Monday, July 20, 2015

Wizard World Philly 2015 report

This con always seems to get some good names. And with this one headlined by Burt Reynolds, it was simply a "can't miss". 

But before Wizard World I would have to meet up with Joresky at a dingy club outside of Baltimore where he wanted to meet Mike Tramp the lead singer of the band White Lion. A total name for me. 

Luckily the place was very moochable so I got in no issue, but here is an overview at what a dingy place that was.

The show finally ended, and he was nice. I got a photo op.

Then it was off to Philly where we found a free spot not too far from Wizard World and slept for the evening. 

Saturday morning, me and mooch some breakfast at a spot, which has become a yearly Wizard World Philly tradition for us. 

First guest I met is Charles Martinet who voices Mario and many characters in all Nintendo games starting Mario 64 for the N64. Got him to sign a figure. This would be my only autograph for WW, although I kinda regret not getting a Burt Reynolds autograph especially when I saw some of the cool stuff people were getting signed like old playboys and laserdiscs. 

I got table photo ops with Adrian Paul, Danny Trejo, and Frankie Muniz.  

I got a free photo op with artist Phil Ortiz. 

I also mooched photo ops with Keshia Knight Pulliam (which was an upgrade from my street shot) and Vincent Young. 

I split two pro ops. Burt Reynolds with Joresky, and Katie Cassidy with markedout's Nightshift AKA Nate. 

Ended WW with a Roger Corman photo op at the end of a panel, although I already had him.

After Wizard World it was off to NYC for a long and grueling week. 

Sampling of photo ops

Katie Cassidy

Burt Reynolds

Adrian Paul

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Full list of photo ops

Signed Mario figure

Amidst Chiller, a haul in April!

At the end of April I would attend Chiller (already reported) but I had celebrity hauls the day before Chiller and the day after Chiller. Let us begin.

Before Chiller

The evening started with a flight that housed a handful of celebrities. Troian Bellisario, Alanna Masterson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Haley Joel Osment, and Naya Rivera were the names that I knew for a fact had a booking on there. But I had other photos on me in case others were. 

Haley Joel Osment was my top want from those names. Sadly it seems the LAX people did not see him. When the witching hour came neither did we but turns out Bailee Madison, a want of mine due to the movie "Just Go With It", was actually on there as well! Thank God I was smart enough to bring photos. 

I managed to score autographs and photo ops from everyone except Naya Rivera. While others were getting her I was busy with other people, and by the time I went up to Naya she was being rushed in her car. 

But Bailee and Troian were super friendly. Alanna was real nice as well even though at a con it was $10 just to say hi to her. And here I got a full combo for free! Michelle signed but begrudgingly did a photo op. Sadly it turned out to be invalid because she covered her face and wasn't even looking. Sucks but not a huge deal as this would have been an upgrade for me. I already have a photo op from a few years ago. 

Me and one other grapher then went to another part to check another flight from LAX to see if there were any celebrities on that flight, and Tom Arnold is spotted! I had him already so it was nothing extravagant, but I did improve my photo op. 

Full list of photo ops 


After Chiller

The evening after Chiller was when the haul really began. 

In entries, it was practically impossible to get anything. BUT I did manage to get a combo with Maria Menounos who is a want of mine due to her wrestling connections. I tried to beg for more autographs but she did nothing more. 

While waiting for the event to end I got a photo op and some autographs from Norman Reedus. The photo op I got is a HUGE upgrade from what I had. This makes it an even better score considering he costs an arm and a leg at cons. We also spotted Michelle Trachtenberg, Jason Isaacs, Eric Dane, Troian Bellesario, and Rebecca Gayheart. Needed upgrades with Michelle and Eric and a first time photo op with Rebecca. Sadly none did anything. I managed to get a Jason Isaacs autograph (he blew me off for a photo op but I have one). I also got photo ops with Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos

When the event let out is when it gets real stressful. This time I took a different approach though. I followed a Master combo hunter to a particular area. This turned out to be a fantastic decision. 

I scored Connie Nielsen, Ivanka Trump upgrade, Stacy Dash upgrade, Eric Stonestreet, Melania Trump (sadly blurry), Donald Trump upgrade, Jane Seymour, Emily Osment, Haley Joel Osment, Jennifer Coolidge (who I had), Frank Kaminsky, Michelle Trachtenberg (much nicer and valid shot), and Bailee Madison upgrade

But I would also get a major score for me, and probably my best name for 2015 so far. Namely, Jane Fonda! I got not one but TWO photo ops with her as the first was slightly blurry! When someone asked her to sign she refused so I didn't bother asking her. I told her I was a huge fan and she said thank you! HCIT! I was so happy with that score as it made my night, especially since I failed to get that photo op in 2014 (only got autographs). 

Left that sweet area I got Jerome Jarre, Gabourey Sidibe, Darby Stanchfield, Anthony Anderson, and Alan Rickman. 

After my Alan Rickman shot my camera's flash died! I would have to use Joresky's camera from that point forth. This would be a long term blessing as I purchased a better camera. 

On to the next spot where we had to stand across the street, run around, and fight with security. I got photo ops with Gillian Jacobs, Tony Romo, Chanel Iman, Naomi Campbell, Lauren Cohan, Michael Kelly, and Ty Burrell. Also got Lucy Liu to sign for me while in a spat with security (thankfully already have a photo op so I didn't have to fight for that). 

A sampling of photo ops:

Jane Fonda

Maria Menounos

Norman Reedus

Stacy Dash

Donald Trump

Jane Seymour

Haley Joel Osment

Michelle Trachtenberg

Bailee Madison

Alan Rickman

Tony Romo

Naomi Campbell

Lauren Cohan

Full list of photo ops part 1

Full list of photo ops part 2

Full list of photo ops part 3


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chiller Theater April 2015

Initially I was not planning to attend this Chiller. But then they added some pretty good names that are up there in age. So I decided this show was a "can't miss". 

I arrived at Chiller alongsideand member HeelOrton. 

Luckily I didn't have too many wants. And would get no autographs from anyone. 

First guest I meet is Richard Karn from Home Improvement. Then Ken Kirzinger who played Jason in Freddy vs Jason, adding yet another name to the cast of this movie. Next up was Gavin MacLeod from love boat, and he was captain suited which was awesome. After that I split a Rip Torn photo op with markedout's Woodmo. But wow did he look like he was going to drop dead at any time. When I was about to get to him earlier they said he had to go do pro photo ops and I was nervous about the wait fearing he would drop dead before coming back to the autograph table. Thankfully he did come back and that's when I got to split the photo op. 

After Rip Torn I head to Michael Nesmith with Joresky and split that photo op with him. I can now say I got all four members of the Monkees. I then get a photo op with Friday the 13's Robbi Morgan and Bad Company Drummer Simon Kirke. 

Then me and Joresky go upstairs for the main event of the show, and that's to split a photo op with Ann Margret. She looks pretty damn good for her age. 

While there I remembered that Tia Carrere was here! That's someone I always miss either cause I don't go to the show or she cancels. When I got there I had no one to take my shot so I ask a woman if she can operate a camera. She says sure but turns out she can't I then take my camera back and hand it to someone else and get a good shot. It's ok to say "I can't use a camera" but please don't waste both our time by trying to do something you can't. I did have a playboy for her, but unfortunately I forgot to bring it with me. I guess money saved. 

Full list of Chiller photo ops

Ann Margret

Gavin MacLeod

Richard Karn

Michael Nesmith

Tia Carrere