phones and cameras. They even got into a scuffle with a pap. To boot, at the venue one person waited. SHE approached HIM and said she would sign and take photos if he told her how he knew her flight. PUNCH


I would end October with WWE folks leaving to go Saudia Arabia for Crown Jewel. Sadly I saw lots but no one I really wanted. I got WWE_E V3 autographs from the following:

Big Show
Jeff Hardy
The Miz
John Laurinaitis 
Byron Saxton (who again remembered me)

I had Jeff Hardy sign the Hardy Boys entry of the WWE_E and he gave me the biggest autograph I've ever seen! WTF?

Jeff Hardy autograph

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A weekend of Sex pistols, CSA Show, Retro Con, and the KING

Close to mid October I would go for Johnny Rotten of sex pistols fame. Wait at the venue, he comes out, doesn't take care of all but I thankfully manage to get a valid photo op.

Johnny Rotten

Get some sleep and to to CSA show. This is probably the shortest time I spent at any con. I went in, went to the vendor area, no lines, I got Mighty Ducks Jerseyed Jane Plank and Danny Tamberelli. No idea why I never got the latter at Chiller, but both of those ops cost me $10 so I can't complain. With that I left and started driving to PA for my first ever Retrocon. 

Jane Plank

Danny Tamberelli

It is truly shocking that I've never been to a retrocon. But they always have one name I need if that. This time they had a little more. Sadly my huge want from there, Melanie Britt AKA She-Ra cancelled. But I still needed Garry Chalk. In addition to Transformers, he played Man-At-Arms in the awesome 200X MOTU cartoon. He also technically played He-Man in the early 90s New Adventures He-Man, though most consider that an invalid He-Man. But still technically that makes it my third actor who played He-Man (200X He-Man Cam Clarke and movie He-Man Dolph Lundgren are the others). Plus they had other names for me.

I arrive late but everyone I need is there. First up is Gregg Berger (Odie in Garfield, Transformers) who allowed me to mooch him. Then BJ Ward of GI Joe Fame, and then got Garry Chalk, my top want at this con. I then got Samantha Newark which is decent for get if there. Then I would get the barely valid names for free. Mark Watts who is an artist for Transformers and youtube celeb Pixel Dan. I actually enjoy his videos where he reviews action figures. The past decade I don't really buy too many figures anymore (combination of money issues and the fact that I'm getting old and don't need more stuff). So I kinda live through his youtube videos in that respect.

I also got to browse around vendors and play some Arcade games. I nice change of pace as I'm usually trying to rush through cons.

Full list of retro con photo ops

Next day was an appearance from the King himself, NASCAR legend Richard Petty. Though I generally don't care about this genre, for sports I always try to get the top legendary names in order to maintain a well rounded collection. And here he was making an appearance at a car show with one free combo per person guaranteed. So let's see, you have a "Richard Petty", "guaranteed", "combo", and "free" all in the same sentence. Can't pass that one up!

Also, I should add there is somewhat of a wrestling connection to Petty. He is mentioned in the Curt Hennig "Rap is Crap" music video from the WCW days.

Go to the event early and grabbed my wristband, securing my Richard Petty combo. I then browsed around looking at cars. They had an actual Dukes of Hazard show used General Lee. Got a photo op with Tom Sarmento but later found out he's not valid as he was simply a mechanic that worked for the show (not IN the show). I did however get a free photo op with Linda Vaughn who is apparently some kind of motor racing girl. I guess she is on the brink of validity? She's been in 2 movies according to her wikipedia entry. She was selling her book which she was signing. 

Petty arrived with a huge police escort. I knew he would be wearing hat and shades as that is his look, but I was afraid he would be wearing the really big shades. Thankfully it is the standard sized shades. He began judging cars, then the signing started and I got my combo no issue. Overall a smooth stress free experience (which is a nice change of pace).

Richard Petty

Linda Vaughn


Monday, November 12, 2018

New York Comic Con Report part 2

Day 3 of NYCC would be a day marked by failures. Though I did get two solid scores. First I wanted to try for Miranda Richardson but sadly she blanked. I got a couple of voice actors. Next I wanted to get Sophie Turner. Waited at the spot and when she came out she took care of most. I scored and got a photo bomb but due to him being so instrumental in my Steve Perry success I could not curse him out. 

Then went inside the Javits to re attempt Miranda Richardson. First I tried in one event inside, bust. Then a signing. Unfortunately it was one of those lottery signings so I had to engage in highly creative tactics to score a spot. The signing featured Neil Gaiman, David Tennant, Douglas Mackinnon, Michael Sheen, Miranda Richardson, and Jon Hamm. To boot, it was no photos. But the only acting name I needed a photo op with was Miranda as I had the other actors. Sadly they saw through me and told me no photos when I was close to her. I even asked her and she declined. Operation failure. I did get some comic names while inside, namely Watchmen co creator Dave Gibbons and Jim Starlin who co created Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, and Gamora. I also did a panel.

Went back outside to another NYCC event for Star Trek names. Waited by one door they snuck out another door. I only managed to get one actress that I already had. Back to the Javits center where I wanted to get Benedict Wong leaving. One female combo hunter had a front spot. I asked if she needed him she said no. Then I asked if I could take her spot when he exited she said yes. So when the witching hour arrived I took the spot much to the anger of those to my left and right. But I explained that I got the spot owner's permission to take the spot for Benedict Wong. I asked and Wong was busting my balls taking a photo of me with my camera but eventually I got the selfie with him plus one of his co stars.

This ended NYCC for the day. I go for actor Christopher Guest (The Princess Bride) and wait. Would be joined by Greg and Lanza. He comes out with Jamie Lee Curtis. Greg gets the only good shot and I am sadly unable to score the Guest photo op. Begged and pleaded right to his vehicle. 

More to the "easy" spot to get Edie Falco and Glenn Fitzgerald (sixth sense). Neither come out to greet the crowd and I only get names I have. So this was a bust (spoiler alert, I would make that up in the future).

I could have gone for a spot which had Awkwafina (who I had) and some randoms. But I chose to call it a night and get some rest. Funny story, I went to subway to get a sandwich then as I was leaving there were two young cute looking girls walking by. They approached me and asked where I was going. I said "to my car". They asked if I had $50 in "allowance" and then told me where they lived (Bronx and Astoria). I politely declined their offer and wished them a good night. Though in hindsight I should have probably taken that offer as Sunday morning would be pretty horrid.

Sophie Turner

Benedict Wong

Full list of NYCC pics Day 3

The final day of NYCC was probably the most underwhelming. Outside the Javits was sub par. Jay Baruchel did a few. I managed to score a shot but sadly it's invalid. Inside I would get my only paid photo op of the entire week, Lois Lane suited Teri Hatcher. I would do the Tick panel where everyone was super friendly (making my efforts last year a waste). Got Peter Serafinowicz to sign my Darth Maul magazine. Went outside for a bit and that's all she said. 

Teri Hatcher

Full list of NYCC pics Day 4 part 1

Full list of NYCC pics Day 4 part 2

NYCC week Autographs

New York Comic Con Report part 1

Day 1 of NYCC is upon us. I start with a name I've missed in the past, director Robert Rodriguez. A good start. Went inside to get a child actor from the movie Mr Mom, Taliesin Jaffe and also the cast of the (horrid) She-Ra reboot. Back outside I upgraded my Donald Faison from the day before. Then I got word of a spot for Journey lead singer Steve Perry. So I rushed to the spot. Sadly it was crowded and he would do nothing leaving. All I got there was Katie Couric who I have already and don't really care about to begin with.

Back to the Javits where I had the choice to stay for an upgrade with John C McGinley (he has shades in my shot) or go to a spot for Riz Ahmed. I didn't think I would make the Riz spot in time. Sadly that was my fatal error. I did get the John upgrade but would have preferred a fresh Riz and could have made it.

After this it would be underwhelming. Just for the hell of it tried for the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga spot but sadly it was such a mad house couldn't get much of anything. I have them but needed autos. Then tried some spots for randoms but only saw Jennifer Coolidge who I have.

Robert Rodriguez

John C McGinley

Full list of NYCC pics Day 1 part 1

Full list of NYCC pics Day 1 part 2

Day 2 was one of the better days. It starts early in the am for a Steve Perry spot. Here you actually see one of the major benefits of car sleep. Had I slept at a hotel or air bnb outside of midtown Manhattan, ZERO chance I could have made that spot. But because I was already in prime position, it was no issue. So I went to the bathroom, shaved and washed up real quick, picked up a foot long subway sandwich, then hopped on the actual subway, minutes later I was at the spot with only a handful of people waiting. We weren't sure if Perry was even in the building. But then it became apparent he was! So far so good....I'm now guaranteed to see him, and we're only a handful of us (something God sent in NYC especially for such a name). Finally he comes out and is saying sorry guys. But we run with him to his car and lo and behind he stops right by his car and begins signing. I beg and plead like I never have and he breaks down for a photo op! Other people got autographs and the photo ops they got were car shots! So I got one of the only non-car solo photo ops he did in the entire trip (in other spots he did group shots). A huge thank you to for not only the tip but coaching me and encouraging me to drag myself to the spot so early. It was worth every bit of pain and agony.

With that victory, it was back to NYCC events at literally the next block where I wanted to try for the legendary Peter Jackson. Was hoping to replicate my Steve Perry miracle but sadly that was not to be as the crowd was so insane he only signed a little going in and escaped out the side door leaving. I did get a combo from Andy Serkis (who I got before) and an update from the Kingpin himself Vincent D'Onofrio. Rushed to Javits where Peter Jackson garaged it. I also tried for him inside to no avail. Sadly in all this I missed some great names at the Javits, namely Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner (though I would make up the latter the next day). While inside I did get Graham Nolan, co creator of Bane.

Back outside and I got tons of names, the most of any day. Got actors from The Runaways, Titians, among others. Though I had misses. Most notable get for me is Thomas Kretschmann which marks my first ever actor from the movie "The Downfall". Also got a huge upgrade in actress Ellen Page as she has hat and shades in my shot.

Left another spot in the hopes of getting Dakota Johnson, but the spot had a garage and if she was there she didn't come over. Between entries and exits only Drew Goddard came over and he remembered me from the Javits a little bit ago. So that spot was a bust.

On to the "easy" spots for Paddy Considine and Genevieve O'Reilly (young Mon Mothma). Then joined Vanessa and friend at a NYCC hotel. Saw some people including WWE folks but I had them. For the fun I got a dual shot with Jason David Frank and his daughter. With that I called it a night.

Steve Perry

Thomas Kretschmann

Ellen Page

Genevieve O'Reilly

Full list of NYCC pics Day 2 part 1

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Full list of NYCC pics Day 2 part 3

Full list of NYCC pics Day 2 part 4

Saturday, November 10, 2018

TOMBSTONED by the BELL! Pre NYCC meets in NYC

I would start my time in NYC two days before the official start of NYCC. My main reason for doing so is because I found out Sam Elliott is coming to NYC earlier than scheduled (info that no one else in NYC found out). Sam being a huge want of mine, I made sure to keep it as secretive as possible! Only told a couple of people and made them swear not to leak it out. Since he was scheduled for events involving Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, I wanted to make sure I get him before all the madness began and the hoards of NYC combo hunters would attack him. So I arrived and waited at the spot he stayed at, couple of hours later he came out with his daughter and did a combo with me no issue, even thanking me.

After that I wouldn't get more combos for a while both because I had a non-combo related endeavor and some failures. Tried for Claire Foy at a spot but never saw her so she garaged it. Then I had two events, one was a Claire Foy event and one was a Robert Pattinson event. Could not do both. I chose Robert as Claire would have been an upgrade and Robert would have been a first time meet. That was a huge error because Robert only did a few in the front rail spots and I wasn't able to get a shot whereas the Claire spot was calm and she stopped.

Next up was a spot for the band Simple Minds. I still don't have the guitarist Charlie Burchill. It was raining hard so I moved to an indoor spot for actress Rosemary Harris (Aunt May in the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies). Have her but my shot is bad so I needed an upgrade. She came out with the audience and was nice. 

Then I got a tip for another Claire Foy spot. Again it was indoors. Rushed there and got the director of her movie but sadly she didn't stop. At least I technically have a valid shot.

Rushed back to Simple Minds, but unfortunately the rain cause them to be rushed into their van. All I got here was Mike Peters of The Alarm but I got him before. With that I called it a night.

Sam Elliott

Rosemary Harris

Full list of Day 1 photo ops

Nexy day I start at a spot with some names that would be at NYCC. Best score is Chelah Horsdal from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I got a first time Donald Faison but I would later get a better shot at NYCC. I saw David Boreanaz and he gave me a God awful autograph (the guy signs his already bad autograph on bad spots on purpose). Didn't need to fight for a photo with him as I got him before. Updates include Alexa Davalos and Bobby Moynihan. Also got Rufus Sewell to sign my Dark City blu ray (didn't need a photo op as I have him).

Next up was the Tiffani Thiessen book signing. Good to have a guarantee for a change. Books were pre signed and she stood for photo ops. Next spot was for actor Eric Idle. Heard he used to be tough for the photo but he's been nicer lately. Got to the spot and he took care of all. Got him on my Transformers Movie poster.

Final spot for the evening is for Stockard Channing from Grease. Sadly missed actress Megalyn Echikunwoke as she left before I got there. But got a photo op and autos from Stockard (she would eventually shut down photo ops then shut it down completely).

Tiffani Thiessen

Eric Idle

Stockard Channing

Full list of Day 2 photo ops

Autographs obtained

Dark City blu ray

Friday, November 9, 2018

Pre NYCC cons in Maryland

Prior to the week that I dread, ie NYCC week, I would go to two conventions in Maryland as a warm up to the dreaded week. First up, I go to Monstermania Hunt Valley Friday night. I wanted to see if I could mooch anything but sadly I hit horrible traffic (the worst in as long as I can remember) and arrived too late. I only got Bonnie Aarons. Woke up the next morning and would be joined by 

Luckilly I didn't spent too much money as people had photo op only prices and I would also team up with people that had multiple items in order to get a free photo op. Also did some split/switcharoo with Greg. Also two of my top wants (Sheryl Lee and Nicholas Hamilton) sadly cancelled.

One highlight was Ray Wise from the first Robocop movie and Twin Peaks. Also it was cool that the creature from Jeepers Creepers was posing with a mask! Another cool thing was masked Kane. Met him multiple times but never with the mask. To show you what a genuinely nice guy Kane is, some guy paid to have a drawing he made signed by Kane (a drawing that looked like it was done by a child). But Kane being the awesome guy that he is, gave him a free signed 8x10. 

Ray Wise


Full list of Monstermania photo ops

Next up ride with Greg to Baltimore Comic Con. Luckilly I had most all the names there including pro op only names such as Mike Colter and Zachary Levi (both of which I got for free in NYC in the past). So I very happily sat those out. The two names I got at that con were Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) and Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica). Greg then dropped me back to Hunt Valley.

Sherilyn Fenn

Tricia Helfer