Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Some scattered meets throughout May

After the week long endeavor in NYC (report still coming) while driving back I stopped by a venue for Jaden Smith. I figured I have his parents would be neat to get him. Sadly he was an asshole. I got one of his band members no idea who.

barely valid

Next up I geared up for Richard Petty, the only race car driver I care to meet. I go to the place but never see him so sadly he must have used the garage. I only got race car driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr, a pure pokemon name for me. I did see Mark Henry and Dana Warrior at the event but simply told them hello as I had no need for more photo ops. Bust.

Photo op

Had flights for both Russo brothers. They were both nice. Got autos didn't need photo ops since I got a dual op in the past.


Next up I had a flight for John Corbett and Bo Derek. Already got Bo but was super excited for John because I've tried for him multiple times in the past. First time the photo op came out blurry and the other times he was a dick. Arrive and graphers go crazy over Bo. I of course ask John while this is happening and to my shock he goes "suuurreee" in a super cheerful way. Though he is a strict one per for autos. I get Bo as well. John is wearing a hat and has spectacles but this is more than good enough to never try for him again.

John Corbett 

Bo Derek


Next day I go to a venue for someone else I've failed on in the past, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame. It got pretty crowded after the show so I braced for the worst. But to my shock Billie was accommodating to EVERYONE doing combos for anyone who asked. I couldn't believe this was happening. To boot, I heard the next night he was not so accommodating. So I really lucked out!

Photo op


Day after that was the event for John Corbett and Bo Derek. My main want here is actor Graham Greene. Thankfully he is the first get! Score! Got upgrades with Leona Lewis and actress Allison Janney. Also got up and coming actress Cynthia Erivo (who I actually missed in NYC). Plus a couple of pure pokemons. Never saw John or Bo but thankfully I had gotten them at the airport.

Graham Greene

Full list of photo ops

And finally I wanted to virgilize Willie Nelson. Sadly the venue were being absolute dicks and it was raining so this would not be. I did however get two of his band members. One guy was getting an album from 1979 signed by them so they must have been with him for a while.

Photo ops

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New York City: The Galas of Fashions!

The Galas of Fashions is something I had not done in a few years. I did average to really good when I tried it, but it was not without lots of stress, pain, and suffering. And in recent years other events would take place around that so I'd be too worn out to try it. This year however there was nothing around it, and I saw some of last year's awesome ops. I decided to give this event another shot. Of course I would also sprinkle it with other things. Let us begin.

Day 1

For my first spot I would join markedout's adelta. I would see both Emilia Clark and Lilly Collins, sadly Emilia did nothing and Lilly did like 3 ops but I couldn't get it. Jonah Hill is there and we both beg him to no avail. Eventually I advise adelta to stop and Jonah goes "thank you" (this may have earned me some brownie points, more on that later). These are 3 people I've tried for multiple times and always failed so it was painful. I did get Riley Keough and Ruth Negga but I had them. This spot wasn't for nothing though! Salma Hayek blanked but then me and adelta ran to a stop light and got car shots. 

After this I decided to try some of the "easy" show spots. My first target was actress Glenda Jackson who comes out and is nice. Laurie Metcalf is about to come out but I have her so I move to another want of mine, Anthony Edwards of Revenge of the Nerds fame. I got him once before but the photo op is so blurry that it doesn't even count. While there I also get some barely valids. Thankfully Anthony is nice as can be, even marking out when I say "neerrdss" and was impressed I got John Goodman on the blu ray I had him sign. Wow if only every celebrity would be that nice. But I guess if that was always that easy everyone would combo hunt.

Next I get James Caverly from Force Awakens but somehow miss Amanda Lawrence from The Last Jedi. It's ok I would have another chance in the future. Then I rush to a spot where Denzel Washington is about to come out. I already have Denzel and it's known that he does nothing anyway but I wanted some of the lower names (Colm Meaney, Bill Irwin upgrade). I missed them all (Colm left just before I arrived, Bill went out the other door). But it's ok I would have another chance in the future. 

Go to the place where I have to find the info for the next spot. SCORE! Drove to the next spot with Vanessa the Jersey Shore Stalker and friend. Jonah Hill is spotted across the street. I cross and wait a few feet away as he talks. He sees me. Then when he's done I ask for the op and to my shock he agrees! I wonder if what I said earlier in the day helped me get this op. But then when he crossed the street he did ops for all. Got Zoe Kravitz for the first time. Chris Rock blanked going in but I managed to get an upgrade with him as he was leaving. Got Tessa Thompson. Already have her but the photo op is unique cause she is grabbing me with her arm. I got Martin Short to sign me some photos but he signs on the worst spot. Donald Glover who I never got sadly does nothing for no one.

A couple of humorous/unique things would happen here. First off Xavier Woods would show up and I showed him how we made the awkward wrestling photo ops list. 

Second off Stormy Daniels was there and surrounded by guards. When she exited a couple of combo hunters chased her and her entourage. Since I had no need to do that I just sat and looked on. The security guard is upset that Stormy and her entourage are being chased by combo hunters. He looks at me and he goes "get them away". At this point I am perplexed and he repeats to me "get them away". At this particular spot I never mess with the security guards so I quickly run to the combo hunters and I explained that the guard sent me to stop them. This marks the first time in history a security guard actually passes the mantle of security to me, even if for a little bit. The guard then looked at me in thanks.

Despite Glover being a complete asshole, overall I'd say success. 

Salma Hayek

Anthony Edwards

Jonah Hill

Chris Rock

Full list of Day 1 photo ops

Day 2

After some much needed sleep I went for actress Diana Rigg. As she came in she was accommodating to all and I got the photo op. I would be joined by markedout's heelorton and friend and also Vanessa where we tried for 90 year old actress Estelle Parsons. We didn't see her and the chance for Estelle would have to be delayed another day. Check another spot but it's essentially worthless. I get another photo with Lill Reinhart. Drive to another spot for randoms and get Amanda Seyfried who I have and Sasha Lane who I don't have. 

Off to another spot where I basically see great but repeat names. Got Bradley Cooper and since I wasn't expecting him my items were in the car. This is my second photo with him but I can never get his autograph. So infuriating. Saw Gary Oldman who is nice as can be as usual. Got a slight upgrade compared to my photo from years ago. Also got an upgrade with Emily Ratajkowski. I also chased Salma Hayek's car again and she did the roll down. This time scoring an autograph.

Overall this day was sub par but not because I didn't score names but because the names I scored I already had. If I didn't have Bradley, Gary, and Amanda I would have probably declared this my best day of 2018.

Bradley Cooper

Gary Oldman

Full list of Day 2 photo ops

Day 3

This day starts with meeting up with Estelle Parsons, who looks incredible for 90 years! Wow! How is that even possible? She is sweet as can be.

After that it's pretty much barren as crowds in other spots are insane and it's basically impossible to get anyone. Later in the evening my luck turns around as I score my first ever live action Joker, Jared Leto. I was considering the 30 Seconds to Mars m&g last year but decided against it due to pricing and due to beard and possible shades. Now I never have to even consider that expensive meet and greet. After this it went downhill. Got actress Yara Shahidi (first time) and Zendaya (upgrade). Sadly things would go south even further. I would get into a scuffle with a combo hunter and that cost me two photo ops. Tiffany Haddish who did stop (though I would make that up in the future) and someone who I failed on a few times in the past, Chadwick Boseman who did some photo ops. Vanessa and friend got it so good chance I would have as well. And not 30 minutes later the infamous beat down of NYC combo hunter Gio would happen right before my very eyes. I could not believe what I was seeing in front of me.

Obviously lots of people in that spot did nothing for no one such as Katy Perry and many others.

Left this spot and came back only to find out that John Boyega did photos for everyone. However I had him from Awesome Con. I was going to leave the city right there and then but had flight information for Emilia Clarke. This meant I could wait to get her leaving to the airport in the morning. If I left I would have eventually pulled over and slept at a rest stop so I decided to park for free and sleep in the city instead. Vanessa and friend slept in the car with me to try for her as well. Woke up, tried for Emilia, but sadly she blanked. I dropped of Vanessa and friend at a spot and left the city. Not extravagant but I'd say solid as I got Estelle parsons and Jared Leto. One is a 90 year old actress and one allowed me to completely scratch off a meet and greet from my head.

Estelle Parsons

Jared Leto


Full list of Day 3 photo ops

Autographs obtained

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

Woke up Sunday morning in Jersey at the Chiller hotel, left, set the GPS to avoid all tolls, and headed to Oaks. My main want there was actually Steve Whitmire who took over the voice of Kermit after Jim Hansen died. Taylor Gray of Star Wars Rebels who has eluded me for a while was there so was good to finally get that.

I arrive and hang out with markedout board member OverTheTop.

First thing I notice is holy hell those prices are insane. I couldn't believe it. Chiller was better which is saying something. BUT being Sunday I managed to negotiate with a few people and for some I also split combo prices. One actually allowed me to mooch her. Namely Romy Sharf who played Alpha in Power Rangers. I tried to get her for half the photo op price then she left her table and told me to get a shot as she is leaving. I ended up skipping a lot of the more minor names due to prices. What should have been $20 combos at best were $40 an item!

Left the con, set the GPS to avoid tolls, went home.

Steve Whitmire

Full list of Philly photo ops

Jersey Cons: Chiller Theater and East Coast Comic Con

Also, some people I wanted at January's Hollywood Show ended up at Chiller, but I don't regret Hollywood Show for two reasons. First of all not all of my Hollywood Show wants came to Chiller, and second those that did were more expensive at Chiller so the difference would have easily been the plane ticket I paid.

As I was driving to Chiller I get a tip from markedout's HeelOrton for a John Densmore flight. I have him but don't like my shot. Luckily the time he called gave me just enough time to scramble for some merch. Arrive at Chiller and meet up with HeelOrton and friends at the Vinnie Vincent line. I split the photo op with a NYC combo hunter I know and thanks to that it was very affordable. Then we head to the airport for Densmore. He wasn't that nice but we all get photo ops and combos.

Then it was back to Chiller, I got Ernie Hudson to sign a Ghostbusters item for someone else. Then it was time to get my photo ops. I start with the old timers and get Lee Grant who said I was "cute" and even held my face in a photo op.

I got more photo ops that I didn't think would be moochable such as the Third Rock from the Sun actors. Also got Warrington Gilllette to sign from F13th items for Scorpion Faced Tony. Also got Sonny Chiba for Tony.

When it was time to mooch I got some names I would have paid for which was good. And also hit it off with the actress I talked about earlier. 

Chiller Theater Day 1

Signed Doors photo

This day I would get my top want at Chiller, namely Stepfanie Kramer from Hunter. I met hunter himself so it was awesome to meet her. Raj Singh needed like 4 different takes to get a valid shot. Finally got a Bladerunner name who has eluded me, Joanna Cassidy. Split a few photo ops with Greg.

After I got my Chiller names I went to East Coast Comic Con. My splitter backed out of the show so I was dreading the price of the pro op price for my main want there, David Soul. When I got there he was thankfully doing $40 table ops. Wow HUGE bullet dodged. Of course splitting that would have been better but given what I was facing I am ever so grateful for this. To boot, the next day there were NO table ops! Wow I REALLY lucked out big time!

After this I got some Warrior names I didn't have, got a photo op with a director of Batman animated, and comic book writer/creator Roy Thomas. 

Back to Chiller where I mooch a Grease group shot and spent the rest of the evening with the valid actress. I decided to bag NYC for two reasons. 1) the valid actress in question and 2) I had lots of NYC endeavors coming up so I figured I'd rest from NYC this time.

Grease Group op (Edd Byrnes, Eddie Deezen, Randy Kleiser, Lorenzo Lamas, Dinah Manoff, Susan Buckner, Barry Pearl, Didi Conn, and Jamie Donnelly)

Stepfanie Kramer

Joanna Cassidy

David Soul

Chiller Theater Day 2 part 1

Chiller Theater Day 2 part 2

East Coast Comic Con

An assortment of meets leading up to Chiller Theater

Sorry all for being way behind on reports. Due to both combo and non-combo related endeavors I really haven't had time. But over half way through 2018 and I am still dedicated to entertaining the PEOPLE! In the long run getting more combos means more entertainment for YOU the people, even if it's less frequent. So let's begin.

Prior to heading up to Chiller Theater I had a day with a host of different meets. Two days before I went for Ben Stein at the airport who has been in movies. He was nice.

Photo op

The day prior to Chiller, thanks to a tip from I got word that Mr T was in town. With that I found out where he was staying. I also had a host of flights. So I went to the Mr T spot in the hopes that I'd see something before the flight. One rule in combo hunting is never bag a flight because you have an exact time. So I get there and see other combo hunters waiting for Olympic athletes. I chose not to bother those names as I didn't want to be made before seeing my main target. Eventually Mr T is spotted I ask for a photo op he says to take it while walking. I manage to get a valid shot but he wouldn't sign my RA Style Jakks Clubber figure. With that I quickly exit the spot.

Head to the airport for actress Shiri Appleby who is nice as can be. Then Richard Schiff who is a strict one per. I get him on my Man of Steel magazine program. Didn't need a photo op.

Next up at another airport I get a photo op with Sean Giambrone which is an update as he was a child last I got him. Then I got Victoria Justice who declined a photo op (but I have a couple). Now here is where things go south. My main want here, Anthony Carrigan AKA Penguin's minion Victor from Gotham apparently dashed out quickly! What a PUNCH. I did get an update with Steve Howey.

Back to the first airport for actress Madchen Amick. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off but eventually spot her. Scary thing is she was standing at baggage for a while as I was searching wow what a double PUNCH that would have been to miss both her and Anthony. Could have easily happened. She is nice as can be.

Go to anther spot where I hope to upgrade my Mr T spot. But sadly by the time I figured out what door he was using he was gone. I got a couple of Olympic names. Then it was off to Chiller in NJ.

Mr T

M├Ądchen Amick

Full list of photo ops

Full list of autographs